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Chicago Bulletin (Newspaper) - September 5, 1963, Chicago, Illinois Ald. Miller itlpek3l.i.y weft of need program for school drop outs by Robert h. Miller 6th word school drop outs a the committee on civil rights which i organized earlier in the summer to Aid in placing qualified persons in jobs to fit their skills has made some startling discoveries. One is that our Young people Are dropping out of school at a rapid rate and have Little Chance of g getting employment in examining a simple application which or office uses to obtain routine information before interviewing youngsters seeking work i find that most of the boys and girls write illegible snob poorly and have extreme difficulty composing sentences. When one talks to these Young people to determine if their applications Are True reflections of their abilities it becomes Crystal Clear that the problem of school drop outs must be solved a and quickly. Many of the Young Neonile Are from Homes where their parents Lack a healthy respect for formal education and where when the boy or girl reaches 17 and 18 years of age. Lie or she is expected to a get out and get a it is obvious that the youngster Bas dropped out of school at the earliest Opportunity in order to avoid a hostile Home environment and to escape the classroom where he has become unwelcome through failure to conform to discipline. Currently a drive is being made to curb Hie High rate of drop outs. Civic organizations business and professional groups and religions leaders Are All working at the task. The efforts of All interested parties should somehow be synchronized in order to get positive results. Certainly the full cooperation of the welfare agencies will be needed. I am certainly in need of help and guidance from All the citizens of this Ward in mapping a program which will be meaningful to these Young people. Almost daily or. Lawrence Buser. Or or. John Morrissette. The secretaries in the Aldermani office get Calls from Friendly business people seeking typists stenographers or persons who have finished High school and want to continue in College while working part time. Etc. We have emphasized to potential employers that getting skilled persons is out of the prestion and they Are now willing to hire youngsters who have graduated from High school or have completed some College work provided they have Good academic records and Are willing to pursue a program of work and study. Our frustration comes when the applicant must have a full time work because of heavy responsibilities at Home usually a teen age wife and baby or his school record is too Low to warrant an employer making an investment in him As a trainee. These facts indicate the necessity of an across the Board crash program which will counter act school drop outs. The parents must be educated to the necessity of keeping their teen agers in school they must be convinced that these children Are not employable because they Lack any skills whatsoever and have too Little academic training to acquire marketable skills. Continuing in school is the Only possible Way in which Young people can Ever Hope to become gainfully employed. The parents must be made to understand that color which has heretofore been a Factor in Job placement for Young negro boys and girls is becoming less of a Barrier. It is the parents responsibility to continue making every sacrifice in order to keep her boy in school until he learns to Type operate simple machinery used in factories and can get recommendation from his Counselor As being employable. He i believe that the school people have a responsibility in this important area of our Community life. Those of us who Are in business politics and civic activity would be Happy to follow the Lead of our teachers in combating school drop outs. This would be service Over and above the Call of duty hut such initiative on the part of teachers would do much to creat a closer relationship Between our educators and the Community at Large. The teachers must be Able to get to tile parents a the key Factor in the problem tile parents even though Many Are illiterate will have some respect for the teachers interest once it is understood that All segments of society Are unselfishly helping these people to help themselves. The Board of education could be requested to assign teachers with special skills and sympathies to areas where the responsible organizations and agencies would assist in doing the preliminary work of selecting students who Are potential drop outs for classes which could be developed to harness their attention. I am not an educator but i am certain that the drop outs can be saved by creating within the school system a program to fit their needs. I believe that the civic social business and religious leaders will cooperate fully with such a plan. S c m of v Quot of reprinted by popular request exr save be Arr no is segregation of schools shielded by administration j part 3 of a bulletin series on Chicago s hottest Issue in the past few years Board of education members have received numerous statements from diverse groups protesting and documenting the segregation of Public education in Chicago. This paper presented by the coordinating Council of Community organizations is an attempt to review briefly some of the highlights of earlier statements. It happened during a Lusty Toast at our House warming party Quot a t the present time neither facts 1 and figures the current school directories nor any other school publications give the Public the capacities of Chicago a Public schools nor the basis for figuring them. Nor could concerned parents secure them from the school administration. When people whose children were losing school time through double shift and failing to learn much of anything when they were in school because of crowded classrooms and a rapid succession of teachers tried to find a remedy schools snot. Beniamin c. Do refused to give them either information or Relief. The schools comm it4 up of the it renter la in Dale conservation commits on checked the school directories of 1931/1931? and the subservient annual school budget and found that there was enough underutilized classroom space in the White schools North and South of the arca within about three Miles from its Borders to relieve it completely of double shift and crowding without crowding other areas. Or. Willis called in Tho executive director of the commission and ridiculed those figures but could not be prevailed upon to give alternative figures nor to criticize them in detail. Ile met with the businessmen of Lawndale twice to try to convince them that the figures were unreliable. # the principal of Lafayette school called Tho commission and invited them to see for themselves that lie had no such number of rooms in his school As the Clit schools committee had reported. When two members of the commission staff and the schools committee chairman visited Bis school they found that there were actually three More rooms than the old report gave. The whole first floor was not being used for classrooms but for storage of records. Ten More of the rooms were being used for a High school Branch. There were two rooms for tile Library one room was vacant. Two rooms had been combined for a Home mechanics room after this program had been generally discontinued. When or. Willis gave his report of available classrooms in i 9 it i. He reported the available classrooms of Lafayette As 51 rather than to of the 1931/1932 directory apparently omitting Tho first floor. Parents in despair because of the crowded conditions of Gregory school in the East Garfield Park area which had increased by a thousand pupils Over one summer set out to visit the schools which the Gluc schools committee had said could relieve them. The principals of most of the schools would not let them in but one principal whose Job they protected by never telling his name said that there was room for several Hundred move pupils. The greater Lawndale conservation commission wrote a letter to or. Willis about this situation requesting an explanation. To this letter there was never and reply although repeated Telephone Calls to various departments including or. Willis own office brought repeated promises of an answer. When or. Willis finally gave a report to the Board of education on available classrooms school by school buildings which had existed at the time of the 1930/1 directory had in the meantime a a lost far More classrooms in White areas than in negro areas. For example in the five schools just considered the old directories found 13 More classrooms available than or. Willis did. In the negro school Gregory the discrepancy was 5 classrooms in one White school on it was Only 3. But in the three White schools Cameron Lowell and Nobel it was respectively 12, 13 and to classrooms. It the civil rights . Report describes this same situation in greater detail pages 198-201, a the empty desk imbroglio a and concludes during 1961-62, the administration consciously or not was faced with a Choice. It was Clear that the overcrowded schools had to by relieved the Issue was whether this should be accompanied by transfers to uncrowded schools of by the Purchase of Mobile units. When the superintendent took the position that there was no room in other schools for this purpose and the Board did not dissent from this conclusion the Issue was foreclosed. Who Tho superintendent so concluded and Why the Board accepted his conclusion without Ina Irv in the face of the evidence is difficult to the same report pages 226-227, also confirms the difficulty of working with the present superintendent. A the superintendent declined to make the mental and achievement scores of the pupils in the Chicago system available to the reporters. The performance of Chicago school children on such tests is a closely guarded secret. Thus it is extremely difficult to determine the relative performance of pupils in negro White and integrated schools. A some indirect evidence was made available by the Dean of a Chicago Junior College Wilson. The College is located in an area of Chicago rapidly becoming negro. Its student body once primarily White is now 50 percent negro. The College has always had a number of students from the families of negro professional men. Now it has Large numbers of negro students from Labouring families. Most of the latter Are unable to find employment which Mav explain Why they attend College. Of the total entering class of 1,800 each year about 600 students Are now assigned to what is called the a Basic the Dean describes it As teaching these pupils to read write organize and do simple arithmetic. In essence it is a remedial course for pupils who in the schools judgment Are incapable of doing passing work in the regular program. This Basic program is a non credit one year course. Through it the school is currently salvaging about to percent of these remedial cases for further work. A the 600 students in the Basic pro continued on Page 8 published every thursday morning 639 e. 71 St St. Stewart 3-1� re in him .-1 . 1$ deadlines news noon monday advertising noon tuesday classified 3 p m. Wednesday c ii i i opinions expressed by columnists or in by line articles Are not necessarily Tho held by this newspaper. To maintain editorial standards this newspaper will in accept payment for publishing news items or photographs. Also when a l. Item or photograph is omitted from an Issue due to space limitations every Effii will be made to publish it in the next Issue unless its news value has substantially decreased. The editorial opinion of this newspaper is non sectarian and in dependent of any political group. Pm amp Smist Bruce Sagan. Publisher Gus Savage. Editor Citrine Smith Butin John Poindexter circulation Shirley Andersn unified Connie Seal ant. Editor Henry Martin photographer Cherie Kelly and Robert p. Winbush advertising representative. Fifth year no. 46 week of september 5 to september la 1963 Pae Cora tvs of in atm am Chicago fair housing proposal called Sham by William cousins jr., pres., Chatham Avalon Park Community Council t he he proposed Chicago fair housing ordinance which has been drafted by aldermen Mayer Goldberg Claude w. B. Holman and James c. Murray is a Misnomer. Fair housing has been compromised in of oblivion. Paragraph i in the preamble of the proposed ordinance declares in Broad terms that it is the policy of the City of Chicago to assure full and equal Opportunity to All residents of the City to obtain fair and adequate housing without discrimination because of , National origin or ancestry and Para William cousins graph 2 further provides that it is the policy of the City that there shall be no discrimination by a owner. Lessee sub Lessee Assignee managing agent or other person finn or corporation having a right to sell rent or lease any housing but the first clause of Para rage 3 in the preamble injects a key which is fully used to lock the City door against implementing the policy. In this clause this ordinance is limited to carrying out the policy As far As legislatively permissible and then expressly limits its application to real estate brokers licensed by the City from doing certain enumerated acts thus sponsors of the proposed fair housing ordinance have in effect pronounced that it is not legislatively permissible for the City Council to pass an open occupancy ordinance which will make it an unfair housing practice for the owner of property to discriminate because of race. Etc. The fabricated theory behind the refusal to support a p air housing ordinance which applies to an owner is the same fabricated theory used to withhold support of a Public accommodations Section of the Federal civil rights Bill. Opponents cry unconstitutionality without further enabling legislation or constitutional amendments. The question of constitutionality is a matter for the courts and i am rather confident that the courts would uphold Bills with Teeth persons who worked so hard in the the duty to enforce the pro posed ordinance against brokers w vested with the commission on human relations which May initiate of receive complaints investigate Tho same seek conciliation hold hearings publish findings and report., and then make recommendations to the mayor for the suspension a a revocation of the License of a Broil who is licensed by the City. I if the mayor suspends or ref yokes a License the broker May the Appeal under the administrative review act of Illinois. In addition the mayor May then recommend that the corporation counsel file i complaint with the department o registration and education of thy state that the broker s License by revoked or suspended. The propose a still further a sub Sanft. Percentage of the brokers in Chi Cago who sell property Are no licensed by the City. Although i As slime the City would take Steps til prevent them from obtaining a ii Cense in the future and ask the state to act on state licenses the ordinance does seem to limit its application by expressly referring if licensed brokers. The proposed ordinance is not a Bona fide fair housing finance. It is a poor substitute % one and the people should not by deceived in thinking they Are re reviving something which they arc not. Those opposed to fair holism can vote for this proposal and Tel any of their constituents who May also oppose fair housing that they have voted for them. Those who support fair housing must not Settle for this. For without being complemented by an ordinance which applies to the owners of proper the proposed fair housing or Nance which will come before the City Council for action on septem Ber la 1963, is grossly inadequate deficient in that it is a bad Ordi Nance. I have and will continue to sup port a Bona fide fair housing ordinance for the City of Chicago. The. Proposed fair housing ordinance without an ordinance which wifi make it an unfair housing practice for owners to discriminate will afford grossly inadequate protects against discrimination of Hamlet where Art thou a Gle Woon charges cop brutality by Henry p. Wilson president Halsted Morgan Community Assn. Henry Wilson these past weeks in Englewood have been marred by incidents involving police brutality which was brought on by the school picketing. I would like to. At this time express opposition to any police officer who from All appearances recently is acting according to his p e r s o n a i feelings rather than in line with his responsibility As a Law enforcement officer concerned with the Protection of the people. Action of recent Days by police makes it very difficult for citizens to rely on them for human treatment. All persons from time to time May allow their personal feelings to influence their thinking hut w Hen their responsibility involves direct dealings with human beings such As policemen. They should refrain from giving preference to their personal feelings As their duty to the general citizenry comes first. My congratulations to those persons who worked so hard in the fight against Mobile units a Gugen Heim school at 7146 s. Sangamon. Special Praise should he Given to mrs. Luberda Bailey 7127 s. Sangamon St., president of the 71st Sangamon Block glub or. George Brown president of the Southwest Halsted Morgan Community association and Rev. David Readye president of Ecca whose prompt action was taken on t i problem which was a part of t Board of education s answer to the Mobile units at 73rd and Lowe St. But Rose Simpson and Core were right on the Trail behind them and gave support to the three organizations. _ Rev. Readye stated this was an act of had Faith on the part of the boards of education and More opposition t their answer could be expected. A i was very Happy to give my assistance and that of the Halsted Morgan Community association tips this cause and any other where Dej Facto segregation is being fought Anjil where life Liberty and the Pursuit Chi happiness is being sought. S la the Cost of the fight in Engle Wood is becoming More expensive and sacrificial on the part of individuals with each outbreak. You can hear statements by leaders that no sacrifice is too great to support the cause / of Freedom. This Community will to Lunger accept tile financial crumbs Ltd a few Powers for the sacrifice of Man of its residents. A coordinated cooperative approach is necessary to insure that Community wide needs Are met and that the diverse groups and Points cd views Are respected. Many hands and Heads Are needed to get tile Job done. Study deliberation and planning must precede action if the action is to he intelligent and effective. But action needs to follow. Without this a a payoff a there is no change for the i it better no sense of achievement. F

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