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Chicago Bulletin (Newspaper) - May 7, 1964, Chicago, Illinois Page 2 very few problems in affluent Vernon Par the bulletin thursday May 7, 1964 Community h quiet and Little known by Hurley Green residents of Vernon Park appear to have found a Mecca and pulled in the sidewalks after themselves. Little known and hard to find Vernon Park nestles snugly Between its better known neighbors Burnside and West Chesterfield. A visit to Vernon Park is like turning Back the anxieties of time. The area is quiet Beautiful and restful to the Eye and ear. The Hustle and Bustle of Urban living is soon forgotten upon crossing the boundaries of this Community. On a warm Spring saturday afternoon one hears a symphony of natural rustic sounds. The soft Whir of the Lawn mowers the splashing of sprinklers the occasional bursts of laughter from Happy children soon lulls the visitors into a state of euphoria. The Man pushing his Lawn Mower pauses to wave to your passing car. Children in the Well shaded streets quickly jump to the curb making certain not to impede ones tour. The time and Effort spent seeking information As to the whereabouts of Vernon Park is Well Worth the experience of visiting this Model Community. How is Vernon Park Able to maintain its almost lethargic Pace one of the reasons might be due to the fact that there g a a. A amp v t ? i it a a Are no through streets or commercial ventures located within its Borders. The uninformed visitor might continue past Vernon Park without even a Side Ward glance. The North and South boundaries Are Burnside and 9-Itli Street. Busy South Park is the Western Boundary with cottage Grove completing the rectangle. One of the most striking features of Vernon Park is its conformity to terraced Green lawns. The Well kept lawns provided Beautiful settings for the equally attractive Homes. While Vernon Park residents vary occupation Wise economically the Community must be considered As up per Middle income. Its affluence is reflected in the architectural Harmony of the area. Where most communities Are struggling for existence and recognition Vernon Park appears to be contented with its present status quo. True there is a Vernon Park Burnside Community Council but the councils function is minimized. A visit to the Home of Milton Olive 9111 Vernon president of the Council was most interesting. Olive moved into Vernon Park Only a few years ago and does not regret his decision. Lie sought better housing with a Nice location and Vernon Park met his requirements. As president of the Council he related that there were no really serious problems in the Community. The residents keep up their individual properties there Are no juvenile problems and there Are no zoning and housing problems. One of the recent problems faced by the residents was a move to extend the a a a a Gss w a Vij by Anne Tyson the american Friendship club will sponsor a pageant Quot humanity s Starrh for brother Ture train at Copenhagen a Tivoli life Quot she urges. Quot nothing sweeps a Man off his feet like a Beautiful evening she continues a my set vice to the woman in love to nor Ftp the Short dance dress for the Rustle of silk across the ballroom floor Quot Helen Hose designs will be shown for the first time in the a Sta a aft it a s., v Quot a r a a a a. Re a Ltd a seek and be shall find one of Chicago a leading communities Vernon Park often referred to As the a hidden area a attractive blocks like this Are the expected in this far South Side Community. _ Milton Olive cat into the area but with the Aid of atty. Ben duster this move was shelved. Olive pointed out that there Are some 600 dwelling in Vernon Park of which 89 per cent Are single family residences. All professional groups Are represented. Speaking of the organization and function of the Council Olive said a a group such As this should be Able to control its own environment. We Are primarily concerned with the control of our immediate As to results he said a sometimes people can become so self satisfied they become apathetic in their thinking. I am in Hopes that this is not happening in Vernon he personally wished that there were More group activities in the Community. A Long time resident of the Community is mrs. Alma Coggs 9330 Vernon educational chairman of the Council. She recalled some of the problems that the Council has met and solved in the past particularly problems with Burnside elementary school. She pointed to the Community Tea sponsored by the Council in 1963. She did admit that since that time things have been rather quiet. Like Olive she Felt that the Community ought to be More Active. She noted that there were times when a Community organization is needed. Wistfully she added a most of the people Are usually pretty Busy on individual projects or interests outside of the mrs. Coggs agrees that Vernon Park is a very Nice place to live. She had a special word of Praise for Vernon Park Youngers who attend schools outside of Vernon Park. Oddly enough there is no Church within the boundaries of the Community. One leaves Vernon Park with the feeling of having had a Brief respite from the struggles of everyday living. Vernon Park appears to be a very special Park. Gardens. They were guests of the scandinavian airlines system and Hood Quot of 8 30 and 10 ., Satur a the City Council of the danish , May 23. Tickets to the affair ital. Included in the Daley tour already Are sold out. I Are West Berlin Rome Paris and participating group j n the Dublin. Pageant will include persons from Many nations mrs. Dorothy Bing i t. To a 1 Ley will be commentator. The it that took Rebe a Irvin Chicago maternity centers Gold event will include ballroom danc new York during Spring coast award Competition on May ing with music to be provided by vacation. On her return she said 7th. Bed Saunders and his orchestra. A he have to a to Quot new York because it rained the the club s goal is to encourage whole time she was there. While harmonious neighbourly relations the weather was bad she said it among a races in Dav of Day ii was Nice dining in the Fine res would be at this time. Or son ing. The group is expecting More Tau rants and seeing some Good William Harris 654 e. 80fch st., than 1,500 persons. Mrs. Fred age plays. Was elected president of the Cook Walker is founder and president Becky was most at Tractive county Young democrats at the of the club. Boarding her plane wearing a organizations annual convention the first saturday in August Pale yellow two pece Angora knit in the Morrison hotel. He a the aug. 1 has been officially pro dress Over which she wore a first negro to be so honoured. I had breakfast with mrs. Chancelor Jones and of course you know what her conversation Park Manor congregational claimed a Friendship Day in Chi sumptuous Sable jacket Cagot by mayor Bichard j. I Ley. Chicago born Helen Hose of Church will hold its annual Tea a California says too Many Ameri May 17, in the Fellowship Hall of speaking of his Honor can women fail to take advantage the Church at 7000 South Park. Mayor and mrs. Daley were of their Birthright of being will be awarded to the in photographed sitting in a Minia nine. A a dress for the Man in your div dual raising the most Money for the Circle or organization raising the most Money and for the Mot Beautiful table. The Rev. Arthurd Gray pastor of the Church is much pleased with the financial support so far. Mrs. Anthony Quarles is Genera chairman of the Tea and miss Josie l. Brown is chairman of the program Book. Tea and Fasli ions bring a springtime t o Chatham area its heart sickening to think we Are living in a world where churches Are bombed resulting in the killing of Little Chil-1 Dren in sunday school and the the women a committee of and dancer in last years fashion kidnapping of a baby from the ithe Chatham Avalon Park proved her met tie Linda mothers arms. A Southside Busi Dimity Council 7923 South Park land Gregory Coker to swed will present the latest Spring and Rhodes Adrienne Owens Senta Hines 8317 Calumet Cheryl cousins 7705 Wabash Lillie Northington mrs. Blandine Morris Georgia Massey Komadino Hunt 8246 Champlain baby Joe summer fashions on sunday after noon May 17, at st. Marks methodist Church 8441 st. Lawrence i beginning at 3 Dubbed a springtime in the fare will be Tea and King and Sara Fryer. Fashions. Vocal selections by Chath Amite prominent male Model Scotty Joe Sheridan will again add to Piper will display the latest in the entertainment menu sartorial attire for men. Margaret j i Ann triples who has been Fea we Hope 11131 the Community will be generous in its donations to the Tea women a committee chairman Jane Sims said. A the Money raised will go to carry on the Good works of the Council and it would be heart tured in National magazines and was a runner up in both the a miss Ghica Golandy and the a miss Photoflash contests will Model her i own stylishly Chic wardrobe. Proving that fashion in bridal ,. Attire too can be stunningly Al a la Ingve great tired the women s committee Chatham Community demonstrate will present Model Laverne at 11 car it en10ush about itself Robinson As the Bride with Bren it fat 0u\f\d support a a a a Fields As bridesmaids in what for of she added one committee member has promised will a be gowns of breath taking admission to the Tea is free. Parkway gardens tenants hit management the affair promises Fash Lions styled for everyone. The adult models will however have i stiff Competition from the younger set. Nine year old Pamela Penn 7744 Michigan is already considered a professional with More than forty five fashion shows to her credit. Pamela will be making her fourth appearance in Capac sponsored shows. Rossius pizza continued from Page 1 Inot in sympathy with our de. Willing to meet with the group group As set up by the Board of the demands have been made a Young Jass o Many talents Strati 2-3 4-5 47 All our pizzas Are made fresh amp baked to order sausage 52.00 $3.00 $4.00 mushroom 2.00 3.00 4.00 Green Pepper 2.00 3.00 4.00 Anchovy 2.00 3.00 4.00 garlic or onion 2.00 3.00 4.00 i amp i 2.00 3.00 4.00 cheese 2.00 2.50 3.50 extra ingredients .50 1.00 1.00 Pepperoni pizza 2.50 4.00 s.00 shrimp pizza 2.50 4.00 5.00 Coney i5land 3.00 5.00 4.00 delivered h-0-t charge 25c Frim 1023 e. 79th phone st 3-2711 open daily 4 The 2 . Fri. Amp sat. 4 To 3 . Sunday z To 2 . Ter management. The outer is. Prior to an even subsequent to Yearance of the gardens is Mim tar tip 1 demonstration. _ summing up the main grief to a it. A. Very poor. The grass has been. J he alleged that the Demontra die. On a inside. T to a a a by must pay for our own decorating j 6s e ice a a gardens Council the Only repro to screen prospective tenants tentative Brown contended that the Parkway gardens is one of the finest housing developments in trustees. She is now Busy rehearsing the title role of a sleeping Beauty before but when the groups Are informed of the Cost they lose while Brown talked freely j b Lieve the a Jug which Willt be performed in regarding this situation Charles to any in evinces Salt and Jill theater on May 24 .,1� she has also been seen on such presented. Chicken boxes 20 pm cos in box.4.75 10 floes in rox.m2.45 Fronck Frios ordor_.25 bar-b-9 a by Back ribs with Colt Slaw tranch 2 25 Frias Braad and Suttar Mcgill 6522 South Park president of the Council refused to discuss the demonstrators and their demands. He dismiss efforts to interview him with a terse a no neighbors of the gardens to shows As a darkies farm and others. For the Quot springtime in stared in Surprise at seeing the Chatham show will Wear pickets on saturday morning. Clothes especially designed for her1 by children a fashion designer Al the housing development Falcon Garth. Was one of the first erected in a a a i am a widow and i do not i thereby causing overcrowding and feel that i should have to absorb Lack of communication Between this of Oft. Parkway gardens is residents the Council and 100 per cent rented but we Are j Mana Emen a a tinge s<ffv1�, 81-61resident of Parkway gardens 1 country. He added that when Albion Ward. �514 South Park by Quot fifties is Quot that time others in the show Are 10 tired of promises she said. A candidate for president. His firm look Over management vice president of the Council and several real estate agents have year old Linda Jones 7957 Southart of tot. u a 1 of the development in 1958. Fitted that he did know about managed the Homes. Rhodes whose debut As a Model Unkow Ihfe men i the picket. Cof acted by a bulletin re. There were some 80 vacancies i the demonstration and some of a a or. A i line was Prenice major 6454 Porter on monday evening Brown Anc entire operation waste grievance presented. He i a # South Park. Am of the opinion expressed Surprise at the Demon demoralized. Pointed out that a he Council had Ltd that the properties Are not being oration. He stated that he was a during the period from 1058. Handled other grievances in the Mato trained the Ime of the there has been in a Rease in the a so a a a a 11 protest but was aware that some rental costs in spite of raising demonstrators had brought grounds. Of the residents had sent a Tele operational costs. I am quite is Fotjon a people in the elevated build i am requesting a meeting with proud of this. We have some 6941 he Way Quick to Point out that a figs Are desperately in need of no regarding the matter. Units and there Are Only two a the Council did not endorse the recognition. Better management he denied any refusal on his Ean cles at is time a move to residents were would eliminate these problems a part to meet with duly authorized a this in itself a he continued a picket to action �1 l claimed persons explaining a there Are a Speaks for the management and Vavia Saia. A imperfections in any organization operation of Parkway , a there Are certain residents we would like to keep the i Hao an idea As to some of the he concluded by saving that he in the Garden who Are uninformed Cole Slaw oar own tatty Ralpa hat 50c quart for i pried Chicken with cola Slaw f ranch m a Frias Braad and i shrimp or Lake Perch 1 Prias Slaw. Braad a i when you need a tame High standards we had in demands and 1 would have been is still willing to meet with any As to what is going on. Some of the beginning. Management is allowing too Many persons to live in the same apartment. We feel that management is indifferent to our while the general attitude of the group was orderly there was an air of quiet determination. All of the pickets seemed quite aware of the alleged problems. They agree that the demonstration was the first in a Senes of Steps to be taken if the desired results were not gained As a result of saturdays protest. When asked what further action was planned for the group or. Wilkens said a we have tried to sit Down with or. Brown and Settle this but he has not Given us the Courtesty of responding to a Telegram we sent to him. Regarding this demonstration a if we do not get an a newer to this action we plan to picket the Cha office the coun Ell that we have Here in the Gar Dofi is quite ineffectual. The it Are we will repair any . Set you bring into our shop for Only. Yes Only a Complete selection of live turkeys geese ducks Capone amp chickens at reasonable prices dressed free to 0rdir loan to buy a Home see Chesterfield for the Best terms if you want to buy a Home or refinance your present Home see Chesterfield. We will work out the details and save you Money a come in. 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