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Chicago Bulletin (Newspaper) - May 23, 1963, Chicago, Illinois Plan bus terminal at 93rd St tape Taek should Public schools teach negro history recorded comments taken at Roy Woodson 6010 s. Vernon 63rd and Halsted. Question teacher Hyde Park evening i Chatham Avalon Chesterfield Englewood Park Manor Vernon Park West Chesterfield Chicago a leading Community weekly residents protest location a do you feel afro american school history should he taught in Chicago Public schools a. Mrs. Marie Buchanan 611ft s. Greenwood a certainly. It would so uplifting for our children to know what a wonderful heritage they have and that our people have a i think All people would feel better if they knew something about our history. In fact we would j appreciate our i selves better. It is essential that afro american history be fifth year no. 20 week of May 23, to May 29, 1963 published at 439 e. 71st St., Stewart 3-1040 10c Al Newsstands played Avital taught As a regular part of the part in building daily curriculum not Only in the and maintain Public schools of Chicago but in All schools in America. Many of us would fully appreciate the ing America. It is difficult to do this sort of teaching Job at i rights that Are ours because Home. I have some books but i we Are citizens and we would certainly would like to get demand them j 0 a of 1 mrs. Edgar g u i c a 6749 mrs. Edwards 7204 s. Lowe Evans a Many of our feelings housewife a i feel that it is part of inferiority have been because of our ancestry and definitely we just done to Englewood split on Urban renewal the children should know the history and background from which they come. If we would learn More about our a n c e s tors we would App re k n o w enough about ourselves. If afro american history was taught in school both negro and White children would learn about our contributions to this country and Date each other More and work our children could feel proud together. I try to teach my son and others would know that we As much of our history As Arentt different we re Ameri 1 defer Survey of schools urges regional High school plan a Chicago school system of recommended each school also racially and economically into offer a goo i Basic College pre grated schools to develop Pupil t program. Potential at All academic levels1 and All economic Levels of society was recommended by or. Robed j. Havighurst University of Chicago professor nominated to head a Survey of the City Public schools. He spoke before a group of he stressed that any such Experiment should be undertaken with the full support and approval of a a regional Council composed of representatives of local Community organizations who can present their special prob parents sunday night at the Jems to the school system for Chatham Myca 1021 e. 83rd St. Help in working them out. Havighurst said he was of. Because the City tends to be posed to All negro and All White geographically separated into schools and that the goal of areas of Well to do and poor social Urban renewal is to de and be divided by races and Zelop areas within big cities nationalities one aim of the where All kinds of people will educational system is to try to choose to live and raise their children. He recommended a regional bring Young people together from the various groups so that they can learn to know and a High school plan which he said predate each other. A he believed would be especially effective on the Southeast Side. A single regional High school District would be created covering four or five school areas with each developing an excellent program in a specialized opposing views remain after second Public airing the in engl scene is filled with fears of human suffering Homes being demolished families being uprooted and inadequate relocation. Some residents charge the. A 7 a a plan will bulldoze 525 families Lac 1 to Iwlew nod area out of their Homes a for the the purpose will he to Benefit of businessmen who Quot Par the feeling and sentiments expressed by individuals and an application by the Chicago transit authority for the approval of a bus terminal at 9225 33 South Park Avenue met with Strong opposition by numerous civic organizations at a meeting of the zoning Board of Appeal tuesday. Frank j. Misek 2930 Maple Berwyn the cat planning Engineer testified that the plot of land which was formerly used As a filling station was to to used for a bus turn around not a terminal. A representatives of Civie groups including the Vernon Park Burnside Community Council Chatham Village association. And the Chesterfield Council All represented by atty. Benjamin c. Duster protested even a turn around. A petition signed by local residents protested on six grounds including a complaint that Tho cat intends to run a bus line to 93rd Street and not to 95th, where riders could Transfer. Other protests were on the ambiguity of the application and the charges that the location of a turnaround would Lead to traffic congestion. Oscar Hamlick attorney for the cat denied All the charges in tense Urban renewal drama is still playing and Faidy a hat the turn Aroun Lewood and promises to have a Ion run. Each s &Quot"1 a dare of done to live in proponents of the plan prom Aikaa zat onal ise a a owners will he paid a fair Market Price for their property based on the condition it is in at the time of the second Public meeting to air views regarding the plan was almost As heated As the first. No Progress neighbourhood. He explained that arca needed a bus line going South and the buses would run Only from six in the morning to about eleven at night. Hamlick said that if the residents wanted to Transfer to the 95th Street bus they could walk members of two blocks. A this will determine the Posi a groups opposing the cat plan Tion acc a stakes on the plan argued that cat should acquire Rev. David Readye is president of Ecca. A a a Ani so the drama mounts. Who will write the last act was made toward reconciling we there be a Happ ending opposing views. I perhaps William Wagner pres the Englewood conservation Community Council catapulted into the school segregation controversy by his pending appointment to conduct a Survey of Chicago schools or. Robert j. Havighurst on right in above photo is greeted by Henry Grant Hoit s. Calumet. Grant welcomed Havighurst to Chatham Myca 1021 e. 83rd St., last sunday night where the University of Chicago professor of education spoke on the subject a Chicago schools what next a last w wednesday action on Havig Hursas appointment was postponed by the Board of education mrs. Wendell Green negro member of the Board opposed Havighurst. Her opposition came As a Surprise to Many since Havighurst is a known critic of the Neil Hho Rhood school policy a policy which the Chicago i Rban league Ami the . Civil rights commission have charged contributes to school segregation in Chicago. See letter lit editor on Page 4. 007830 006427 006625 called the first Public meeting May i at the Low school 838 w. Marquette re. The unruly discussion left the audience of nearly 500 people highly satisfied ident of 64th Sangamon Block club unwittingly summed up one position a a lot of people Are fighting and i sympathize with them. On the whole we think the prowls Powals Are Good for the whole of Englewood. A few people Are the ill fated meeting got off of Hurt in order to an unhappy Start with a a cd May Rity. Moving picket line in front of the school. Fred Henderson executive the handling of the question vice president of the Southtown and answer period touched off wild shouting from the floor. A tract of land which is for Sal on East Side of South Park ave. Between 97th and 99th its. This would extend the line to the 95th St. Transfer Point. Each group submitted tons of opposition containing signatures of residents of the area. The Board of appeals headed by b. Emmet Hartnett took the Case under advisement. A decision is expected within two week. A Ald. James Condon 8th, a dem appeared in support of the cat proposal. He said a the the second meeting was called by the Halsted Morgan location of the turn around at 93rd would assist and serve the Community. Planning association yesterday a i have been trying to get a assured owners of property in bus line to 93rd St. For some the proposed Central Englewood, Hartnett commented that the proposal had been approved by the City planning commission winning numbers for this month Check your april receipt now 000003 000126 000203 001156 001263 006392 Urban renewal project that in the event their buildings Are Community Council last thurs acquired for clearance they will Day. It was held in the Christ be Given mortgage Loans for provided that the site be a turn methodist Church 6401 s. San the Purchase of new properties i around rather than a terminal Gamon St. Without racial discrimination. I the Vernon Park Burnside Henry Wilson. 65ft8 s. Saga Henderson whose association j Community Council raised six 005277 009760 008485 007023 006924 004211 if it hears one of the above numbers Call St 31 Oto circulation and win a radio free. Mon is president of the Council. The meeting was attended by close to 60 people. The Smail attendance of this meeting could is one of the groups sponsoring i specific objections the renewal program in the in the cat application does heart of Englewood said a we have several Large Finan Dale to Crown a miss Park Manor Field such As science foreign language or the arts. Students aa11 Chi Aai oft1 Mac Ito of it hears one of the above numbers Call St 3-1040 by partly attributed to the Cial institutions who make Loans would get permission to attend us 11 juju i Zuo woos Cir Ilion and win a to ii free. Wrong meeting Date contained to qualified buyers or Standard the school most suited to their a j in press releases. I property without regard to race needs. In addition however he 1iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiimiiiiiiiiiiiiiihiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiihiii Lewis Hill and Harvey Swartz i color or Creed. I can Back this represented the Urban renewal j up because they have made department. Loans on this basis.�?�. Regarding investments made after the Mueting. We by a owner Quot in rehabilitation. Lam Wagner 6411 s. Sangamon modernization and improve president of the 64th Sangamon ments Henderson said Block club pointed out a most in it j the owners will be paid a fair Market Price for their property based on the condition it is in at the time of Henderson a statement followed interview in which Ald. Third annual a a conservation team is ready the third a eau Block club conservation Tea a sponsored by the Park Manor neighbors will feature the crowning of a miss Park mayor Richard j. Daley has accepted an invitation to Crown whoever Sells the greatest num a Ber of tickets to the affair. The annual event will be held sunday june 2, 7 . In the St. Columbanus auditorium 7120 s. Calumet ave. According to Milas Stephens of 7245 s. Michigan president of the Block club association funds raised will be used to cover operating expenses of the Park Manor neighbors. A every summer we Spray the entire Community under our Mosquito abatement Ordinary citizens Are not informed concerning the plan. They have heard that Sangamon St. Will be cleared out entirely. There will be some houses demolished North of 63rd St., not Here. A Harries Chew jr., 17thpose the proposal. A the businessman cannot he pledged his support of the Cen against the Community if they trial Englewood renewal pro Are out for business just like a ram with the reservation that to Tri a i livelihood would no1 be for in unless \ j an not say How the location will better serve the Public. 2�?it does not explain How it will serve the Public better than the South suburban lines do at present. 3�?it does not justify terminating the line at 93rd rather than 95th St. 4�?there is provision for cat employees parking resulting in increasing the present overloaded parking facilities for Resi i dents. 5�?the application actually uses the term a bus terminal instead of the term 6�?residents of the area of we Are out for a what a businessman does largely depends upon what the people demand. A if you fight correctly businessman usually com i y with your mrs. Property owners were assured that mortgage Money for better Homes would be made available to them without discrimination. I Chew said a i wiil support an Urban renewal program to beautify Emma Green 6434 i Englewood Only if the practice Peoria recording Secretary for of discrimination is the Halsted Morgan group claims that. A the Halsted mor James Batts 6415 s. Green Gan recommendations actually of it president of the Green saved a great Many Homes. Street property owners Assoc even the department of Urban i action reports that his group is renewal gives our organization working on a counter project credit for bringing Homes inside which would convert vacant lots the perimeter that previously to parking facilities instead of were slated to go. Razing buildings for that Pur a we certainly done to need to pose. Fight among ourselves. Our to a r in r air a fun fair will be presented by the Park Manor p to Friday May 24 at 7 . In school auditorium 7049 s. Rhodes ave. Performers from the Chicago Park District will be featured. According to the president mrs. A. L. Davenport 7220 s. Champlain dancing bakery goods refreshments and a White elephant Sale will also be on the Agenda. The newly elected officers of a to will be installed by he states that the Halsted the it Council had been briefed and Morgan group does not speak mrs. Adeline Washington a knew what questions to ask and for members of his group. 1 a nor asses an in pupa As soon As we have More discussion others will be mayor Richard j. Daley accepts invitation at his City Hall office to Crown a a miss Park Manor Quot at Park Manor neighbors third annual a conservation Tea. Affair will he held sunday june 2, at 3 ., at St. Colum Laniis auditorium ti20 s. Calumet. Mrs. Ola Muirhead second from left6840 s. Michigan is general chairman of the Tea. Looking on Are 6th Ward Ald. Robert in Miller and mrs. Mamie Tancil right 7015 s. Prairie. Mrs. Ola Muirhead 6804 s. Michigan and mrs. Maggie Davis 7440 St. Lawrence Are co chairmen of the Tea. Members of the souvenir committee Are Vernon l. Barker 7343 s. Rhodes mrs. Annette mrs. Young s. Lewis 6942 s. Leonard Gattlin 7238 St. Law Mays 7305 s. Prairie mrs. Eur Calumet. Also Daniel Smith or. Rence. Genia Ford 7215 s. Calumet 7304 s. Michigan James Foster in charge of the a miss Park mrs. Maggie Davis mrs. La-7135 s. Michigan Robert Strick Manor contest is mrs. Florida Tishia Sams 7315 s. Wabash and i land 7403 St. Lawrence and j Phillips 7300 s. Eberhart. Tak Igan mrs. Eugenia Ford and1 chairman. I be submitting constructive rec William Carroll head the Deco rations committee for the affair. Arrangements for music is Henry Wilson. Braden 7331 St. Lawrence. Mrs. Maude Tancil 7015 s. Ing care of the refreshments will Praise is vice president Tor the Langley cart a a s Park Manor neighbors and mrs. Sue Moore 6841 s. Mich j Thelma Morrow is publicity Are being planned. 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