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Chicago Bulletin (Newspaper) - September 19, 1963, Chicago, Illinois The bulletin thursday september 19, 1963 family features a pets Coll Mill the Freedom March it a the year of �?T76, the Day july the four when patriots Shook a wicked fist and started the Freedom War. They fought a hard fight and together they suffered dung and they Hung for unless the struggle a safely weathered they would All be hanged to the very last one. This was the first american scene. Be beginning of the great american dream. W patriots turbulent patriots Serene but True patriots whatever they seem. And Down through the years they have come the scene an Ever changing one. Though the country remained fresh and Young to this Day of the nuclear bomb. All men Are equal created so they stated and endowed within gods sight words that overwrought and were fated to cause Kinsmen to prove in fatal fights. At that time the poor Black slave Jas barely mentioned hardly noticed nor seen. His place insecure but destiny saved or him a vital role in the scene. For to Day his survivors Are on the March Cool and collected Calm and Serene definitely participants parcel and part of the great american scene the american dream. Yes the March was singularly symbolic r from Washington to Lincoln the two presidents. They struggled and their struggles did embody their Faith in victories As did the monuments. For a second time Marian did sing the feet of the great emancipator her glorious voice with Freedom did ring Freedom with her people Participator. Poy Wilkins spoke with a solemn less face it seems to him everybody was out of place. Took great Pride in flaunting the infamous lie negroes for their Freedom never made a fighting try. Attention to the alluring miss Lena Horne lovelier lady was never Horn. Wrongs and woes her greatest scorns conquer she them with her Lively song. And the great Mahalia joyously Sang All was silent and still As a quiet mouse yet the Pillors Shook the rafters rang she brought Down the roof of god s holy House. The Rev. Or. America Martin Luther King All the while had done not a single thing. He made the people sigh and to each other cling As he Shook the mountains with his a let Freedom and he had a dream again and again his voice crying with anguish and with pain. His dream of Man on a loftier Plain vision of White Man Black Man. One and the same. So they did March with victories gained Tho old order never again the same. They will henceforth March again and again Kiu Freedom is won for each and every Man. A. Nony mouse. That the Law a Public service of Illinois state bar association in cooperation with this newspaper completes Basic insurance work Page 7 Mutual of new York America s oldest life insurance company through its Chicago Agency manager Jack m. Bash c.l.u., has announced that Philip g. Smith of 723 e. 84th Daniel ball., had worked for the earthworm tractor com joining tax Murance Beld Pany for eleven years and was regarded by the firms officials in the horse a j1 a a Good employee. I Lake Home pay was adequate. How been representing Mutual of Hir due expected expenses come up which he cow York he a become one of not fit into in midget. The learn. ,u.4 i Dan had alway prided him Elf on a Good reputation sate and eared a Stewart in the Community and a Good credit rating so he went to All of for his excellent Sale it results his creditor and told them that he would have to reduce his during the month of August payments to them in order to meet his unexpected obligations. Smith formerly a Public a re however he found the creditors unwilling to reduce their cations expert was at one time payments and in fact they seemed to feel that Dan should pay assistant to the executive Secre them off and then begin paying the other creditors. Dan was in a Jelimma. Is i in j fool of Adsul Tho. 9 this weeks Cook is extremely proud of her Pound cake because she served at the usher boards annual Tea at Park Manor Christian Church 600 e. 73rd St. Mrs. James Mullin 8006 s. Maryland ave., cautions readers not to think she overlooked Salt or baking powder. She says if you use this recipe you will have a cake that is perfectly smooth in texture and simply delicious to the taste. Lets try it. Butter Pound cake i la. Butter 3 cups of flour 6 egg i cup of milk Cream butter and sugar until formed into smooth paste add eggs one at a time thoroughly mixing after each egg. Alternate milk and flour until mixture is again smooth. Boat mixture from five to ten minutes. Bake in 350 degree oven 25 to 30 minutes. Can be baked in either round or loaf pan. Note phone your favorite recipe in to Connie seals for publication St 3-1040. 1 ",11 n a in safeguard your health a i a Iii a a. A wage earner plan after work one Day Dan wrent to see a lawyer about bankruptcy. Dan told his Lawer that he did not wish to avoid paying his debts but simply could not meet his payments when they were coming due. Or. Edwards the lawyer told Dan that rather than file bankruptcy he could file a wage earner plan in the bankruptcy court asking the court to extend the time for 1 payment of his debts so that All the creditors could be paid in full. Danes lawyer totalled the family expenses which Dan had to meet and found that Dan could pay Twenty dollars each week to All of his creditors though such a plan. Danes indebtedness amounted to two thousand dollars so that in this Way in approximately two years Dan could have All of his debts paid off in full. Like bankruptcy wage earner plans Are instituted in the Federal courts and one a wage earner files a proceeding he May not be forced into bankruptcy against his will. If it should be impossible to continue the plan of payment then it May be converted into a bankruptcy. Furthermore Dan s lawyer pointed out that Dan could obtain an injunction restraining his creditors from bringing garnishments or wage assignments against his wages during the term of the plan. Petition required Dan decided to use such a plan thereby protecting his Job and seniority while making an honest Effort to pay his creditors. Among the papers which Danes lawyer prepared wat the petition for the wage earner plan together with a list of All of Dan s debts and creditors and a Complete statement of Danes assets. After this was filed with the United states District court the clerk sent notices to All of Dan s creditors and notified them of a Date when the first meeting of the creditors would be held. At the hearing the judge of the court asked Dan questions and then indicated that he was satisfied that such a plan was feasible and he would approve it but that first All the secured and the majority of Danes unsecured creditors would have to accept the plan of payment that Dan has offered. Secured creditors mean those whose claims were a a secured by a pledge of some property of the debtor the trustee the judge explained further that during the plan Dan must agree not to incur any new debts without the courts permission. Finally the judge appointed a trustee who would receive the moneys and prepare the checks making the payments to the creditors on a pro rata basis. Danes creditors now receive payments Avery sixty Days from the trustee appointed by the court Danes employer is not bothered by suits for garnishment of Danes wages and Dan has the peace of mind of one who is honestly endeavouring to meet his obligations. Dan was satisfied that his lawyer had indeed suggested the Correct alternative to bankruptcy. A this column is written to inform and not to advise. No person should Ever apply or interpret any Law without consulting his attorney. Even a slight difference in the facts May change the result under the Law. The names used in this series Are Fie Titus the Illinois state bar association 424 South second Street Springfield Illinois has published a pamphlet entitled a buying on time which will be sent free to any person who requests it tary a act and is widely known in Chicago circles. Henrietta s custom made hats hats restyled Stop in and see our new line of fall hats specialising in styles for teen agers amp matrons Henrietta s 643 e. 71st St. To 4-2004 wins Block prize a Public service of the Illinois state medical society Chorea termed a a childhood disease one of the most tragic disease of childhood is that of Chorea or St. Vitus dance As it is commonly known. A disease of the nervous system Chorea preys chiefly on children Between the Ages of five and 15, with girls proving More susceptible than boys. Whom Doe it strike record president of the Excel-1 Sampson. Show that about 72 per cent of i prognosis May be grave in Cho Sior c Ubol International reve the Chorea cases Are associated Rea associated with pregnancy. Quot w Ith rheumatic fever and its Toast mistress club affair will feature dignitaries mrs. Lucille Dyson 727 e. Be the honorable judge Edith municipal court to 75 years of uninterrupted service Drexel National Bank in a full service Bank. What Doe Thia mean to you a Are housed in a Beautiful modern building with the latent in banking facilities we give that important personal attention to All customer and we provide the services of a full service Bank which include leans a to buy a car to fix a House for business Heads chocking accounts personal and business savings accounts Cashiers chocks Safe Deposit boxes Christmas savings club drive in banking night Deposit facility travellers checks and Mony Many Morel you a important to us a Drexel National Bank 3401 South Parkway a Chicago 16, Illinois Cah Imet 5-3244 hours monday it 00 . To 2 00 to 2 00_pm. Wednesday not open thursday m. Tuesday�?0 00 . It open thursday�?9 00 a a to 2 00 . Friday poo . To 2 00 . 5 00 to 7 00 . Saturday�?9 00 . To 12 noon. Driven windows 0-3 daily. 9-12 saturday. Member . Rest in bed is important for believed that about half of All j the child with Chorea. He should Young rheumatic patients de be watched carefully since very the grand prize Winner for the most Beau Ifill Block in Chatham is the 8300 Block on Michigan venue. Mrs. Alma Graham chairman of the Chatham a lean up committee announced this week. The of the annual Chatham Block Beautiful prom is Graham said is a to emphasize and encourage in Unity Pride in the Beauty and Upkeep of Homes and surroundings at All again the judges found it difficult in Many instance to decide which blocks were the most Beautiful a said Vars. Graham 8011 s. Evans ave. A this is As it should she added. A however Here was plenty room for improvement especially in the she said this matter will he discussed at the next monthly meeting of the Chatham Avalon Park com inanity Council. The winning blocks and those receiving honorable nation for the summer 1963, arc As follows winning blocks sub area i 7800 Block on Wabash ii 7800 Block on St. Lawrence Iii 8100 Block on Rhodes in 7900 Block on Calumet v 8300 Block on Michigan i 8600 Block on Rhodes Vii court a Chatham Village mrs. Graham said that representatives from each tub area. Preferably the member of the clean up commit Are asked to please attend the next Board meeting of fit Capac to receive the certificate for their area or Block. A although the committee is observing the neighbourhood the year around a she continued a it shows Honor to he outstanding blocks by presenting them with certify ates of Merit or an award once during the summer and again during the Christmas some of the blocks mentioned this year were w Inners or received honorable mention for the first time. Zelop the condition. The condition believed to be caused by a germ of the streptococcus Type is marked chiefly by Lack of coordination throughout the body generally resulting in Jerky purposeless movements and causing the victim very often to harm himself if not watched closely. Its name St. Vitus dance nue service a member club of the International Toast mistress organization announced this week that her club is having j its charter installation lunch i Eon saturday september 21, at i Kung Helm restaurant too 1 East Ontario St. A among the dignitaries to be comes from the Patron Saint of with proper relaxation and rest tile sufferers of the disease said should prevent any permanent to arise from a legend of the damage to the victim of St. 14th Century. In 1686, Syden j Vitus dance Ham and English physician de scribed the condition hence its technical name Sydenham a Chorea. How does it come about apparently the causative agent gets into the brain and nervous system accounting for the characteristics of nervousness and a a a fidgety Lack of muscle con Strol. Inability to coordinate is Aliso manifested by stumbling i jerking a shaking inability to Button clothes or pick up objects because of the shaking of the Lams and hands. The patient May experience dizziness headache vomiting and even a slight fever before the twitching movements appear. Weakness awkwardness listlessness restlessness inability to pay attention Are other signs. The disease which strikes most often in the late fall or Spring is self limited and usually runs its course in six to to weeks. About one third of the patients have recurrence i though usually not fatal the often he can harm himself by spasmodic movements particularly if he strikes his head against the bedpost or Wall. Convalescence generally requires from two to six months. The patients diet should be. To a. T nourishing and contain ample pres District director of fluids. After care should include International Revenue service adequate diet controlled exer Chicago District office e. C. Cise and play. These coupled Coy in and Henry s. Gibson chief of training Branch of internal Revenue service Chicago District office. A a ilk. A a exterminate do it yourself other distinguished guest will do it cheaper do it faster m i i landmark store closing Walgreen drug store a neighbourhood landmark at 63rd St. My s. Stewart ave. For More Han 40 years will close its looks saturday night. Manager Bernard p. Tymorek Aid that the Complete Prescript Ion files will be transferred to a nearby Walgreen store at a lard and s. Hailed St?., for the convenience of physicians and customers. He said most of his store pm it yes already have transferred other Walgreen drug stores in the area. A Jahmil a us Sta 6316 South Halsted open sundays 12 noon to 5 . You Are cordially invited to see the fabulous incomparable All new �?T64 Chrysler Plymouth valiant Imperial premiere starting sept. 19th perfection motors 930 east47th Street established 1901 open evenings and sundays insecticides guaranteed to kill i Long life residual keeps killing up to 12 weeks after it s dry super Brand special Brand kills Roaches and All other household insects $450 per Only Quot to Gal. Special buy Case of 4 kills water bugs ants spiders Silverfish wasps carpet beetles scorpions Etc. Saho per i special Only Gal. Get i gallon free 11 holds ivs gals professional Type compression compact tank with funnel Type top. Electric welded teams. Clips to hold Spray Rod. ?0 Inch Hose. Roto nozzle for up Down Fine or Coart a Pray sprays up to distance 25 feet. $095 sprayers % Model 39b galvanized s eel sprayer with brass easy action pump that charges up to 40 lbs. Of pressure has Roto nozzle for spraying in All directions up Down left or rights Fin or coarse. Spray distance of 25 feet. 5 feet of Hose. 2 Gal. Size. $14.95 3 Gal. Size. $15.95 professional Type hand sprayers 8� w professional Type sprayers designed to give earn Spray that any professional sprayer can give. Gets up to 150 lbs. Pressure. Each of these sprayers has adjustable nozzles for Fine Mist or Long coarse spraying. Spray distance up to 25 feet. Made of brass will not rust. 30 of. Plastic $5.75 deluxe modal. 6.75 2 quart Glass $6.90 deluxe Model. 7.90 2 quart plastic with Spray Extension deluxe Model $8.50 deluxe Model sprayer with Roto nozzle attachment for up Down left right Fine or coarse spraying. Free delivery he 7-2828 Rowe chemical company 6804 South Halsted Street sprayer rent for soc $2.0o for for each Day. It o a tonal

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