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Chicago Bulletin (Newspaper) - May 17, 1967, Chicago, Illinois You Wanna know what a happening watch for take one next week three Chatham mothers winners n Queen for a Day contest Nice prom among High school students a never to be forgotten experience is always the evening of the Quot prom Quot which almost All students look Forward to with eager anticipation for fun and a Good time prevail. Students who enjoyed just such Camarada. Erie at the recent senior prom at mercy High school 8100 Prairie held at Lake Shore country club 850 Lake Shore Are from left miss Claudia Wiley 8422 Wabash Ronald Alston 503 e. 89th pm. Miss Judi Rogers 7308 Indiana and Curley Russell 8422 South Park. Miss Wiley Hopes to study physical education at Illinois teachers College. Miss Rogers ambition is to be a social worker and she would like to study at Tuskegee Institute. Delivered to your door every week 4q or month Chatham Englewood Park Manor Chicago a leading Community weekly mrs. La Verne Bozeman cops area grand prize shifting scenes Youngs t ers need responsible Lead by Hurley Green editor Publ Iilma at 639 i. 71<t St., Stewart 3-1040 Price 10c Pir copy Black rally Englewood protests racial injustice study help for Simeon professors Green three instructors at Simeon vocational High school 8235 Vincennes have been granted Federal funds to study in their Fields Over the summer months the bulletin Learned this week. Grants to enable them to do More research in their Fields were awarded to Joseph Lee chairman of the social studies department Bennie Colvin a history teacher and Charlie Hutcherson school Community representative. Lee and Colvin will involve themselves in the study of Law and its relations to their particular interest. Both in addition to teaching history also most of us As adults Are acutely aware of the axiomatic paraphrase a in the midst of happiness there is As a Case in Point i would like to review two isolated yet related area incidents which marked this years mothers Day Observance. For the past four weeks the but 1 Etin Booster newspapers have conducted a contest to find a a Queen for a Day Mother. On saturday night following a Public drawing we crowned a Young Parent thus awarding her a vast array of prizes and gifts. A few Short hours before this ceremony i had also had the occasion to meet another Parent who faced this mothers Day still encased in the memory of her songs May 25, 1966 death by violence. This Mother the Parent of Jerome Huey a 17 year old negro youth whose brains were spattered Over a Cicero sidewalk after a baseball Bat beating administered by four bigoted White youths sat in an Engle teach government which taxes Wood pulpit and listened to several a spokesmen for civil in the Cpl Anathon f Many to. ,. Cal and Federal Laws. Rights As they cried not for Justice for All the other they als0 have been a. Jerome Huey who still seek to exist in a dangerously timely engaged in encouraging explosive society but for general letting of White blood respect for the Law respect for citizens and the building of a of retaliation. Gootel leadership in the Chicago knowing the pain and anguish mrs. Huey must feel communities. Each Day As she goes about her existence being constant this has been accomplished by reminded of her loss i waited to see if the tone and Brough their class activities. J. At a and also through the organized temper of violence preached by this group of racially clu5s in the department. They angry speakers had touched or affected her belief in the will attend the summer session Basic principles of human Equality. While most of the audience was made up of mature adults my attention was drawn and held by a Small knot of unkept swaggering youths who wildly applaud Tio ship Between the school and de each exhortation of death and violence to our White Rulif circe oppressors. These youths obviously under a Central Campus focusing his attention leadership shorn of their denims and beards might of the problems of the negro. Have been the very youths who had committed the crime this wl11 involve Hie races. I. ,. I. Economic and social problems which was the subject of the nights rally. As they began and As hey Are As i listened to the speakers playing to the ears of today it was further disclosed. These Young impressionable minds i started to wonder 2v0ivthe Pas two scho.01 terms. ,.bijj Hutcherson has participated in How does one go about damming up these wild and in Many civic affairs in the a trained actions once they Are unleashed in the cause of a the a few moments later my unasked question was answered beyond a reasonable doubt. One youth yelled a get Whitey out the room this is a a Black serous activities and develop Power in a matter of seconds the entire ments in the school through the group had taken up the Call. I have attended Christ methodist Church on there May be Many other Jordan 8118 St. Lawrence mothers Days but none will May 14. 1967, will always be re exceed the Joy experienced by Mem ered As the Day when three Chatham mothers this they were picked As winners in past a Day of for mrs. The bulletins a Queen Laverne Bozeman 662 e. 83rd for a Day contest. Pm. For mrs. Melray Susbery without writing a line 9th year no. 26-week of May 17 thru May 23 by 7917 Evans and mrs. Ruby or buying a thing these three deserving mothers were treated to the generosity and gallantry of a Host of Chatham Mer chants and institutions. For the past four weeks entry Wanks have been circulated throughout the bulletin area with participating merchants. Every Mother was eligible the Only thing she needed was her name address and Telephone number. The hundreds of ballots were collected placed in a ballot Box and three winners were drawn at the Rhodes theatre on May 13th. And though every Mother was Deser Vous of winning the winners were narrowed to three and the presentations were made on schedule saturday evening by bulletin advertising manager Clarence Smith bulletin advertising representative Joe Plummer and bulletin columnist Gwen Melendez. The first prize Winner and a Queen for a Day a was a Young Mother Bride and Mother. Mrs. Laverne Bozeman. Mrs. Bozeman joined the charge City failed in findings by Hurley Green capitalizing on grief and racial Legal injustice a group of verbally militant civil rights cred ranks of motherhood Only spokesmen used the pulpit of nine months ago with the birth a mothers Day Chatham Usa Christ methodist Church 6401 Sangamon last Friday night to sow further seeds of racial hate and violence. Announced As a memorial and rally to formulate plans to protest the apparels inequality of a sentence imposed upon of a son Anthony. Upon her notification As the grand prize Winner mrs. Bozeman was overwhelmed. A a i never dreamed that i would win a she said. A a i am very surprised As i have never won anything before in my it was a Day unlike other Days for these three Chatham mothers As they were notified of their winnings in the bulletin s annual Queen for a Day contest. Merely because they shopped in their Community stores these three ladies Are Richer tenfold after their names were drawn at the Rhodes theater last saturday evening. Among the prizes were wrist watches radios rings gift certificates and Cash. Accepting a part of their prizes from bulletin columnist Gwen Melendez right the Happy mothers Are from left to right third prize Winner mrs. Ruby Jordan 8118 St. Lawrence second prize Winner mrs. Melray Susberry 7917 Evans and grand prize Winner Mother of mothers mrs. Laverne Bozeman 662 e. 83rd pm. At the Loop Junior College on Law in the american society. Hutcherson who is engaged in improving the rela three White youths who bldg life a a she exclaimed. Her prizes coned to death 17 year old Neas a Queen for a Day Gro Jerome Huey Lasit May More than make up for past 25th negro spokesmen Frank losses. A part of her a treasure ditto and Russ Meek instead Chest of prizes included a la urged a wildly cheering Aud Dies wrist watch from da1l-ence to prepare for a pitched eyes pharmacy 532 e. 79th Battle Between Chicago a Whites. Jamp from a decorators and negro population As Well As collection at the Chicago refuse to serve in the u. S. Furniture Mart 8545 cot armed forces in Viet Nam. Tage Grove a family tree sponsored by the Chicago i Reg from Roberts jew chapter of the Congress of a fury 6317 cottage Grove a Cial Equality chaired by Rob gift certificate from Ert Lucas the rally touched on Sam Pstein a pharmacy racial incidents both in Chicago an j cottage Grove $5.00 gift certificates from Collins certified food Mart 327 e. 79th Good Drivers in As Well As other parts of the country. The Rev. John r. Porter pastor of the oms methodist sur Ance 8555 cottage Grove Church opened the rally with Aranoff a hardware 8225 the observation that negroes cottage Grove National Tea Are tired of being brutalized by indifferent Whites and unless Grove situations such As the Huey slaying is stopped it will be Dif food 8558 cottage Chatfield Bontery inc., 745 e. 79th sport menus Center inc. 755 e. Of cult to maintain a peaceful 8? designer imports civil rights movement hard on the he Els 0 i 8617 cottage Grove wonder cleaners 7919-21 cot Rev. Porters prediction glory Lac gr0 a a wll As a $10 00 Bryant a North Side civil to nth Burn Englewood and Chatham communities. In order to reach the parents he has written about no fathers Day at Pat a rights worker following a pledge of support from her unit announced that a we ainu to going to study War no More in a going to practice it a however it was Frank ditto Leader of two marches into the Bridgeport area last summer who set the ground work for the meetings real theme when he shouted a a any Black Man who savings certificate from Independence Bank 7936 cottage Grove in Prev toilet water from Charles t. Of Brien prescriptions 701 e. 79th and from the Rhodes theatre there were 20 tickets to future performances. Though first prize Winner and Queen for a serves in Viet Nam is a traitor Day a mrs Busman was Gen newspaper. He feels that the Grants the Trio received will triple their Many Many occasions and i know from personal Obser value in their importance to the vation that this is indeed an a open Church. It is and dents the school and the a a ,.communities surrounding is always has been open to All races seeking racial equal Meon to and dignity. The Church minister the Rev. John r. Hutcherson s main of Porter while acknowledged As one of the most militant Yective toward this goal has ministers of the City none the less has always adhered to the principles of the Southern Christian leadership c on school and Community. Recent Ference action through non violence. By. He successfully organized a but under the unweighted Impact of mass commis to Xia Sions masked by a cause which certainly cannot be Dis charter from the state of imputed these Young minds had seized an Opportunity to Nois. Seek recognition through violence. In spite of the fact Rin this vein it Pat in its a a f i. Efforts to reach the Community that Rev. Porter is the Church father he was unable to has engage i Jesse escape Ute restrain these visitors to his religious Home. Director of Englewood Urban ladies took a Back seat and turned Over Gillespie school Parent teacher association meeting 9300 state to fathers during a special Observance for the men last month. Honouring the men were a 25 member student school band which furnished music for the occasion. Mrs. Betty Robinson representative of the commission on youth welfare addressed the group on the subject of youth problems in our neighbourhood. Seated Are from left mrs. Shir Ley Pickett bulletin columnist mrs. Betty Robinson representative comm on youth welfare and principal n. B. Rapp standing from left Matt Roberts 9326 Stewart Jerry Mcquire 8131 May Robert Horton 9188 Burnside Edison l. Hoard 9224 Prairie Edward Gardner 9152 Michigan and Leonard w. Croly jr., 9246 Forest. Cakes doughnuts and Coffee were served after the meeting. To his country As Well As to his stepping up the Tempo of his talk ditto then said Battle ground is not in Nam but right Here in Cicero Mississippi and any other area where the White Man destroys negroes. League exec sees need for More service to area youth Eros sly rewarded there was a goodly number of prizes for runner up mrs. Melray sus our Berry. Second prize included yj.,4 an 8-transistor radio from the Thrifty 5 amp to variety store 719 e. 79th $5.00 gift certificates from Sapstein a pharmacy National Tea food store Brooks 450 e. 79th and coiffure. To the Rhodes acknowledging his own six years of service ditto vowed pm up t a that he would never again in Mary Ella Gage in any other War except 09 cottage Grove at has for negro Freedom. To an unrestrained burst of applause he concluded that his group had not Given up the struggle for Justice for Jerome Huey. However the program ten passes theatre. Upon her notification As a Winner mrs. Susberry thought it was All a a jokes until she was convinced that she had indeed finally become a Winner. Mrs. Susberry is the Mother of More than too participants conference in Hamilton Park positive move towards giving in Englewood a Law and order auditorium sponsored by com youngsters previously consid reach eci a Peak Fervour Point Day program May 6, heard de Unity institutions and Resi ered unemployable a Chance to Wen Westside spokesman Russ three youngsters veranda to win c. Berry executive direct dents in cooperation with the get a Job with an Opportunity Meek yelled a a when Are we Marvin jr., 9 and la Donna. 5 Tor of the Chicago Urban Chicago commission on youth for advancement. League urge social agencies welfare. Quot what most of these kids Community organizations and the Day Long meeting need is for someone to believe folks must be killed before a Are we going to Stop the murders and act like men How Many Black biggest Mother of All Hume i it was ironical that the i.1 a Cantor Crmoil Antho Acenia us Duli dulls Ama rat a , need 1s or someone to it Sieve looks i fortunately no physical harm was done in this Geniter to Peak to it uie Assoria concur cd individual is to As according to Daniel Raines in them and 0 give them an White Man is trilled a instant Case. The ejection of two White women and a y a we a a Donnici in Quot a a co a wot on a a Quot or a on to jibs meanwhile Simeon will White youth from a Public meeting can hardly be called hold its annual Spring festival a demonstration of a Black Power As the youths shouted. May is at 8 . In the school however it is an indication of what can happen when untrained and untempered minds Are exposed to the loadings of untrained racist a would be leaders. It is just As dangerous for older negro a spokesmen to holler blood blood As it is for nazi Leader gym. The program will launch part of the five acts festival which will culminate with Art exhibit soon. The program will feature All types of music including a russian dance. Parents and adult in society. Sume responsibility for a a serv conference chairman and presi other Chance. No human being ice to youth of the Community Dent of the District 20 parents should Ever run out of a a Law and Justice must be Council was to show the youth stressed As vigorously As Law of Englewood a a we care by and order a Berry said. While creating greater awareness and expressing his sympathy for interest. An troubled teenagers who Are the Raines further amplified its victims of a a our indifferent so purpose by asserting the con which 78 Young men have been piety a Berry also turned the Ferenee also was held to Moti indentured As apprentices and spotlight on the place of the vate responsibility and Partick have gone to work to learn a the answering cries Rev should Ever run out of Erb rated in the partly filled chances a he asserted. Auditorium. A a i would rather die the league executive listed feet than live on my among his Agency a programs Knees a he continued. A a we Are for Young people the leagues tired of going to negro memo of bread a she continued. A my apprenticeship project through continued on Page 4 continued on Page 4 Cally was mrs. Jordan who numbers her offspring at eight. A a i have never been so pleasantly surprised in my life a exclaimed mrs. Jordan. A never before have i even won a loaf residents of the Community Are encouraged to attend this program which is under the supervision of mrs. T. Wilson music George Rockwell to do the same toward White youths. Neither of them will be too close to the front when the bullets Fly and blood flows. It is one thing to preach violence As a Means to an director end but most of this kind of violence is seemingly disa the program will feature rated in our own Community in the form of purse Quot Biz snatching Petty robberies and burglaries. As soloists. Patton in activities for commit skilled Trade. Quot there is Only one excuse nity betterment. Another cited was the for adults being in this world a in urging widespread adult leagues youth guidance pro he said a and that is to be of involvement Berry cited As an eel which encourages teenage service to children. This is our example of the constructive ers to go Back to school and to rent for living on this Earth and programs to serve Young people remain in school. A we gather Many of us Are not paying our the jobs now project Spon All available scholarship sorted jointly by the league the mation and urge youngsters to Barry was keynote speaker Myca and 39 other agencies during the Law and order Day he termed this program As a continued on Page 4 Best food buys this week each week the bulletin publishes the Best food buys at your local food store As advertised in your bulletin . Choice pot roast Vito so Page 5 39 c la

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