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Burlington Daily Times News Newspaper Archives Aug 14 1967, Page 1

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Burlington Daily Times News (Newspaper) - August 14, 1967, Burlington, North Carolina Weather fair and warmer tonight and tuesday. Roundup on Page 12b. The daily times news times news family today a circulation 22,460 reaching More than 20,750 Alamance county Homes with 80,000 readers 80th year no. 18 Price to cents associated press up telephoto service newspaper Enterprise Assn. North America newspaper Alliance Burlington n. A monday August 14, 1967 a Ano King feature service world Book science news up Stock service association afternoon dailies 24 pages 2 sections ebs at i a it f ii Quot or Quot nil Vav p a i a a. I s. Is a v j % a v a Sib i Ai 4 Jjck a a amp in in a no. Oil Well Blaze in los Angeles firemen Battle a raging Blaze in los Angeles after a natural Gas line exploded at an Oil Well drilling site. Eight people were injured in the Blaze yesterday including two firemen. Fourteen fire companies fought the Blaze for nearly two hours before it was controlled. Up telephoto. . Planes again hit vital targets near red China arguments Are prepared tax hike Bill begins tests by George Esper Saigon in a . Warplanes struck for the second straight Day today at North vietnamese targets just to Miles from red China a Border along the major Railroad from China to Hanoi. The attacks sunday and today were closer to the chinese Border than any previous air raids in the Vietnam War. Navy a6 intruders and a4 sky Hawks from the Carrier Constellation in the Tonkin Gulf raked the Lang son Railroad bypass Bridge 63 Miles North of Haiphong. Pilots reported dropping the Southern Span of the 360-foot, four Span Structure. A . Military spokesman said the Bridge is half a mile East of the Lang son Railroad and Highway Bridge which was knocked out in raids near the chinese Border sunday. The Navy said the Bridge was one of two bypass Bridges being built by the North vietnamese at Lang son to link with the major rail line. Other Navy pilots from the Constellation hammered a rail siding South of Lang son and pilots said they Cut the tracks in several places. The pilots reported they encountered Only Light antiaircraft fire. No planes were reported lost one dead 14 trapped Iii mine in the latest raids but the . Starting operation Benton ran night in a 60mm mortar barrage command announced that in into a withering barrage of fired by guerrillas. About 40 Miles to the North vietnamese rangers sweeping saturdays 151 attacks on the Small arms automatic Wear Orth an h05 thunderchief Ong mortar an j artillery fire and an hmm reconnaissance communist the ridges where a a had Bat plane were shot Down by ground rom Law ,0 communist used an Esu match 100 North fire. All three crewmen were troops in a Battle that raged vietnamese regulars for two listed As missing. From sunday night until nearly Days West of tam by said today this brought to 641 the total of Dawn today. Announced . Warplane losses Over North Vietnam they had killed 156 enemy sol the paratroopers said they Diers and captured 45 weapons counted 35 enemy dead on the they reported they had suf As the or War came closer to batted Southwest of coastal toed moderate casualties in the communist China in what a initial engagement saturday geared to be a lifting of some about 40 Miles North two reinforcing battalions re target restrictions by president East of Saigon. Two paratroop ported Light casualties. Johnson Sharp ground fighting ers were killed and 19 wounded. Vietnamese militia defending flared in South Vietnam a North the . Troops also reported the Huong Dien sub sector Post capturing 18 enemy weapons on the coast to Miles North of another unit of the brigade Hue reported killing 52 Gerril the . 101st airborne division suffered 12 wounded sunday Las in a six hour Battle sunday. See targets on Page 5-a More debate seen new raids generate criticism by Edmond Lebreton associated press writer Washington a president Johnson Stop fiscal spokesmen Are ready to argue that painful As it is to raise income taxes it would be More painful to let inflation Cut everyone a purchasing Power. Johnson Scall for a surcharge of to per cent on the income tax owed by individuals and corporations starts its series of tests in a Congress whose members Range from grimly resigned to hostile to the proposal. Treasury Secretary Henry h. Fowler budget director Charles l Schultze and chairman Gardner Ackley of the Council of economic advisers were assigned to the opening presentation today before the House ways and Means committee. Johnson in a series of sessions with House democrats has Laid out the main lines of the administration argument a pm 1st corps area elements of the 1st brigade of the defenders suffered Light casualties an army spokesman said. A government troops said they later captured three automatic rifles six rocket launchers and too Quarter Pound packages of int which the guerrillas apparently had planned to use against the outpost. Reports from Cao Lanh a provincial capital 72 Miles West of Saigon said communist mortars killed seven dependants of South vietnamese troops and wounded 12 others. In an Accident near Danang two 60mm mortar rounds fired by . Marines landed in a Bear kills two girls in Park West Glacier Mont. It a the superintendent of Glacier National Park says lightning May have goaded two grizzly bears into killing two 19-year-old girls Early sunday As they slept in sleeping bags in this rugged wilderness. Killed in the separate Inci a. Cents 20 Miles apart in the Les in the Park saturday and mountainous Park on the Mon Tana Canada Border were Julie Helgeson of Albert Lea minn., and Michele Koons of san Diego Calif. Roy Ducat 18, of Perrysburg Ohio was seriously in deficit possibly approaching $30 billion would mean inflation higher interest rates scarce Money for the Small business and individual be Tower and quite Likely disaster for the Home building Industry. The opposing argument is that the Economy is not so Strong but that a Burden of the magnitude of the proposed tax increase might depress it and actually reduce instead of increasing the governments revenues. Chairman Wilbur d. Mills d-ark., of the ways and Means committee expressed a widespread congressional feeling when he said a i am absolutely see tax on Page 5-a Mieres Spain a an explosion killed at least one Coal Miner critically Hurt another and trapped 14 or 15 in a mine near Mieres today. One body was removed from the pit at mid morning and a critically injured Miner was rescued about two hours after the blast. Seventeen miners were first reported trapped but mine officials said later they were not certain of the number. Ambulances medical equipment and Rescue parties were rushed to the mine but efforts to Contact the trapped miners have been unsuccessful so far. The officials said the explosion occurred just after the morning shift entered the pit whose main gallery was believed to have collapsed. Washington a . Bombing within to Miles of red China detonated Sharp new criticism of the Vietnam War by a persistent critic of administration War policy and appeared Likely to generate More debate on Capitol Hill. A i think its very dangerous and extremely stupid a said chairman j. W. Fulbright d-ark., of the Senate foreign relations committee. But Senate preparedness subcommittee chairman John Stennis d-miss., said the broadened bombing of North Vietnam reflects a More pressure philosophy which he supports. The new level of bombing came on the eve of Senate debate on president Johnson a foreign Aid program. Debate opening today already had been expected to bring fresh attacks on Johnson policies in Vietnam and elsewhere in the world. Whether one variety of recent congressional criticism that bombing was too sparing affected Johnson a decision to add new targets could not be determined As the White House fended off questions on the shift in tactics. But it was Learned that Stennis subcommittee heard secret testimony last week from . Ulysses s. G. Sharp Pacific commander that Johnson had agreed to some Extension of warplanes options to strike what one subcommittee member called a a lucrative strikes sunday against North vietnamese rail Yards to Miles from red China and Friday against Hanoi a Doumer Bridge came after Johnson lifted temporarily two major target restrictions. Pentagon sources say the administration will continue those restrictions except on certain key vital missions. The restricted areas Are a 30-mile diameter Circle around Hanoi penetrated two or three times previously and a 15-to-20-mile-wide Buffer zone along the North Vietnam red China Boundary. Fulbright said the bombing near red China a is directly contrary to what was the established policy of the government in 1964 and it will Lead the country directly into the most disastrous Fulbright a committee including members already troubled Over Vietnam Cut Johnson a $3.4 billion foreign Aid request by $736 million. Senate democratic Leader Mike Mansfield a foe of increased bombing said he Hopes see new on Page 5-a at Louisiana tavern five wounded in shooting by Bill Neikirk Hammond la. A a group of negroes demanding a we want Beer a shot into a crowd of Whites barring their Way to a tavern sunday night wounding five White men state police said. State police and sheriffs deputies raided negro bars at Covington 20 Miles from Here before Dawn today and arrested 12 negro men and women. Col. Thomas d. Burbank state director of Public safety rushed from Baton Rouge and said several of those jailed had taken part sunday in the Bogalusa civil rights a liberation March which stopped Here for the night in route to the state capital. A but they Haven to been regu Lar marchers a said sheriff Tom Sanders of Tangipahoa Parish. A a in a say they were curiosity a. Z. Young Leader of the March denied any of his followers were involved. He said a fall of our people were the wounded men were hospitalized in Hammond. Authorities at the Hospital refused to give their condition. Col. Ray heard of the state crime Laboratory gave parafin tests to the arrested negroes to determine if any had fired weapons recently. Sixty five state troopers armed with riot guns guarded the negro marchers who camped for the night at a school. Streets of Hammond were deserted in the predawn hours but the atmosphere was taut. Burbank indicated he would try to escort the marchers out of the area before their scheduled to . Departure. About too marchers slept in the Ballpark of Greenville Park High school a negro school inside a ring of cars drawn together like covered wagons of the old West. Arc lights illuminated the area. Shortly before Dawn All but 20 left in cars for Bogalusa. Young said those who remained would see five on Page 5-a 24 hours in a Well sunday. More than 400 firefighters tried to control them. The Park has had no rain since june. A there seems to be an association Between the lightning Jared by the Bear that killed Aad the Neilson said miss Helgeson i but we can 1 sure there 1s Forest rangers pressed a no Scarci to it a of natural a Quot a search for the killer animals. The 8�$ls,an a a Quot usually shy Park supt. Keith Neilson said s Inge them to his Only theory on the attacks a was that lightning strikes in the Park alarmed the normally shy near sighted grizzlies into attacking. Lightning started 14 Forest inside is Eclex youth survives ordeal of terror amusements. 5b Bridge 12b business 9b classified. 10-1 in comics. 6b Counselor a a 10b doctor. 12b editorials. 4a obituaries. 8b science and you a 7b Sheilah Graham 5b sports. 2-4b to radio 5-b weather. 12b women a news. 8-12a attack. Neilson said he has had several reports of bears nudging people in sleeping bags this summer but they ran when the campers screamed. The Bear that killed miss Koons sniffed at four other sleeping bags while the occupants Lay Frozen with fear then attacked miss Koons Neilson said. The others escaped but the Zipper on her sleeping bag stuck. All three victims were employed for the summer in Park hotels. Miss Koons worked in the gift shop at Lake Mcdonald Lodge. Miss Helgeson worked in the laundry at East Glacier Lodge and Ducat was a Busboy at East Glacier. They were on outings on their Days off. The two girls were the first people reported killed by bears since the Park opened in 1910, although several have been injured. Neilson said Glen Cole Park service biologist from Yellowstone National Park had been summoned to try to figure out Why the bears attacked. Park rangers armed with re see Bear on Page 5-a by Darrell Christian Williamson . Cap an Odd Job to earn Money for school clothes almost Cost 15-year-old Leonard Boyce his life. He climbed into a neighbors water Well on a cleaning project then faced 24 hours of deathly terror. Tons of Rock and Earth collapsed on the youth 14 feet underground Friday evening and it took some 40 Rescue workers using shovels Bare hands and Earth moving equipment until saturday evening to pull him free. A i thought i was a goner for sure a recalled Boyce from his Hospital bed Here where he was reported in Good condition today after two nights of Good sleep. Boyce of Parsley a Bottom near this southwestern West Virginia Community close to the Kentucky Border was trapped up to his Chest and went without food except for some water and hot chocolate during the 24 hours that workers frantically tried to set him free. Cave in after Cave in frustrated Rescue efforts and for awhile some workers feared the Well would collapse and Encomb the youth. After the boy was pulled free the Rescue trenches and the Well in the sloping front Yard of Willard Howell were filled in by a Bulldozer. Smiling from his Hospital bed but still Able to eat Only soft foods Boyce said a praying helped pull me his parents or. And mrs. Ben Boyce along with dozens of other relatives and Well wishers visited him sunday. A i never would have lasted two hours in a place like that a said the father. A the has More spunk than the rest of the family put together a referring to the youngsters to Brothers and Sisters. A a that a Why i never gave up Hope a the elder Boyce said. A a it a a horrible thing to be 15 feet away from a boy and not be Able to give him your hand when he wants it a he continued. Leonard will be a Sophomore in Lenore High school this fall. His father a former Coal Miner receives about $250 monthly from the state welfare department. Mrs. Howell who remained sleepless As the Rescue workers met one setback after another said later a i done to believe i could have taken it for another she said she was a afraid they would Start pulling him out and the whole Well would Cave Boyce attempting to climb out of the Well knocked Loose a couple of Large rocks that triggered the Cave in and he was trapped. Rescue operations were hampered by the Loose soil and because he was trapped a Little More than Halfway Down the 21-foot Well. Trenches were dug deep alongside the Well and Boyce was pulled free from below at 5 07 . Saturday. Red China frees soviet vessel by Anthony c. Collings Moscow in a the battered soviet merchant ship Svirsk limped out of the red chinese port of Dairen sunday a Moscow report said after the chinese released her Captain and three crewmen following a bitter Exchange of protest notes with the soviets. ,. The soviet Union announced two crewmen asked for a Mao that seven tugboats full of red badge and then a a wilfully in guards escorted the ship out of sultes it threw one badge the yellow sea port. The he sea a a peking called it see red on Page 5-a youth rescued from w Ell Leonard Boyce 15, is removed from the Sandstone Well in Lenore w. A. Where he was trapped for 24 hours. Rescuers fought Cave ins to reach the boy who was working in the Well to earn Money for new clothes for school. He is now recovering in the Hospital from frostbite. Up telephoto. The Svirskas Hull superstructure and equipment bore anti soviet inscriptions. All the russian crewmen were aboard when the Svirsk headed for the soviet port of Vladivostok the announcement reported but the ships documents were kept by the chinese. Soviet Premier Alexei n. Kosygin sent a Telegram to chinese Premier Chou in Lai saturday demanding that the red chinese release the Captain and captured crewmen and let the Svirsk sail. A peking broadcast heard in Tokyo however made no mention of Kosygin a Telegram in announcing that a the chinese government ordered the Captain and one other crewman to leave China and never come Back to this the ship arrived in Dairen july 22 and shortly after a pravda dispatch said second navigator Stanislav v. Ivanov was accused by chinese authorities of refusing to accept a Mao tse Tung badge. The chinese demanded that Ivanov be turned Over to them but capt. Viktor a. Korzhov refused. When the Captain went to the port office Friday to Register the Svirskas departure he was arrested pravda said. The chinese version held that How bout that thief was not concerned Oxford win Deputy sheriff Jack Parrish took off on foot saturday after his patrol car which a big shaggy thief was making off with. Finally at an intersection the Fleet footed Deputy from Butner jumped into the car shoved the figure in the Drivers seat aside and regained control of the vehicle. The thief was unperturbed mainly because he was a big shaggy dog. Parrish theorized the dog had heard the cards radio and jumped in through a window knocked the gear lever into drive and took off. No charges were filed

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