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Chicago Bulletin (Newspaper) - September 21, 1961, Chicago, Illinois The bulletin ii Ruday. September i. A 8th Ward has Good turn out registrations in every precinct of the 8th Ward were reported encouraging by Russell j. Of Brien 8th Ward democratic committeeman who said that Between 70 and 75 per cent of the eligible voters turned out to Quot Obrien recently hospitalized1� Quot 81h Ward democratic and now recuperating from a the privilege of registering at the fire station at 91st St. And s. Cottage Grove ave. Any thursday or on any Day during the week at the Board of election commissioners at City Hall. Shortly before the next Regis heart attack told Alderman James a Condon 8th that he has High Hopes of Friday oct 13 being a Lucky night when All eligible voters in the 8th Ward will have registered Friday oct. 13 has been designated As another registration Day in every precinct in the City and Cook county for the purpose of trying to get every possible voter on the Rolls. Voters meanwhile also have precinct captains will make another door to door Survey to seek out the few eligible missing registrants including those who Are incapacitated and those who will be 21 Between now and april 1962. Ald Condon awarded the South Shore Junior league baseball championship trophy to the cities service Redlegs last sunday night during a banquet at Vogels restaurant. I it 4 o o o o 0 4> 1 i 6-8181 it % i i irs not too late Register now for fall classes dancing music dramatics classes for adults and children Mayfair Academy of Fine arts 754 e. 76th St. Rage. It speculators Hurt speaker tells Csc come see a peach of a pair we re showing the pick of the crop. 62 Mercury Comet 62 Mercury Monterey at your local Mercury dealers on september 29. Chatham private tutoring service Reading a arithmetic a spelling phonetics a High school math a French English a Spanish a writing a Board of education teachers a Low Cost lessons terms a experts in raising Reading arithmetic scores special program for children who 1�?were retained last year 2�?were passed on trial 3�?Are accelerated it takes less time than you think to improve your child s school work under a capable Tutor fall enrolment sept. 9-15 Radcliffe 3-4555 of we Are out please leave a message with answering service some $10 million a year ii real estate overcharges paid by negroes represents Money that is not spent for food at the Loca. Grocery store nor for Wood Anc paint in the local lumberyard and hardware store nor for Medicine at the Corner drug Gist s nor for entertainment in the local theatre that Money is gone into the bottomless pocket of the real estate Speculator. So testified Warren if Lea Man housing specialist of the Chicago Urban league at the third hearing on housing sponsored last thursday by the organization for the Southwest Community. Both Leaman and another witness John a. Mcdermott executive director of the Catholic interracial Council said that the problems of a neighbourhood which a goes Down when negroes move in would disappear if the negro population could spread throughout the City. A you and i have often seen that when negroes enter a previously All White Community the neighbourhood deteriorates. It would be futile to deny this common Leaman said. Blaming the arriving negro however is a the housing expert continued the deterioration is a result of fear cheating and Market manipulation a we Are opposed to people who will use negroes As pawns in a game to try to make Money by encouraging fear and hate to people whose sole interest in making a Home available to a negro is to scare that negroes White neighbors a he said. The simulator cheats both ways. Leaman continued. An example of How this works was Given by him a two Flat building in Englewood was bought at $10,000 by the Speculator. It was bringing $95 a month in rent. It was sold on contract to a negro for $23,000. With monthly payments of $185 a twice what the income from the property used to be. A i estimate that in the course of a year the negro citizens of Chicago pay to million dollars in this Type of real estate Over charge a Leaman commented. What does this systematic overcharging mean to the negro purchaser a first you have to recognize that because of educational disadvantages and because of employment of discrimination the average negro makes less Money about 30 per cent less than the average White person from that smaller income the negro must pay higher rents for apartments and higher Purchase prices for Homes. A when a negro buys a Lousy piece of property like that Englewood two Flat from his Small income and for a Price no White Man would consider paying he cannot help but be tempted to double up his tenants to illegally subdivide his apartments to help lower Community standards. A we feel that a piece of property should be Worth the same Price to a White Man As to a said the Urban league representative. This is Why Leaman said he Urban league favors open xxx Tupancy legislation for ii Anis. A such a he said a will go a Long Way in destroying the Price differential that Milfs speculation possible a he listed five things the organization for the Southwest Community could do a use Community Solidarity to resist panic Selling a insist that lending institutions and real estate dealers serve negroes on equal basis. A watch speculators and prosecute if they commit fraud or violate real estate licensing Laws. A invest in your own Community by keeping your property up. A maintain Contact with other neighbourhood groups and urge them to accept negro Home seekers and to fight speculators. Mcdermott also explained that an unwritten Rule governing we Here negroes can live in Chi Cago has created an artificially High negro demand for housing in the Southwest part of the City. According to this Rule which he said is created by the policies of housing Industry groups lending institutions and by the social customs of most White communities. Negroes can move Only into areas immedi ave. Pumping Tion. 811 n. Michigan ave his new fashion offering Keane a master teacher month Fot six testify boy w As not mistreated three school teachers and three policemen have contradicted claims of Lee Arthur Hester. 14, of 6213 s. Princeton ave., that he was forced into on Lessing the knife slaying of mrs. Josephine Keane 45. Last april 20 mrs was found slain in the Lewis Champlin school 320 w. Engle Wood ave where Hester was a student. The teachers mrs. Margaret Carter Jean Webster and Hiram Broyls All testified they had not seen Hester mistreated by to Beemen or anyone else after the murder when police traced the crime to the boy. Policemen who testified at a hearing thursday before judge Alexander j. Napoli in criminal court also said they had not abused or threatened Hester. They Are it. Frank Follis and patrolman Robert a Perkins of the youth Bureau and detective Killacky of the homicide detail. Hostels attorneys have asked the court to exclude the boys confession from his forthcoming murder trial the hearing will be resumed Monda. \ oath loins peace corps nominee a Robinson. 6466fwo months of intensive training South Park ave., who week to Ohio state University prior resigned his $564 per month Job to his 22 month overseas hitch. To join the peace corps Hast Robinson s assignment has re been lauded by the City. Quire him to leave behind mayor Richard Daley in j Eleanor Branch 20. 238 w. 90th Brief ceremony held in his of my a Wom he had been dating fice Friday hailed Robinson As of u let a t four years a a Fine example of the unselfish. Alo awaiting word of Robin Chicago a i will son Are his parents. Fraser and Robinson 24. Had been in Javaughn with whom he lived operations analyst with the pub my bothers Fraser Iii 26 i Ilie water Utility working out of a Quot 1, Carleton. 9 and a the Chicago ave. Pumping Sta is ii once sea. 8 _ Illinois Ballet two ballets representing a classical and contemporary examples of the dance form will be presented by the Illinois Ballet in its next appearance on a Tow Channel Llos festival program monday sept. 25, at 9 30 . Duke s Salon coif Feur Spicia Zino in tinting a cutting a styling 213 i. 71 it St. Stewart j-m12 a month Tor living exp Ulses Only will be in India where for two years he will help develop that country s technology. During his three year stint with the pumping station Robin on set an impressive record a s ornately adjacent to the negro gel a. Kershaw to hold negro Home seeking families w on the Southside simply have no other Choice but to look this Way a Mcdermott said. State fair housing legislation could help the Southwest Side to achieve integration and stability and to better manage its problems of racial change by reducing some of the artificially High negro demand for the arca he explained. Such legislation would give negro Home seekers More alter natives to choose and thus diffuse negro demand More even in. It would also help to a retain White demand for the area at a Normal level. When the whole housing Market is open Whites will be More Likely to choose their communities without reference to race he explained. Al sax tire co. I ii. S. Royal buy now pay later Lewis to speak to Ywuc group or. Virginia Lewis District superintendent. District 20. Of Board of education has been chosen As the keynote speaker of the annual Homecoming and open House program of Woodlawn Owca. 11170 e. 63rd St., which is scheduled from four to seven. Or. Lewis has not Only distinguished herself in the Field of education she has been Active in Many local civic and Community groups including the Owca. It is from this background that or. Lewis will speak on the subject the soaring sixties a decade of Challenge. Another highlight of the program will be the presentation of awards to the volunteers who have served the Owca during the program year of 1960-61, and the presentation of new staff. The program is under the direction of the membership committees of Woodlawn Owca mrs. Janet Harmon Bragg 7330 s. Indiana ave., chairman mrs. Silas Bailey 717 e. 62nd St., co chairman. A to meeting i lie Joshua d. Kershaw school. 6435 s. Union axe will hold its first Pat meeting of the school year 1961-62, wednesday sept. 27 at 1 15 . In the school auditorium. The a to will officially Welcome the new principal. S. R. Altshuler and present the newly elected officers for the year. Officers Are mrs. L. Johnson. 6621 s. Union ave., president mrs. H. M. Kelley. 6700 s. Union ave., 1st vice president and program chairman mrs. J. Hardy. 6623 s. Union ave., 2nd Vic president and membership chairman. Also mrs j. Cockrell 610 w. Gist pl., treasurer mrs. E. Frazier 608 w. 61st pl., Secretary and mrs. E. Douglas 716 w. 66th pl., corresponding Secretary. Refreshments will be served by the a to at the conclusion of the meeting. All parents and area residents Are urged to attend the meeting my participate in the association. The group also reports that there Are chairmanship portions still available. For himself by rising from the Post of part time Relief Engineer. James w. Jardine. Water commissioner looked Over Robinson s record said Quot we were planning to promote him again so we re sorry to lose him Robinson is a Model worker and Well liked by the other men at the Robinson son of a postal clerk was aimed toward City work by Ald. Robert Miller 6th who had heard of his leadership of teen age groups. A worker in the Woodlawn boys club. 6331 s. University for More than four years area Man Heads Republican drive William cousins jr., 7705 s Wabash ave., an attorney has been appointed Central area chairman of the voter re registration drive being conducted by the Republican citizens league of Illinois. His appointment was recently announced by Richard b. Ogil vie. State chairman. Cousins a re registration Campaign territory includes the Fol lowing wards 1. 2. 3, 4, 5, la. 14. 16. 17. And 20. Voted the Young republicans outstanding member in the state in 1957-58. Cousins is currently member of the governing Board of the Republican citizens league of Illinois. Corvet cleaners and tailors 3 Pina store to Sarve you 235 East 69th St. 7232 s. Hoisted St. 1017 East 65th St. Because we own and operate our own Plant we Are Able to give you Quality cleaning at the following Low summer Price. Ladies so mensa suits $1.25 a. Pants. 60c skirts. 60c sweaters. 60c blouses. 60c unlined drapes 36&Quot to 44&Quot.1.50 lined drapes 36&Quot to 44"2.00 Robinson today is the youngest member of the Board of directors. Robinson was voted a the outstanding senior by his Hyde Park High fellow graduates in february. 1955. Where he was1 commanding major of the he put himself through us Nois Institute of technology working As a labourer hat sales a Man. Laundromat attendant and doing other Odd jobs. Now he holds Bachelor of architecture and master of City planning degrees from it. Robinson decided on foreign work through meeting foreign Exchange students while attending College. A students from Asia Africa and India had the same aspirations american students have a he said. A they wanted to return and assist their although he applied for the peace corps. Robinson was surprised that r. Sargent Shriver director wired him an acceptance Telegram. Currently he is undergoing Brand new . Royal j&1&&tire As Low As 9 3 Good used tires 95 nut tax easy terms brakes refined with genuine Wagner bonded linings front end alignment special i. A align Caster and con All 4 wheels parts amp labor 19 95 Mott cars Complete budget terms just say charge it Power brakes add $1.50 per wheel Ber Tow in and Taw out. 2. Balance 2 front wheals. 3. Repack front wheals. 4. Inspect seals and brakes. 9 95 most cars Call for appointment do 3-5554 Al sax tire co. Baftir Brake Center just South of the Midway 6052 s. Cottage Grove ave. Dorchester 3-5554-55 wonder foods super Market j produce 10 . #1 Louisiana Sweet potatoes i i i i i i i Ripe a i yellow bananas 12 i i i a c la . 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