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Burlington Daily Times (Newspaper) - June 23, 1930, Burlington, North CarolinaTrade at Home Burlington Dily to daily devoted to the up building of a bigger better Burlington published daily except sunday a cml. Burlington n. C., monday june 1930, member International news service no. 78. Senate republicans discuss veterans Bill o. Kef Bill. _ Watson says Bill will _ _ _. Each substitute Bill discussed it is Esti a j j mated will add to a Bobby open to the double header with land today with anxiety out Ness and it was t be Cav game May have a american league Pennant proper nations. Own West Harris substitute j certain that somebody i instead of a Bat. Took Jat them during yesterday s i with Chicago. Washington. June 23. During the seventh inning. Ley tie republicans at conference to said something hurtled by the i Lay discussed but failed to agree on even substitutes for the finance Xenou Pittee s veterans Relief Bill of by president Hoover. Vat the loaded. June Al Fonso of Spain the expected to arrive in London today. F the Manchester guardian which j invariably writes nth deliberation j on foreign affairs today devoted its main editorial to some Imere Sune on the Spanish Man j a s visit. With things As they Are in Spain King s absence is at least a sign of considerable political courage i the Wisdom of Wain will be measured by the events of the next five says the guardian. I the King s journey May break the country spell of Legar by. For 1 clearly if there is to of a serious attempt to change the form of gov j j Ern ment now is the plotters Best Opportunity. To expel a King who. Despite All j his faults still has the sympathy senator Watson. Republican eader. Predicted the committee would add an Esti Cost of to the re ears sounding like infuriate bees of Many of his subjects would be a and Thuv saw the turf cd Carby. Risky business. To seize Power while they Taney for the Bench but re j he is away would be easier. How Maine until the inning Ard Ever quiet Spain might be on the toe informed Walter j surface the problem of monarchy is Johnson. Police Are still unsolved. Minister of phys to live at Home prizes Enorton Shes awarded by governor Paal a Cal Imam Are to die i the electric chair m Dowell youths held at miss Lydia Tulmau of houses. Be if Exve w motive. 1 Colu Tibia. S. A. June feeble methodist. Minister today made a Lina Appeal to governor Richards to save his son and his son a Law from the electric chair the Rev. L. W. Johnson pastor j i of the skip Sonvi methodist Church with Rev. T. A Meir Odist nun ister from Pendle Iosi. 1 a imaged with vhf burning a came 10 Columbia to beg the Gover one of which contained an nor again to commute the Senence Library at Ali pass. Of Paul Johnson Liis Sou. And Ray off Ray. Coleman. His son in Law. comity they Are to die tomorrow for Hie a w Here today murder of Earle Belue. Spartanburg clerk who was shot in in Mil out Bogia. I Liucc Esumi attempt to secure me anger at miss Lydia hot mail of Avrol aka pass. Owner of the houses was v 1 believed by officers to have the to j gov. O. Max Gardner i the originator of the program Prin Cipal speaker of the occasion. Governor gives Bakers Vule june Loving cups Greenville. S. A. June live for the burning of the i to j buildings Early saturday. Miss Hal i Joawph r. Stau Viator and the youths had she awarded consisted of 4 Loving cups 2 Gold med als 2 Silver medals and attorney for Paul Johnson and Ray Coleman Youthful Bandit under 10 die m the electric said today thai become augry at her when of Chick Allan late today Des he the threat if m presidential veto. Or. Hoover in a letter to yesterday. Transmitted news on the legislation by Secre Ary Mellon to the effect that it Rould necessitate an i i axes next Vear to avoid a deficit. Substitutes for the committe Neasure. Proposed by senator Reed to Sylvania. And 3ingham. Connecticut. Irene discussed by re him icons but no definite plans were adopted to press them. Each was Sumate to add an additional fast of about to existing appropriations. Bingham s proposal was original y proposed by the american be ceremony was joke Paris. June cd j cles Here today debated probably i results of a conversation Between j King Alfonso and Santiago Alba j former Liberal Premier who has been exiled since the beginning of the prom de Rivera regime in before a gallery Tho Lake England with a imn Tan. Captured a British re fans. Bobby Jones youve at i of 291. Two strokes better Irish i than Leo die Gal and Macdonald Smith who were in a tie at 293. to witness the execution. Open Golf championship store r new leaves without "hssband.1 Havana. June Onjo Leam ceremony was Al joke. Miss Shinley Baron of Bay Onne. N. A. A new York department store today turned her face homeward not just sure what Lay ahead. Ind of the veterans interrupting at a joint where the president said the pending Bill far beyond the Relief program f veterans organizations. Senator so Cartridge. A Pui lican. California. Aid president has been misled passage of the committee Bill j Day on charges growing out of the Rhineh is a modification of the Meas ire passed recently by the House i Rombly would delay the Early and Damn int plans of the leaders. A of the measure probably would Ead to attempts to pass it again. Republican leaders believe this is Ikey. Opening debate. Senator Reed clerk read president s and i Domres. By fled with the condition of his realm was understood to have listened intently yesterday while the com Moner. Santiago Alba suggested a remodelling of Spanish Royal Leges along the lines of the Gian and British monarchies. J the interview has been the sub j Jet of considerable Rumor and speculation for weeks during which by was of key West for time it was said that King Alonsa York she abandoned pros ecu route to eng and. Would Stop off in Paris expressly to hear what the former Premier might say and to j listen to any suggestions he might j make. I some have considered that in Senate committee approves the treaty Norfolk Southern 1eck Liff probe Raleigh. June gov. O. Max Gardner originator of the program the principal speak e live at the Public the Wen arrested Ahkii schools of North Carolina last feb bloodhounds. Brought Here from today recen de Mieir awards. Asheville. Picked up a Trail near the Ooi Emor Gardner himself Tio Sci be of Tsie tire and followed it to j rated two Loving cups to the win their hones on Tepper s Creek in ners of the two principal contests Mcdowell county. Bsds we and Low Leory Sossi Imon of Bethel High about 19 years old. They g Cabarrus county won the assert that they Are innocent cup for the they probably will by Given at Bers of Crew Lviv injured the or physician of Santiago de committee t r a t if h. I ported to the Senate for ratification. Utilities financing student in a White to. _ _ _ grades eight thru killed and three Mem part of this week. Who Jioie the Best essay Oil authorities said today. Is me phase of the live at Home program and Ophelia of v Audi it Pipit add i Windsor High for coloured loaivle.0 children won the governor s cup for Greenville. June in nit Ruam the essay by a negro Rural sigh Ica Uon into the wreck of a Norfolk i 5uclumdo 1w us knot 1 by. The Engineer was killed and three my Basic citizen is and booklets tint of very stare Dis tax. And prizes awarded consisted of the funeral today. Loving cups two Gold medals. I two Siler medals one plaque and 21 Cash prizes totalling in Cuba whom she had arrested Sun growing out of the marriage which he admitted commutes Borah will submit treaty i examiner Ais crts Power company subsidiary com and increased capital. Members of the in a. Slightly injured near Here yesterday was under Way today. The dead Engineer was Norman l. Fen sit of Norfolk. A of the incl injured Atie Kurt Rankin. The fireman b e. White. I june 23.-Charlcs oils d in add lion several Honor Packard 43. One of Mcbane s most Cerlin aues were . Died sati Irda they were Ca met or. Nunez James a. Heam j store. New Tork Carrion six weeks of ago on a visit Here with miss Clar isse v. Beeches new Orleans. Re Tuz inc last w is try headed by Alba or by a lib eral coalition ministry. Look at the Dock. A party of four made the rounds of the cabarets and at about mid into by posts Washington. Washington. June assertion that the National Power Sid Light company had reorganized subsidiary companies and in creased the fixed capital accounts of baggage master and a negro Porter a a Mcpherson hos in Durham alter Short ill Ness with Agran Lytic angina a rare whom disc Iise. He was afflicted with sore wednesday and taken to named Elliott bruised. Fifty most of were asleep in Pullma Ife. injury the majority of them it the Hospital saturday afternoon was said did not know of the Pun Crai sen were held at the wreck until they were aroused. Heimie. Presb Tenan Church Tram was in route from a morn i the Hall of the House of repress Vas Well filled for the i exercises. Every prize was present in person to re overwhelming by committee these companies by s35.000.000 was i Lengli to apparently. And Rev. J. S. Tort made today m the f3deral ran into an open switch. Jones. Pastor of the Cross roads is Deli Execl 1_0 insure 1 commission s investigation of pub pc name. And baggage car left the 1 presbyterian Church. Officiating. D Friajo fritta utilities financing., _ engine turned Over Tad i this is an important Day North Carolina Date of the de w Caralion of of Nonh in at Rev. W. M. Baker. Carolina. Governor Cross roads Gardner told the audience Assem pact. June 23 fat Bachmann re pub i Washington. Juno toe House communists fore the Senate today by chair r j it Colo party a Messing to be a judge Drew up papers which she save she regarded As Legal Binder of their marriage. After three Days honeymoon she improve of this athletics win the opening game it Adelphia. June Les by Simmons and Bishop and singles by Foxx and Hass gave the and went to the american vice con i sul. Sidney Gest. And in the pres Lence of Santiago Trujillo Martinez i told her Story. Or. Nunez Carrion was arrested. My hit f we i and but for her decision to leave for Iva United states would have appeared in court today to answer her charges. Reduction in immigration Philadelphia athletics a Victory of quotas proposal a the Chicago White sox today 2 Washington. June 23 a of 1. In the first game of a double j fifty per cent reduction in the in Leader. Grove struck out 11 Chi-1 migration quotas for the fiscal players. J year 1931 was proposed m a Reso score by innings it Lution today by chairman Johnson Chicago .000 010 j immigration committee As a Means Philadelphia .000 001 of combating unemployment corporation commission the weather hold hearing tuesday for North Carolina Raleigh Jane 23. The mostly fair tonight and state corporation commission will Day not much change in committee would look into reports from Berlin that american communists plan extensive in tins co entry next Borah of the foreign Lions committee after the rela in the. Absence a propaganda Mittee had approved it by 16 to 4. Company Carolina Power Light to september. Interrupting debate on the vet j company Knoxville Power in x.u1a. The West Virginia committee Mem j the notice Tea Ber said it would Endeavor to de j a Resolution from Termine where the communists procured funds to disseminate propaganda in this country bled for the Awby tag of prizes. Utilities engine turned Over and Cdv was carried to you boys and he of Arr write no scolded. He died methodist Church for Buna continued the representatives of in fixed capital through certain re yesterday afternoon in a Hospital i the Pic. Honorary of your kind Are the sign Organ Zaions of operating utilities Heie Bocai ers were the deacons of the ers of this declaration. Colbert said for the reason that a Erig Jne brought to Church and governor Gardner Heid m his details As to the predecessor com i the scene and the passenger cars j e Shaw. Hand a volume of the prize winning essays booklets and posters. Which b Eakins Harry Ferrell. Will be preserved in the archives of d or j m Thompson. Of the state and declared this de school of about i Carat in Wili be preserved forever in volumes among the per manent records of the slate or North Carolina. We Are. My friends at a turning Point in our state s history. We Are the forerunners of a new Day. We shall be free be Date mined to be details As to Txie predecessor com the scene and the passenger cars the Active j. E. Shaw. Panics were refused by the National Yemie Laken on of kor Foik. Arriving h c. A Grant. A Oil company nor does it include any 01 behind schedule. The subsidiaries corporation the examiner said the Organiza Tio of the Memphis Power Light Ard i two men held in Juhls sunday 25 Young men company Uno Vuie rower fatally shot Man in this Community last tuesday a the Man who set u of in the Church. K on the Oil Icen. From an automobile l sunday school class. Which they were As a Mii a member of club and of cited car. Entered Vitole Paru div Mlo _ Dail was the Arent he Milf Brt torment of those idea is not a already got out of the sentimental stage of talking about it. Already its results Are a Chung to be apparent. The most important tangible re Suli. Of course is the planting of a much larger acreage of food and stuffs by arid types of Farmers in All sections of the state. This been done Especial in i in the . The fact that m the Piedmont Section and the a casual Plain a beginning in self sustaining farming was made by larg numbers of White and be pro Farmers. S. Perhaps the i mos Zigni Ficat outcome of a , Flinchum a i dry. Ing. Iai owner or pick 1 Reed. Ohio j h .1322 july .1339 oct. Old -13.14 oct. New -.12.65 cd. Old .13.20 dec. New .12j92 j Man. Nevada Robinson. Arkansas Walsh. Montana Harrison. Mississippi George. Georgia Black nor. New York. Warrant or Liin Mon mind saturday but in until Dai sufficiently Thiol Carlo and shipping rates be studied Sotui Ken Respol Tive of c pc Star Humph Beauty wins title Al miss the rigid and 7. Of v Lnor the automobile. Mayor is iffy s car. Was struck n the Man shot at Edenton for picking berries n j jump 23. Cancelled several Days ago and a Riard a Lind Hospital equipment and two nurses so Sippi geor mrs. Charles a. Lind m Morrow Home., Alabama and 1350 i Bergh Are the parents of a son. Arvai of messengers troop i democrats 1331 i Sou i Jug up the drive to the House was Ecrah or would sub _ 13.401 a gig Hong seven and the Only about the Morrow 1 Mil the treaty to the Senate today the 13-12 pounds was bom at Home to indicate that so a report bit Mckelv ram wrecks Evns m Eastern Standard time Ous event had taken place a a the Duce a Resolution of ratification. Over he for More i Home where his birth of a Young Lindbergh. There this is the usual procedure of 00 and the bodies so incr Ier former Anne Morrow were even persons within the House committee. J Mansk a that identification a was born she became a Mother on at the time who did not Leam of j the treat will be put be almost impose ibid. Ler 24th birthday the birth until the left and were fore lip without a word of j so Tern fic the that the it j c who the arrest. Jim of who thurr Dav Nigil in in the killing is being in Iai at ii Loci thai if it re. Of Carload of 1259 in Thi George Silver local Pono Rajcan. Caul Spika a eng Lis very Well jut the stinging sensation caused by a number of Small shots into his Back head have loosened his vocabulary somewhat. At any rate although not Able to Tell exactly Hap he was Able to show chief of police g a. Helms the shot wounds and Willie Wiliams alias Willie is being held in the local jail pending a hearing tomorrow morning on a charge of shoot ing from ambush. Silver was pics Black berries near the Railroad track and Williams claims the fruit was on his property. Recommendation either from ftps engine Oiwa a disabled and Send Arenor aside the statement of informed by outsiders he baby s birth and his weight mrs Lindbergh who has been. Hoover from me i to necessary to no details of the event were Forth her husband s constant companion relations committee in from Atlantic City to draw j. Comine from the household of in the air since their marriage the part the president Only called i the station. Sirs Lindbergh s parent5. Am May 27. 1929. Continued her flying Bassadore and mrs Dwig act w. Mor to a few Days of the baby s birth. The debate Iain rare of Row except the statement that last saturday she flew with col any works of Mother and baby were resting com one Lindbergh from Teterboro senator Boran Airport to Hartford. Conn and re the treat on the Calendar is a Possi that to advocates move for immediate consideration should the House become dead Juri 23 half a. 1 Corpus proc dogs for Mot ton. Of Lagrange. Charged with ".i1." murder of p l finchum. Groin bit Ion . Hero tuesday was Jig n sir. Dha j at to Raj is to hippie. o a s w. First of a a of a portably. News of the arrival of the Lind torn. Ten Days previously she Naa Bergh heir spread rapidly t.3 a accompanied him in a test flight Loans of the country and to a Smail monoplane. Eign shores and within a Short. The Only description of the baby hmm a Parade of messengers with was the statement of a servant in locked on Dunn a congratulatory messages and Bear the Morrow household who was quarrel Over the veterans Bill. No s quoted 35 saying that he looks suggestion has been made or that ing Flowers began to at Morrow Home. Radio stations in tempted their programs to Broad and Blue eyes s East news of the event which friends said colonel been awaited nth Lively interest. Took the news of his son s for several weeks. With an appearance a name had not been announced Calm but that the like his has blonde hair course however. Lindbergh kith hits his 24th Kex in first game today nor York. June 23. Baix with Vire no fourth Home run of the in the second inning of gatow of today s Dou header Between the Yankees Browns. The babe was the first Man n the inning and the Cir Cave he yanks an 8 to 0 was on the for is Louis the Ord a a morning by n w Boro a aver re pies Enung Lang Sion judge f a to a Anabess a Corpus Here o Morrow for Jim a . Of l i Grange. H id in with the this order obtained today by j a Jones Kins ton Atton a ,0 l of Uio of h. To Iron to Orfo a. re. V. To b rail. t j re Roni proposed f t t Oi-j3o g311" White boys held on theft charges Rcv Washington. June 23. Birth. Testimony that the United states of outward would not have battleship parity. Grandfather with great Buntain until All Ameri retain arrival but Charles a. Ambassador Morrow gave Frank can shins of the lint Are modern Lindbergh or for his father or Esq pression to his elation. J feed was before the House Morow Lindbergh after mrs. Lindbergh had invited a naval affairs committe today by being modernized. Morrow Umro Rene birth rear Admiral h. Rock m surfs to authorize City jail my the birth chief of the Bureau of construe the of the. Chickens had been Day party were hastily put aside lion battleships Idaho. New the London now before the Senate for 1 have been o. Boys will tried in juvenile court for alleged f Hickorn stealing. Now Robert i his Grandfather were mentioned As and boys. Are in the for the alleged theft o from t.1" Sjo x oooo a Van a for the manufacturers ii inv e .1 con of k approach of i . In i Points n hat Iri ".oc. I of 1" the acts in the my Check up be f Rar i d to chairman Wilminston for vision of brought first of last h. Wins for Tampa. Margaret Ekdahl 18 year old blonde of Tain a Fla was i. Today by Tiv miam Wriler National association. They id winners of and n the contest last Marr or who filtered the -3- won third of judges at air t today As miss f who was miss to. Mckilop. I lire California Skinner c. A prizes respect i. 7.1" disc ahned crr of the a announced after of passant officials that brought against miss of fort Worth. Texas and Mckellop. Of san Cal b . Orlando Pla. at the meeting formal charges that miss had been married and Divorcee that Mckilop not been selected miss Cali the Peop of that state. Made for mrs. Tion in a new York Hospital were 1 will have direct the work Here. Of consideration the a report t ate i on the committee Mexico j Burlington and will of tried in Tion committee of the local Charo Oer t Tucker Are John Shoffner court according to lews Laperl

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