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Chicago Bulletin (Newspaper) - November 26, 1959, Chicago, Illinois Search for pair who shot bus Driver still on _ i my _ a fit 4�> Uin nerf i he told police that the the. Pc search or the my. Att outs who Abo. And critically other Tai a More youths who beat a 72-year the possibility that Knowlton was rounded a local bus Driver ast to hav. Watchman in a Bowling Alley attacked by the same youths who reek a complicated by to Quot a to Ouido a drug a Tore at 7l59 at tvs Vin Connei within half Rennhak. Wentworth ave. Block of the bus Holdup. Rennhak staggered into that the watchman Frank knowl Taylor the witness in the store after the shooting and an ton of 7158 Vincennes was found wednesday shooting was beaten employee called the police. Unconscious in the Bowling Alley kicked and robbed of $. Ear v eight youths picked up near thursday. Saturday by five men w o a there and questioned were later he was Able to Tell police Only tacked him at 50th . And Cham released. That his assailants were . _ actors a the principal witness to the incident was himself assaulted and robbed two Days later a another Man believed by detectives to be a viol in of the same teenage gangsters was in . Bernard a Hospital with a Skull fracture and could not Tell much about the Holdup in which he was Hurt. The bus Driver Raymond Rennhak 47, of 423 w. 74th ., was shot wednesday night in the robbery attempt which took place n the turnaround terminal at 72nd . And Wentworth. He was in fair condition also in . Bernard a Hospital after doctors there removed a .32 Caliper Bullet from his belly. Rennhak told the police that he had ended a westbound trip from South Shore along 71st . When two youths. 17 or 18 years old climbed aboard his bus and announced a stick up while four others remained outside. One pushed Rennhak Back into his seat when he tried to get up. When the Driver got up again one of the intruders whipped out a pistol and fired. According to police the Bandit apparently had to pull the trigger twice. The first attempt misfired the robber ejected the Cartridge and fired again. Then the youths and two male passengers in the bus fled. Police Learned from l. D. Taylor 33, of 219 w. 72nd ., that a half dozen youths were near the bus at the time. Taylor a state Highway labourer said he saw two of the gang go up to the bus. He heard a shot a moment Taler and turned to see the youths he told police that the men came up behind him after he left a bus. One Man hit him on the head with a pistol. While he was Down the gang kicked and pummelled him and took his Money. However police said they did not believe the attack on Taylor was connected with the shooting of Rennhak. Taylor said his assailants made no mention of the i bus Driver. A toil leaving the it a turnaround at 72nd . And Wentworth where bus Driver Raymond Rennhak was shot last week is another Ota bus. At left is drug store to which Rennhak staggered after the shooting. Van Hardy photo Chatham gets 227 new lights volume 2, no. 7 10c at Newsstands Chicago Illinois november 26, 1959 published at 439 e. 71st . Tel. Stewart 3-1040 new Mercury vapor lighting costing 149,000 will be turned on Early next week in two parts of Chatham. The area Between 79th and 87th s., South Park and cottage Grove has 144 lights installed at a Cost of $95,000, while the area bordered by 79th and 83rd sts., South Park and Champlain has 83 new Light fixtures casting $54,000. Present guest of Honor Ward group backs anti smut petition City asks to have receiver fix buildings the City has asked the Superior court to appoint a receiver to repair the apartment building at 1402rl0 e. 63rd . Defendants Are the Caddick building corporation 3059 e. 92nd . And Southwest realty management 2922 e. 92nd . The four Story Structure contains 28 apartments 4 stores and houses approximately 78 people. The City asks that the receiver collect rents from tenants and use the Money to bring the Structure to minimum standards of the various City codes City officials found violations of the zoning building housing electrical plumbing health and fire ordinances. Twenty seven discrepancies were noted by the inspectors they include heavy infestation by mice and Roaches improper plumbing defective flooring and falling plaster thru out the building. The City said the defendants have been Given repeated notices to repair the building but have refused to do . It said the building is a fire Hazard and is a danger to its occupants. Boy 6 /2, lost but not really a a we re All against sin a a smilingly said a Man sitting three chairs away from Ald. James a. Condon 8that the head of the table. Twenty six persons taking part in the deliberations of the eight Ward legislative Council last week laughed. This was the consensus reached by the group after More than an hour of discussion of an alleged flow of smutty Reading matter into the area. Two Days before thanksgiving Tisha Jones 3, of 8017 Calumet pats the head of the 15-Jound Tom posed with the hat Het less than a foot from its red wattled neck. Holding the Hatchet is Joe Loeb jr., owner of a poultry store at 7535 cottage Grove. Loeb Mother in the Back ground displays yet another candidate for the place of Honor in today dinner for the Benefit of Lutisha Mother mrs. George Jones. Van Hardy photo to sue it a for $100,000 a $100,000 personal injury suit has been filed against the Chi Cago transit authority by mrs Lena Rice 6224 Prairie. In her circuit court petition mrs. Rice accuses the it a of negligence and carelessness in the operation of its vehicles. She claims she was a severely injured As she was about to get off a bus at 63rd . And Prairie on sept 27. The Driver stopped the vehicle suddenly and opened the door before the bus had halted she charges. As a result the suit claims mrs. Rice was thrown to the floor and out the door. She broke both her legs and sustained other injuries when she landed on the pavement outside the bus the suit maintains. Though a formal vote never prurient interest to persons As taken the delegates from 13 under 17 years of age. The Law civic organizations and six Busi was written by Condon while he Ness men a associations agreed to served As an assistant Corpora circulate petitions through their Tion Council. Groups asking for area residents a Success of this concerted signature on a a a let a have no drive against smut will make the pornography Here plea. Eighth Ward the greatest place to the group reached no Clear live in the City a Condon said decisions on what to do with the discussion of the topic ranged names collected but different from whether a lady Chatterley a delegates suggested that the lovers is in fact a pornographic Ign cd sheets might in turn be work to serious concern with circulated among the local Maga How to make an anti obscenity Zine and Book Sellers or be drive effective without setting up presented to the four major the legislative Council As a Cen periodical distributing agencies in worship Board the City. Still Mother members did not a third alternative proposed want to impose an impossible was to Forward the petitions to task on the merchants Selling the mayor asking him to enforce paperback publications with a the ordinance on the books for a self policing project. Do these More than two years which businessmen have the time to makes it a crime to display or to scan the material they offer and offer for Sale a publications of Are they competent judges of what is obscene were the questions they raised. The group agreed to draw the merchants attention to the existence of an a objectionable material list put out periodically by the police department. Earlier in the meeting the group Willy Nilly let the problem of store front churches fizzle on for another month. Though the delegates had undertaken to poll their groups concerning the question Only six have done this since last months meeting. Of these Only three brought answers to the legislative Council All against the store front congregations. Two other groups previously had taken the same stand. 69th-Stewart land clearance under club to hear Little Rock superintendent speaking at the second annual human rights dinner dec. 5 at vice crackdown continues r let a diagonally across the Street from the newly established re location Aid office of the land clearance commission worker take a break last monday after razing the building once located on the lot at 428 w. 69th . Van Hardy photo police arrested eight women and another mis. Helen Sloan and four men Early last thurs 29, has served two years in the Day in a raid on the club Arden state women a reformatory at Saloon 1368 e. 63rd Pierre Vallady 6v2, of 57 w 73rd ., a first grader at Deneen school 7240 Wabash gave authorities a scare one morning last week. Following recess on wednesday Pierre was reported missing from class. Grand crossing police dispatched six squad cars to the area to search for the boy. The Hunt was at its Pierre reappeared at the sponsor eng club. School. He told the teachers he had gone for a walk and had wandered onto state . Before he realized he had gone past the recess time. The boy had walked through the police a a net on his return without being observed by the searching patrolmen. One of the men Luther Cleve 7 pan in the Hyde Payma of Ndu 46�?T a a a termer manager of 1400 e. 53rd ., will be Ald. The. Clover club 602 e. 83rd . Leon m. Despres 5th and or. Pm it a a a said. The tavern was a. L. Reynolds 1210 e. 62nd ., ordered cities ag0 pastor of the sixth United pres Ama a or re child it a Dale by Lyrian Church. A detective mid two of the the dinner is being sponsored,"0�&Quot miss Pamela by the american Friendship club. Reed 22, and her sister Annor. Reynolds received the were arrested in a vice raid in brotherhood award from the a the Clover club nov. A. A. Tonal conference of christians and jews last year. Featured speaker will be or. Virgil t. Blossom former super intent indent of schools in Little Rock ark., now in a similar Job j at san Antonio Tex. His recently published Book a it has Hap mrs. Julia Tolbert 46, stabbed pwned Here a is an account of by a purse snatcher while re killed by purse thief the Little Rock crisis another highlight of the program will be a dramatic presentation of the declaration of human rights adapted for this program by playwright David l. Crowder. It will be Given by Ray Stubbs 6731 Evans an actor. Mrs. Fred Walker 1438 e. 60th pl., is the president of the turning Home from Church died late monday in University of Illinois Hospital. Mrs. Tolbert of 6553 Harvard told police before she died that a Man followed her sunday from her car to the doorway of her Home stabbed her in the Abdomen and fled with her purse. The purse she said contained no Money. Dwight for Selling narcotics. Two detectives Michael costello and Stephen Spratton posed As customers and were solicited for prostitution police said. Costello accompanied miss Reed to the apartment of another woman miss Lenora Rucker 25, at 6212 Woodlawn where miss Reed disrobed Mcmorrow said. Spratton said he was solicited by mrs. Sloan in the Saloon and arrested her immediately. A detective said Cleveland had been acting As a Lookout at the club Arden. The other three men arrested identified themselves at Aubra Mansfield 50, owner of the club Arden Meridy rambow 52, and George Vrabel 46, bartenders. Mieh., to a hotel room at 6323 cottage Grove. The clerk police said admitted that miss Nelson had solicited him for prostitution. Smith 64, of 6514 Rhodes conducted an anti vice crusade against a sin Corner a he was acquitted last april of a charge that he had been one of her customers. Mayor Daley ordered 15 Day License suspensions Friday for two local taverns the Blossom 6652 Stony Island and the bowlers lounge 6846 Stony is land both Selling intoxicants to minors. The places Are to be closed from Friday to dec. 5, in each Case on the recommendation of police. Sings at remodelling Celebration Ella Jenkins 727 e. 60th ., a Folk Singer took part in the a music from Many lands concert sunday celebrating the remodelling of the Friend ship House 4233 Indiana after a fire Shirley Nelson 35, admitted prostitute who was the states chief witness in the Joseph Smith vice trial appeared in narcotics court monday accused of practising her Trade again at a sin but the charges were dismissed by judge George b. Weiss when the states attorneys office said it did no to have enough evidence to prosecute the Case. Miss Nelson of Gary ind., was burned out the building last year. Serving on the College student committee co sponsoring the Celebration were Shirley Turnley i arrested sunday night by Wood-6518 Minerva and Gloria Clay i Lawn detectives who trailed her 735 e. 65th . Sand a clerk from Benton Harbor three sponsor fair for negro colleges three women from this area were members of the women a committee of the United negro College fund who last week sponsored the 1959 Ebony Benefit fashion fair in the grand ballroom of the Palmer House. They Are mrs. Allison Davis 6129 Langley mrs. Harry Gibson 6754 . Lawrence and mrs. James e. Stamps 6748 . Lawrence. The fair is one of Unco a a Means of reaching a 1959 goal of $150,000 in the Chicago area wreckers began razing last Friday the first of 51 condemned buildings in the $1,500,000 project of the land clearance commission to Clear land for the expansion of the Chicago teachers College Campus. Although this 11-acre project is within the 243-acres of the Englewood renewal area the two Are entirely separate. More than $6,500,000 has been allocated by the government for the Overall redevelopment plan. Blast kills one hurts two one Man died Friday after an explosion in the filling station at 6600 cottage Grove. Two others were burned seriously. Dead was Allen Montgomery 25, of 6603 cottage Grove. The injured Are Ira Thompson 30, of 6209 Greenwood and Theodore Kendrick 22, of 6249 Rhodes. Fireman Otto Pospisil 30, dashed into the flames to reach Kendrick after the blast in the Standard Oil station knocked the Mechanic unconscious. Both Thompson the night manager and Montgomery managed on their own to escape from the building before collapsing. The explosion occurred in the grease stall Thompson told police and firemen. He said there was Humphrey Williamson of the 19th from this area Raymond Eustace a Bright Flash of Light and then battalion set damage at $15,000. ,33, of 7610 Normal was Over the tremendous blast that Tore the Vul staff begun by police by a Oke while battling a the doors off the hinges. And fire department investigators. 5-11 alarm at y0lh dn<1 the fire burned out the in commercial. He was treated Al terror of the station. Chief i later the same Day a fireman South Chicago Hospital. Phil Doyle land clearance commission head said the face lifting had been in the making since 1934. For the Benefit of the several Hundred tenants of the doomed buildings he said a relocation service had been established at 423 w. 69th ., where they would be assisted in finding a new Home in Standard housing satisfactory to them. In one of the speeches before the wreckers Ball swung the charged with murder released without trial a local Case of alleged murder figured in a precedent establishing ruling last week when a Man because he was tied up with other cases. When Greenfield demanded an the rubber in the tires inside the burned out Gas station had melted partially from the heat of the Blaze. And a woman charged with kill immediate trial a week ago Jug a Man Here last june were tuesday judge Covelli sent the freed without trial. Case Back to chief Justice Charles the couple was released from Dougherty who reassigned it the county jail tuesday because 1� judge Hartigan. The state failed to prosecute judge Dougherty said the four them within four court terms term acl Bas b Ien the bks As required by Law. Many years since Long before accused of shooting to death he became an assistant states Charles Ervin 33, of 6028 Stony i attorney in 1924. Island on june 7 in front of but this was the first time in 4731 Calumet after an argument by memory Dougherty commen Over a woman was John Mosby Ted a Man charged with murder alias Johnnie Nylon 28. Had been released. Sherry Johnston 28, was the purpose of the Law is to charged with being an accessory Jansure a defendant the speedy after the fact trial guaranteed in both state they were arrested july 18 and United states constitutions and indicted sept. 23. If the defendant seeks a delay when the Case came up be of course it the four month Rule fore judge Matthew d. Hartigan does not in criminal court last week Jack Stein assistant Public defender told the judge the four term act had expired and asked for their judge Hartigan acted Over the want to teach ugh blamed the crowded court eaten Prairie was one of two High Dar for the failure in bringing schools that furnished More Mosby to trial. Freshmen to the Chicago teachers Mosby and miss Johnston Slege 6800 Stewart this semes Cash originally was assigned to judge Daniel a. Covelli who was Ter than any other High school forced to continue it four times on the South Side. Rev. Harry Conner of Normal Park methodist Church 7103 Union emphasized that the needs of both the school and the surrounding Community Are being served by this improvement. When the program of renewal is carried out a a we re going to have a tremendously healthy atmosphere in which to work and live a he said. Both sides of 69th . Are to be cleared from Normal to the Rock Island Railroad. The 5.9 acres of land on the North Side of 69th . Will be sold to the Board of education for the Campus expansion and a parking lot for students and teachers. The land on the South Side will be sold to private builders who agree to erect business blocks for snack bars restaurants and shops Selling school supplies to students. John j. Haley custodian of Chicago teachers and Wilson or. Colleges and Parker High and elementary schools which have a combined enrolment of 9,250 students said the four schools would share the expanded Campus As Well As the additional parking space. More girls Here Here How to get extra Cash for Christmas electric trains sleds wagons bicycles and All other toys Are easily sold now thru the want ads. Gather up All of the toys that your children have outgrown and sell them with a Low Cost bulletin want and. Call the a taker and Tell her you have a Quot Christmas she will help you write your and. Its easy and you la have extra Cash for Christmas. Call today Stewart 3-1040

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