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Chicago Bulletin (Newspaper) - May 12, 1960, Chicago, Illinois The in Thor it Ftp. Decem tar 4, 195 Page 5 something you need or Samethini it sell try a Ivl Letin classified and 2 lines ten wards 1er $1.00 Ledi additional Hie 50 cents adopt new retail ideas at m. Frank death s Coll St. 3-1040 for classified t a will 00 a h in you Home peo Moneme Benui Itoh As 4 3087 a 16 is set Flati. Of Tel 7 of St in ii cleaning co 417 e. 47th St. Drexel 3-3 t0 licensed Roni cd insured office maintenance service 7 16 cd Rte let it Lmh Ltd rat 12 cur Tolna cowl Hefly served. Lens men look refreshingly be. He 8-0113. 12 of �ppilm<0 it tuft Tel refrigerator repair All Moke worn gun intend a 43029 achiever re Frog. Serv. 727 w 6<>th a _21 of Kiili i St Orcut 23 Carmens movers citywide a sit Birban Usta Furtis boat it t sold mu.4-9003 mu.48843 1214 a 1. 53rd St. I a. Franks movers Van Servia a with rats. Ref i a turf fire bought t Storf a utter fled �7137 5?30 l of pork 2 movers for moving and Light hauling Coll Bordon Lu-2-4660 no Job t of Small of. A liable and trill 1lul Coll Hydo pork movies All of covered by Tergo Quot a a Anc Fot free est bares Coll Pulero 2 6278 _ r so j South Porchett a 23 of de Luca moving and Light hauling Musihin 40372 23 of moving a Rama town or Crosa to Street choose a expert Call Thompson movies local or Long distance Commodore 4-7600 23 of for Best results Call a t b movers St.3>4,34 hy.39106 2 3tf rtl>fl�7 i to Rill to Interior decorating exterior painting fully insured Jens Heilskov Fairfax 4.1390 a a it a a a a him. La pointing i decorating Alt work guaranteed reasonable John a Martin Butterfield 8-8503 Days Ploza 2-8623 evenings i Pittu Riff Ftp chef 26 path Hinc Plogt Tenn Star. Hes Ivi Linov. Remodelling. Terms. Dora. Heater 3-102. _ 2f> of Mia if t he tip 27 a a a Mccrath heating Oad if conditioning co 7923 rat me i 6 1035 Gas amp Oil furnaces a of bus conversion burners _ 27 16 plumber 24 hour service Hyde Park 3-1038 a of i i in go Rhim of. My i n "1 a h Nurk car. Can than a. No Job too Small. Re gent 4-ob80._ 2 it boiler Ropo irs we have a Complete line of repair parts for All makes of boilers 1-Day service. F h a terms for free estimates phone Racine heating co. A 42064 or so 8-7446 Day or night service 27 7 r�4lo Ltd to str us 2t Home and shop to repair yele Vul 645 e. 75th St. I 6-212? from 9 to 9 authorized servicemen 90 Doy guarantee 29 to upits Torlif a a pm Irli 34 Jeni Simonsgaard i uni turn fat or it repaired scratch t Ira Reft Burnt in it it i a hit Poi it Renio to 1 furniture repaired 1149 a 55th it. My Seum 4 my Elm Tom Lulf Adf shifts 37 new Oad used venetian blinds sold repaired installed 1 Day service by 8-8671 uni i 6>�di >4 j rent a lir Antinow i Noort r i a. 58 rms nah. 6530 hoisted. A4 9 Seal 104 if i t. Niht j Jet. In Park Manor Schuol distrust. L or i adults and a Rede school i ild. We have reference and will require a lease. Will Teviat 1042 k Iuen v 104 hism Iff Salt 112 Englewood a Peru .2 Hoor Brilt a. Acc. Cond. 16, 1-7, Oil Hyrtl. Move Alghi in. 133.000. Income and hex be i 1/2 pm. Oil heat. Exc. Cond 3 to get arms. 2 1/2 pm. Ape. 2 car Ger. $16.500. Muse it to appreciate. Story Brick sch se.2car . Cond. Shown by a Neer 79th us t Story Frame. U rms. 7 berms. 3car Gar if. Ult 37 amp 12j. So to apr ectoria. Money maker.2 stores and Trane torn hotel a. My is. Stow by up u f pm. Frame Buxin 4bedrms. , 9u Heil. 2 car Gar. Large lot an a a de. E a Smith amp company 450 e 63rdsi�e?i t1i� m. Krank co., one of the oldest department stores on the South i Marci i Nelv at opt j one of the n. Wet re Trizhn Idi As % in thu omitry. In its uth car of operation the store it 7426ctt.ie Roo assume a hand new method and it has also a Brand new net i rank s fiant discount St re. The new method a Marclin to up l Nathan one of tin owners is i Quot Silipi Ria rect Type of or Ltha i i i / Nath m claims tie the he que will sic the an where from 18 to 33 f in Cost. In conjunction with the new Kin 1 of operation the store will w open for business Sev Ronda s and is e weekly. Stop k has been doubled. Quot this is the newest method of Nathan contend Quot and it Brines to the customer perhaps the lowest prices in the United it works like thib Quot customers come in. Cret a super Market Type. Art brow n at will and select from Larye displays which Are plainly is cd and a marked. There Are no i h pre ure salespeople Althou h there Are a few salespeople around to help customers make purchases Are checked out at counter just As in supermarkets. A incs arise from Sec factors Athans in. Nunn a St Are the reduction insoles staff and the elimination of the v Ritin of Sale Schee a. In e it. Re instance the owner states Oer head is reduced to Hronn lower Price. Liv e the new operation k r in lat Dato her 22, passer sin a c b in startled by one of its a pc to fic Cordin to Nathan. Die store he sail no a i d show . Instead fake window Haxe by. L n painted in .11 a s a a i a Ltd of irom $10.000 to sl2.o00 a a Quot none of our prices end in and s3, Quot a a Luj re ail 78<t or 4a<t. No can the sax incs right to Nathan i ranks Lias been toying with to it new idea for about is years. He said that he and out owners Stanley and John i rank Haxe studied and toured the Rhode Island and new York stores which were the first in the country to adopt Thi method i ranks i it the fourth department store in the i to put the new method into operation. Nathan said Quot the Nch a operation Means extra store hours and lots of Etra work but we want to scr ice our customer. Its always been our to constantly reduce overhead and to or in lower said it could nex or be ilonl1, Nathan states. One expert told him Quot Vout Ujj Nexer do rut today the owners of 1ran1 Siant discount store report that Quot sales Haxe one up 35to 40 and retailers from All Oxer the v it Haxe been Visitin us to see what is happenin1. We feel we e finally a on the Toht against i her and higher prices and we anticipate the largest c Christ Mas in company annals.1 saved by the Belt a trousers Belt buckle last week sax de Richard Mason,7801 s. Parkway from death or serious injury. Alien thu 20-year-old Man Wab shot at last thursday Dur in a quarrel Oxer a woman the Bullet struck his Belt buckle and was flattened before it could penetrate his body. The shooting occurred at 1075 cd Resenx Good. The it in was fired but Ira Harris 32 of Wau be an 111. It it Lue report us. Both Mason and Hairis were taken into custody. C Icv Dand Ord jr., of 6022 Woodlawn died last week of heart att cd after a Brief iliac in i i Linos Hospital. A Huapeo resident for Oxer 2 Ord had be a a a 4 eel \ \ the 1 o. Of Trulu a r 12 ears. F a As an a to e me. E r of Roberts i Empie of Ood in Christ. 40th and state. I uric Al sex ices were held in St. Paups c Hure h,4s26 Wabash i Rel was the brother of by hop l. H. I Ord spiritual Leader of the St Paul s Church congregation. Other survivors include two daughter Marina and , both of los a Els c a i if Tir father c be Eland i Ord or. Of Clark Daio miss. Lid a brother i Ulton lord of i a r v elate. Sure Ivins Sisters Are mrs Ellie Nelson. C Hicaro or it. Ro5c is Elba r larks Lale mrs a tick a Reform and or Mars flicks a e Columbu Quot Ohio and mrs. Laura i and no is father i card of j of n e k s. Sen inc for i ant Par Pinion. 6s, of 8206 i Ham plam controller of the punks Yee apparel store were held yesterday in the Chapel it 788 t Ltd to a Roro c. Or. Tarpinian died Sunda in Woodlawn Hospital. F us Dau the r. Mrs. In Srubas. Anel a r a no on sur i a 0ls0n Rug co. Opens bargain Halsted store a not Xvi a f r Joe of in air a a Man a a a s k i a Beer Ope lie o Ai i a. 1-Lalstcll. Own it Walter i. Olson t j last so a. Tie new store Olson said will Hes m 1k Cornea in a exare hopi so bar it no Mest Tevi the t Rem rits implies ill a a Nti Niimd pattern null r do ends a a Provdik t of the m a i c 1�?oi a o f a torn and i Oulu r Milla will be e. A t in r e d a at lib to i save i Wner a a tin 4-\ear-d� manuf \ turn a firm Aid Aho that com Pete v carpet in tall it Tion so r ice will be a Dlask to customers. The a listed Tore is the sixth in the c Hie a o area. Its Ope or a Marks the be inning Ofano in Rue to. Expansion pro Erani in 1958 59. Student wives group readies Porter continued from a 3 a am interested in the Post. things in this Ward the posit pc thin a the to arc but i done and those that Are not be ins doru. My. Imp in is a people s e at Pai mrs Porti r Sam pain who h she to it r is a 0 rats roots operation i be in support j entirely a contributions lion India Tel a it Iti ens. # a e and id ate so sponsored Quot Slie i Onti nos Quot will be amount a Able to the Peeple \ pre t Nutly. Or f Ort a asserts the Politi Al Sitio in a in the sixth Ward Quot is a Nimby Altha thre Aten to or i up with the Tuens audit w Ith the Short end she e continued a 11hi it critical period when our Lov a problems of s tools. Law Entorf ement display pm it a Urban renewal hot sin Horta. And integration re All rapidly increasing and when we must need the Best equipped men and won e n to take on the task of to v Al eos Ern ment. A it Are still Handl d candidate who Are n willing or incapable of bringing to their task the needed enthusiasm Intel Fen Ain Tea Tion ool judgement a and in the Rity. Quot the sixth Ward voter a would in v Little v hoi v i a in .1 to a a e Lulie re be v ted or. Or a a \ and a Rae Hine selected Pirani. In this Klul of to i i Jalc d. C. To it v a Jle Dur i v hoi. E. E a a a a a id a t lost another silent Rupie r a 11 a who would of of. R my ones in tin c it Ouli to Patty Roo Little is said in Behal of tin inti rests of almost a million people. 1�?~he lug eds of he Nero i 0-Torate. It sharply Airo Pirp line s. Poth a Stu s will hav it to Indi r o sol. Pm lir a a str Lup tactics and philos pm. In the \ an or a to but a one it in i tool Tor to in urn a id Raial problems flu can Btl by. Co Cipoli Lud with pop of Atli part Thi in i a. A Nde pc Uele nil it vie Mandin Rome in u in biotin v is in the or. To in Rok of i Aid a Man h nonpartisan. Mrs. Or Ter Onte and Slu state a a ibis role a. A e list in v. Asu 11, with i truly a Dent official free to Bac a Omta ble to the people Inham pm i e Al b i hop Leel sponsors. When we can on a a am by i i it and respectability Toilie proud Iun of political n run. It Nia e that Rue n and worn. A of red abilities will no Loer Side step political Ohie. When a ked a whether the time was Quot Ripe for a woman entry into the tradition Fly male 1-Dermamc race the ii Naleton Testant Ccu piled the t Quot tie time is div a its Ripe for Ood and Benefit Bazaar c a it a mits. Jame re Ifim. 627 i. 80th has been named proc Arn chairman of a South Side Benefit a car. So ruled Lor de. Ember 5 and 6. The fund Raisin Alili air in Bein it sponsored by the student Wircs Bihar a Chicago c of Jejcic of osteopathy. Proceeds will Benefit the colleges outpatient clinic at 5300 Huis. Calendar of Sodal events top Guys Waistline Pai to Lor l sex Monson dec e Ember 6. 9 00 . 7929 Indiana. Marquette Hursur a Uli c Lub Price part it december 29 10 ., 742s cd a a Trace it in e. 1 raters pals part Dee Ember 6, 9 00 ., 6920 Woodlawn basement club room. Bus rider is Hurt in fall Donald she an 38 of 6438 Dor do Stet uts Abo e the a a la -1 he i he jell whip i Didiw. Onai in in at 63rd i Nior. 1 be v or. Fil St fid in Onje Wood i ios Pual i Santa s favorite a a polaroid3 i land camera j j and it will he your family a j favorite gift just Tio Sec j i in la u t ii r \ r �11 Vivirit t in. Com blur j f ones after you snap that shutter i you la Haxe a finished Crisp Sharp Black and White picture for everyone to enjoy come in and select from five precision built Polaroid land camera models. With the new film recently Iti trod eed Yuu la get the Sharp jest in Fie to Ever seen x a a x a on top a free parking Volu esl savings discounts Quality a $5 Down carpets rugs Olson Rug co i i see the new i i Polaroid print copier i it makes extra copies of your i i 60-6econd pictures right on the 1 spot Only $29.95 warehouse bargain store 6215 so. Holsted St Hodiw 7-3807 to. . Pri. Sat.9 . To 5 30 . Monday Ond thursday-9 . To 9�30 sunday 12 noon to 5 . I i i i i hours Model camera 0rmal 7-7077�? 1342 e. 55th St. By 3-9259 Lauri Geo serv fre h is no bins As to the sex of the contributor. In Hided on Ruth Porter s Iti in Ommittee Are the following residents mrs. Reddle Nderson 6544 South Parkway mrs. Dale Rover by 66it Cire Enwood mrs. A Ruvle Dillahunty 421 r. 64tii, or. And mrs Eugene c oops r. 6645 Minerva mrs. Daniels. 710 t. 68th or. Ard mrs. T Urtis cd Ilmore. 6 k Wood David fames 7140 in Diana fun i 120 t. 69th mrs. Lula Jones 662 University Irvin Jackson 66s2 in inside mrs. A lie o Kimmel 6728 i it Orrfelt Ter mrs. I rank Howard 659 i University mrs. A mily Lee 6559 Ood Lawn mrs Mable fryor 66�o6 Kenwood mrs. Marie Pullins 120 1 .69thi mrs. James Olivet 6556 St. Lawrence mrs Wil. Hurt t Atterson 1512 e. 69th, mrs. Melissa Mcnutt 6648 in inside mrs. Juan Sinclair 6m6 Kenwood mrs. Charles news netes Patricia pates daughter of a. And mrs. Squire pates 7514 runner 6636 Minerva mrs. Grace Johnson 6617 Minerva mrs. John Wilkins 6438 South Parkway mrs. Pen Turnley 6518 Minerva mrs. William Terry 6352 Minerva and Morris Tynes 6759 St. Lawrence. South Par Wuy. A tit kit recipient at room be to t Niv re sity of a Musk Dhoti Maup mrs. Raabolle Hilt and Mist Helen dowdy both of 6052 ver a on returned last week from i trip to Boston and Plymouth to Leif travel Abo a ook them along the sea Coa i new Hampshire acid Maine Chicago City Bank 4 Trust co. Add Someth stg to to car living Xury while you make voor future More secure with an insured savings account a is m��.,i a of # a to j a Eccl 6 of orig Nai. Rogers Sterpi ate we invite you to become a Silver club member a save fight inflation and 4t a he same time acquire a Complete set of exquisite Rogers Silvo Plato As you build your savings account. Here s How to become a Silver club member open a new account with a if add to your present account with 500# it s so easy to own a com Piei set. And save Money too As a Silver club member you receive free with your initial Deposit of $50.00 or More your first 6-piece place setting. Each time there after that you add $25.00 or More to your account you May obtain another 6piece place setting for Only $2.00�?a regular $6.00 value. Stonbe Nhep it to i Mai a of hint min a Tom Hajt tic ukr pm Kim filth. Bank by mail free we pay the postage both was banking hours monday tue say 4 Foay t 3 . Weon Csomay not of Ned thuhs0ay 9am to 3 . Cd s . The i . Saturday 9 . To 1 . 24 hour 0<0t�fy a iwo i ave Tomt All accounts insured to by . Chicago City Bank and Trust company free parking Lovely Spring Charm pattern by we. Rogers this pattern is not available elsewhere 63rd i Hal stud St. Polf parking kiddie fun it y Molly Potkin can you guess what i got for my birthday Hoys ind a a leu in �i.00. In a fun attach Nan. A pc and Ajjie to c a i entry. Scud to the i i la tin 4 4. 71 t before saturday rec Embt o. 1953. V. Inners Xiv 111 be onor Crial in and in acne of Nihil v in be re turned. Winn r. And in verb will he Liste j lie by last ctr s Stu hrs arc. A had my pm Ioan Dot i Elphant Young j n i in 4 i j 1. Cub 2. O o �11 n a 3. Coli 4. Suckling. Can it Oti i Ira a the i Fife write an a Hen. Cen it of your be onto gift Send in it our Enion. 3. 5. T this is our precious he rift amp a Short a Rie Lions Call Roa look be run file Froc Toa musical cell _ Mother to Rill in the i Orr us i Leiter to loin Lei five a or Ltd end it cn�?~11 Chr end Ter Cen it of Drew e Flajs Send in our entries Vou in draw it it to Retty picture Drew whet it Oey Iee m Tern a quart Drew ont a quere it e Lime. Color end a and in your entry. I e Vou or run Thi Bird at the too you la heat a pretty Roturie to color when it of connect the line. Color end Send to i our Enir it lost a oks a Winner was Michael Paul nea1 a. 7 7816 Evans watch this space next week for the Winner of a $3.00 prize a s Ujj cow meet the utness to see be. I 1 Art the l6>e%t living Bird try egg we ions a Oft Pound a. Whoa i 9 a at

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