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Chicago Bulletin (Newspaper) - May 7, 1959, Chicago, Illinois Pm your Community newspaper i volume no. 30 Chicago Illinois May 7, 1959 published it 419 a 71st St. Tel. Stewart 1040 Newsstands i girl 15, is picked for Junior a a mayor a teen age girl who is positive there will be a Petticoat president someday will be Chicago s Mavor for a Day May 12. % but it s a career in teaching not politics she hankers for Charlette Elizabeth Martin 14, of 471 e. 69th, Hyde Park High school Sophomore will reign during Chicago youth week when fresh faced politicians replace their elders. M iss Martin was named mayor by the outside Community committee her �?oplatform11 Mercury lighting for every Street and alleys that Are sparkling clean. The Junior mayor has a a pc Quot Grade average in school is Active in a Host of school groups and in two . She Hopes to major in education at the University of Chicago. She does Amateur fashion modelling interpretive Reading and has a sister Velma 19, who is a pre medical student at South East Junior College. Her father Frank is a Baltimore amp Ohio Railroad fireman. During youth week May 10-16, miss Martin will have the backing of 34 other officials in her among them will be Ethelyne Whitfield 16, of 1519 e. 69th, Community conservation Board commissioner Jack Greenberg 16, of 8239 Champlain Public vehicle License commissioner Leighton g. Jackson 16, of 8858 Wabash Chicago land clearance commission director Edwin leaner Iii 13, of 6841 Champlain Board of local improvements president and Joseph Messina 18, of 7617 Vernon House of correction superintendent. Names of the Junior officials were disclosed last week by August h. Pritzlaff Chicago youth week executive director. Nathaniel Leverone Chicago industrialist Heads the youth week federation. R a. = = a a a Illinois will crack Down on . Sales tax laggards a crackdown on 800 persons on the Southside mostly Small merchants who Are delinquent in remitting their 3 per cent sales tax collection was announced monday by Andrew Fasseas director of the state department of Revenue. Fasseas said the delinquency of the 800 amounts to about $300,000. The delinquents he said Are entered in an area bounded by 31st, 73rd, Hal Chatham Lions bring Mills Lions the citizens housing committee an organization of Southside Community leaders yesterday urged the Federal commission on civil rights to seek prompt correction of what it called a official discrimination Quot at All Levels of government in housing and Urban renewal policies. In a statement submitted by mrs. Ruth c. Porter com Mittee Board member who the Chatham . And Polk Brothers Are co Chatham Lions club pres paste up the first poster an James p. Twomey 740 Kast a a Lent or. Julius Ginsberg the appearance of 8�?zhan it two lir tin it i the Mills Brothers circus 8.>01 cottage Grove and Morav 25t, at 8.>tli and cot exe Ltd vhf a t a it it try of the sponsoring the circus with i t i Ris Polk 8530 cottage Grove tape Grove circus chairman Chatham ., look on. The Chatham Lions club. Sted and Lake Michigan. Twenty three extra agents have been added by the state Revenue director for an existing Force of 22 in the drive to collect the taxes. The merchants Are supposed to make monthly remittances to the state but some Are As much As eight months delinquent. A we will keep going until we clean up these delinquent accounts a Fasseas said. He said it was the first time that a crackdown of this sort has been undertaken by the Revenue department. Fasseas said the situation had gotten a out of hand in the South Side area. He indicated that the crackdown might be a forerunner of similar Steps in other parts of the state. He said accounts were being studied to determine whether any other crucial areas exist. The Revenue director Des gets 25 yes a St a card game shooting a it Daley to pick two for civil eighteen year old Robert Cox 843 e. Marquette rd., was sentenced monday to 25 years in prison for the november 21 murder of Robert Mcginnis 34, of 6108 state. Cox was sentenced in the criminal courtroom of judge Charles s. Doughtery. Judge Dougherty had previously. M a. Given the youth five years to cubed the step As a a get Tough re policy a . A prison for three Rob arrangements might be worked eyes out to permit merchants to pay Mcginnis was shot three delinquencies on an instalment times during an attempted basis while making their cur robbery of a card game in the rent payments. Department will close the doors Mother files $50,000 suit of merchants and got to court basemen 64� a charged with being Cox a it Hall politicians specs comp Amons in the robbery l _ ,.rattempt and fatal shooting a tuesday night that Are Arlester Bradley 20, of Reginald Dubois former 9th 1165 e. 62nd, and Alvin Coch Wrd Republican Alderman Rane of 6359 Champlain. Both and Earl e. Stray born local have pleaded innocent. Negro attorney would be a jury is currently being named t0 vacancies on the City selected to try their Case civil Scroke commission. A third accomplice Charles m Green. 27, of 6233blackstone, commission appointments will to was acquitted Apil 3 by submitted to the City Council this judge Grover c. Niemeyer. J morning but has refused to reveal his choices. To collect the taxes. Business men oppose % plan for Stony Island a Southside Mother of two has filed a $50,000 personal injury suit in circuit court against the City of Chicago. She is mrs. Betty Johnson 35, of 6343 Ingleside. Attorneys John a. Cook and Harry d. Lavery filed the suit in her behalf. In her complaint mrs. She has requested a trial by jury. Schedules court hearings an alternative to tentative county Highway department plans to convert Stony Island Avenue to an expressway was i Johnson claims she suffered a outlined in Advance of formal unveiling by Joseph m. Me fractured right knee and other Mahon president of the Stony Island businessmen a Assoc a injuries when she fell on a Tion. Sidewalk last March 23 on the new plan incomplete in detail will be presented to 68th Street just West of the businessmen a group May 13 for adoption. Dante. After possible modifications it will be presented to other besides the alleged injuries civic groups and Highway department officials. A a a 1 a at an earlier meeting the group expressed approval ofl4ftlmp Foj toll the plan in general. Covers 79th to 95th the businessmen a plan covers the segment Between 79th and 95th streets. County plans Call for an elevated or i a Public court hearing on an depressed expressway Between 67th and 103rd streets. Injunction suit against the Cit Ujj. H. Mick Laurel Springs ,.,. T i j of Chicago will be held May 12 the businessmen would leave Stony Island Avenue at 13 by the citizens against ground level and provide for increased traffic flow by Nar fluoridation organization. Rowing the landscaped Center strip from 110 to 20 or 25 feet. Mrs. Alice Shuringa 6632 eve while the strip ought to be narrowed for construction uns president of the Organiza of new lanes part of it ought to remain for its aesthetic value Tiona Savici the us is based on Mcmahon said charges that a fluoridation is Mcmanon Saia. Harmful wasteful and is com traffic signals at two of three Block intervals would be Pul Sory medication which Vio timed to allow cars moving approximately 35 Miles an hour lates the individual rights and to continue without stopping he said. Religious Liberty guaranteed in to Aid left turns Der the a a Quot a 14th Ammende the plan also Calls for cutting away the Center Parkway a. A ties Lak at two or three Block intervals to make left turns possible. Have been held in judge John he added. Lupes court room where motion a the organization of some 50 businessmen believes More were made to dismiss the Case extensive redevelopment of Stony Island Avenue is Unne Ces last hearing was in judge Chan sary because the state Street development program will re Kery Goldberg a chamber on May Lieve much of Stony islands traffic problem. 17� 1958. # r a a. Re a injunction against the City for the South Side forum and the Gateway civic commis of Ouri Dation was fued by the Sion two other groups formed to oppose county plans will a is go a in Superior court be asked the businessmen a plan Mcmahon said. On May 7, 1956, after the process terms county helpful Vas introduced in Chicago and William j. Mortiner county Highway superintendent,57r�f, said area groups would be consulted before county i Hay a ought three Well known plans become final. Doctors to Chicago to testify Mcmahon said the county has been a extremely helpful against foundation at the May in his group s search for an alternative. Hearings. They Trei or Early action is vital since com Mission business cannot be Eon mrs. Johnson said she lost ducted with Only one of three Money because she was table places on the Merit Board filled to work and had to pay for the remaining member is miss being hospitalized at provi Dolores l. Sheehan commission Dent Hospital. President. The complaint alleges that the vacancies were created by the City was a negligent and the resignations of John Ahern wrongful in allowing the past january 1, and Albert w sidewalk to become a sunken i Williams Elf Active last monday cracked broken dangerous Williams a negro was the and he festive a minority Republic member. T u i a u negro leaders have been asking mrs Johnson claims she that one of theh. Race be a suffered permanent injuries l ma1orily place on the c0 Numis when she tripped Over the Sion. Sidewalk. Also is vice president of the United Woodlawn conference the organization asserted that administrative orders to bring Public policy a into line with constitutional rights and guarantees could immediately Correct some aspects of segregation and discrimination in Chicago area housing. The committee called Chicago a Public housing program a a Public Concession to private prejudice a and criticized the building of Large apartment concentrations in negro neighbourhoods. They cited the proposed 340 unit Public housing program for the West Woodlawn area Chicago a Urban renewal program asserted the committee a serves to thin out or Roll Back its negro population from the most desirable land areas. In this sense. Chicago renewal can be said to pick up where the outlawed restrictive covenants left the committee called for a moratorium on Federal contributions to Chicago a Public housing and Urban renewal projects until the City government takes Steps to insure that its relocation and redevelopment policies a shall not result in the further segregation and worsening of housing conditions for thousands of its Citi racial premiums on rents and prices. 2. Building before bulldozers an adequate building program to meet relocation needs and population growth in line with family incomes through a provision of More Middle inc time housing through immediate use of the $4 million in Chicago dwelling association funds and through state appropriation of additional funds to cd for both Sale and rental housing. A new and aggressive policy by the Chicago housing authority to seek More publicly aided Low income housing units and to build them Only in Small groups of Homes on scattered Sites throughout the City first on vacant land. The committee maintains that the current Cha policy of combining racial and income segregation in Large pro jecs must be halted before its fearful toll on tenant families and surrounding neighbourhoods is beyond recall. The group feels that As an additional solution Cha should launch a program of rehabilitating existing housing for Low income occupancy. A a c t i v e encouragement of a a True co operative housing As distinguished from Mere sales cooperatives in both new and existing construction through reversal of Chicago so official indifference to cooperatives and the aug participation on private Home financing the i by City agencies in efforts to be committee urged that the fed cure financing and Federal in eral housing administration and Durance for cooperatives the veterans administration to. T a e u a should insist that housing Bene-1 a construction and or re Habil r j aim son who utting by Federal insured Mort station of lower Cost private was struck by a hit and run gages must be freely available housing for relocates from pub automobile last sunday is re a without lie clearance projects As provid cup rating this week in the Federal Home loan banked by Federal Law in the Low Woodlawn Hospital. Board and the Federal Reserve Down payment Long term Mort the medic who suffered a system said the committee Gage insurance under Section broken be broken Arm and should extent funds and services 221, Urban renewal provisions shoulder and numerous cuts Only those a Ivings and loan National housing act $200 mini. 3lnnf i u associations and Banks which mum Down payment 40-year about the body was hit As he agree to provide mortgage Money mortgage insurance. Rom car solely for non discriminatory a City agencies concerned with a 68th. Housing. Urban renewal such As Chicago witnesses were Able to get a the unholy financial Alliance land clearance commission and Only two digits of the fleeing Between government agencies Community conservation vehicles License number. And private lending institutions a Marc Chi Cafio a should imme or. Simpson has offices at which impose racial and religious adopt the policy in keep 6359 Drexel. He has been restrictions on borrowers to we Federal Law of Selling practising Medicine in Chica Wicther with quotas an neighbor Jeared Anc Chicago re .1----- i hods must Stop a the committee dwellings association and the or. Simpson is hit run victim go for the past 36 years. . Or. Frederick b. Exner Seattle Washington and or. George l. Waldbott Detroit Michigan. Other opposing witnesses will be called for future hearings mrs. Shuringa said. Citizens against fluoridation is a state wide chartered organization supported by voluntary contribution. The local unit is the Leader in the fluoridation fight of the Chicago area mrs. Shuringa stated. A Bill to prohibit use of Flou ride without consent of the people was introduced recently in the state legislature. The citizens group is also supporting a Bill to prevent the Federal government from Flo Riding army Camps Navy and air bases. According to mrs Shuringa the organization also will protest efforts of the dept of health and welfare spending to expend 12 millions dollars a in order to Force fluoridation on 75 % of the Chicago population a mrs. Amp he stay Horn of 555 e. 73rd pi., reportedly is the Choice of Republican William a. Dawson d. Chicago2nd Ward democratic committee Man and a dominant political Power in the Southside negro wards. Other negroes mentioned Are Thomas p. Harris insurance company president and Edmond w. Ragen and Aaron Payne both attorneys Dubois after serving 13 years in the Council was Defeated for Alderman april 7 by Democrat Dominic Lupo his Choice would be a popular one with the City Council. Clear suspect in slaying of Campbell Kin urged. File million Dollar for Hoy 1 a 5,Uit w As filed in Superior court monday asking $1,025,000 damages in behalf of Richard Yemen 4, of 7733 Union for head injuries received in a fall from a stairway last september 3 at 6347 St. Lawrence. Defendants included Dorothy a. Jacobson 2341 sumac Circle Glenview identified As owner of the building. Stron Gammeri by 2 two men Strong armed Myrtu Sterling 6115 Evans and Lone her of $48 and her purse at 71st it Sod a Vana saturday Chicago housing authority and a., to private non profit groups such the committee also charged m c00peratives. 0nl in Thi that local Law enforcement Agen the committee maintains cies do not adequately protect an Urban renewal a minority families moving into famines it displaces and can the new neighbourhoods whenever vicious Prace be waited of build and wherever local Law enforce-1 housing and pub. Ment thus Breaks Down the lick subsidized clearance Sites statement continued a the fed a to other programs of the hous a eral government has a Clear duty irn. W Leroy s. Sanford 16, of 6619 to protect the civil rights of its ? committee include. 1 code Black top we a Ivi thins it. U enforcement and City services Bitici. Lone was absolved Thuis citizens to live where they Day by a lie test of the March choose the same government of building and 5 s a Mig of miss thelic imn a. U 11 f r. T housing codes and supplying of i Ivess Inci ind ump that upholds the liability of an l Bell 58, 6721 Carpenter for his rat or Nurr hasp services and facilities in Thomas Mulvey chief of the i u u direct Pri it pm i Tion to need with sex Bureau Pafch a Tsuo a a but raid t0 racial miss Campbell was the sister. ,. Or income Levels of neighbor of Alderman Kenneth e Camp the citizens housing commit hoods 2 fair rehabilitation Bell 20th. Tee was formed March 12 As the standards no rehabilitation patrolman Quincy Polk a result of a Public meeting in the should be required in any neigh neighbor of miss Campbell who Washington Park fieldhouse. It boyhood beyond applicable City had seen a stranger in the builds composed of a grass roots Lead codes whether or not that neigh no at the time of the murder ers irom neighbourhoods directly boyhood is included in an Urban wednesday identified Sanford As affected by Urban renewal Arr renewal program a and 3 the he youth who had been in the hand clearance programs. Public so right to 3uiling. Its provisional officers include regarding the last Point of Sanford was arrested wednes Lorenzo w. Smith president program the committee main Day and confessed that he raped United Woodlawn conference gains there is no concerted City 26 year old Mother in the Alvin lock dec Board of i Effort to inform the Public of its neighbourhood Early tuesday rectors Park Manor neighbors rights and obligations under Timuel d. Black Hyde Park zoning codes renewal and other civil rights committee Bennett clearance programs. On the Eon a. Johnson vice president Chi tray the organization asserts Cago league of negro voters that citizens often Are disc our Claud Audley Board of Diree us do of obtaining information tors greater Lawndale Conser that vitally effects them vation commission and mrs. Discouragement comes mrs. Faith Rich education commit Porter stated through such a de tee conference of a act vices As official refusal to re branches. I lease copies of reports and Docu ments for study through such practices As handling important zoning changes by a omnibus amendments in City Council or through Sale of Public documents Only from private publishers at High prices. Mrs Porter said the citizen s housing committee believes that a Only an informed citizenry can better its own conditions and consequently the City As a whole we will work to improve the official Public channels of information we also will conduct an Independent information p r of Gram through housing and re Kewai clinics factual bulletins and Public discussion bulletin want ads bring fast results sell rent hire buy through the bulletin Stewart 3-1040 the new organization has a three Foll purpose 1. More and better housing at prices within reach of the City a modest income majority. 2. An end to housing segregation and racial differentials in rents and Sale prices and 3. A City planning program to meet the needs of All of Chicago a citizens rather than the desires of the special private interests. Specifically the citizens housing committee will work for 1, open occupancy a free housing Market for All citizens in All parts of the City without

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