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Burlington Daily Times News Newspaper Archives Aug 22 1976, Page 1

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Burlington Daily Times News (Newspaper) - August 22, 1976, Burlington, North Carolina Wrather Cloudy rain Likely. See details on 2a. 89th year no. 30 the daily times news Price 15 cents Burlington . Sunday morning August 22, 1976 7 sections 64 Page show of military strength by . Navy president Ford personally approved cutting Down of tree Vail. Colo. Apr president Ford personally approved the cutting Down of a tree whose trimming had earlier provoked the deaths of two american officers in the korean demilitarized zone his press Secretary reported saturday. Hon Nessen told reporters that before the president left the Republican National convention in Kansas City on Friday he held a 45-minute meeting with Secretary of state Henry a Kissinger and National Security director Brent scowcroft a the meeting largely focused on the situation in Korea and the plan to go in there and Cut the tree Down a Nessen said. A the president approved the operation and has been kept posted on developments by scowcroft accompanied f Ord to this Mountain resort where ale president is relaxing after a strenuous five Days in Kansas City where he captured the Republican presidential nomination from former California gov. Ronald Reagan the killing of the two american officers on wednesday has increased tension in Korea with North koreans on one Side and americans and South koreans on the other on Quot full Battle Alert a a Navy aircraft Carrier is steaming toward korean Waters the killing occurred when the officers were with a work team trimming the branches of the tree which the american led United nations command said blocked the View of North korean positions from a ung checkpoint. The inc said that a heavily guarded Linc work party felled the 40-foot tree saturday near Panmunjom and a got safely Nessen said scowcroft was keeping the president fully informed of developments. Ford under orders from his doctor to take it easy after the wearying Rigours of the convention slept nine hours Friday night he took a pre breakfast swim and headed for the Golf course a it s hard to move fast this morning a Ford told reporters As he prepared to tee off with a foursome that included friends John Purcell and Ted Kydel and Golf pro Bob Wolfe asked when he expected to Start extensive planning for the fall Campaign against Democrat Jimmy Carter Ford said a Well Start sunday or Nessen said Ford s running mate. Kansas sen Robert Dole and other Campaign strategists will arrive Here tuesday or wednesday for full scale Campaign discussions Campaign manager Rogers Morton already is in Vail High on the Agenda will be the proposed series of head to head debates Between Ford and Carter both candidates favor them and it just seems a matter now of working out times places and format the president also met for 45 minutes saturday with Colorado s democratic gov Richard Lamm Lamm said he thanked the president for promptly providing Federal aide after the recent tragic flooding in big Thompson Canyon that left More than too dead sun., aug. 22, 1976 200 years ago today a Bicentennial Calendar Bur firer Ifft Estop Anat Han August 22. 1776 some 25.000 British soldiers begin Landing in the Graves end Section of Brooklyn not far from Coney Island Index across the state 2.4 Alamance almanac id movies of b sports i-7b to m women s news Moc inside today Law nears agreement on contract negotiations Iai. Summit conference of nonaligned countries winds up with recommendation that l a. Return control of Panama canal to Panama a. Or. Renee Richards makes triumphant debut in women a Tennis go zoning in Holly Hill area confusing Hall May close has the a fallen by Ann White times news writer a Mea Hall operator of stat seafood distributors Mebane Street cancelled 1,000 Holiday shipment of food this week fearing a ing conflict will close his mess before Christmas i. He Western electric ree is becoming More and a pessimistic about the ire of the nine month old food distributorship the i blow May have fallen week Ondov. The City s chief in Tor in consultation with City attorney ruled the Ding in which Hall rates cannot continue to be a retail wholesale Ness. Inspector Jack Childers ing was based on Lington zoning ordinances do not allow a no conning use in a zoning dist unless certain coins have been met. All s predicament was itly worsened with Mon Day a decision it came after an unsuccessful attempt to have the property rezoned to business two weeks ago the City Council denied Hall and o Vav Williams request for rezoning from residential to business where the seafood business is located on Lilac Street and one Block off Mebane Street and Huffman Mill Road. Though Williams owner of the property contended a business has operated out of the building for 25 years Childers said Public records on privilege licenses and plumbing permits do not support that argument. Hail generally a soft spoken Man who shows no bitterness for his trials says unless he wins an Appeal of Childers decision the business will have to close a Well Appeal it to the Board of adjustments a Hall said this week a i am just not too optimistic about them overruling Childers. You know. I m just beginning to see the sunlight above the Clouds now but cancelling my orders Holiday shipments for some of my Northern bom customers will just push me further Back Hall say he cannot keep operating unless he wins the Appeal which is tentatively scheduled to be heard on sept 8. Though he promises a suit against the City will follow if he loses the session with the Board of adjustments. Hall is also convinced his business cannot be sustained during a lengthy trial Between $15 too and $20 000 of Hail s savings and time have been invested in the business which was to have been the first of a Chain of seafood distributorships for Hall and his son Neal to manage a in this business you Deal with perishables. Seafood won t wait and i just can t take the Chance of placing Large orders when i Don t know whether 1 11 be open or not next month a Hall explains the Council denied the re quest for a business zone on Lilac Street arguing such a move Quot would turn the Corner on Mebane Street and threaten the residential character of that Street a Hall does not understand this a they held the Public hearing and no one objected the building has been Here for 25 years and will be Here if they put me out of business they just have not Given me any reasons to stand Hall says a i considered several other locations before i opened up Here but you know the possibility of being in the wrong zone did not occur to me when the City went ahead and issued a privilege License a a privilege licenses Are issued in the tax department by tax collector Thomas Jordan who recently said the tract where coastal seafood distributors is located looked like a business zone to him when he was reviewing Hall s application and the lot on Lilac Street Jordan does not believe Hall nor anyone else intended to do anything wrong and the Veteran tax collector said a new procedure introduced by mayor Paul Andrews will prevent similar crises for Burlington citizens privilege licenses have in the past been issued without a close Check of zoning compliance As in Hall s Ca Sebut several complaints about the City a failure to verify zoning before Selling a License to citizens spurred a procedure that requires a certificate of use from the inspections department prior to Purchase of a business License. Andrews suggested this to Childers after a citizen did extensive renovations in a building on Vaughn Road planning to open a Barber shop the shop was about ready to go when the Man was told the zoning does not allow Barber shops. When the mayor got wind of this. He asked City Hall to Institute a tighter procedure that will not allow the same mistakes to be repeated according to Andrews everybody seems to agree that Andrews idea was Ann is a Good one. Inspector Childers reported about 12 citizens have avoided useless investments since the new zone Check procedure was instituted a couple of months ago. Hail is simply not a Martyr. And the Middle aged seafood distributor would rather not be one of the last Burlington citizens lolled by a Lack of information on zoning a i just feel like i m sitting on a tence and i Don t know which Way to he said this week from his Small business. A i bought two More freezers after the zoning Board approved this thing and i need to expand to make a go of the citizen Mem ered Zon my commission unanimously see i on 3ajames Hau businessman in zoning dilemma with City series on Reading begins tomorrow the fact that so Many youngsters in the United states have a Reading problem and some simply can t read has been called a tragedy an epidemic in an Effort to help Deal with the problem the associated press has produced a Booklet entitled a Johnny still can t read it was put together by two experts in the Field. Kathryn Diehl director of research for tile Reading Reform foundation and g k Hodenfield. Former education editor for the associated press it deals with the roots of the problem that has left More than 23 million adults functionally illiterate another 39 million functional but not proficient in such tests As Reading a newspaper grocery add and according to the office of education millions of younger americans Are headed in the same direction a series of articles has been taken from the Booklet and it will begin monday in the daily times news these to articles will provide a new insight into the teaching of Reading watch for it. Beginning monday and you will have an Opportunity to Purchase the Booklet As a part of the series Armada of War planes and troops poised near demilitarized zone along the Doz on saturday. Committing espionage and a hostile act a a broadcast of the report monitored in Tokyo did not specify what the a a hostile act was. But it said it was linked with the provocations that the United states a is conducting without setup in the joint Security area Quot the 151-mile-Long Doz was quiet elsewhere but armies on brith sides were on the Alert and Washington sources said the 51.000-ton aircraft Carrier Midway and its 75 warplanes four of a Gaies and a guided missile Cruiser were in route from Japan to Korea Pentagon officials have stressed that the military moves including earlier reinforcement of Jet fighter units in South Korea did not foreshadow military Retalia Tion for the killings last wednesday but were aimed at discouraging possible North korean military action the official statement of the United nations or Allied command said merely that a i no work party had felled the tree and got safely a free Tor All Between communist and Allied soldiers ending in the two american deaths and injuries on both sides broke out wednesday when the North koreans tried to Stop an Allied team from pruning branches from the tree which the u n command said hindered its observation of the North korean Side hondas and Barrett were axed and beaten to death by North korean guards who seemed to be concentrating on hurting the americans the command said. Military sources have also reported three North koreans were killed but this was not confirmed North korean broadcasts have mentioned no deaths on either Side five hours after saturday s tree cutting. U s rear adm Mark p Frudden. Chief Allied representative on the joint armistice commission. Had a 13miniie secret talk at Panmunjom with maj Gen Han jul Kong the chief North korean representative a Seoul newspaper. Chosun ilbo reported the u n command declined to confirm or deny that such a meeting was held the newspaper said the two met at communist request and flan replied to an Allied letter protesting the killing of the americans to North korean president him in Sung South korean president Chung Hee Park met with his National Security Council on saturday Park s spokesman said afterwards. A tension on the korean Peninsula is mounting higher Quot than at any time since the korean armistice was signed at Panmunjom in 1953 the outcome of the crisis is strictly up to North Korea he added North Korea reacted angrily to a Friday statement from Park that the South would take a immediate retaliatory Steps in event of another communist provocation minor or major. Rodfong sin Mun official newspaper of the ruling communist party said North Korea w ill not tolerate South Korea s whipping up War fever like a Puppy knowing no fear of the it charged that Park had openly clamoured that he hoped the United states would Start a War a Seoul was outwardly Calm but financial markets in the South korean capital reacted to the tension with a steady drop in Stork prices and a jump in the Price of Gold. Which is traditionally hoarded in times of trouble the Gold Price jumped five per cent Friday amid increasing demand for the Metal the Stock Market meanwhile had its biggest slump of the year climaxing a slide that started with news of wednesday s killings doctor recalls flu epidemic in 1918 Fayetteville Cap a or o l Parker was just begin neg his residency at a Fayetteville Hospital in 1918 when an epidemic of influenza flu was causing widespread sickness and death around the Globe the 91-year-old Parker who now lives in Clinton remembers that flu season 58 years ago As a particularly severe one primarily because of the Large number of people who were transients in town with no family to nurse them i had just graduated from the medical College of Virginia and was starting my residency at Highsmith Parker recalled at his Home this week. Although the first wave of the influenza pandemic of 1918 occurred in the Winter and Spring of 1917-18, with numerous outbreaks in Spain Parker s first vivid memory of the flu in Fayetteville was in the late summer and Early fall of 1918 by this time Many areas of the world had already fallen victim of the disease about 50 per cent of the world s population had taken sick or died. Affording to a medical researcher in Boston it was estimated that 20 about million had died a at first i remember All the medical and nursing personnel went Down with the influenza All. That is. Except me and one nurse a Parker said the Hospital closed while Parker and the nurse cared for their colleagues a so Many of the doctors in Fayetteville that fall were sick that the health department gave me a Ford roadster to help me get around town and some parts it the county to do what i could for the sick a he said there were no remedies like penicillin to Cope with the infections there was Little we could do for most of the sick except help make them comfortable and try to keep them in bed Parker has volunteered his time to help inoculate people against a possible Swine flu outbreak he s in favor of the mass inoculation program. Which begins in North Carolina Oft i the first mass immunization program will take place in Cherokee counts and move eastward the Only Way to prevent another situation like the flu of 1918 is for everyone to prepare and get the Swine flu shots he said. Derma pleasant won the miss Burlington pageant tonight. See 2a for Story. Twenty six helicopter gunships of the kind used in the Vietnam War hacked by an unspecified number of f4 phantom and fill Jet fighters and three b52 bombers from Guam pin led overhead while a a Quick reaction Force of 300 and South korean soldiers protected the tree cutting. Allied military sources said. North korean soldiers at the scene limited their response to shooting photographs but their government accused the United states of a grave military provocation a Pyongyang broadcast charged that too troops including americans a in full combat trim a entered the demilitarized zone Doz separating North and South Korea and not Only Cut Down the tree hut also destroyed North korean guard posts and smashed barriers another 400 Allied troops took combat positions 400 Yards away barked up by five truckloads of soldiers and a helicopter All a creating a terrible War at the broadcast said die Allied sources declining to be identified denied that the combat Force had entered the Doz but did not say How close it approached North Korea s Central news Agency charged that one helicopter intruded into North korean air space heading for korean Waters the . Navy aircraft Carrier Midway leaves Yokosuka Japan Friday bound for korean Waters. In the Wake of the killing of two american officers by North korean guards wednesday the . Has begun a military buildup As a precautionary action. The giant Carrier was accompanied by a heavier than usual escort Force consisting of four frigates and a guided missile Cruiser. A Seoul South Korea apr the United states staged a demonstration of military Power in and around Korea on saturday at the same time As Allied forces felled a tree a hat was the Center of the dispute in which North koreans killed two american officers president Ford personally approved Quot the plan to go in there and Cut the tree Down a White House precis Secretary Hon Nessen said saturday at Vail. Colo. Where Ford is vacationing with Ford is National Security Agency director Brent a scowcroft who is keeping the president abreast of the situation at Travis air Force base in California Flag draped caskets carrying the bodies of the two Siam american officers arrived amid a Brief solemn ceremony As the plan returning their bodies touched Down a 26-Man Honor guard saluted the bodies were taken to the army mortuary in Oakland. Calif col Erroll diving Travis information officer said maj. Arthur Bonitos. 33 of Newburgh n y. Would he flown to West Point n y for burial and 1st of Mark t Harrell 25 to his Hometown of Columbia so Bonitos was promoted posthumously from Captain to major in the operation an Armada of warplanes and troops was poised near the demilitarized zone during cutting of the 4<ifoot Poplar at the Neutral truce Village of Panmunjom aus Navy task Force steamed toward Korea

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