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Chicago Bulletin (Newspaper) - September 22, 1960, Chicago, Illinois I. $ amp i a t v. 4 7�?o a a a i p to i it it Pauj 4 thursday 22, to the bulletin in the Mailbox Alderman reports on censorship ordinance urges checkups against glaucoma to the editor Fen april 22, 1959, i introduced in ordinance to eliminate motion picture censorship for persons above 17, in july 1959. The corporation counsel in behalf of the mayor introduced a comprehensive revision of the censorship ordinance retaining pre censorship of motion pictures. Both ordinances were referred to the City Council committee on police those chairman is Aid. Mat thew bieszc2at 26th. No action Bieszczat reported the reasons i to the editor i when something happens to in has been taken. For inaction Are the following when a person feels a cold Tefere with this drainage pres on july 7, i960, i filed in the in j. Corporation comin2 on he usually takes some ure increases. That increase has City Council a written request. M. Action to combat it hoping that much the same effect As too much for a report As specified by Rule coinsg1 Aspeci to defer any Early treatment will prevent pressure in an automobile tire. 45, a giving a Brief summary of action on the proposals until the discomfort or complications. This i just As the Side of the tire blow the proceedings had in said com-1 United states supreme court has is Good common Kertser. But there but so the increased pressure in Mittee in relation to such re re eco 0n the pending cases me diseases some Condi the Eye slowly destroys that part furred matter and stating them Rau a the it ions which May be present and the Eye which gives a person reasons for the failure or Innbil-1 k a working slowly on the human his Side vision. Undetected and Ity of the committee to report constitutionality of the Chicago 0fjy without warning. The treated the victim May re such referred matter Back to the ordinance. On july 20, 19g0, the victim often is not aware of the main unaware of what is happen Council together with its Conlu corporation counsel repeated his problem until it is too late to do in until the Center of his sight Sions thereon up to such Linnet anything about it. Begins to be after cd. Blindness at the set. 9 meeting Aid. Mas published every thursday morning at 439 c. 71 to St. Stewart 3-1040 Jan Hajde editor Clarence Smith jr., Dii Pfay advertising manager deadlines editorial copy noon monday display advertising noon monday classified advertising noon wednesday important segment is still excluded request. To a a to u this is True of the victims of results. I asked him on he Al r f e undetected glaucoma an Eye luckily there Are tests that had any inf Rma i n about e s condition which slowly destroys in find glaucoma. There is paper reports a e by pub in Light in Suc a Way at May treatment that can prevent officials a few weeks ago w in Nof even noticed at first. In blindness. The tests measure the police supt. Wilson named a Al. Detected glaucoma is the basis pressure of the Eye. Since an in Petrone s widow to the police few or Oug on the f u in 4 4 am crease in pressure is one of the signs of this Eye condition the doctor makes these tests routinely. Early detection and continuous treatment Are necessary if blindness from glaucoma is to to removed from the list of leading causes of preventable blindness. For this reason we urge nil adults age 35 and older to have a Complete Eye examination at least every two years. Glaucoma in its Early stages can Only be diagnosed by a physician and surgeon skilled and specializing in diseases of the Eye. Barbara Bidwell Illinois society for the prevention of blindness make your Timi Pat earn Hen and women wanted to sell imported african a Retting cards spatial rates the rat fiant end Coll Ahmad Jamal 1s2s k. 53rd St. Suite 81 enterprises do. 3-5011 censor Board that an ordinance he j Inojos society for the pre i policy fofc6 will 50019 be Otto of to Fly flight was in preparation a the a a Nuon of blindness. Studies in v �?z.7, a Quot a w or Quot of to the editor labor Day made a fitting occasion to ref sect on the achievements of a spiritual and material strength unparalleled in history. This year finds the nation s Gross National product at Over a half trillion dollars which Means that we Are producing More goods and services than Ever before. Total employment which now stands dose to 69 million will continue to reach Rew record highs through 1960. Personal income measured in terms of real purchasing Power is at an All time High. Thirty four million american families or about 58 per cent own their own Homes the highest number in history. Labor Day 1960 also found More and More men and women because of the steady improvement of their working conditions and because of a growing Premium on their skill and craftsmanship taking increasing Pride and satisfaction in their jobs. A Small but important segment of our Economy is still excluded from the general Prosperity. The migrant farm worker makes on the average less than $1,000 a year or Only about one fifth the average of nonfarm workers. If Yore a request to Transfer motion show that tw0 out o every 10o editor picture censorship away from persons Over 35 Are slowly losing a. Cao civil service the police department. A a est because a is exp commission is recruiting Young Aid. Bieszczat said he had read inf icon it in Illinois alone it about men for Entrance into the Chi such reports but had no inform 80000 Erson Are unsuspecting cow police department Tion on them. Igla Tacoma victims. L the current a organization of what is glaucoma How does ice department inchoate it affect one s sight glaucoma p4 the Chicago police Force is an Eye condition which liter ?�?o1��?o Beck me t a the ally squeezes sight out of the i�5 a he nation the cd Ca a Eves. This happens because there. Al twice commission wishes to recruit Alert Young men Capa icon m. Despres Alderman fifth Ward Ibe migrant is to take Kis rightful. New Industry and on the it. A a a �?~1, t �1. Of my tint the Celeni l place As a beneficiary of our. Nne Eye. Normally the Eye is wealthy society he must be and National i Eveis by the Crea filled with a fluid which is con granted equal economic oppor a a constructive assistance stantly formed and drained off. Unity. That this vigorous police Force will offer. The starting salary for patrolmen is $4,920 a year with yearly increases to $5,928. Applications for the examination will be accepted through sept. 24, at the civil service commission office in room 208 at City Hall. Charles a. Pounian personnel officer Chicago civil service commission for Alturo tops mirrors Auto Glass Chatham Glass and Mirror company 8152 cottage Grove Avenue Hudson 3-8234 programs. Discriminatory hiring prac labor and management must times Are still depriving Many devised in an atmosphere of my older people. Negroes and other understanding and with the minority group workers and women of jobs they Are Able and Pulc we Are in m new ways willing to do. Because equal of for meeting the problems which port Unity is a fundamental right Are vital to their own interests of every citizen we must step is Wen As to the future of the up our efforts to eliminate such Economy problems such As those inequalities. Dealing with the effects of techno although employment is at an logical change uneconomical All time High unemployment due work practices the division of to technological change loss of productivity gains and the in markets the exhaustion of re pact of foreign Competition on sources in certain areas or the american markets movement of Industrial plants these Are challenges worthy from one Region to another re of the american people. They Mains a problem in some parts of must be met with intelligent and our country. We must continue workable solutions and with the to attack chronic and persistent help of All citizens working to unemployment on every front Gether. Make big my Ney become a beautician at Lydia Adams Beauty College Quot Fri Odd a Nch a try Lunf Manipur. Ing a Podl hiring Day a fort Tim or a Luht. T Quot Lydia in person at 771h it cot Tadt Grove univ Lydia Adams Beauty College 7705 cottage Grove ius. St. 3-6643�?res. I. 6-75e6 live longer with better health tirkd7 nervous in Down Sli Pliss nights underweight or overweight thin condition ctn by corrected by changing our eating habit. By eating natural unprocessed foods fruits and vegetable juice for natural food supplements natural vitamins a no minerals come to the new health food store Pioneer natural health amp Beauty Centre 521 East �3rd St. Pm. 2-3763 do. 3-0383 my. 4-9791 Quot our foods a Endor cd by leading nutritionists and physician in Alvenia m. Fulton. Food con to giant a ring this and for free consultation is your child a poor Reader saturday school classes Crft f Renaut Low grades amp failures 15 weeks Reg. By. Of de. Teo hero Small Cit tat. 1-10 fun plot far Thackar. Raises Levels in Reading arithmetic spelling phonics writing for information and a free Reading test Call the Advance Reading clinic a. 3-7794 after 5 . School location 809 e. 42nd Placo Radii Tatiom limited Leroy l Johnson director a Don t delay a. Call today locally through the initiative of the communities in attracting James p. Mitchell Secretary of labor Quot Abernathy taxi assn., inc two stands #1�?4335 South Fork ave. #2�?4110 cottage Grove ave. 24-hour radio dispatched to is Cebu Lic Ennd amp bonded Driver Motet rite to. 19100 prompt Dap Andablo Curleo be a close As Youv phone a mrs. Mack for the rest mexican Chili amp cheeseburgers 521 e. 79th St. For the very Best in food buys Rood the Back Page it pays to advertise in the bulletin neighbor of the week sharing your Home with Roaches h jaw1 this week the bulletin has selected an outstanding person from Englewood As our Quot neighbor of the she is mrs. Annie Mcshan of 6521 South Green Street. Mrs. Mcshan has lived Here for the past 3 years with her husband Willie who has been a Pullman Porter for the past 17 years and her 3 daughters and 3 sons. All three of the boys attend Wilson or. College Here in the City of Chicago. In addition to being an Active housewife and Mother mrs. Mcshan is the treasurer of the 63 re Street to Marquette Road Green Street property owners. Most of these members Are also members of the . The main objective of the Green Street it a e mrs. Anni Mcshan property owners is to establish and maintain higher standards of living and to keep the neighbourhood not Only clean but Safe for everyone. They Are doing a wonderful Job to combat juvenile delinquency by keeping the youngsters Active in civic and social organizations. The week of August 27 they gave a Quot Back to school party at the Emerald ave. Presbyterian Church. Mrs. Mcshan is also an Active Church member. She is a member of greater Walters Baptist Church and has been a member of their senior choir since january 1946. The bulletin is around to present to you mrs. Annie Mcshan As our Quot neighbor of the the following merchants congratulate our neighbor of the week lots of people Are. But my my you it costs so Little to have them Quot bumped off Quot water bugs bedbugs. Mice rats Etc j. B. Coach amp co. Kenwood 8-5400 got a Roach Call coach 417 e. 47th St. None can hide Flats s14 50 3 Flats s18 50 basement included sensible estimates Given on larger buildings landlord Call for special Low monthly rates houses and apartments 1 your world Book i encyclopedia 1 representative i s. Brown Hudson 7-0764 378 e. 71st St. He. 79686 m amp e fisheries wholesale and retail Mary Niro prop. General realty amp building co. 372 i. 71st St. To. 4-3433 Salish mortgage Manas mint insurance f. T h. Economy mkt. Wheles Al it retail meets 659 e. 79th St. A. 3-0442 the a i James funeral Home i 8138 s. Of cottage Grove i Isadore James Marlon Tyr i i mortician treasurer j Stewart 3-5939 r. L. Dotson jeweler i a Dotson s watch repair i Salis a Servici a repairs j 32� k. 71 it St. A. 3-4i3r 1 expert shoe 1 repairing i while you wait 1 328 e. 71st St. To. 4-9789 1 Louis mice trick prep Rieter Quot a matter of or i Quot Reed s Barber shop oni of Inglewood s pianist 1117 w. 63rd or. 8-3766 1-4 rooms 4�� 5 rooms 6�?T� 6 rooms 7ti 7 rooms $875 8 rooms $9 0 9 rooms 10�?o super Kleen co. Venetian blinds cleaned 231 e. 79th St. St. 3-3113 Park Manor to radio amp records All work guar Ahmaad 440 i. 71st St. St wart 33114 Simmon i. Mgr. La Vinias the Best in Dos making 44t e. 79th St. A. 3>4��4 you stay Oil the premises while we work harmless to children pets and Birds remember Quot got a Roach Call coach Quot Sam and Ophelia s snack shop school supplies ice Cream a a m t 00 . 522 k. 71st St. St. 39142 immediate professional guaranteed services no markings on service cars Winslow s Apparis shop Quot per Weman the Leve Nice Thongt 734 e. �3rd St. Pm 2-43 coach company r0ller-Bauman r0ckc0te co. Affiliated with Wood Davis co. Paint and wallpaper 449 e. 79th St. A 3-3122 Mam Garden Floral Quot plowers for All occasions Quot creative idea9 be Pun Irmi Oei Ifft 732 e. 63rd St. A. 4-s4s4-s7 Larry s Valet shop hiad9uartirs for Clinine a snor repair Pree pencils per Leys a girls ss7 1. 71st St. St. 3-92fs or. Philip atop optometrist Centeck lems Kyes Ixam leed by Appele meet 717 w. 63rd St. To. 3.ii0� or. N. M. Kreiman optometrist Teeteet Leset Lyes the indeed by amt Ameet 7442 s. Cottage or. A. 3-1s4s \ a to is Kenwood 8-5400 417 test 47th St. For candidates for neighbor of the week please write to or. Bernard Hayes or or. Clarence Smith the bulletin 439 e. 71st Street. For information concerning advertising in this column Call or. Hayes or or. Smith at Stewart 3-1040

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