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Bunbury Southern Times Newspaper Archives Apr 27 1891, Page 3

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Bunbury Southern Times (Newspaper) - April 27, 1891, Bunbury, Western Australia National Library of Australia the West australian delegates in Adelaide. Premier s speech. Al the banquet Given by the mayor of Adelaide or. L. Cohen . In honour of the West australian Dele Gates and sir George Grey the following speech was delivered by the Premier in responding on behalf of himself and his fellow delegates to the Toast of our the Hon. John Forrest said i am sure you will All feel with me that we have just listened to a most Earnest and instructive speech by my Vener Able and honourable Friend sir George Grey. I feel that it is a great privilege Ana honour for me to stand to night in the presence of you All and to hear such a speech from that gentleman. Gear Bear the Wel come you have extended to sir George Grey to night is of a very unique character. It is and i am sure he must feel it As such to be a Reward for Long and faithful service for his country gear. Hear the name of sir George Grey has been a House hold word not Only in this Colony but in Western Australia. He was its Early explorer in 1840, Long before i was born and he has left us a most instructive classical work the one classical work on Western Australia Aud the habits and customs of its aborigines and although fifty Odd years have passed away no other work has taken its place. Applause i am More than pleased to be Here to night. And hear old governor after an Hose Cej of Over fifty years. So Longas englishmen Are proud of the leaders of their countrymen so Long As their approval in extended to True nobility so Long will the name of sir George Grey live and be honoured by the people of his Colony. Cheers it will probably be expected of me after sir George s delightful address to say a word about the Colony 1 have the honour to represent. Hear hear i am proud that although or. Mayor you said this morning that you were afraid that 1 was not known among those who were present still if i am not known i myself know Many of those i now Bee before me. Cheese i have a Lively recollection of Twenty Odd years ago when i was received in this City after having travelled from West Ern Australia and also in 1874, when i was the guest of the mayor and people of Adelaide in this town Hall after having again come froth the West coast of the continent to the e route of the Overland Telegraph line that runs from Here to port Darwin cheers i Bee great change s since the time of my first visit in 1870 at that time i had the pleasure of being an invited guest at the Burra and at that time you were beginning your Telegraph line to port Darwin. At that time also you had monthly steamers running to King George s bound Aud by which you sent your mails. I look at the picture then presented to me and then turn to the picture of to Day. Now i see Tele graphic communication All Over the Colony and i see it connected with our own Colony by the very route by which i travelled in 1870. 1 see also the Ocean steamers traversing almost daily the australian flight. These Are great events to have occurred in the Short space of Twenty years but 1 venture to say in the next Twenty years these events will be quadrupled in 1890 the country lying Between the West coast and this part of the continent was altogether unknown but for the lbt fifteen years we have had the advantage of telegraphic communication and 1 do not think it is too much to expect that during the next few years we will have railway communication. Applause while on this subject perhaps you will permit me to respond to the sentiment expressed by the mayor and on behalf of Western Australia to again thank the people of this and the other East Ern colonies for the great assistance they rendered us in obtaining the privileges of responsible and constitutional government. You who have been Here for Many years will hardly understand that the privileges you have enjoyed for the last thirty years were now Only being Given to Western Australia. In looking about Australia it is almost a Marvel that while the other colonies have enjoyed the great pleasure and privilege of entirely managing their own affairs it has Only now become the privilege of Western Australia. We have now however As Complete an autonomy As any of the australian colonies and our Constitution is As Liberal or nearly so it will be in a few years As any of the other portions of Australia. In the past we have been under a control and authority. Although i believe it was a kind of conciliatory authority yet it was an authority far Distant from us. Hear hear the question arises As to whether we should place our neck in the Yoke of any other authority. I Don t make that remark in any feeling of hostility on the contrary i have a deep feeling in favour of federation Bat sir it is a federation that Mast be just to All the colonies hear hear and just to Western Australia. Hear hear i believe that unless we can prove to the people of Western Australia that they will not be losers it will be impossible to convince them of the advantages of becoming Feder ated. I repeat that unless we can show the people of Western Australia who have Only this moment entered on the management of their own affair a that they will not suffer jobs it will be very hard to persuade them of of federation. We have a vast territory and we have to Day but a Small population but 1 will Tell you a thing which May per haps Surprise you that within two years of this time we will have 1,200 Miles of railway at work in Western Australia and All of the lines in a temperate part of the Colony in a climate suitable for people to make their Homes and. Where great develop ment impossible. We invite Yon and All the people of these colonies to come to us and share with As All the privileges and advantages this Large estate gives us. We will extend to you the Heartiest Welcome if you place yourselves in the same position As we Are placed and attempt and 1 believe you will be successful in developing the Large area of which we have now Complete control. After All these artificial lines which Divide us Are merely lines upon the applause lines that have been arrived at haphazard and in some Caseb without any consideration for the natural features of the country. There in no reason Why we should be divided by them. Hear hear we Are All one people and when Western australians come Here they Don t feel they Are in a foreign land but amongst country men. In conclusion i again say it is a great privilege for me to be present on this auspicious occasion. Search the history of modern times and you will cot find a similar event to that occurring to night when you Welcome after an absence of half a. Century your late governor. Cheers i have known for years past the name of sir George Grey and personally for some years and i feel that As he says no better honour could be bestowed upon him than that which you have Given him by this magnificent and cordial Welcome. On behalf of my colleagues and myself i thank you very much for the Welcome you have accorded us and we feel that in extending such kindness and hospitality to us that you Are Ako extending to the Colony we represent. Cheers j Wellington Bace club. A Ibeh Mentaha meeting was held j Dot the Rose hotel on saturday evening the 18th inst., when it was arranged that Jaces should take place at Bun Bury in november next on the Day after the agricultural show. It Wab unanimously decided to in Vite the Hon. John Forrest and the Hon. A w. Venn to become patrons of the club and several Nameb were i suggested As stewards. The Secretary to be instructed to obtain their con sent. The meeting however agreed to ask or. W. B. Mitchell jr., to undertake the duties of Secretary and or. W. B. Mitchell sr., to again act As handicapper. It was recommended that the Secretary apply to the commissioner of Crown lands to have the Bunbury race course vested in trustees for the purpose of keeping the land cleared and improved and it was arranged to have the fencing repaired and Steps taken to lease the Reserve. Subscriptions amounting to Over �20 were announced and arrangements were made for canvassing the District. 1 Vasse. From Job correspond but april 22. The last of the census returns from the District Hare come in. I hear Augusta mostly employees of or. M. C. Davies numbers 403 souls so that this station Gires employment to a Large number of workmen. Of course there Are Many women and children but after allowing for these deductions there remains a very respectable quota of men in fact it. M. C. Davies is one of the largest employers of labour in West Australia. Or. Walton inspector of schools returned from Karr Idale on saturday last and went Forward to Bunbury on tuesday morning. Sickness is still prevalent in the shape of influenza and Ophthalmia Many children still being sufferers from one or the other of these annual epidemics. In serious cases the amount of illness is on the decrease. The boy go Tonkin whom i mentioned in my last As having injured his Eye by the going off of a gun while loading proceeds to Frein Antle to Morrow by the . Lundert to seek medical advice there mrs. Go w. I Barnard whose serious illness i also mentioned has had a turn for the 1 better and Hopes Are now entertained i of her ultimate recovery. The infant is however i regret to say dead. The . Flinder brought a number of commercial travellers canvassing for orders. These gentlemen now however seem to have become quite a numerous fraternity. There has been no further news of the. New purchasers of the Western australian Timber co. One and All Are on the tiptoe of expectancy and Trust Ere Long to see this company at work again and helping to infuse new life into the District. In Cricket there is very Little doing in the Way of practice. The Quin Dalupo club have i believe sent a Challenge to the Yasse team and the yarsites Are also due to play in Bun Bury sometime during May. A Public Ball was held in the Weld Institute this evening at which there were about ninety present. Among those present i noticed or. And mrs. A ale or. And mrs. And the Jibbes Layman the misses Reynolds messes. Locke and mrs. Locke or. And mrs. Chas. Brockman or. H. And miss Brockman miss Lockhart Etc., Etc. On saturday evening a circus troupe is to perform in the Yasse and i feel sure will be Well patronized. The troupe will then proceed to Karr Idale where they Are also Likely to reap a Good Harvest. Preston. From our correspondent april 20th. A Cricket match was played Here Laet thursday Between the upper Capel and Ferguson Cricket clubs. The Capel men Only got together 102 runs in the two innings the principal scorers being j. Bose who played a steady game for 26, c. Trigwell 17, f. Magowan 12, and j. Moore capt 10. In the Ferguson s first innings the respectable total of 108 runs was reached the chief scorers being h. Gardiner 43, w. Fowler 19 and j. Slattery 12. Ample Justice was done to an excellent dinner provided by mine Host Trigwell and a few Well chosen speeches enabled the company to spend a very pleasant hour. In the evening a Tea took place in the schoolroom the profits of which Are to be devoted towards purchasing the necessary crockery Are required on such occasions. Over one Hundred persons sat Down to an enjoyable Tea thanks to the praiseworthy exertions of mibs Moore miss Lilly Moore and miss h. Scott who must have been engaged for sometime in the needful preparations for such a Large gather ing. The Young ladies were assisted by the messes Moore and Bentley and 1 must not omit to slate that or. Brockman kindly sent some very Nice apples. The room was cleared about 8 . For dancing which was indulged in with great Vigour until Sunrise and everybody left highly pleased with the Day s entertainment. Cricket. Bunbury t. B buns Wick. The fourth match of the season for the local team was played at the Brunswick on saturday the 18th iust.,. And resulted in a draw time being called before the match was finished from the scores below it will be seen that the Bunbury team included some new men there being a difficulty in getting a Strong team so soon after the Yasse match. North and Stafford were much missed in Bowling. For the Brunswick Marriott capt Hinde Gardiner and Galvin in the first innings and Luke Crain Pton in the second succeeded in reaching double figures. With the Ball Hinde and Marriott did deadly work the former s Bowling invariably shooting owing to the ground being bumpy. For Bun Bury in the first innings j. Hislop Sinclair and Paisley capt obtained double figures during the second innings Delaporte Sinclair and w. Hislop reached double figures. In the two innings j. Sinclair a new player put together 33, the highest score of the Day. In Bowling Gus Spencer Pratt and Delaporte did Good work for the local team too much cannot be said for the Energy and Good nature manifested by the Brunswick Captain nor of the hospitality Shewn by the Brunswick cricketers one and All to the Bunbury team. innings. J. Pratt b hinde17 t. Delaporte b Hinde. 2 Jas. Rogers b Harriott. 1 j. Heislop b Marriott. .14 aug. Spencer b Hinde 0 j. Sinclair c Gardiner b Hinde. 19 j. Walker b Hinde. 0 t. W. Paisley Chapt hit wet. 17 w. Hislop c Patridge b Hinde. 6g. Baskerville b Hinde 1 e. Scott not out 0 sundries. 10 total 77 2nd innings. J. Pratt o Partridge b Hinde. 7 t. Delaporte run out 18 Jas. Rogers b Crampton. 0 j. Hislop b Hinde 3 aug. Spencer b Marriott 1 j. Sinclair b Crampton 14 j. Walker . B Hinde 7 t. W. Paisley b Marriott. 0 w. Hislop b Crampton 12 g. Baskerville e Partridge b cramp ton. 0 e. Scott not out 4 sundries 4 total. 70 bbunswiok.1st innings John Gardiner b a. Spencer. 3 p. Wellard . B Spencer. 3 w. Marriott capt b Pratt. 12 j. Partridge b a. Spencer 8 g. Meredith o Walker b Pratt. 7 l. Crampton b Hislop. 8 h. Hinde run out. 14 Jas. Gardiner not out.14. S. Galvin b Delaporte of. 12 Brown b Delaporte. 0 offer c Rogers b Delaporte 0 sundries. 16 total. 87 2nd innings. P. Wellard b Delaporte 6 i i. Crampton b Delaporte 17 j h. Hinde not ont. 7 sundries 8total 82 Btu nubby police c octet. Before or. A h. Timperley . April 20. William Davids or web charged by p. 0. Passerly with being drunk and disorderly in the town on the previous saturday. Fined 10s. April 22. Jed Ward Tito Barer was charged by p. C. Casserly with being drunk in the town the previous Day. F fined 5s. Notice. �1 be Ward. Lost at Fouracre a Perth Road 3 steers 2 branded of and 1 branded in. Anyone giving in formation to their whereabouts will receive the above Reward. Robert Fowler. Preston River Bunbury april,20th, i89l _

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