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Chicago Bulletin (Newspaper) - October 28, 1965, Chicago, Illinois Or athe bulletin thursday october 28, 1965 if your favorite records Are hard to find shop met music shops 328 e. 58th Street phone no 7-0321 8225 cottage Grove phone 483-1188 stereo records duotone Diamond Needles buy 3 records for a a a a a $2 46 Gant Calumet Englewood Harlan Hirschy Parker Simeon editor. Angela Parker gent a invented Quot the Hugger shirt far Moo it wok want to look trim slim and neat Tbs h fit is As precise As a custom shirt added 1 niceties Gantus Superior Cotton Oxford the inimitable flare of Gantus softly rolled col far. Q a amp tit pc in 7104 South Jeffery Avenue Chicago Illinois 60649 Quot natural Colon for the Young it heart do 8-2700 my. Him wed., 9 10-4 00, to Quirt it arf., 9 10-9 00, tit., 9 30�?6 00 teen pin Sharon Hildreth 17. Is the daughter of or. And mrs. Jesse Hildreth. 8318 Drexel. Sharon is presently a senior a a a at Hirsch High school. She is currently pushing a a a by average. Sharon is wearing a Gold Angora sweater with Matching skirt sox and Brown loafers. One of main hobbies is dancing. After graduation Sharon plans to matriculate St Illinois Circle. She also plans to major in Oral dentistry. Sharon is president of the Les junes Filles Tri his at the Chatham . Wig Bate Cuc 100% imported human hair Complete wig service new Home Sale a wigs drastically reduced 5 to 10% discount with this and for a Lam Ltd Tiki Only 7054 so. Pork a 783-2254 / Vest sign Upa phone 783-2255 private consultation. A halloween Capers by Charlotte Moore As it does every year halloween has slipped up on me again and taken me by Surprise. I can almost hear the Pitter Patter of witches goblins and All sorts of Wei Dies knocking at my door. I can still remember the hectic time i had last year running Back and Forth to the front door. Every two minutes the Doorbell would ring causing chaos and bedlam in my House As i tried to make it to the door with cookies candies and various other goodies. I rushed to get to the door before they left just making it in time to hear the last part of a trick or treat a As the Little hands extended in greediness and the anxious faces seemed to display the greeting a hurry up already a one Little boy pulled a water gun on me and said a your Money or your life a and then he shot me but the Little kiddies were so enthusiastic that it made me want to put on a costume and go a trick or treating myself. Despite the sometimes soap and Crayola markings on the door the broken windows busted Doorbell and ungrateful Little spooks halloween definitely is a Gas i Only wish i Wasny to too old to be a Little spook myself. In a pm it Bulle teen teaser by ? with. Is. 3. My. A. L musical Hall Mark for Over 30 year now the met mimic record shop been a must on music lovers list of places to go for the finest and the rarest in music. The original 328 e. 58th St., has become a historic music spot while the Oiler shop 8225 cottage Grove is rapidly gaining its own following. Here Angela Parker Billie teen editor selects a record while proprietor 4mor-rie�?T it Center looks on. Alonzo King right manager of the 8225 cottage Grove shop prepares to ring up another Sale. Teen review my most exciting Day with Joan Crawford. It by Angela Parker guess what happened to me i met and interviewed the charming super Star Joan Crawford. I never imagined that i would even see Joan Crawford in person and certainly not As an interviewer. But on tuesday october 19, one scared excited and completely overwhelmed girl met this favorite Star in the Chippendale room of the ambassador West hotel. And it was just wonderful my nervousness turned to Joy As the warm and Friendly Joen Crawford put me immediately at ease. The informal interview was so interesting and moving that i Felt i had known her for years. Joan Crawford a real name is Lucille Lesueur and she won her first audience acclaim in Kansas City in a dancing contest. This Beautiful Star has four adopted children which she adores. The two eldest Are in business for themselves and Cindy and Cathy the 19 year Olds 5. Girl 6. For. 7. Just. Kiss. Score yourself figure out the missing Blanks and find out what some of the latest jams Are 7 right a swinger 6 right almost Mellow 5 right turn on the radio 4 and below keep listening to was and stay everything for read and use the bulletin want ads masks a wigs make up a disguises beatnik kits Hanke Stem masks rubber hands and Ket Jatos a min tricks a news for hmm i a waste Gordon s trick Center 2538 e. 79th St. A 1-152 Englewood Echo by Dolores Brown i there Long time no see us Well Here i am Back on the scene every 2nd and 4th week reporting on All the haps at the Castle. I would like to take this Opportunity to congratulate the marching band on their Superb performances at our recent games under the leadership of or. Mcfadden. I would also like to commend the Englewood cheerleaders and majorettes on their excellence during the games and their efficient projection of school spirit. Our dynamite cheer leading Are finishing their final semester in an East coast boarding school. Miss Crawford is not Only one of Hollywood a great stars but also has become a top professional business women. Since the death of her husband Alfred Steele she has been an Active Board member of Pepsi cola. Miss Crawford was visiting Chicago last week to receive an award from the Cosmo position chamber of Commerce As an outstanding business woman. Four other outstanding Southside women also received awards. I was most impressed by miss Crawford Scharm versatility and total Beauty. I was overcome with her personality and i was really surprised at the interest she showed in me As she tried to answer Clumsy questions. For me tuesday october 19, will never be forgotten for its not every Day you get to meet a Star As great As the one and Only Joan Crawford. Hirsch highlights squad is headed by Captain Karen Miller co Captain Susan Noel Secretary Delores Ryan and treasurer Caroline Ryan. Other members of the squad include Joyce Wilson Linda Wittington and Barbara Evans. The student body of Englewood is very proud of their skillful and Superb team. We want the team to know that even after two major defeats we re still standing by and looking Forward to the championship in Soldier Field. All i can say now is a beat Morgan Park a cause we gotta win we gotta win. Hey hey hey a cys voice a Beauty Salon directory Barber shop Good grooming is their business consult the convenient neighbourhood directory for finest Complete service Mary Alice school of Beauty culture Day evening it part time classes 7630y2 cottage Grove a 3-4971 Barber of the week Barbaraus wigwam 733 West 64th St. 846-0322 Savanna s Chez Pompadour 3361-63 s. Parkway 225-4472 la Laka Meadows a across from jewel s ask for Quot Mildred Quot Eulien Barber College 252 a e. 35th St. A 6-3033 Graves Barber shop 1315 e. 63rd St. 667-9857 Oriental import Beauty Bazaar 7904 Langley ave. 488-9596 Cleo s modelling school of Charm 8445 cottage Grove 488-9410 so suite 201 styles by Quot or. Joseph of or. Raymond s Salon 7439 cottage Grovo 488-9331 Moses Rimmer the successful neighbourhood Barbershop has traditionally had the reputation of being a place where the men could let their hair Down a a a Moses Rimmer has a reputation too. # a a he loves to create a household atmosphere. A a a and because he is in the highly competitive Field of cutting hair he is Able to couple the skills of a craftsman with the Art of Good conversation and pleasant atmosphere. A a a located at 232 e. 71st, the Rimmer Barbershop has been serving the Public for the last 5 years. A a a by the Way word has it that excellence in grooming is not Only Rimmert a business but his secret love. Young s Barber shop and variety store 436 e. 71st St. St 3-923 374-1123 Rimmer s Barber shop 232 e. 71st St. 448-9327 740 Barber shop 740 e. 63rd St. Do 3-9296 new Woodlawn Barber shop 1231 e. 63rd St. Do 3-9559 by Carol Jean hey what Hap. We beat Lind Blom regardless of that one Man football team number 98. We gave them that old Cavalier charge and beat them 13 to 0. Morgan Parks game was disappointing after 48 minutes of freezing the game remained scoreless for both sides. Now i predict that the score of Dun jars game will be 27-6, in our Avor. So Bob Nate and Greg get with it there Are two Independent clubs at tvs. They Are the brother a Aurum an exclusive club for Continentals and Ivy a sorry a ouster a. The other club which is the sister club of the brother a is the Vondelle. Hey take in tvs Calumet Lirsch Hyde Park and mercy. Officers for the brother a Are Vernon Stephens president Michael Rodman vice president and Gilbert Washington treasurer. Officers for the von dells Are Pat Wilkens president Linda Scott vice pres Dent Beatrice Montgomery Secretary and Carol Jean Brown treasurer hey that a me. I will keep you posted on he haps of these Boss clubs. The Folk song club which meets in room 3122, is a club a or those who like to sing or play either the guitar Banjo or Uke. So join i would if i could sing or play one of the mentioned instruments. Another club making its appearance for its third year of existence is the chess club. Boys and girls in their Sophomore Junior or senior year May join. The meetings Are held tuesday in room 2109. Sometime Between october and february a team of boys sorry girls will compete in a tournament. Lets make this year one of the chess clubs Best years. November 5 is the Date of our Homecoming dance a autumn so you Boss Ivy a Start asking some of these Fine girls walking around tvs to go to this Boss dance with you hint hint. The teacher this week is the one responsible for the attendance at the games. A person who is most worthy of being teacher of the week none other than or. Cole. The Man who Sells the tickets is the student of the week Fred Brown. That san out of sight soul brother. So till next week. The Only difference bet Wen a a champs and a a chump is a a us figure that out by Paula Vee Davenport our boys and girls Are still just As heavy As they were when we scored our first game Victory. South Shore suffered a defeat of 32-14 two weeks ago. On october 23rd, we played Parker to a 13-13 tie. It was cold nearly everybody froze but Hirsch was heavy enough Over the Parker colonels their girls and their Mascot. What happen to Square time at half time Parker. Friday october 29th Marks the end of Long weeks of planning and sacrifices on the part of the 4a officers decoration committee Homecoming Queen contestants and Homecoming committee. This will be Hirsch Day supported by the 4a�?Ts, who have sold pins pompoms and buttons when we play Gage Park As Well As our first Homecoming sponsored by the football team. Entries in the contest Are the top brass from our various school organizations. The Homecoming Queen contestants Are required to sell at least 20 megaphones and write an essay entitled a Why i want to be miss Early contestants Are Lolita Blair latin club Gertie Poe Herald staff Stephanie Matthews negro history club Cathy Taylor student Council Carolyn Cummings science club Angela Parker concert band Michael Sarpy senior choir Schaun Simmons chess club Sharon Roddy drama club Patty Barber fat Andrea Smith French club Lite Foreman National Honor society Mary Wright Pep squad Kathy Jones poster club Fredericks Sengstacke Kathy Patton lab. Assistant Krisha Ray a a Maroon Kitty Wilson. Letterman club. The leading committee of this project is made up of James Wooten Charles Tolbert Ragland Cooper Larry Gross and Judy Moore. All Hirsch ites will be excused from classes to attend this important games bring your Best conduct with you. Senior entertainment has gotten under Way during the division. Seniors act like seniors and give the people on the stage some consideration. Did you know comment Comer by Sharon Stevens there will be an inter school conference held at new Trier High in Evanston on november la. The Cost is $1.50 and there will be Buzz group discussions and a luncheon after the morning affair. Diann Washington gave a birthday party at the Parkway on october 22. Denise Harrell Rhey Orme Burgundy Compton and Arthur Donald were on hand. The Emma Nons Are giving a party entitled a the bewitching hour a at the Omega House on october 29th. The Cost is $1.00 a ticket. The klan coeds gave a skat ing party at St. Anselmus on saturday october 23rd. Among the guests were Angie Fassie Elvin White Delores Bentford and Donnie Crossley. The Omicron omegas will give a hop on october 29th, at the South Shore ballroom. The unique Debs will give a Western style party at the Chatham a by a on saturday october 30th. Rho Gamma Phi is giving a set on november 5th, at the Sherman House. The Sherwood gave a Jam on by Lynne Lunford and Sharon Stevens question of the week. What do you think of the burning of draft cards Eric Smith Hirschy i feel or. Raymond at work exceptional styling it performed by or. Raymond who it town at work in his thank Talon. His work consists of relaxers cold curl tints Etc. Or. Raymond Beauty Salon suite 203-6 439 s. Cottage Gray Ali phone 923.874 it october 15th, at the Sheraton Chicago. Deborah Cole ran Dylle Sneed Galda Garnett and Bobby Price were some of the guests. The be Petite Cheries and Ivy leagues gave a party at the Home of Boyce Brunson 9317 Wabash october 16. Among the guests were Karen Gran num Juan Cortes Cheryl Morgan and Ronald Jones. The pinstripes gave a Jam on 74th and Ingleside october 23rd. The Garfield gave a closed social at 86th and South Park on october 23. The betas gave a closed soda at the Home of Rosilind Penni Man 9538 Union. Scholarship won by area youth Walgreen a drug stores pharmacy scholarship went to a youth living in the area. Wayne e. Howell 7501 state has qualified for the employee scholarship and is now among too pharmacy students under this program working toward their degrees. It is a childish Way of getting out of doing a Many a Job. This is one of the worlds few obligations and i feel every Young Man should accept it. Boyce Bronson Harlan i am for it because it shows that by protesting Young people Are concerned because they Are the ones who have to go and fight a War that the older generation started. Joyce Gross a Harlan a i done to agree because when a Man is called i think he should go. Grady Murdock a Hirsch a i am against it because i think every boy should face the obligation of serving his country. Nyc helps by Paula Vee Davenport under the administration of manpower the neighbourhood youth corps located All Over the country has Given Young people from the age 16-21 a helping hand. Young people who have their parents consent come from a Low income family and have a social Security number May apply for employment. The hours Are to to 15 a week for Only 2 hours or 3 school periods a Day for $1.25 an hour. Working May Range from helping in the lunchroom to assisting in the main office. Some jobs Are outside of school grounds but always under supervision. The neighbourhood youth corps is helping to train Young americans for a future in our country. Andrewes Standard station 7100 s. Halsted save prepare for Winter new special pre season offer look what you get for a gain customers thru service and keep them thru satisfaction i gals h anti freeze 1 Check Complete Cooling system 1 new thermostat it new safety Radiator Cap a Check Hose pree�?2$ extra Sah Green Stamps with of. Change Ano lubrication

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