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Chicago Bulletin (Newspaper) - September 15, 1966, Chicago, Illinois Night of bizarre events shatters Englewood family s Home Holiday a bricks from the teens bullets from police a Liege a Rea couple j. Henry Randall beset on two fronts is perhaps the Best description which the Nathaniel companion and everyone scattered. According to mrs. Loggins it was not so much the return fire that led the groups to scatter Leggins 6708 Parnell but the arrival of the police have for a labor Day Inci we came 00 the scene with guns blazing. A Day better forgotten when nazis March failed repetition of a sight which Shook Tho world 17 years ago was last saturday s March out of Gage Park by the american nazi party under the leadership of George Lincoln Rockwell. The March an abortive one covered Only three blocks before police intervened and arrested Rockwell and his minister Henchman the Rev. Ralph Forbes second covenant Church of Jesus Christ los Angeles was characterized by minor acts of violence by unknown persons the throwing of acid which caused Burn injuries to 12 citizens and two policemen. Photo at left shows a portion of the nazi marchers approaching the overpass near 59th and Loomis just prior to the acid throwing incident. In the second photo two of the youngsters lining the March route whose clothing where was burned by the fluid suspected of being either sulphuric acid or a concentrated solution of drano. On the left pointing to a Hole left by the acid on his shirt is Sylvester Moore 17, of 6219 Aberdeen. Among others injured were Henry Williams 18, of 5919 Morgan and Wilford based or. 23, of 6352 Ada. The acid was thrown from the second floor window at 1401 w. 63rd St. By an unknown White Man. In the last photo bulletin editor Hurley Green on the scene gets an eyewitness account of the acid throwing from a Spectator who preferred not to give his name. According to the Spectator the acid was thrown from a second floor window at 1401 w. 63rd. Delivered per month 25c Chatham Inglewood Park Manor new shifting scenes by Hurley Green editor year. New super. New Deal the Benjamin Willis Era ended with hardly a sound last week. The Good doctor cleaned his desk packed his hopefully profitable evening bags and quietly stole away to a Long overdue Semi re moved ahead another step this Tir ement. Many persons have taken with the ,. . Senator Paul Douglas his resignation and leaving As a selection As guest speaker for positive sign of a Quality education the gala occasion of a a Salute for All a Ili Impf it Ali d13165 Chew a dinner and it a a testimonial to be held Friday nothing can be farther from the 8�ppl.october 7 at the pick con truth without taking a pre critical 8ress hotel. View of our new school superintend bpm Lac no p.r�vi0�?osly t a it it mag scheduled controversial new Dent James r. Redmond anyone in Jim York based congressman with half knowledge of our Many Adam Clayton Powell Douglas school problems must be acutely ul11 Jav Arl 3 Glitz eyes array of e speakers and special guests. Aware of the tremendous task Lac a we Are fortunate to have ing the new been Able to secure a speaker the Chicago school system is Green chew6 Lold the bulletin. Badly in need of a Spring cleaning even though this is a the senator and i have been the fall. None of the systems apparatus Shouh escape fiends for Many years and i the touch of the cleansing equipment. Chaves and re tis alignments must begin in the attic and continue All the positive that his remarks will Way to the foundation. Add 3 special spice to the sumptuous meal planned for stubborn Board members who Lack the vision needed the to formulate new educational concepts must be pruned denying rumours of a can and gradually weeded out. New approaches must be sought and implemented. Even below the administrative level changes must be considered and determined. District superintendents must oversee their districts and see that the Board s recommendations Are carried out to the letter. Published at 639 e. 71st St., Stewart 3-1040 Price 10c per copy Douglas to speak at Chew fete seemingly unruffled by sporadic salvos and charges of defection to the mayor Daley Camp the Charles Chew or. A ship of state maintained its course toward a november rendezvous in the state Capitol. Plans for a festive and no. 43-week of thru sept. 14, 1966 Dent which brought a harrowing Climax to their Holiday Observance. On one hand. The family Nathaniel and Mamie Loggins and their five children had bricks hurled through their windows by an unidentified teenager and later their bedroom fired into by police officers. The bizarre Chain of events occurred around 8 30 ., when a Brick was thrown through the family living room window. Mrs. Loggins said her husband went to the door and spied a teenager running Down the Street. According to Loggins a voice yelled out of the darkness a someone shot my brother and we Are going to tear up every House on the Block until we find out who did according to mrs. Loggins three other windows in the Block had already been broken earlier in the evening. She telephoned police but said no one responded to her Call she also reported that six other residents in the Block also called police but with no results. Forty five minutes later a neighbor mrs. Annie As borne 6704 reported that her Home and the one adjoining 6706, had been earmarked for a tearing up by the gang. Her informant was a teenager who said the gang was Enro Ute to Hamilton Park to get guns. Mrs. Loggins stated that she again called police this the i Oggins said they were still watching this from the bedroom window when the police looked up and threw a Searchlight onto the window. Someone said a there he is a and the police began firing into the bedroom. When the firing stopped the couple crawled to the Back bedroom. A few minutes later they heard a big crash and before Loggins could run downstairs seven plainclothes men and two uniformed officers led by a Captain had kicked the front door in. According to mrs. Loggins the police yelled a where is the gun and everyone come out with your hands Loggins told police he had no guns and gave them permission to search the House. When the search was completed and no weapons found Loggins asked police Why they had shot up his Home. He said their reply was a someone told us that someone had a gun in when mrs. Loggins asked what would be done about the damage one of the plainclothes men told her to Call downtown. She did and was again referred to Englewood station Only to be asked As she says by the desk sergeant a who owns the House a replying that she and her husband did the sergeant is said to have asked a lady can to you get a Hammer and nails and Nail it up for tonight a the next Day the Loggins went to see commander Miles time directly to the Englewood Sod reported that no record of venation of the dinner and tribute Chew proclaimed a cancelled Why ticket sales Are Well ahead of our anticipation a he said. A i urge and ask All of my friends and supporters to Contact the program planner mrs. Rose Conley at pm 2-0333 and in the schools and the classrooms an incentive must make Early be supplied so that teachers Are not Only encouraged to asked about the stories a remain in the system but to put Forth that extra Effort in response to her students needs. Most of All though at the Helm of the cleaning operation the super will need to know that he has the support Independent Democrat and i and the help of Chicago a students parents and Especial fully plan to function in that by the Community organizations. There must be a regu to Pavco a teaser the District Lar and continuous dialogue Between or. Redmond and and i will Honor every pledge i those groups to Wuh he will be administering. If Ever made in my Campaign a he an institution needs the a open door policy the school this Dzu Tower Board does at this time. It would be a Good idea if red sons in the Community who of mond would adopt the practice of airing his views Deci pose me for purely personal reasons but i will not at this gourmets Delight Pearing in various medias concerning his political Maneu vers Chew repeated an earlier affirmation. I was nominated As an a feast of the clams sponsored by the women s auxiliary of joint negro Appeal at Navy pier last sunday was the swinging Climax to summer 66, and it was All done in a miniature Coney Island setting. The new England style Clambake brought a Host of guests to enjoy not Only a luscious menu but also boat cruises carnival games and a discotheque. Prominent among those who delved heartily into the menu offerings were top Pho to from left atty. Henry a. Towles 753 e. 79th St. Judge Willie Whiting 501 e. 32nd St. Ald. Charles Chew and mrs. Jessye Matchen 4900 Drexel. Others enjoying the Outing Bottom photo from left included Anny Tyson bulletin society editor 5th Ald. Robert Miller Omega Taylor George Harris president Jna and Josie Brown. Special guest Star was Singer Barbara Mcnair. Police station and was allegedly told by the desk sergeant that he would see what he could do. Mrs. Asborne is then said to have asked mrs. Loggins to keep her six children ranging from 14 years and under because she was afraid they might be Hurt. At to o clock the Loggins said they went upstairs to listen to the news on radio hoping to learn something about the teenager who had been shot. Looking out of the bedroom window they said they saw three teenagers boys walking a dog. At that time a car pulled up and two men alighted carrying a writing pad and heading for 6706. The men knocked on the door but received no response. While they were waiting about 15 teenagers rounded the Corner and approached the men who quickly made it to their Auto and drove off. Mrs. Loggins said the youths yelled a there in the Alley bring your at that juncture another group of teens both boys and girls rounded the Corner of Marquette Road walked a Short distance Down Parnell and opened fire on the first group. Both groups exchanged fire and one of the girls was reportedly hit. The mixed group picked up their wounded the incident other than the shooting of the girls had been made. According to mrs. Loggins the commander called in a Captain and asked Why a report had not been filed and also ordered a special detail to pick up any teenagers who had been out the night before. The Loggins upon advise of their attorney James Lemon filed a complaint with the internal investigating department of the Chicago police claiming that their bedroom window was shattered eight Bullet holes were in the Walls and nine More in the aluminium siding. Another Bullet Al leg Ely penetrated through to a second bedroom. To top off the indignity mrs. Loggins said that while the police were firing into their Home the teenagers were standing around cheering. The bulletin contacting the Englewood station Learned from sgt. Webster that reports Are being collected from All policemen involved for study by commander Miles to ascertain the facts surrounding the incident. The Loggins have been living at the Parnell address for the past nine years. They have five children. The oldest. Patricia is a senior at Parker High school Danny a Sophomore at Chicago vocational High and the remaining three attend Banneker elementary school. Continued on Page 4 Best food buys this week each week the bulletin publishes the Best food buys at your local food store As advertised in your bulletin Georgia s finest frying chickens 25c la. Wonder food Page 6 whole 2 bag ugh Hunt s pizza Flavoured Catsup 10c bottle Vitos a Page 5 time dignify their accusations with denial. Denials Are not necessary for the people who worked and voted for me. It was through their efforts and theirs alone that i was nominated for state senator a he stated. A these Are the people who will receive full and Complete knowledge of my doings a he continued. His parting shot was also aimed at his critics. Quot those persons who would seek to destroy Community Unity which is being forged slowly but surely in the 29th District All have one thing in common they Are themselves continued on Page 4 Long log of concerns keys first fall session of Capac by j. E. Williams following its summer recess the Chatham Avalon Park Community Council held its first monthly meeting earlier this week thrashed out unfinished business took a Strong stand on open occupancy nominated winners in the a most Beautiful Home contest and expanded its Blue print for further a Pursuit of excellence in All facets of Community life. An a open City Resolution to mayor Daley and All Public officials and a welcoming letter to or. James Redmond incoming new superintendent of the gation with its Block by Block City a Public schools containing expansion pattern and its in bulletin Jackpot soars to 895.00. References to Chatham Community school problems were aired and approved by the Board. Noting that the Council has not taken any stand on present civil rights activities in Chicago Herbert Fisher Council president suggested a written set of proposals that were approved after some modifications. Excerpts of the Resolution stated a whereas this predominantly Middle class negro Community has experienced Chicago a rigidly enforced housing Segre Herent deleterious destruction and degrading consequences a whereas the predominantly White society of Chicago and its Power Structure has convinced itself and believed for Many years that Chicago could survive within this context of irreligious segregation and hatred so Long As the patterns of segregation and manifestations of hatred be kept hidden the Chatham Avalon Park Community Council governing Board further resolved i. To commend the efforts and activities of or. Martin continued on Page 4 How to play bulletin sweepstakes Hor am Tho Rulo each week the bulletin will offer $25 ilk cub to one of it readers. Here s How it works every bulletin subscriber s name will be put in a Hopper. Any other person living within the bulletin circulation area can mail us their name and address and we will also put their name in the same Hopper. Each week on Friday afternoon 4 ., one name will be drawn from the Hopper. A member of the bulletin circulation department will proceed to the Home of that person Between 5 00 and 6 00 And if he or she has a current receipt from the bulletin newspaper they will receive the $25 in Cash. If the person is unable to produce a current receipt a $5.00 Cash Consolation prize Wil lbs Given. Winner must be Home during Contact hour or you forfeit your Chance. There is not an obligation to get such a receipt. Residents of the circulation area can get a receipt by i pairing their newsboy or 2 coming to either one of the bulletin offices and they will be Given a current receipt free of charge so they can qualify to be a Winner when the bulletin Ciruli Tion staff member comes to their Home. This weeks sweepstakes Winner will receive Mai Eppl Eyetee end Femi ses ate eel eligible the participate la the sweepstakes. Of we have be Winner Hie following weeks prize will be increased by $20

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