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Chicago Bulletin (Newspaper) - October 18, 1967, Chicago, Illinois 4wednesday, oct. 18, 1967 the bulletin Quot Lite senator politics and stuff Charlet Chew by Charles Chew or. Last wednesday i spoke to the economics club of Wilson Junior College my subject being careers in government. I received a very warm reception and if there is any group that is Well informed on the operational aspects of government. It is this group at Wilson. Subsequent to my delivery there was a question and answer period in which we discussed Many subjects ranging from civil rights to the next presidential election. It was quite Nice to be Able to speak to a group of students that was so Well informed. When you read this article i will be Back in Springfield legislating for the Benefit of the state of Illinois and As always i will be proud to be in a position to have a voice in the Laws that Are passed in the state. For your having sent me to Springfield As your senator there have been several rewards bestowed for the Benefit of my constituency. Namely i have been appointed to the following commissions the commission on technological Progress. This will be a study of the technological Progress that the state of Illinois is making and recommendation for new legislation which will make sunday school picnic the state of Illinois either even with or above other states in its Progress. The c oui Mission on obscenity Laws. That commission is charged with the responsibility of eliminating the kinds of materials that Are so prevalent in the state and that Are detrimental to the character of our Young people smut Etc. We feel that this commission is charged with a grave responsibility to clean up the existing conditions As far As obscenity is concerned. I am also a member of the family study commission. This commission is charged with the responsibility of studying the conditions of family life of people who Are somewhat deprived of Gaines negro leaders Are caught on the horns of a dilemma these Days. Violence and bloodshed appear to be the order of the Day in the fur b u i e n t Cal ram of the ghetto where the Black masses live. However the possibility of winning a Battle of violence is so Small their minds counsel against what their hearts Are in tune with. These Are the hard cold facts of our times. Many of us cry out against self destructive violence which could Breed counter violence that would make hitlers treatment of the jews look like a As a student of history and political science i know that Only massive overwhelming violence or selected violence such As assassinations is effective against an entrenched government. It is also noteworthy that White controlled Money both government and private is being used to turn the Wrath of the poor Black Man by Charta Ellis chivas of Success against great Odds. I for one shall attempt to do so. It appear that the Power Structure reacts Only to fear of violence and disorder so us working folks should revitalize our Black clubs and churches and get More militant in our Chad. A Black people on the demands for better jobs better Westside of Chicago May want begin using what Little Black Power we have we won t have any very Long. Foot note i read an interesting item from a Black Power. The politics of liberation in America a a by or. Charles v. Hamilton and Stokley Carmi Hurley Green Bruce Sagan editor publisher Chi Prtrt i it rtt Bon Mon Mer i Hobeom Hurt circulation Mer. Published every wednesday morning at 639 e. 7 it St. St Swart 3-1040 deadlines news noon thursday display advertising 5 . Thursday classified 3 . Monday credit Laws More equal insurance coverage for our Homes cars and personal property As Well As better Protection from criminal elements within our communities. A Little vigilante spirit and action is called for. We should have a self defense1 Force in each Block with a Telephone Chain to Alert everyone including the police department in order to combat thieves burglars rapists we should also take a firmer control Over the youth in our Homes and blocks. Encourage them to go to school raise Money for scholarships talk to our Emolo vees about hiring teenagers from our neighbourhood on part time jobs now and full time jobs next summer. We who have a Little Are going to have to be As aggressive As those who have nothing if we Are going to get our share of the new opportunities now opening up to Black folks. We can to against the Black men and the general stability of our society. We will be conducting studies women who have worked hard stand by an l it the Black Revo on people who Are on Public Aid broken families families in All their lives and have a Little lotion pass us by. If we done to which there is juvenile delinquency and the Overall study of recommending legislation to improve the lot of people whom i am particularly interested in and those Are the people whom it seems have been forgotten by society. And need to do something entirely different from Black people on the Southside of the City. But it is necessary in any Case to develop a sophisticated indigenous leadership which can work with issues of chief the same is True As Between the Woodlawn and the grand crossing communities on the Southside. The Woodlawn area has accepted the Blackstone rangers the indigo Nous leadership of the grand crossing Community feels some other solution is needed for their youth problems and they should be allowed to develop their own program. The Book also rejects White leadership of Blacks. The prime monies of the Effort to put the rangers in the Bethlehem presbyterian Church building Are White. So the citizens of grand crossing supported by the Park Manor neighbors and Chatham Avalon Park Community Council and others Are exercising the wishes of Black folks in these areas. Looking ahead in politics by Raymond Ewell representative 29th in state after state and City aft i City the negro politician is rising to a new status. No longer Content with the role of representing solid Black communities the new negro politician is seeking his rightful place among men based on Merit and ability. The All White equal in the right to pursue life Liberty and happiness. And political office. Negroes have won state wide offices in Illinois As trustees for the University of Illinois and they have won Many county wide offices in Cook county but now we must test state wide ticket is fading into both the theory and practice of the democratic party. But if the past and the new alliances the major political parties in la other qualified men like state of the future Are beginning to Lino is by slating qualified be take form. The state of Illinois Groes for state wide offices. In can to afford to be classed with the past it might have been those jurisdictions resisting argued that no negro was change and Progress for if ii known or accepted throughout senator Richard Newhouse or Nois is to continue her Progress the state but to Day there Are one of the other eminently Sive history she must select too Many exceptions for this to qualified negroes in Illinois Are be the Case. The relentless and not selected to run on a state representatives and possesses one of the Best reputations in Springfield. As a politician i can possibly conceive that perhaps senator Charles Chews militant advocacy of fair housing and other minority rights might make him not so acceptable to some members of director of Revenue Theodore Jones Chicago vehicle commissioner James Carter representative Harold Washington then i am a member of the police relations with minority groups commission. This commission is charged with the responsibility of studying police brutality that has been so frequently charged by Many Many citizens of the state especially Chicago and of the unauthorized authority of police departments throughout the state. We will want to know first of All whether these charges Are True and secondly if so Why they Are True. Thirdly we will want to recommend legislation to enact Laws that will totally eliminate police brutality and police arrogance. Bit. There is no program for those of us who Are employed and earn Between husband and wife Over $3,000.00 per year. This takes in about 70 percent of the negro families in Chicago and about 90 percent of those living in the bulletin Reading area. This group of industrious hardworking Law abiding Black Folk Are being drained by taxes which finances programs that turn less fortunate Black folks against round table for african american Fli Story a a. I j to them. It is time for some one to and if these charges Are True against the various police depart k it for this ments we also want to tighten up the restrictions and qua Ifica Pruun of Black folks who have tons for police personnel and we will also want to recommend legislation that would make police personnel professional people. This is not to say that All charges levied Are True or found toned but at least we will be Able to get to the Core of the charges that Are levied against the police department and the causes existing that would cause one to Levy these charges. I think these commissions Are necessary. The commission on police relations with minority groups was a Bill introduced in the House of representatives by state representative Raymond Ewell and Minu Evered through the Senate with the Aid of senators Smith Partee Newhouse and Chew. We were Able to group of Black folks who have been made to feel ashamed that they Are climbing up the ladder take place at 2 00 ., on alternate sundays. Before the speech and discussion began the audience had an Opportunity to look Over the Dis Ter acquainted with one another. By Matthew Bonds. President on sunday september 24, 1967. The round table opened its eighth year of programs and activities. The Washington Park Myca. 5000 s. Indiana ave., is the pay Many by a a Hiles scene of these meetings which from Curtis Ellis afro. American Book store 6447 cot secure enough votes for passage with Republican help and this Tage Grove and to become bet commission is a Touchy one because it is in fact similar to a police review Board. We feel that we will be Able to do a Job for the Benefit of people who have been deprived of their civil rights and that we will be Able to do a Job to bring about a peaceful relationship Between the police department and the citizens of the state of Illinois. When i was in Chicago As an Alderman i could see More of my constituents and certainly they could see More of me but operating from the base of Springfield 111., the state capital it is impossible for me to see you As often As i would like. But hereafter my office will be located at 6542 South cottage Grove the 6th Ward regular democratic organization and you will be Able to Contact me there. The Telephone number will be a 4-7647. We will be firmly located in our new office by the first of november and i will be at your service for any complaints and or ideas that you May have pertaining to business of the state. The one request i always make of my constituency is that you work with me and help me to become a better senator. Put god at the head of every household and we will always come out All right. Her candidates for state wide office on Merit and ability. The Black Power advocates argue that a White society will never accept qualified negroes and Many emotional and culturally isolated negroes believe this. However the recent victories of United states senator Brooke and mayoral candidates Stokes and Hatcher tend to prove that qualified candidates can win offices on a state wide and regional basis. Even in the deep South negro candidates have won county wide offices. The time has come for Illinois to implement the words and ideals of Abraham Lincoln and Adlai Stevenson and demonstrate to the world that All men Are created Ersary time will deny the Opportunity of state wide office to such Noble men As state senator Fred Smith and state representative corneal Davis and again the absence of time and experience will deny this same Opportunity to several Able younger men. Yet i can think of no conceivable reason Why a Man like state senator Cecil Partee who is known throughout the state of Illinois for his legislative ability can not be slated for a state wide office. Senator Par tec was recently named the Best freshman legislator in the Illinois Senate. Senator Partee is an Able and experienced legislator who has served for 5 previous terms in the House of wide ticket then the fault is not with the Lack of qualified candidates but with the party. The absence of a qualified negro on the state ticket for Illinois will be a slap in the face to the faithful and Long suffering negro electorate. However i predict that the democratic party will Rise to the occasion and meet the challenges of a democratic society by naming a qualified negro to run on the state ticket. The democratic party must look ahead because in the very near future the Republican party might reach for a political first by slating United states senator Brooke of Massachusetts for vice president of the United states. Englewood thru these eyes while watching a late late . Show recently i could but agree with the adage that a Man does not learn from by Willie Pittman caused. This person was called As satan. The name of the after several announcements history. The made including one about Yaj e with the medieval practice whereby a lord or Baron when challenged to a were the opening of the play a your land at the new Community Louis theater 108 e. 35th St. On october 5th, and the continuing engagement of the state company of the Republic of Guinea in Les ballets Afri Caines at the Studebaker the Duel or encounter with one of his Peers both had naming Pittman the option of someone else to fight see you next week. I i i i i i i i i i i Dailey a Robert d. Brown prop. 532 e. 79th Modess Sale begins fri., oct. 20th thru mon., and we the right to limit quantities end Correct primed errors. We deliver free i 6-5431 pharmacy for savings service Security prescriptions filled promptly and professionally t i Reg. Super a form teen 12 Reg. 504 Sale Price Coupon limit i 33 scope family size Ater the meeting was formally bae they themselves had brought to order by Theodore Valentine vice pres of the organization. In his introduction Valentine commented upon Lou houses background As chairman of the african american International studies program As an ardent civil rights activist and As former announcer for radio station Waal. He cited his work As an organizer and participant in the Black Power conference held in Newark new Jersey in july. House began his speech which was titled a the Black Power conference a report. By stating that the conference checking your is account nine out of every ten workers pay social Security taxes on their earnings. Those taxes provide insurance coverage which protects them against loss of income from sickness retirement and death. You or someone in your Fame itself was held in the rectory of by might be eligible for some a Newark episcopal Church. I Type of social Security Benefit. Mennen baby magic i to pn�.99<j �tej77�j head amp or Crest Tser Trouton i shoulder 5�?z�t00� paste j a Price i 05 j my a7,. Upon Umit i a i Sale Price Quot c a a desist i Reg. 86 5 5 it Reg. 1.65 Sale Coupon new Dawn hair color 2.2s of. Reg. 2.00 Sale Price 14 different shades Light or Blond i a Sale priced 3 i 57 the chairman was or. Nathan Wright. The conference was the outgrowth of two previous pre planning Black Power sessions. House then began an historical sketch of the background of the conference. He stated that brother Adam c. Powell representative from new Yorkus i 18th congressional District started this by a talk he gave at Howard University also a Black position paper that he wrote and an interview for a weekly news Magazine in which he spoke of this Power As a audacious Power or a Black Power. The conference House continued was first put together by brother Powell and his staff social Security pays disability benefits to workers who cannot and Are not expected to work for twelve full months because of some disabling condition. We also pay retirement benefits to workers at least sixty two who decide to retire. There Are medicare benefits available to most people who Are sixty five whether they Are retiring or not. In addition we pay benefits to some wives widows and children of workers who qualify. A of course there is More to it than this but it does pay to find out. After All you or a Friend might be one of the people who meets the requirements for these benefits. To find out for sure Contact during a pre planning session your nearest social Security of $1 39 i i Reg. 98 a 14 different shades Light of Blond Sale pricey m \. I i Pacquin i i skin bracer i extra dry i i 10-5 of. 12� off Reg. 88 Sale Price 55 pertussis 8 hour action 6 of. Reg. �?~1.79$ 119 Sale Price i l i i Sale Price i i peroxide i i a i Epsom salts 5 lbs 34 held in the Sam Rayburn building in Washington d. C. Labor Day 1966. Another pre planning session was held in Newark . Then the conference itself was held fice. Ask for the pamphlet a your social s e c u r i t a a Oasi-35. It describes All the various social Security benefits. The social Security office at 8828 Stony Island Chicago Illi 4 i of. In Newark in july of this year. I Nois phone 31-8900, sees ,. J. J Chatham Park Manor and to be continued next week Chesterfield residents. Just wonderful hair Spray 59 Reg. 79 i Sale Price 53< Voisine r \ plastic amp a Glass bottle j Reg. S1.50 of a Sale Price of Reg. Hard t0 hold unscented 13 of. I zest ads a i 120, Reg. 3�?o Sale Price to volume 4 of 1 11 Price to Lysol 12 of Rufinar a Pine i Ete selection of amp Domestic Reg. 99 a it Sale Price 68 wines Beer amp package liquors 2�?� i i i i or. Raymond s Beauty Salon exceptional styling is performed by or. Raymond who is shown at work in his Swank Salon. His work consists of relaxers cold curl tints Etc. Or. Raymond and miss Elaine stylists Beauty Salon suite 205-6 7439 a cottage Grove All phone 7134748 a a a champions. He was usually very Strong and proficient in the use of Many crude but deadly weapons of the period. They battled until one or the other was carried off the Field dead and the survivor bound his Many wounds. We have in our midst Here in Englewood another a a champions. Although he was not pitted against a brutal and Strong adversary in real physical combat the scars of Battle Are nevertheless apparent. The a a champions i refer to is James Batts president of the Green Street association. It will be interesting to see the fruits of his labor when the supreme court of the United states rules on the litigation brought to it by the Green Street association. The Green Street association under the leadership for the last five years of James Batts has demonstrated to the Community City state and even the Federal government How poor people Are treated As the result of Urban renewal. Through the efforts of Batts and a precious few others a lesson in tenacity has been exemplified. Such outside organizations As the citizens housing committee . Coordinating Council of Cornin u n i t y organization Sand . Southern Christian leadership conference helped considerably and gave Effort and courage to the Green Street association. The local organizations and most saddening of All Many Home owners directly affected by this a a removal remained silent during the fight. Thus Batts Job of organizing and presenting the issues were made More difficult. The Green Street association will somehow by gods Grace survive but a a a champions like James Batts will be hard to come by. I somehow Felt the heartaches and disappointments Batts must have encountered Over these past five years grouping for support running into those Many Brick Walls faced with an unpopular stand and facing formidable enemies on All sides. The people of Green Street association have been accused of being against Progress. The association was and is Only against people in Power taking Homes that for Many represent years of hard labor and dreams with no fair return. I feel that the Effort of James Batts has shown the existing Power Structure and future Power structures that poor people when aroused will fight and struggle for that which has taken years to obtain. To James Batts my hat is off and May god bless you. Once again i will be acting play is glory Road. The first fall performance will be held sunday oct. 22, at it. Carmel e. Church 6159 Ada time 5 . Rev. T. C Lightfoot pastor. It will be really interesting to see now Many people old satan will be Able to get to go to hell. So done to miss it. Want a speaker pc has service in an Effort to creat a better understanding of the role of publicity and Public relations the publicity club of Chicago has made available to any club or organization a guest speaker As a free service. According to speakers committee chairman Edmund a. Samson More than 400 pc members representing welfare government business education and Trade associations Are available to speak to local groups. Those desiring further information or a free brochure on the availability of pc speakers Are advised to write chairman speakers committee publicity club of Chicago 18 s. Michigan Chicago 60603. Cardio Gram in the heart of Inglewood with Englewood in it s heart Odoi us g. Morrill la salvation army f a Glt Wood a turns 51? s. Hoist strut a Chi cog Illinois 021 the dictionary is a pretty Good Hook but i never could get the hang of the Stevy a this is one a of saying that very important even though their mean tag sometimes escapes us. Its pretty rough getting go tag without them. V v. But did you know that god cant get along without words either he is the Quot speaking. God i he Bible Calls Jesus -christ., god s son. Tile a word is the expression of a thought Jesus Christ is the expression of god s thoughts to you. Through Quot the Bible your frustrations life circus Tances. God is speaking to you in his son. What she trying to say to you1 and say what s your answer1 the salvation army Englewood corps 6512 so. Hoisted he 7-2144 233-5627 to Call for the Best buy on your insurance Ray Adkins 622 East 79th Street off. 846-0505 res. 331-3859 p 621010 state farm insurance companies Home office Bloomington wino the Man from Mississippi says just Good eating1 special this week Ike succulent Squirrel dinners a Choice of two vegetables a dessert two great locations 414 East 61st St. -415 East 79th St

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