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Burlington Daily Times News Newspaper Archives Apr 3 1965, Page 1

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Burlington Daily Times News (Newspaper) - April 3, 1965, Burlington, North Carolina Weather fair and cooler tonight and sunday. For round up see Page 3-a. The daily times news times jews family today a circulation 20,867 reaching More than 20,500 Alamance county Homes with 80,000 readers vol 81 no. 245 Price five cents associated press up telephoto and Stock service newspaper Enterprise Assn. Burlington n. C., saturday april 3, 1965 associated afternoon dailies a and King feature service Herald Tribune news service 76 pages 3 sections on pcs Campus youth is charged with burnings Raleigh . A an 18-year-old Salisbury youth who was suspended from North Carolina state Jan. 26 faced charges today in the setting of eight fires on the state Campus since feb. 9. Detective sgt. Robert l. Bunn Vernon l. Dodd said Vernon Lemuel Dodd told officers he Felt an urge to set a fire feb. 9 after he went to Danforth Chapel to Pray. Dodd was quoted As saying he set a match to the curtains and left. Sgt. Bunn said Dodd also admitted the other seven fires. Detective capt. R. E. Goodwin signed a warrant Friday night charging him will unlawful burning in the destruction of Pullen Hall the night of feb. 22. Goodwin said other warrants were being drawn. Dodd was taken to Salisbury Friday night for questioning. Police and fire officials there expressed an interest in his arrest. They said a Large number of fires had occurred in Salisbury recently. Dodd was suspended at state because of academic reasons school officials said. His last Day in class was feb. 3. He is the son of or. And mrs. John t. Dodd of Salisbury. His father is a totally disabled War Veteran. Director Walter f. Anderson of the state Bureau of investigation said Dodd told officers he was alone in setting the fires. He added Dodd had been interviewed by ski agents for several weeks a with reference to his officers said Dodd admitted setting fires in Holiday Hall books Hall the Chapel and Bec ton dormitory All on feb. 9 Pullen Hall feb. 17 Berry dormitory feb. 20 Pullen Hall on feb. 22, and Frank Thompson theatre building March 3. Where an exhibit Board was set afire. Bunn said Dodd told him that on the night of feb. 22 he went downstairs in Pullen Hall and struck a match to some boards in a Hole under the staircase. He was quoted As saying he did not mean to destroy the building. Reversal predicted in Boycott by Rex Thomas Montgomery Ala. Apr Many of Alabama s leading businessmen and. Legislators believe or. Martin Luther Kings economic Boycott of this state will Only Hurt racial relations. A if the Boycott should be successful it can serve no other purpose than to Worsen race relations in the state a said Crawford Johnson Iii a soft drink executive and president of the Birmingham chamber of Commerce. A fortunately i done to think that or. King will be successful a he said King announced the three stage Boycott Friday in Baltimore. The first stage of the Boycott which he said would Start immediately is to ask any Industry or National business concern considering building plants in Alabama a to immediately learning the ropes Sam Ervin Iii in legislature by Curtiss Moore Raleigh n. Apr state rep. Sam Ervin Iii is the son of a u. S. Senator and the grandson of a Man a who had better sense than to run for but rep. Ervin did no to know suspend their plans for such the second stage would Deal with private investment funds in Alabama and Federal deposits in Alabama Banks King said while the third stage would specifically single out items produced in the state which King feels the nation should Boycott. The Boycott brought angry responses from Alabama state legislators. A the White folks if they so desire can Boycott too a said rep. John Lewis Cates of Shelby county accusing King of being a Power mad a i can to see How with that Type of rash thinking the negro people of Alabama can believe that King is helping their cause a said sen. Jimmy my Dow of Shelby county. King said the Boycott would go on until these conditions Are met an end to the poll tax in All elections. Voter registrations at times convenient to working people such As at night and on weekends. Appointment of negroes to policy making positions on state boards and in state agencies. An end to alleged police brutality and the Assurance of equal police Protection to All citizens. Denunciation by officials and civic leaders of violence and of see reversal on Page 10-a better and consequently is now serving his freshman term from Burke county As his father did about 30 years ago. Rep. Ervin was chairman of the Burke county democratic party for eight years but resigned to run after a Republican captured the House Post for two regular sessions. He won by 2,300 votes. Ervin Isnit sure whether his fathers name helped him win. A i would certainly think it would be an asset a said. But on the other hand in a sure there were those who disagreed with some of dads a i done to agree with him on Many things a he noted. A but sometimes when i disagree with him about what Congress does i find out there is a lot More in migs threaten american jets Over North Viet Nam in this Corner improvement is needed Memphis Tenn. In a shirts worn by prisoners at the Shelby county penal farm Are made by women prisoners who seemingly Are inexperienced disinterested or disgruntled. Male prisoners printed this plea in the prison newspaper a please ladies could you relocate the pockets so we could find them without taking off our pants a germans blocking traffic by John Fiehn Berlin a East Germany continued for the third straight Day today to harass civilian traffic into Berlin. The move apparently was a protest against next weeks scheduled session of the West German parliament in West Berlin. West German customs off vials reported it took motorists More than three hours to pass communist checkpoints at the Western and Eastern ends of the 110-mile autobahn that connects West Berlin with West Germany. By last Midnight the line of vehicles waiting to enter the superhighway at the Helmstedt checkpoint was More than three Miles Long. It included More than 200 Berlin bound trucks. The slowdown did not affect Allied military traffic which is checked through by the soviets Only air travellers Are not subject to communist controls. East Germany announced Friday night that soviet and East German troops will stage Large scale Maneu vers West of Berlin starting monday and lasting All week. This led to speculation that the exercise was set to coincide with the parliamentary meeting. The official East German news Agency adn said the Maneu vers would a test the state of training troops had achieved in the Winter training program and would be held under a aggravated fighting conditions a communist Border guards at Mari Enbom a the East German Side of the Helmstedt checkpoint a turned Back parliamentarian Johannes Mueller Friday night. He was on his Way to the see germans on Page 10-a solved than i suspected a he said. Lying on Ervin a desk As he made the statement were four letters addressed to his father. A i get a tremendous amount of mail that a addressed to him a he said. A but other than mail i Haven to had any Ervin never lived in Washington As the son of a congressman because he was already married and practising Law when his father went to the Capitol in 1954. Since coming to the Assembly the Burke county representative has tried to a keep quiet and although he has sponsored a number of local measures he has offered Only one Public Bill and he combined with Gaston rep. Steve Dolley on it. The Bill would hold manufacturers responsible for the fitness of the goods they sell by establishing two Legal principles in the state privity of contract and implied warranty of fitness. He has followed his a keep quiet and learn policy in some other Public matters but has been outspoken in support of the to per cent pay raise and gov. Dan Moore a education program. Ervin differs with Moore on a capital improvements Bond though. He said a a in a still not convinced that we i Erious consideration to a capital improvements Bond Issue for schools and mental he feels the $12 million a a Windfall which Moore discovered for capital improvements is Good but perhaps not Good enough. A i think the biggest problem facing the legislature is How we can meet the needs of the state with the funds we have a he noted. Will he follow his fathers footsteps perhaps to the nations capital a i done to know a Ervin said. A i think each person has to make what contribution he can his abilities and my abilities Are not the indictment of bombers is planned new Bern cases being prepared for grand jury new Bern n. Up a District solicitor Luther Hamiltonjr. Plans to present Bills of indictment monday to the Craven county grand jury charge my three men with violating the states bombing Law. Ederal charges against the men were dismissed Friday so they May be prosecuted in state court. Raymond d. A Mills 35, Edward Earl Fillingham 23, and his Cousin Laurie Latham Fil Lingame 21, All of the Vanceboro area were arrested follow ing the dynamite no of a negro funeral Home and two cars Here Jan. 24. The cars were parked outside a civil rights meeting. . Attorney Robert Cowan took a dismissal of the Federal charges before . Commissioner Eleanor g. Howard. They were charged with violating the civil rights of three negroes. Carolina b. Chadwick or. Of Pollocksville Julius Levonne Chambers of Charlotte and Oscar r. Dove of new Bern. Chambers an attorney for the a act was speaker at a five county civil rights meeting outside a Church. Chadwick attended the meeting. About an hour after the blasts outside the Church another dynamite blast damaged a garage at a mortuary owned by Dove. Mills was identified by the Fri As exalted Cyclops of the Kun flux klan Lavern in new Bern. In in i 11111 Walt a t y a a it a y a a a challenged by Migsa an f4h a phantom ii fighter bomber of the Type attacked today by communist Mig jets is seen taking off from a Navy Carrier. A Navy spokesman said that the Mig jets fled with the american fighter bombers pursuing them at 1.000 Miles per hour. The red planes escaped. Up telephoto. No hits scored by either Side by John t. Wheeler Saigon Viet Nam a three communist Mig Jet fighters jumped u. S. Navy aircraft today As the american planes blasted out a vital Bridge link in North Viet names major North South coastal rail and Road route Only 65 Miles South of Hanoi the red capital. It marked the first time american aircraft have encountered communist planes in the vietnamese War. Navy planes chased the migs but the communist planes slipped away in a Haze Navy spokesman capt. George h. Communist bomb plot discovered by John t. Wheeler Moonshine ring is indicted was made by or. Louis s. B Leakey director of the Coryn Den memorial museum Nairobi Kenya who urged his fellow scientists to a refuse to accept theories As facts and look upon the origin of Man with fresh Leakey was the Lead off speaker at a three Day conference on a the origin of Many at the University of Chicago Scenter for continuing education. The British anthropologist whose excavations from the of Dubai Gorge in East Africa have Greensboro n. Apr attracted worldwide attention a Federal grand jury Friday in announced he had found a Skull dieted four North carolinians As alleged members of a ring which shipped Wilkes county ., Moonshine to Michigan Industrial cities. Three Are from trap Hill in Wilkes county Frank Hutchinson about 45 James Clifton Sidden about 30, and William Lynn Joines about 42. The other Alexander Andrew Brooks 60, of Sparta in neighbouring Alleghany county. All Are accused of Possession of no tax paid whisky. Four men have been charged in Michigan. Two Winston Salem men Dan Junior Smith 32, and Lester Lee Bovender 24, were indicted on charges of counterfeiting $10 Bills. The Federal indictment a see Moonshine on Page 10-a complication seen Leakey explodes evolution theory j by Robert Goldenstein Chicago apr one of the worlds most renowned anthropologists has uncovered evidence that three entirely different species of prehistoric Man lived at the same time and in the same place about a million years ago. This startling scientific claim / 1 it nil Aej jul amusements 2-3a Bridge. 3a business Page so classified 6-7b comics 4b doctor a editorials. 4a obituaries 6b sports 2-3b stocks. So to radio .2-3a weather 3a women a news 8-11a Andy Lapp is herein comics you la like him Andy Capp that is. And you la like his wife. She a Florrie. They re a couple of colourful Cut and be visiting with you every week in the color comic Section of the daily times news. Andy Capp begins today in the color comics and will bring you a Load of laughs every saturday. Look for him right now. Florries with him in the color Section. Of a third manlike creature called a . In earlier excavations at the same site he found Fossil remains belonging to two other manlike groups called Zijan theopus and Homo Kabilis. Leakey told some 300 scientists attending the conference Friday night that All three species lived at the same site at the same time. He said his claim Means that nature experimented with various primitive manlike creatures before deciding on a satisfactory Stock that led to pres end Day Man. It also contradicts old textbook statements that evolution took place in single jumps within a single species. Leakey showed slide pictures of the Skull that was reconstructed from More than too fragments. The Skull was crushed by cattle that trampled the area in search of water. He has dubbed the Skull George. Although olduvai s new fragmented Skull is cider and smaller it has similarities to the far East a heavy bowed Java Man and peking Man of about 400,-000 to 600.000 years ago. These Are regarded As extinct cousins of Man. Leakey also reported that thousands of primitive tools had been found at the site and that anthropologists have been trying to determine whether they were made by Homo Kabilis or Zinc Anthropius. Asserting that his new also May have made tools he said a we have been living in a fools Paradise. We be been assuming that if tools were found along with manlike creatures then these creatures made the tools. But now it appears that any one of see Leaky on Page 10-a Saigon South Viet Nam apr a City wide search was launched today for a red Sedan reported loaded with explosives and destined for a Viet Cong terrorist attack on the . Information service office or the nearby Caravelle hotel. American and vietnamese Security forces swung into action As intelligence sources reported the new communist death plot aimed at downtown Saigon. Only last tuesday a Viet Cong drove a car loaded with approximately 250 pounds of explosives to the . Embassy. The blast which followed killed 2 americans and 20 other per sons and wounded 52 americans and 134 others. Intelligence sources said then similar attacks were planned on the Usis building and on a Complex of buildings which serves acers quarters in Cholon the chinese Section of Saigon. Vietnamese employees of Usis were evacuated from the building. American employees remained at their desks until noon the Normal quitting time on saturday. A Skeleton staff manned the building this afternoon. Activity at the Caravelle hotel one Block away from the information service appeared Normal. . Officials in Washington disclosed meanwhile that several thousand More american servicemen will be sent to South Viet Nam in the months ahead beefing up the present . Military strength of about 28,00 men. . Ambassador Maxwell d. Taylor winding up a week s talks with president Johnson and other top level officials said More men and equipment would be added to the american Whistler said. He did not believe the american planes got close enough to fire during the Pursuit. Whistler did not say what Model of the soviet built Mig was involved or what National markings they bore. But North Viet Nam is known to have some old mig15 and mig17 aircraft. They Are not believed to possess any of the sophisticated mig21s. Whistler said the red jets appeared on the scene and made a pass on one . Aircraft. He said he did not know if the migs fired but he assumed they did and had missed the Navy plane. Apparently the Navy planes did not score by hits either. Whistler said the attack was completely successful in severing route i. Thirty aircraft from the 7th Fleet carriers Hancock and Coral sea had attacked the Bridge across the Nam a River this morning but caused Only moderate damage. Pilots reported a heavy Haze restricted visibility. A second attack was ordered this afternoon and 30 Al sky raiders and a4 Jet attack planes dumped 500 and 1,000 Pound bombs on the Bridge dropping one Span into the River. In All 60 tons of bombs were dropped. One Navy f8 crusader Jet was hit by antiaircraft fire during the afternoon raid. The Pilot landed safely at Danang airbase in South Viet Nam with a Hydraulic system failure. . Air Force Jet fighters also raided North Viet Nam but did not Contact any enemy planes. They struck at Thanh Hoa. A City of More than one million also on route i 80 Miles South of Hanoi. In Saigon a City wide search was launched for a Viet Cong Sedan reported loaded with explosives and destined for a terrorist attack on the . Information service or the nearby Caravelle hotel. More men seen for asian w a by John m. Hightower Washington a ambassador Maxwell d. Taylor is going Back to Saigon with plans Force. But he said a i am not t0 add several thousand Ameri anticipating Large cans t0 the . Force in South Taylor did report plans for Viet am increasing the size South Viet he als0 intends to see another names military Force adding 160,000 men to the country a present 530,000 Man Force under arms. Taylor leaves Washington tonight for Saigon. His conferences reportedly reconfirmed present major strategy against the communists. This includes continued air strikes against North Viet Nam and the extensive use of air As Well As ground forces against Viet Cong Ger see communist on Page 10-a Man or woman a Leslie Douglas Ashley a mental Hospital Escapee has been added to the of big a list of a ten most wanted he May be dressed As a Man or woman and was once within hours of execution in the electric chair before reversal of conviction for a brutal murder. Ashley is a White american born 1938 in hot Springs Ark. He is five feet nine inches Tail and weighs 130 to 135 pounds. He has a pockmarked complexion Brown eyes and Reddish Brown hair and a scar on the inside of his right wrist left Elbow and right knee. Up telephoto. Fokken. Ralph Scott Strong educational leadership and Honor one of the highest honors which can be Given an individual by the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill was awarded this week to state sen. Ralph h. Scott of Haw Fields it was a double Honor in fact since he became the first individual in the Long history of the order of the Golden fleece to be so recognized who was not a student or faculty member of the University. This action on the part of the University prompted a review of the senators Public career leading to the decision by authorities to tap him for membership. For this review see today a editors Page Page 4-a. 160,000 South vietnamese added to the fight against the communist Viet Cong this year raising the country a total to about 700,-000. Taylor completed a week of policy conferences with president Johnson and top officials Here Friday. He leaves Washington tonight to return to his embassy heavily damaged by a terrorist bombing tuesday. The conferences reportedly confirmed present major strategy including continued air s t r ikes against communist North Viet Nam and extensive use of air As Well As ground forces against Viet Cong concentrations in the South. The aim is to convince North Viet Nam it cannot win in the i South and that it can get peace Only by halting infiltration of troops and arms. A round of air strikes against j infiltration and Supply bases in a he North began feb. 7. Officials Here say so far they see no sign North Viet Nam is changing its mind about the War. There have been reports from abroad of a weakening in Hanoi a determination but these see More on Page 10-a

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