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Burlington Daily Hawk Eye Gazette Newspaper Archives Jun 23 1974, Page 4

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Burlington Daily Hawk Eye (Newspaper) - June 23, 1974, Burlington, Iowa Native son editor a publisher John Mccormally news Jim hitch composing Don clo advertising John Haines press Ken Howard circulation business Dick Weiss Burlington Iowa Pogo 4 june 23, 1974 not a pump primer Colson s secret testimony a frequent argument for keeping the military machine filed with billions of our dollars is that it creates jobs and boosts the Economy. A new study by the Public interest research group of Michigan says it in t so. For each billion spent by the Pentagon the researchers report the nation loses 20.000 jobs. That assumes of course that the billion would be spent some other Way Marion Anderson research director says the Pentagon s figures show that the military generates fewer jobs per billion than any other form of private or government spending with the exception of the space program. Memo a Reader wrote in the other Day to express first of All. The Hope that my criticism of or. Kissinger was facetious because surely one can to seriously criticize so great a Man and secondly to recite the usual Rosary of accomplishments end of the War i Vietnam pos Home Friendship v with China Etc i which is supposed to put Kissinger and Nixon beyond1 criticism except by the most base and perhaps anti semitic critics. Well. Let me Clear up whatever confusion there May be. I am deadly serious about my criticism of Kissinger. As sen. Hughes tried in vain to Point out in voting against Kissinger s confirmation As Secretary of state he is one of the most dangerous men in America today representing the most reprehensible of philosophies. The easiest explanation for his current Tantrum is that he is on the verge of being exposed. Now. Part of his Success is that Many americans not Only accept but need the hypocrisy and lies which have larded Over the reality of foreign affairs because the reality is too painful to contemplate. Lets get Down to cases. Kissinger is mad because conflicting documents suggest he lied about his role in tapping the phones of government officials and newsmen in 1969 and 1970. Kissinger justifies his conduct on grounds of National Security. What National Security Well newspapers were printing government secrets. This endangered the Security of the nation and a Stop had to be put to it. Phones had to be tapped to find out who was leaking the secrets to the newspapers. Well exactly what leaks to what papers specifically a Story in the new York times on May 9, 1969, by a reporter named William Beecher about . B 5 2 raids inside Cambodia. The . Government was furious about the Story. Because the Story was True. The administration including Kissinger had been telling the american people and the Congress which under the Constitution has a right to know who we re making War against that we were a scrupulously respecting the neutrality of Cambodia. Nixon was still maintaining this fiction a year later which he was a Hie to do thanks to the phone tap cover up Kissinger was involved in what makes it All additionally interesting is that the new York limes did no to get the Story rom a a leak Quot inside the Pentagon or Kissinger a staff passed on to some a a treasonous a reporter. It found out about the b52s bombing Cambodia from a reporter who a been in Cambodia counting the bomb raters. In any Case Kissinger was furious and the Day the article appeared he wrote j. Edgar Hoover that this a extraordinarily damaging news leak had to be plugged with whatever resources Hoover needed to do the Job. Later Kissinger claimed he was Only an innocent bystander in the news leak plugging affair and it is this Little lie that now has him in trouble. The Little lie however is really the Pentagon budget of $80 billion the study claims Means 1.6 million fewer jobs than if the Money were spent by private Industry or by state and local governments. The Pentagon says that this simply proves employees of state and local governments and workers in the civilian Economy earn smaller salaries than do those engaged in building missiles and tanks. Yeah. Sure. But would t it be Nice to see some of these billions pumped into civilian and local projects bringing higher wages and More Security rather than blowing it All up in the name of a a defense Quot / Mac insignificant compared to the big one Kissinger was part of from the Day he came into the administration a the lie that we weren to in Cambodia when we actually were the pretence that we were getting out of Vietnam when we actually enlarged the War. Caused 25,000 More american dead thousands More wounded and scores More prisoners a after Kissinger and Nixon took charge. The thing is. Henry Kissinger has done a lot of lying and some of it is being found out and he s embarrassed about it and threatening to quit. David Broder probably the most scholarly of Washington writers sums it All up better than i could a the cambodian bombing cover up was of a piece with the previous deceptions of the american people and Congress by the Johnson administration a starting with the Gulf of Tonkin incident. A by 1969. The expensive lesson should have been Learned that a democracy like ours will not support a foreign policy whose origins Are cloaked in secrecy and whose costs a in lives and dollars a Are concealed from the people who must pay them. A but Kissinger by his own standards has not Learned that lesson. When cambodians Prince Sihanouk said he would allow the bombing if it could be kept secret . Leaders joined a conspiracy of silence aimed at keeping the american people in ignorance a and wire tapped those who tried to get out the truth. Kissinger sees nothing wrong in this. Kissinger is Blind to the conflict Between this behaviour and democracy. I recognize that National Security has been abused in recent years a he said in his Salzburg news conference a but because there have been abuses does not mean that there was not justified concern by honorable people. It did not occur to me in expressing my concern that this might Lead to the burglary of a doctor s a it is hard to know what to make of such a naive remark from such a sophisticated person. But it is obvious that a government that is so convinced of the superiority of its own Wisdom and so distrustful of its own people that it will not make its policy Public will always find ways to rationalize the most extreme measures to protect what it regards As a set a in the coming Era of Energy and commodity shortages of monetary and fiscal crises of diplomatic and military turmoil there will always be an excuse for officials of a democracy to invoke the magic claim of a National a if a Man of Kissinger a stature and reputation is allowed to justify Sinh tactics on the grounds that his service to the nation sanctions any measures he chooses to defend then we May de sure that worse men of lesser scruple will exploit his precedent in years to come. A the has posed a vital Issue will we allow a the Best and the brightest officials to use police state tactics in order to deny the american people the truth about the policies b e i n g conducted in their name a just because Kissinger is who he is it is vital that the Congress and the country Tell him the answer is by Jack Anderson Washington former White House special counsel Charles Colson has told House impeachment investigators he warned president Nixon twice by mid february 1973 that Nixon confidants were involved in the watergate scandal. That was five weeks before March 21. The Day Nixon insists he first became aware that the scandal touched his own staff. On that Day said Colson he suggested to the president that he immediately Call in a distinguished outside lawyer to investigate the Case for him a recommendation Nixon did not take. While Colson a statements do not technically contradict the presidents his testimony clearly shows that Nixon faltered in pursuing the avenues open to him. We have obtained a draft of testimony prepared by Colson. It parallels what Colson has already told the House impeachment panels chief counsel John Doar. In january. 1973. Colson said he became convinced that people close to the president including John Mitchell and Jeb Magruder. Were involved in watergate. He talked about his concern to White House chief of staff . Bob Haldeman and to Nixon. A a in a not sure of the exact time sequence but i believe it was after my first conversations with or. Haldeman that i determined it my responsibility to express to the president my belief that certain persons in the Campaign organization namely messes. Mitchell and Magruder must have been involved in the watergate a Colson said. A i told the president that whoever it was who had ordered the watergate had a ill served i did not discuss any specific information about Mitchell. Magruder or others because frankly. I had no hard evidence that they were involved but i did express anger that my Friend e. Howard Hunt would be punished while others who must have been responsible would not be. A during the conversation i did express my compassion for Hunts plight particularly the fact that he had lost his wife upon whom he had relied so heavily and that he had four children to raise. I did not ask the president for clemency for Hunt. The president said that if i had any facts about the involvement of others in watergate i should bring them to at that time Colson was preparing to leave the White House to join a Washington Law firm. He said he discussed the watergate situation with his lawyer and partner to be David i. Shapiro in Early february. A after reviewing All the information then available to me. Or. Shapiro said the real problem for the White House will from Washington did not appear to be the watergate break in per be but rather the possibility that the White House might become involved in obstruction of Justice. He urged me to get to the president at the first Opportunity to explain the necessity for him to get a out in front of the situation. A on feb. 14, i told the president of the extensive conversations i had been having with or. Shapiro. I told him that i thought whoever was involved at the committee for the re election in ordering or authorizing the watergate merry go round would eventually be exposed. I told the president specifically that i thought John Mitchell had to accept the responsibility that the facts would in due course come out and that from the presidents standpoint the sooner the better. A the president again asked whether i had any evidence. I told him no that i merely had hearsay reports and my own suspicions. I recall that the president reacted angrily. I can almost recall his precise words a Are you suggesting that John Mitchell be held responsible or be made a Scapegoat Mitchell has after All sworn he was not involved. I want to get to the Bottom of watergate but i cannot ask a possibly innocent bystander to be a a Colson said Nixon told him to report to him directly if he Learned any significant information. After that february meeting with the president Colson went to Europe for three weeks to negotiate the emigration of jews from Russia to Israel. When he returned to Washington he said Shapiro a told me that in his View the situation was getting serious. He said. A for gods Sake the president has to get the facts. Who knows what a going on in that place. The Fox May be guarding the a i reminded or. Shapiro that i had discussed my suspicions about John Mitchell on feb. 14, but the president said that Mitchell had sworn he was innocent. I said it was impossible to know what advice the president was getting. I further said that if i should now Start warning the president about others without hard evidence he might erroneously think that i was myself involved and was Only trying to shift the blame to Colson said that Shapiro suggested impartial outside counsel tor the president and mentioned j. Lee Rankin . Solicitor general during the Eisenhower administration. Shapiro met with Rankin on March 21, 1973, to see if Rankin would take the Job. A on the evening of March 21, the president called me at my Home a a Colson went on. A the asked for my recommendations with respect to watergate. I told the president that i thought he could no longer rely upon any of the peole around him Many of whom might have some personal interest or involvement and that he should consider retaining Independent special counsel to advise him. A the president seemed receptive. As i recall he told me that he had been unable to get the facts he had had a lot of conflicting reports. A Colson said he recommended Rankin. A the president asked what i thought of former Deputy attorney general Larry Walsh. After discussing these names the president asked that i submit other names. A a the president seemed deeply troubled a Colson said. A it came As no Surprise to me when the president subsequently announced that it was on March 21 that he had decided to undertake the investigation you d better Call the reverend Billy Colson s got religion erogenous zoning by George f. Will Washington a my idea of a babylonian orgy is to plop a Small wedge of Lime into my normally unvarnished Glass of Plain tonic water and then watch the Mary Tyler Moore show which i consider risque. I the last Puritan make this confession so that you. Gentle Reader can know that Liberti ism does not underlie my enthusiasm for Bostons bold new approach to pornography. Boston is giving pornography arid related Commerce a Home. The City is zoning a two Block Long area As an a adult entertainment the District is in an area already known As the a combat zone a but which might More appropriately be known As the a erogenous zone a because of its a rated movies pornography shops and naughty ladies. The effect of the zoning is to say if you want to open say a striptease Saloon you will not be challenged if you locate it in this zone cites cause for delay i read with some Many snickers or. Muffins partially Correct report on tuesday evenings ski Kats activities a festivities Start with some fluffs a wednesday 6/19/74. The delay was due not Only to the a dangers from the Wake of the excursion boat a but mostly to the unfortunate mooring Loveat Ion. As far As most of the spectators at Riverside w Ere concerned the a private party could have boarded the Julie n. Dubuque at the Willow Patch a they did no to come to see the socially elite they wanted to View the ski Kats who at least made arrangements Many months in Advance to appear in the �?T74 Steamboat Days festivities. The port of Burlington building was originally designed to include Crew but you probably will be challenged elsewhere. Boston Hopes the zoning will discourage pornography and related establishments from locating in other City neighbourhoods. It should work because in any Case concentration of such establishments makes economic sense. Most cities have an a automobile Row a a Street or Highway lined with competing automobile dealers. Similarly sex merchandisers Are Apt to concentrate up to the Market saturation Point in an area where existing merchandisers already Are attracting people interested in the Basic product. Concentration of sex merchandisers in a single area is Good for Consumers and non Consumers alike. For Consumers of such stuff it facilitates comparison shopping. For non Consumers and believe it or not they still comprise a sizable majority the concentration of the sex businesses in a single Well known area Means the on the i waterfront egg by Thi Access to and from barges and Tow boats so maybe it would have been encouraging and profitable for the exhibitors and salespeople who have worked so hard on their projects to direct excursion passengers through that building and leave the River Walkway vacant for those people who wish to View the River activities after All these Are Steamboat Days right while in a not a Rabid swimming fan i can appreciate the ski Katsy frustration in having to Cut their program Short after Many preparatory hours of hard work and practice so that a handful of local a a personalities could lamber on and stumble off the excursion. Bat Roth la up 1806 Sunnyside. Isolation of that dreary form of Commerce from the Normal life of the City. When the Commerce in pornography and related goods and services is concentrated in an area that is easily accessible but outside of the Central business area people who want those goods and services can easily get them and people who Are offended by them can avoid seeing them being sold. Although new York City does not have any special zoning it has an area of concentrated sex merchandising. Unfortunately it is the times Square area. A times Square. The name is a or once was romantic. Broadway and All that. Once upon a time it was called a it May still be for All i know a the a Crossroads of the Given the current condition of the world it May be appropriate that the worlds a a Crossroads is an unimaginably tawdry Cluster of Emporia catering to lusts for unspeakable acts and unnatural practices. But appropriate or not it is a shame. In a narrow Sleazy rectangle Between sixth and eighth avenues from 4 2nd to 50th streets sex merchandising is flourishing. Indeed it May be the City a Only growth Industry. The theater District of Broadway slices through this moral slum. It still is a Mecca for tourists american and foreign who come to give their regards to Broadway and who leave with the vivid impression of decay at the heart a at the symbolic Center of our largest City. By trying to concentrate sex merchandising in an accessible but easily avoidable area Boston is avoiding this and doing the nation a favor. Boston is the a Cradle of american Liberty and it would be a shame to have pornography shops cropping up along the marvelous a Freedom Trail Quot that winds through historic old Boston. By Bob Wilson the destruction of screens at driven Heaters Here and in Dubuque thursday night will be viewed by some i suppose As a remake of the Sodom and gomorrah epic. The two cities of the Plain were destroyed by Brimstone and fire because of their legendary wickedness ask a Purist and hell Tell you rain and wind were chosen to Clear the drive ins because of the legendary wickedness shown on their screens. As a frequent visitor to the local drive in i sincerely regret the loss especially coming at the time it did. A great triple Bill was to have opened wednesday they Call one Eye dirty of Neil and the dirtiest girl i Ever met. As entertainment editor of the Hawk Eye in a privy to synopses not for publication of coming attractions. The synopsis for one Eye made the rounds thursday within the office and most reporters found the plot rather unusual. In fairness to those who be now been denied an Opportunity to take in the film itself in a going to cheat and despite the producers a cruel picture disclaimer give you a synopsis of the synopsis Frigga Only daughter of a poor farm family is raped at age seven the Shock leaves mute. She grows up and one Day while free of farm chores she accepts a ride to town with a handsome stranger. The handsome stranger drugs . Turns into a heroin addict and enslaves As a prostitute of yeah during resistance he stabs in the Eye with a Scalpel blinding thus the title of the film. She a subjected to lesbianism voyeurism and a camera Bug meanwhile the handsome stranger forges a letter to Frigga a parents telling them she ran away voluntarily. The parents commit suicide. And All that happens within the first four paragraphs of a 10-paragraph synopsis the last paragraph being a description of How Frigga gets revenge on the handsome stranger. At pictures end he a still got a handsome head but its no longer connected to its handsome body. Okay the films far out. Bizarre. Kinky. What have you but that a the Point. Those who go to such movies recognize them for what they Are a escapist entertainment. You can bet dirty of Neil Isnit going to preach to you. There wont be any moralizing in the dirtiest girl i Ever met. In the newspaper business we Deal daily with the horrors of reality and i find it of particular Comfort to occasionally divorce myself from a world i can to change and flee into fantasy for a couple of hours. When i see a Man get his head torn off by a horse at the drive in its a much More pleasant experience than watching a television news report of a palestinian terror raid. I can watch Frigga lose an Eye on the screen without the nausea which hits me when i dispatch a reporter to an Accident scene in the Middle of the night. The drive in Freak and i use the term respectfully because i consider myself one is Seldom hoodwinked. He gets what he pays for and is Seldom disappointed. The advertising is pure and i doubt if there Are any legitimate claims of consumer fraud. And unlike Many suppliers the drive in services what it Sells. Let the sound fade or the picture become fuzzy and there a a Litany of horns calling a repairman. And he responds. Since i began this piece with reference to a biblical event ill close it with one from mythology especially tor the purists. The screen at the Burlington drive in theater unlike Sodom and gomorrah will Rise Phoenix like from its ashes. Or to. And now look at America tangled in own barbed wire and mastered by own machines. Absolutely got Down by own barbed wire of Shalt not and shut up fast in own a a productive machines like millions of squirrels running in millions of cages. A i. H. 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