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Chicago Bulletin (Newspaper) - September 20, 1962, Chicago, Illinois The bulletin thursday sept. 20. 1962 editorial Many words to the unwise thirty five years ago you needed at least an elementary school education to get a fair Job. Fifteen years ago a High school diploma could secure for you the same position. Today it would take two years of College. With or without dependents College is More than a a Good As America becomes More scientifically advanced Many jobs dissolve or become superfluous and others which demand More a mind and less a Back a Are created. The solution of our problem of unemployment is not so much the creating of More jobs but the realization and acceptance of the facts that i it is ridiculous to maintain employment where it is not needed and hold up Progress and 2 education is no longer the luxury it was once considered to be but a present Day necessity. If financial difficulties make you hesitate in thinking about your education Here a what you can Start doing now save your Money ask about scholarships and apply As soon As applications Are accepted ask about state supported schools which have More reasonable tuition rates or tuition free programs ask about state and City teachers colleges look into night school. It would not be an exaggeration to say that you have a Long Way to go checking every possibility before every Effort is exhausted. And with desire and determination you la probably not get More than Halfway through you list before you find a solution to your particular problem. Stay in school and Good Luck comment Corner during this Clay and teenagers value the Way they by Melody Mcdowell age Wax facts thursday sept. 20, 1962 group fetes Park Manor leagues by John Ennis the Park Manor Little league and senior division terminated its 1962 play season sunday sept. 16, with an eloquent Field sponsored by the organizations women a auxiliary. The women a auxiliary is under leadership of chairman mrs. Ann Ivy and co chairman mrs. Iriah Jefferson. This was the organizations 6th annual cessation Celebration. The five former affairs were Del staged at the packing House i Uley nut iwo i 49th and Wabash ave. Due to the rapid expansion of the league and the proc Rance of the playing Field of the Chatham y.m.c.a., 83rd St. And s. Ellis .ave., where All the Ball games t is int to i of 1 v8 u were played the boys were give i la i by a Chiv the valuable prizes to be Given in a festive Field Day in lieu out in the nut Roll poem of the traditional banquet. Fall and Winter programs for contest ahem no no a the program began with the cerebral palsied children will pause please we Are naturally posting of the colors by Calvin begin monday sept. 24 in the generous. Haul 12 Eugene Palmer. 13 c i Rwy re Portal a a viol to Edward Palmer 12 and Ronald Piper Porte school just think the top Ponze. In 12 _ All from Ingleside Al the Tuley Park fieldhouse one big Brand new Beautiful. What Fjeld Church a boy scout 90th St. And s. St. Lawrence completely spendable tax free troop no dime. Think of what can be ,. Done with a dime. Well you can nex on the Agenda was the buy Well a a Well you can presentation of the trophies and buy the bulletin which is medals to the league teams in a prize in itself or you can the order which they finished Arthur by one bottle Al pop to drink in a a Competition. In the store of course. Its two the juniors were divided into Junior red Cross aides set program in Park nut Roll contest dress very highly. Some people wonder Why these teenagers dress this Way. I am one of the curious ones so my question dealt with news w views Way they dress. The Chicago utopian players question a drama club sponsored by the what Type of Chicago defender will be Givy a and Why ing their first production Satur a Ivy league Day sept. 22. It will be at Lin conservative to me Coin Center on Oakland blvd., at 8 . And the donation is a Dollar. Under the direction of Beatrice Watson the group will present a Home to a prom Date Quot and a series of variety acts. Some of the members of this tight pants. Group Are Rochelle Bicks Parker Adrienne Washington. Harlan Maurice Bowens Hales franciscan Catholic High school Joyce Bowen Parker Bill Henderson Dunbar and Martin Matt Wilson Junior College. A a he a crying inside a a new record by the gems seemed to Appeal to me from the first j i i a rain this is a a not too slow teenagers and the not fast record that tells i the Story of a couple who have just broke up and yearn for the a Dresser Are other. In a sure that soon this record it looks More j will be amidst the top for it has All the qualifications of a hit. Cynhia Brown. 16 j a try a Little tenderness a by Westcott vocational aretha Franklin stirs me so Ivy league i in tall and thin that tears almost fill my eyes and Ivy league clothes fit me when i hear it. Aretha along hotter. With the Mellow tone of her Terrence Harris 16 i voice has already up this rec Tilden tech 0rd on the number s Slot of the a a Glouster Glouster is in my record list mind and i done to go for those Why not a try a Little tender Larry Hood. 17 Crane tech a strictly Ivy a cause i like Delphine Burke 15 durable a Ivy i just done to like ghost ers. Gho usters Are Sloppy a Arzetta Jackson 15 Carver Ness Quot and buy this record it will be Well Worth your Dollar. Ruggles a to sets panel ave. The program Enrols cerebral palsied children who Are too handicapped to attend Public schools according to Rubloff president of the United cents More to take out. You also two groups in the american cerebral palsy organization. Have 1/100 of the change for a league the trophies were Given the school offers a five Day $10 Bill. You can also pay the to the dodgers blues Lions a week program of self help tax on $2.15 Worth of groceries and the giants who finished in activities therapy and Redrea isee what i mean there is no that order Tion for children from 4 to 15 end to things which can be done the National league standings years of age. With a dime. Seeing As How you were As follows the Yankees transportation is provided by know what the top prize is 1 tigers Hawks and the indians. United cerebral palsy a Spe need mention the last place seniors it a so n two Fin scially equipped buses. Prize. All you have to do is write she j n or Jer the National Rubloff said that the children league pirates 1st the mets receive personalized attention win so mall huh Hite sox 3rd Quot and the with a ratio of one staff person must be. 1 m words or More g pys4lh< a 2 Type written. 3 definitely Quot the Merman league the original. 4 also Send us your twins and braves were bed name age address school and or list and a he co to. And red Grade sox were tied for 2nd. The contest runs for another presentations were also made two weeks or until 50 winners 1� the pack Manor braves Diop rated by United cerebral have been chosen which Ever vision champs of the am vet palsy according to Rubloff. Comes first the latter prefer baseball league in the 1961 sea the programs Are supported Abiy. The first ten winning son ti"16 last presentations were by the annual 53-minute March poems will be printed in the made to the National league nut Bye. A Star area and District a a a champs also to the senior # american league All Star set ceremonies National and regional Illinois and Wisconsin state champs. All total 360 awards were handed out among the players i by Morris Brown league presi Hamilton Park fieldhouse. 7200 formal ceremonies co Mem Dent and Julius Gailliard for s. Normal blvd. Is offering a rating the 100th anniversary of Mer league president enjoying the fresh air and Sunshine while they learn about red Cross Are these local students who attended the Junior red Cross training Center at i Ake Forest Academy during the last week in August. From left Are Mildred bums 9334 s. Oberhart ave. Paul Cokash 10 145 s. Union ave. Peggy Fortune 10343 s. Fairfield and Roy Jones 6335 s. Vernon ave. At the Center which is sponsored by the Chicago red Cross the students attended leadership training classes and Learned about the National and International red Cross service programs. During the coming year they will use this knowledge to Lead their High school classmates in Junior red Cross projects Here and abroad aimed at bettering worldwide understanding. To every five pupils. The staff is headed by a team of teachers physical therapists and child care consultants. Six recreation groups for cerebral palsied adults Are also on cerebral palsy. Interested in Bulle teen Page come to meeting. Sat. Sept. 22, i . Bulletin office. 439 e. 71st St. St 3-1040 Hamilton Park sets fall classes of proclamation critically speaking variety of fall classes for Chil Dren and adults beginning oct. I. Activities include Hartcraft sewing millinery woo shop dramatics physical recreation Badminton shuffleboard and table games. J. H. Grand pre Park supervisor said the entire Community is invited to enrol in the free activities. The emancipation proclamation following the endowment of will be held in the Council the awards was the main event Chambers of City Hall Chica 0f the afternoon. This naturally got Friday sept. 21. Governor was the issuance of the App Etiz Otto Kerner will present a copy of the historic document that ended slavery to mayor Richard j. Daley As a highlight of the program according to state rep. Corneal a. Davis chairman of the american negro emancipation Centennial. Ing Box lunches prepared by the women a auxiliary. Closing the elaborate affair was an exhibition Ball game Between the Little league dodgers and the giants which ended with a final tally of 16-1 in favor of the dodgers. It is human nature to separate into groups because of similar culture interests economic conditions or one of the Many other traits that draw people together. The name most of our teen groups go under is clans or cliques. Many of their members Are of course snobs. And i deplore a snob because they Are usually phonies and serve no useful purpose to themselves or their fellow Man. Such groups or cliques exist at Englewood and Parker High. But most cliques members Are outstanding individuals who serve a worthwhile purpose to themselves and their fellow Man. These teen agers Are like most teen agers. They enjoy most social activities. They know All the latest dances some smoke and some drink. But unlike most teen agers they Are cultured activated human beings. Of course they have their social Register parties their Beach parties and their Lawn parties. I was recently invited to such a Lawn party Given by one of our leading socialites. The guest included most of the link Debutante and their escorts and Many other outstanding teens. The activities were hardly out of the Ordinary for a teen affair. There were All the latest a a jams and most of these kids knew the dances that went along with these do was. However i was talking to a Young lady who had just left a performance of Purlis Victori if you see people buying tick ets and getting out trunks you la know its a going to College if you were Down at the University of Illinois during a Preshie week you probably would have seen Stephanie Gilmer Florence Hill Challis Waller Karen Sterling and Camille Johnson trying to adjust to the new surroundings. Cortez Brown decided to go to Michigan state College in Hopes of furthering his football Hopes and John Pate went to Western Michigan searching for a Good music school. If Barney Davis Thomas Harris and Preston Bowie come Back to Chicago with a Southern drawl you la know they went to Tennessee state College. Done to be surprised to see Marvin Gill Michael Ward and Gilbert Wilson with Apple blossoms in their hats for Howard University was their destination. Cheryl Cranberry and Jackie Knighten packed storm Coats for they knew that at Northern Illinois they would need it. Our smallest state of Rhode Island will be a permanent Home for Richard Duncan this semester year As he goes to augustan College in Rhode Island. Just As i walked out of the station i turned and saw Charlie Watkins waving to me from the caboose. He screamed to me Burbank of Wisconsin just before the train went chugging out of sight. The Martha Ruggles a tax conservative because i like win Hod its firs no it meeting thursday sept. 20 at 7 . In David Merrit 17 kl1� school auditorium 7831 s. Hyde Park a i chose to be Fred Jackson 16 Tilden tech a i just Wear what in be Lance Amell 18 Hirsch a a in Man Ivy Dresser. It seems Victor Greene 15 Parker a a in a Glouster. Ivy is alright conservative is alright but gho usters Are a Little bit Deloris Lane 17 Englewood a Ivy league that a where its at a Joyce Moore 15 Harlan Praise ave. A symposium on Quot tomorrow begins today in our Community will highlight the meeting. Participants from professional areas will discuss the development of the whole child with respect to the sociological educational religious and cultural influences in the Community upon the child. Panellists include William Finch president of the Chicago area Illinois education association and the Rev. William Watkins of the Crerar memorial presbyterian Church 8100 s. Calumet ave. Mrs. Myrtle Marshall 7703 s. Rhodes ave., a to president invites the entire Community to Chatham Avion Nursery school amp kindergarten e City and stat licensed permit #36 be equipment a indoor and enclosed outdoor playground area # supervised education and play a new and modern building and Triode a delightful atmosphere a pull Days and half Days a balanced meals by dle Lelaa a qualified teachers a staff paediatrician a 7 30-1 . A open All year around Quot dedicated to parents who care Chatham Avalon medical arts bldg. 20-24 i. 79th St. Mrs. Madora Marshall a director St 22117 Ous a hit play starring Ossie Davis. These simple phenomenon reveal of what such a teens social life consists. Their interest their activities and their taste. They see and appreciate the splendor in Art. They enjoy the Sublimity of a masterful piece of music. They Are forever concerned about what a taking place in the world in the nation and in their schools. However Many times these people Are wronged by being labelled snobs educated fools and nonconformist. Just a few of the phases that have been hooked on me. In school they Are the leaders the doers and the representative of the school whenever one is needed. But sometimes they Are even disliked by the teachers because they Are noncom for Mist because they Are the leaders because they Are outspoken and dare to question the Golden word of a know it ail teacher. It would be an understate-1 ment to say they Are just Active human beings. They Are Strong determined people who Are not changed or effected by disdain of students and teachers. Instead they go on to solve another problem to create another convenience for the very people who scorn them. They have an Ever constant desire to Wake up the sleeping students from their Valley of ignorance to help them develop culture to imbue them with a a quest for knowledge a to let me be one of the first to wish these people Success As they begin another step in their educational career. Get on the Ball kiddies the Rulle teen editor contest is getting nearer to a close. A if you Bulle teen readers have any news you can submit it to news in views in care of Bulle teen Page 439 e. 71st St. Or Call St 3-1040 on saturdays and ask for a Bulle teen. Draw them into the activated world. These kids Are our artists our inventors our creators they Are the Hope of today. They Are giving immeasurable to our youth and i Admire and love them for it. An open Leher to the Community september 20, 1962 dear Friend we Here it Mayfair Academy of Fine Art wih to thank you for your recent response to our ads in the bulletin. Because of your Faith in what Mayfair has to offer to you int music drama dance we Ere Able to say registration for classes in All subjects. Is still open new classes will be formed each week. We urge you to Register now for our special classes for children and adults in modern jazz and drama. Ago is no Factor at Mayfair everybody Young and old can find a new life in one of our classes end the Cost is very economical. Of you have any questions or would like a brochure of what we have to offer in our modern Academy feel free to write or Call Ute Todell sincerely Tommy Sutton Mayfair Academy of Fine arts 754 e. 76th St. I 6-8181 . We now have pickup service available. A i your Friendly budget jeweler a excuse me Lana. In a going Home now to catch some Good music on Sid Mccoy Sall night show on we Fly exterminating equipment and supplies Complete do it yourself kits Bug killers guaranteed to kill anything crawling or flying 1000 x on your radio dial special value of our new watch and jewelry repair dept. Your watch a cleaned a oiled a adjusted a timed a i year guarantee for Only automatics chronographs slightly higher Quot Chams it Quot at Kresge so 95th amp Western a 11221 s. Michigan 6 a 63rd amp Halsted i i ? ? ? i i v 1 i i i household insect sprays Roaches water bugs Silverfish bedbugs centipedes spiders Etc. 5450 pm. $18�� for 5 gals. Termite Spray 400 per Gal. 16�?� for 5 gals. Powerful residual action kills up to 12 weeks after ifs dry works fast outdoor insect sprays a ants a mosquitoes 9 spiders a crickets a Worms Etc. $375 per Gal. I62 for 5 gals. Lawn and Garden sprays 9 crabgrass a ragweed 9 Clover Etc. $025 $1075 v Are Aal. A w i for 5 gals. 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