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Chicago Bulletin (Newspaper) - November 8, 1962, Chicago, Illinois Puff l pot roast chosen for Economy after the holidays Economy is often the keynote of menu plans when you think of budget meats that Are Hearty and Well received by the family too beef pot roast comes to mind. The beef Cooks slowly in Bouillon and Bay Leaf then is served with tasty potato cakes. Pot roast with potato cakes s to 4-Pound beef Arm or Blade pot roast 1 Tablespoons flour in Teaspoons Salt is Teaspoon Pepper s Tablespoons lard or drippings 2 medium onions quartered i Bay Leaf 1 Bouillon cube m cup water flour for Gravy Combine flour Salt and Pepper. Dredge meat in seasoned flour. Brown meat in lard or drippings. Pour off drippings. Add onions Bay Leaf Bouillon cube and water. Cover tightly and Cook slowly 3 to 3m hours or until meat is tender. Remove meat to hot Platter. Discard Bay Leaf. Thicken liquid with flour for Gravy. Serve with potato cakes. 8 Servings. Potato cakes t cups seasoned mashed potatoes 2 eggs Well beaten 2 Tablespoons flour i Teaspoon baking powder m Teaspoon Salt i cup finely chopped onion i cup lard Combine potatoes eggs flour baking powder Salt and onion. Mix Well. Spoon into hot lard and Brown on both sides. 8 potato cakes. 1record Refre do it yourself sundaes Here s spicy Spanish meal for gourmet Spanish Picarillo a la Catalani i Pound ground round Steak 8 Tablespoons butter 1 onion chopped m cup Ripe olives pitted m cup canned or cooked Chick peas it cup seedless raisins 2 cups Tomato juice i Teaspoon Salt i Teaspoon Mon sodium glutamate a Teaspoon thyme v4 Teaspoon Marjoram i Teaspoon Pepper Brown the ground round Steak in butter. Add the chopped onion and Brown this also. Coarsely chop the Ripe olives and add to the meat along with Chick peas raisins and Tomato juice. Season with the Salt Mon sodium glutamate thyme Marjoram and Pepper. Simmer gently until heated through. If not moist enough add i cup water. Opal Wilson 7907 s. Crandon ave. Try this Hearty autumn menu flaming custard custard is made the Day before and stored in the refrigerator. This recipe will serve eight very heartily. Custard 6 eggs 4 tsp. Salt 6 cups milk 3 tsp. Vanilla i cup sugar depending on individual taste scald milk and Cool slightly. Combine slightly beaten eggs sugar and Salt. Add milk slowly stirring at same time. Add Vanilla pour into Large casserole or Ovenproof dish and bake in a Over top of sauce ignite. Place on table and allow guests to ladle sauce or custard As they desire and As often As they desire. The custard can be made with a prepared packaged mix for quickness and Economy. Mrs. George Schoenhardt 8829 s. Komensky Hometown. A a a have you Ever been to or someone a Home when 375 oven till inserted knife you can to quite determine what comes out clean. Cool and re is included in a recipe that is Ctm off mood of Gold do idiot let do it yourself sundaes provide a swinging Start for teenage record parties. Load the refreshment table with a selection of toppings dishes napkins and spoons and let your guests scoop together a creation set to the mood of the music be it twist or twirl. New ice Cream flavors such As Choco Bongo a blend of chocolate and Coconut marshmallow ice creams can Provida a solid Bas for Theta treats. Rolled beef fall treat beef Birds Appeal to appetites on january Days when appetites Are keen Hearty foods Are in order. Take a tip from midwestern style c o o k e r y for dishes certain to Appeal to the this one is a Savory full dish a tasty meal beef Rolls 2 pounds beef flank or round Steak Pepper mild Mustard diced raw Bacon i medium onion chopped 4 Small gherkins 2, 3 Tablespoons butter i cup hot consomme i Tablespoon flour m Teaspoon mixed herbs to serve four people you will Flavoured beef dish with a hidden need about two pounds of beef Corn stuffing. Round Steak is Cut Cut Kout one half Inch thick and into serving pieces pounded with seasoned flour and rolled with the Corn mixture inside to form Reba Staggs meat cookery expert states that round Steak should always be cooked by moist heat. This gives an of separated into at least eight strips about two inches wide. Pound lightly to flatten using a Mallet or even milk bottle. Rub the meat w the Salt and Pepper. Brush into a suspicion of mild Mustard. On each piece of beef Lay a thin strip of Bacon or Cut port Unity to make a wonderful ,aconil�?Tnt2 Andrj Jav pm Gravy to pour Over the top. Corn stuffed beef Birds 1 beef round Steak Cut it Inch thick v4 cup flour in Teaspoons Salt i Teaspoon Pepper 1 can Oom ounces whole Kernel Corn my cup Cracker crumbs 2 Tablespoons chopped onion i Tablespoon chopped Green Pepper i Teaspoon Salt a Teaspoon Pepper i Teaspoon Basil 2 Tablespoons lard or drippings i cup water Combine flour Salt and Pepper. Pound seasoned flour into a teak. Cut Steak into 5 or 6 a Ervings. Mix together Corn Cracker crumbs onion Green Pepper and seasonings. Place m cup Corn mixture on each Pica of Steak and Roll As a Jelly Roll. Fasten with wooden picks or skewers. Brown meat slowly in lard or drippings. Pour off drippings. Add water. Cover tightly and Cook slowly in hours or until meat is tender. Thicken cooking liquid for Gravy if desired. 5 to 6 Servings. Along the beef. Sprinkle onto the beef chopped onion and a very beef Short rib meal As fall comes a round the Corner this is the time to make a pact with yourself to serve a few extraordinary meals. One Way to bring diversity to menus is with less familiar meat cuts. As a suggestion have you served beef Short ribs lately they re one of the less demanded Economy meat cuts with plenty of flavor. Beef Short ribs Raisin sauce 3 pounds beef Short ribs 2 Tablespoons lard or drippings i Teaspoon Salt is Teaspoon Pepper 1 onion quartered m cup Brown sugar i Teaspoon dry Mustard 1 Tablespoon flour 2 Tablespoons vinegar 2 Tablespoons Lemon juice i Teaspoon grated Lemon Rind i Bay Leaf in cups water m cup raisins flour if desired Brown Short ribs in own fat Small amount of thinly sliced or lard or drippings. Pour off gherkins. Drippings. Season with Salt and Roll up and tie with a string Pepper. Add quartered onion. Or use a Small wooden skewer Combine remaining ingredients or a couple of Stout toothpicks and bring to a boil. Pour Over in a heavy frying pan melt two Short ribs. Cover tightly and or three Tablespoons butter and Cook slowly 2 to 2m hours or Brown the Rolls on All sides gradually add Somme. Cover gently until the meat is me tingly tender about in hours. Remove Rolls from pan stir into the Gravy one Tablespoon flour which has been mixed to a thin paste with a Little cold water. Add m Teaspoon dried mixed herbs or even poultry seasoning will do. Cook 5 to to minutes. Then return the meat until meat is tender. Thicken i cup hot con sauce with flour if desired. Six and Cook very Servings. Rolls to the Gravy and allow to stand in a warm place. At serving time remove strings or skewers and serve with mixed vegetables a carrots and peas a and mashed potatoes. Mrs. K. Winter 7544 s. Kimbark ave. Blueberry Mold by Bessie tops Bessie a Blueberry Mold i Drain no. 2m can fruit cocktail Drain no. 2 can blueberries i pkg. Lemon jello use the juice of no. 2 can blueberries with enough water. Not quite 2 cups. And dissolve. After this jells slightly add blueberries. This is the Middle filling of the Mold. Ii i pkg. Lemon jello i pkg. Lime jello chill i Large can Minot in Freezer mix together and add juice of fruit cocktail and water for 2mi cups altogether. Beat chilled Minot till Fluffy. Fold in Lime Lemon jello slightly thickened and beat. Add fruit cocktail and spread in Bottom of greased Mold where cherries have been placed. You May use cherries from can of fruit cocktail. This is the first and third layer of the Mold. Bessie soulman 7810 Constance ave. Make sure you re protected when you buy a Money order currency Exchange then is int or yet Only a currency Exchange Money order gives you All these important advantages second Day pot roast serve slices of leftover pot roast in a sauce made from the remaining Gravy combined with a can of condensed onion soup. Serve on noodles. A fast replacement of lost a permanent record of your payment is kept a you always get a receipt a can be traced immediately e always lists sender and to whom paid e always lists Date e All records kept locally and available to you Frig Erate. Flaming top 2v4 cups water include some Maraschino Cherry juice if possible i cup rum or Brandy i pkg. Junket danish dessert chopped Maraschino cherries in Quantity you prefer mix All ingredients in Saucepan and heat till mixture is Clear. Keep warm till serving time either in chafing dish or Heatproof Container fancy enough to serve in. Place portion of custard in custard cups and serve. Before bringing sauce to table Sprinkle 2 Tablespoons Brandy or whiskey served several ingredients Are Obi for variety egg Oyster casserole scalloped eggs and oysters 3 tbsp flour 3 tbsp butter in cups milk 4 hard cooked eggs sliced m it. Oysters m cup crumbs i tbsp minced Parsley /4 tsp. Salt make a White sauce of the first three ingredients. Add the i package in ounces dried Parsley. Cover Bottom of a but mushroom soup and onion soup. Its just that easy pork chops with mushroom sauce 6 rib or loin pork chops Cut a Inch thick 2 Tablespoons lard or drippings i Teaspoon Salt is Teaspoon Pepper i can Hom ounces condensed mushroom soup in cups water i can 4 ounces whole Button mushrooms drained i Tablespoon minced onion 4 cup diced Green Pepper onion soup tired baking dish with a thin Brown chops in lard or drip layer of the sauce. Arrange a Ous but it s always those Small pings it p0ur off drippings. Sea layer of sliced eggs then a layer flavor wisps that make a recipe son with Salt and Pepper. Com of oysters and another of eggs different. In a his Caseri or Jne remaining ingredients and pour remainder of sauce Over loin pork chops Are the Star at x or Over chops. Cover tightly All. Carn Ina and Cook slowly 45 minutes to i hour or until done traction but its the Tion of flavors that counts. Reba Staggs Well qualified Ings. Meat authority tells us the secret of preparing pork chops with a mushroom sauce. Slow cooking results in the delicious blend of flavors. The recipe Isnit involved fact the Sprinkle the top with the six serv crumbs and bake for 15 min Jutes in hot oven 425 f., or until crumbs Are Brown. Mrs. Arthur Downey 3149 w. 42nd St. Keep Brown color of me at in cooking pot roast round Steak chops and other cuts by in braising Brown them slowly. Convenient condensed slow Browning will help and dried soups make this recipe meat retain its attractive Brown slowly in water to cover. Allow preparation an easy act. The color during the remaining Cook about 40 to 50 minutes per Pound Subtle flavors Are emitted by the ing. For the meat to become tender. Corned beef cookery in preparing corned beef re the member that it must be cooked valuable extra Bonus red owl Coupon a a a this Coupon entitles the customer to 200 Bonus 3 Star Stamps with this Coupon and $10.00 Purchase or Moro excluding cigarettes amp liquor Coupon valid thru sat., nov 10th Good old old fashioned bargains during red owls. Fashioned k ii whole fresh Fryer wish Fryer legs legs la 39� i oxtail a a a j excellent for ,.u>49ecube steaks Grapefruit i 49 i oxtail a a a la. 19 l solid. Heavy i soup or braising California tomatoes tube delicious smoked a to 8 la. Ave Rah spareribs punks in dollars oath 4-0zcan� kanji5�?T&Quot&Quot&Quot a a Coffee 1 the Toul Apple save three Star Stamps Mai a a food stores there s a red owl near you a 1121 Kast b7th in Goodman Community a b749 Ridgeland Stati Road Plaza Oak Lawn a Beverly Tir Raci 7tth and Wistern e 71th 4 state Chatham 25-02 jars Viand minute a 0 juice i w a Bod ch0c.fudj i v my to a a of White Quot in 401 cans >1 flav Orer salad dressing. A whole Kernel or Wisdom Croom Corn. A Brown of fashion Quot ready measured pickles Chicago currency Exchange association ifs like old times for your dollars at red owl. Gerber or Heinz strained baby food o Jar. Gerber or Heinz Junior it baby food. O Jar. Booth Ocean Frozen la. Perch fillets pkg. Connors Kipper snacks 3i-Oi. Can. Bisquick. A Parkdale cottage too foot Roll hand wrap St red 0 59 89 33-ox. Pkg. Choose 12-ox. Ctn. Primers Good thru saturday nov. 10th we Reserve

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