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Chicago Bulletin (Newspaper) - March 29, 1962, Chicago, Illinois The bulletin. Thursday november 28, 1963 Page 13-, bulletin want ads find tenants fast. St 3-1040 Good Scon in crowded District com Irvin from Pago 2? Norri far Aro Prog Amad Dir it la Antn he Rio Ouy. A or i i h of fulfil h a v. Arranged for in Orr and qualifier i if Jar a fir a Chi intr Stu dents in per re Leaf Wacon a Unior cnll4gp or the in Hnoth Institute of technology. It Vav is Penl Ltd ni1 by it of Vic that nine eighth rec f mud Fite from Harvard for Man tary Are currently enrolled in Fri nah re t which teen of Parker High Rhonl before choir regular har Ard Schnol Day he Gin three s 111 d a n t a already had savr instruction in frond1 affording to the distr if 20 superintendent in All oilmen a Srihn Elj literature lab rare and language c i i h add to Iho Brondle of learning experience of hip Able student it. A i a a an pro pm Rini in modern mathematics Al trip primary Ippi be an ii term at win Worth Polo mediary school teacher work exclusively with the comp greater Cleveland Mathe mahr pro Gram malarial they will week to Mpa use the effect Ivene of the new Frh pinup under varying condition. Of learning. 4 pfc Quot youngsters in District 20 can co Ripe pop the educational cd cup within the geographic Boundary area a a or. Lear cued. A they can Start wih Kin Derea Fen. Of Ahnne on through Hish school Junior cop la a us my a a to you can place a bulletin classified and per As Little Al $1 Call Stewart 31040 Fhy i in turf it Publ the duh middy Rand do he a cd by our own Carrier boy Jovit rtt Ifyu a st listed in Fht i a Harte it in Fify. You pm Rqn go though or it Erv be i of to redux it that certain Idi a paid in Advance in Ord a that we May Bell in fun you of Ott which c car a Letten the i a 61 4n and should Befu ported . The wifi Befu to pm nerf big for Only one incorrect Onje lion. A a i for adult err it la and a Fudi frn it to made we the two a it aft it of Erpi Mhz a of the advert ii in question. The 8>hmin reserves the right to do or re i if any a published at 639 e. 71st st. Rates business services t employment merchandise Kouts for rent real estate a lets Mirroff season s Speda 15% discount 3 help a ii ted male gifts for boys ass 11-15 Al Houst did Good 81 furnished room put Kinf i from wholesale a ice furniture tops Wade of finest imported Glass mirrors reasonably priced windows Gla de also doors All types of Glasswork Don Stop be fronts glared Uhri a or p4rttfll free a Sims rfc0ndit10njfd a w of town is Riff. Oun aft a Umry a Mfd rugs an Quot a f&Quot\rz2r"rkg prop a �12 Sas Low As 10, Ltd Quot 12x12 Al . Annm �10 1 am in or Lvi Hemf for sin to a per a Ronda Tepni it it Tuff hive been re son Prisila. 7ul of Renee. To it Vert. The tier to Eoln. Re in sex 4410 of it Lient Ron Totton ten to 5 10 values of j v1tnfrva ?-f.ball of Gnu a in a a a a. On s�1p. New from a a it Funni to a ii Ike Furll met table of nor s y so of in try i cd .,0. A to a Cai ,fi0 Toto nor. s pliers 1,1 l?1 Wood Arvino set a Vince a tilt she a a Quot a Ontl r Wagon or fac of ri1 a a seen no i prior it Compaq a b0ush�ll� Carpel warehouse Racket Nart Lamb a f 7,t stuff of b \skf.tpm.f. Fat Fon f Al piment a her Rock it office and store equipment 94 102 apartment bldg. Ter Sale 12s 5 Apt. Brk., so. Shore $34,900 2 Apt. So. Shore,.$14,900 store 4 2 Apt. Bra. $15,500 no .1 Imi la re f. Rin Ripe \ Homo a a in Ferinde ref cry nil Nof. In Veo Var. Rat in per it in pm v Homo Fui uni Lyrl. No Nihro run Merji. Farm for Tenn Eire rtt Quot App re ivi4, in non or Peti All can be yours As a bulletin Carrier boy 2 3 5 6 t time $l00 $1.507 $2.00 $2.50 $3.00&Quot, 2 times $2,70 $3.60_ $4.50_ �?o�z5.4� conf race rate on request narc prick you Cash a one plus prizes within 4 blocks of your own custom Glass co. Home. 223 e. 79th st 3-9178 bulletin Carrier boys work a 4 or 5 Days a month Gutter t Sheet Metel 35a of you re a a Tarp frn. Would like of earn Money plus pole tinted shove. Have your Parent per Mission. Are Wllling to work. Call st 3-1040 ask for or. Poindexter 5 men needed at once towns Potrus. Roofs tip a pointing. Chimney rep no Job too Small or too age fully ins free est. Bus my 4-4736 no ans. No 70873 moving to it storage 39 min it a announcements special announcements listen every sunday 1 00 to 2 00 . We fm�?103.5mc. Pm the mn3t Beautiful hour of Good music the economist newspapers music hour t Donald we i a nip any n pm. Contents for 325 base he 3-1 7� to Vino save Money Cai. L a. Malone. St to i77m, after 6 . Jyh hour moving service no Job too Small. 4883044 piano tuning repairing 42 pm Anos sunni a a rec tuned Annta Ali a. How is Vorns Simms piano service or 0-�ua no a pc Ince necessary we to non. Vou. Present Man earning $2 25 or. Amp up my 3 1041, 9 . 12 . All around Man nor Lerl a once for vanity of do uses in car in Hill dip full time per mint Quot Call i i Riner. He 7-1400, Days plumbing and heating 44 Sitters available plumber 24 hrs a Servici of 4-5�-1 -22 exp re j id care m my Vic in st Lawrence i 63a Home �-44 m we re not having a warehouse Sale we re having a trailer Load Sale we be got 4 trailer loads of like new office furnishings at our Dock and no room to put it you can buy office furniture at greater savings that Ever before desks chairs files tables lamps safes coat Racks cabinets shelving and thousands of other office needs typewriters adding Mach. Check writers a a nip Why t a it 2 rms for Siclo persons or role. With pril i a a or a a 1 a he i -7 of in pm l her r Fotr i if Ltd it a or i let a re. Rentals unfurnished apartments 110 fired of looking yet no Security mls 4 a no 71st amp Cornell rms. Down amp 8 up Yarpp tiny on and or of fax or a rut basement if a afr 0x12�� a <�21 will air Afler he ,9-¿Onn tar Fly for Rte a Apt firk it pm of Ficler nil m 7nd st for feet a kegs get Onn make of Fps 1 mrs Heller a 1-2w1. A def v to nid ape amp Short of Raih Atuf a Ell our i Flat Corner hrs b de s Laflin Call Morns or Eide a a 89th blackst0ne $34.000 boat Tiff \ Apt. Hrs. A a s in ?41 mtg 4 4fino Dot 12.11 02nd a a a . To a gtd a 2nd-�o, i it a a a. 3 rms 1 \ rms 1. Rms a a rms i a rms i us. Mich �7>. 4 i my. I i it Unih-5 i it j i rms. Ii fish a 1 a Quot. I Fath i a i t riis7 1 a a it i in a i Unis. A Jarl ski a i i jus. Let us Ltd i a my. Jid a j0. A rms. H 11 rim m w a it r is. 7jnri-l 1 a rms. 7i j ,. A a a a us f in is 10. I rms. H-5s�?T a Rev. Flond i 7. A i airihi2o u \ Sun a us. I Tir Rar 3�-7.u�lw a 1a my c v t�?Ts-h�lhs�0. A sub a v 4-7 ird Sion. To i i . In trd-0. 4-�i us log i i in a the n m sure a Psi ssh i l-7uh-<�12.i or luxe Ith i i.-Usth-5io i �?o�-7 7lh is i a it Utilis 1 id. It loth sinn. It Liv pm houses for Sale 126 a Iron i not i $1,700 Cash or 7rt-Dorrhe�ter. A pm a Sueca. Steel constr. File hath end porch. 1 r car. Finisher i in Nam it. Oil h w it. Washer diver Range Ron a. be drones included shown by appt. Only or a 1-21 h 97th pm. Amp Morgan Morni i \ i Rud by Bungalow nth amp pm Slot. A Herms comb. Frs priced $10,.�?o00 or. Morgan up 5 4000 or 721-8631 no Omino House. It rms hrs Sid. Ing. Oil ht., blinding in Good cond Ingle undo location a hop Ping s Good income Park a Polo a Ell Frank r Kalt y 721-Nflori open Alt Day s�n4�f save on like new �?T63 Fords Tri Menous selection Falcons to Turos. Most with n9w car guarantees. All priced Well Bilow dial ers Cost ask a or cars it Stock nut to. 13 Lortta a i oad4d with Verv of two of Ike Gaty. 5p�rkmrt rh#e4p��k# Blue with hunk top. Ahen Luttle Gore reduced Frem Jimi Wii. �?~3295 to. No. 100qa Avion Park $00 in. Modern form hrs Resl Dorp its it re no Mit l 4�no Dot Lini child a re in a Home Days 67th Indiana. To now the to rep office it savings feed neighbourhood he a Ling service boilers. Furnaces. Stoker. A to. 363-7555 Days. 874-7483 Eves $50 donation Ipp up for Viire Hutch f up or non profit to re a Rel logo and graduate Oreana Tion. D Tributino i bottles school it Ilion of Watkins famous Vanilla. My 3-1041 photos and finishing 45 or 68th-mor?an. Evre Lent child re a my Home Dave 224-1191 i care of children of Wrig. Parents 3 or s Ove 871-3003 will keep children in my Home phone he s-�2l. Black amp White musical dancing dramatic 76 i along the sinn a j continued from pne 6 ho6j\ Pinkston won a ten a Ninci of Rhitta in is and miss j Titomas won a necklace. On Handi i to serve were Lester Hunt Wilcy Lilia and Alma gig Ilaryi. A business services Carp entering contracting 22 special on All Home remodelling photography by Bobby piano Organ guitar drum lessons no instrument necessary music 6�2s s. Halsted 7fi3-52r,0 for Dortohy offices Law Kris offices professional ant it business offices open sunday 10 to 5 plenty of parking i u i , Nir Rand bed rms in Itimous Aprl Menf .10 i. M. He. South hrs. Washer is Driver in . Us to will car i plug it a a Diane incl so a to a a Rosa a inf i Pine Den draw 1 incl. 2 tile Baths and Kun. .<1"0 a a . Us vhf i 1 62 -74lh-Ri Toa is i a ii5t -0.� h i is. Fruh ,.f�4th-0�?~. Al rms .7 a ii -49th-$r $100 in. Si00 to ii a my South Shore new sanded to refurbish it Nur Fli. Mod in Baths $14i never before of 7 rms Mut is j. 7-tuh-Ilo 7 rmi., Roth so to. 7-7mh-sl s is. Frith so to. S-72nd�?�$no 5 rmsh0fh-i12o 7-74thl i0. 7 r is. 2nd-.<120 7-4i�ih-s15. These apis vacant not a freshly decorated or will a several with free Light is Gas Motif near schools a 6 shopping areas we will accept 54 Lowe children who do not destroy prop-,$100 in $110 to erty i a Lynne Mac enterprises i a47 Perry a 8 Fioz it cottage pm 2-Ioit i$100 dn.�?$125 to. South Shore 1 a3vi Ford fax by Elk Apple red with luxurious Miu Hinr int. Ramp a v8, Power str m2 Fnu. Eur. Etc st. No. P2m 2495 63 ftr4 country Sedan 9 pm a eng it it rvs a on. Dylan White Rani it loaded with Power 152 Feih. Etc. Stic. No. P20 2595 a3 Ford convert ibo of i Oded us the Power Crumn Itic tic. Ship yellow a in Bult a top. A r a to to 711 Lowe hrs. Automatic gae it st 2-4041 st. No. P2h 2595 kill of to 70th Street 9 pm Frame Mph Gay Fth a a $100 Png left most f.4043 75th so Champlain Large hrs 5 pm Home a Ide or $l8.0n0-$2.000 in of. 7-1022 pm Frame st 2-4044 cattle Oit and see Voten f club. 7.113 s. La nerd it. Who wee also does a Good Job in the Kitchen while on duty. A at my prices anyone can afford a photograph rums. Parties. Spec events application photon a babies newspapers periodicals magazines�?ca7s�?dogs�? monkeys Etc. Private instruction 77 tutoring. Reading. Arithmetic certified up hic school teacher 8748650 sex ten Char will Tutor two 11 or. Old hons evening a 4-Kuo u Ruth you in inn and major Home repairs consisting of , i m heavy of the Fawn floors. Tile Cah Nels sink painting elect Ira. a in Oihi a no if. Comb Dialion Windri a. Ele. Re Eydi the night Hift there Tell that rest Wilh contrary or vault docs his Bnair of Uio own us Erk. Loud overhead. No a min _ _ _ Nioura of the morn my , to Pav for reas Pabie 684-9621 or do 3-8980 Rayev porn rpt server a Cap Antinie name it ill snap it merchandise articles for Sale 80 All state construction co. A 3-3795 radio television 46 sen last week were or. And or Tenma Fentress getting around to their Favorule places Kroon by their first names a a cookies and a Pete a expert carpentry and remodelling moderate Price free estimate no obligation Cha terms Avail. Cookie we can take care it the whole Lubell s paint world keep your eyes on Lubell s buys for service on your radio amp to Call your neighbourhood serv. Shop i Terry s radio st television Ervick dutch Rove Nap sex Latex Cal s4 n.5 no 71724 6710 Rhodes spread Satin Gal. $4 Beni. Mome Latex a Al. S.3.50 open wed. Till 9 . Weekdays 9 to 5 Brand equipment amp Supply 8440 so. South Chicago ave. South Side s largest Slock of new amp used office equipment plenty or free parking wanted to but go j just starting business top prices for used furn so appliances. Phone 471-0214 or or 6-jr/h deluxe v 2 pm. Apts. Jiou e. Ruth st. Overlooking Jackson Park cat at door new refi ii i Ator. Sanded floor it. Cabinet sink newly decorated. Adults. See mgr. On prom �3-0078 or a 4-1263 a r e. 37lh Street 5 rms2nd fir. Steam it. St so refing. Newly dec Len. Universal realty of. S. Is 10 j7noo Sci Champlain it pm. Apt. 2nd affront. I inn. See Jan in Addante. To 1-00. I 5 Loe. Rms. 1st fir. see Sun 2-1 . I i21 Bishop. Of 2-3730. 7212 s Greenwood Reau 5 rms. To my 1-4800. Do 3 1231 Vic Foith Evans 5�2 pm no newly dec. St. I do 3 0132 Lovely 8 pm Apt. 2nd fir71 it South Park. A 3 34rfi lots for Sale pm. Frame st 2-4044 127 $5 Down $15 per month sire of 9 City lots. Perm vision to build immediately fishing. Boating and Hunting. Just minute away. Call today Aberdeen 4-5479 business property for Sale 131 store 2 Apt. Brk., $15,500 my 4-4800 do 3-1231 i 63 Ford Al axiom s00 4 door if Foo completely equip pid with Trump melt. Power steer Lar itc., gorgeous red with Mitch my red Interior. St. No. P222. 2595 m Ford i 2 or. . Autumn Gold with forge flu Mitch my Interior. Ford of hottest cer absolutely perfect Stic. No. 10wa 2695 a3 Poteon future 4 door Sedan. A cent inn Fly Fin cer with very Low Miles go completely equipped with it utome Tif radio end Heeter 1895 it 641 st. No. P240 no payment until wanted real estate 139 soil e r4th. Adults Only. 4 pm. Apt. 3rd fir Mosa l-7qki. I 50 Dupont titanium pigment no drip Latex compared to s1.7�. Sewing machines for Roe by worked for Thelma j05 _ Supply blueprints and All. A. Am her. at her spa. 75th and permits and 6 skis. Repair All makes. 6rns a Hai fed a a a a. Spetti k a vans ave. Paul pears0n amp s0n thu a 2 8014 quo Day night or 9-0505, be 3-7155 just recently open on West 71st wanted furniture electric Heaters. St Gas. Coal. So 3-3776 Eves. Typewriters and repairs 53 f All st. Is or. Leos 814 West 71st, reliable where the three sounds are1 construction co. There to in Toutain my. Offers outstanding values on also there to serve you Are Man Home repairs a or Quot new York Quot Jones and addition amp Remote Ling All to via a Georia on the menu for those a work fully i a antoku7. ,. Terms All fou a who have a Tasie for food Are the free estimate free interest 1st 12 months1324-7422 24 or. Service.?� repaired. Cleaned. Gloss White enamel Latex formula n. 777 White Flat. Porch amp deck 5 Gal. Drum Flat White Only s3.95 Gal. �4 Gal. Is. Gal. $1 Fri. Gal. Sirr Gal. S1.rr Gal. Si.38 of steaks. Typing amp adding Mach. Sold rented so repaired. Good used rna hints. Gsu8 s. Halsted. He 3-9100 a 2-8014 venetian blinds shades 57 new and used venetian blinds repair a remodel violations corrected no Money Down free estimates 925-8270 new Waikiki l 0 v n i k. 7112 s. Halsted st. Asking their a a us quarters there Are a the Awag Wicent gents one of the Souter ideas newest clubs. Here also the daytime shift i enriched building violations by the presents of a future Niedzi corrected. Also dormers Aitla is Cal technician , who holds Forth As a a Ueen of old during Call Mike be 8 8139 her working hours. A a catch basins sewers 23 James Jackson owner of plumbing amp sewer the club Blue flame. 7101 5. J specialists Tau Iolj it o a i Rohrt a Melv Raee a Sims st 3-6935 st gae a birth Ria Palitza b. Amp r plumbing for his wife Jeanne. Sundnes no 1 Day service Eves. Installed by 88071 he 3-g748 new so used blinds so shades cleaned so repaired 1 Day service. He 8-309 my 31419, Eves. Sieve on and san Las tool wallpaper Sale re or a . 6323 s. Ashland re 7-3746 free do livery anywhere Supply the Nickels closed sundays Bug killer guar to kill anything crawling or flying. 1 in per Gal. O gals. Is sprayers. Prof Type. A 7 a up Rowe chemical gs04 Halsted free delivery he 7-2s2s clothing furs Etc. 84 employment help wanted female 60 learn the just writer encore Larj. Resale shop designers clothe suits dresses blouses sportswear Etc. Use our Lawn Vav plan 12 e. Division 3378244 household goods 88 vember 24. On hand there to Rve during the crush will he Marie Hughes from the old club flame. 51st and Wentworth ave. And Elaine Irby and Jimmy Jackson. Dressmaking sewing 27 Gas space Heaters my a in n m or toe i a i a Complete with you c3fl Type 6u w.. Or a controls in original crates $79 in Engle wooo Ste est repair co. 7.100 Halsted st. Dressmaking alteration so restyling also material. Fi4-2r 7n Yule help electrical service 29 helping the unfortunate at Christmas has been a traditional service of the Salva Ion army since its establishment in he United state in 1880. Neighbourhood electrician needs any kind of electrical work 3-wire service meters Bells outlets fixtures plugs est. A insured around the clock ser let a 4-7575 if More we will train you to operate this typesetting machine. Must be an accurate typist amp know How to spell. Good starting salary of qualified person. For appt. Call mrs. Garner my 3-8533 10 .-4 . 3 rooms Ftp in. Like new sell for balance living pm Bdrm. Dinette set. Rugs lamps tables Etc terms $1 a week. 7839 s. Halsted sell for Biance Beautiful Bdrm set like Neu $78, 9x12 Rug. $18 terms $2 a week. 7839 s. Halsted 195? Chevrolet$7?5 2 or. Standard but. it a i \ e ? b �1 and Heater. R v bargain 1959 Chevrolet$895 beige 2 or. 6 Cut Beane with Automa of and Ower . and Heater. Low Down # payment. 1959 Chevrolet$895 be be 4 or Sedan is with automatic. To it and Power Brake radio and heated. Nice family ear with performance 1960 Chevrolet .$1095. I. Seda 6 it a. A a Tomato. Beitf and Coppei. We tewa with full wheel disc. heated. Month to pay. 1940 Chevrolet$1195 4 door Impala 6 cd 1., Jurey radio Heater. Standard Hilt two tone 191 Chevrolet $1295 . Dorado. Heater. A r it c automate Blue real bargain at Thia Price with 1961 Chevrolet$1695 Impala 4 door Hardtop Black with red 6 Cyl. Power g de. Power a Teerma and bikes. Heater Whitewall full die. 1962 Chevrolet$1895 Impala 4 door Hardtop. White with red in Verlor Power Glide Power a leering and by Avei. . Heat Whitewall wheel discs. Hartigan a # i a / / Chevy f of used cars Bonnie specials 63 i 2 or. . Vinyl Rool p. Steer., r amp a . $2295 62 Chev. Convert. Full Power a of. $150 in. 62 Ford 4 or. Sed. Auto., r Sih i .s.vc. Sharp $1495 60 Comet 4 or. Auto Sharp liar. $495 �?T5� Ford 2-dr. Sedan. Very clean $395 st Lack 4-dr, it Auto transmission Power steering Sharp. $195 Bonnie Brook Ford free demonstration drive in the All new 64 Ford or test drive a Harbor Zed used car �?T62 Ford Gal. 500. 4 or. Auto., v-8, p.s., r dec h. Y Ery Sharp. $1795 �?T61 Ford Gal. 2 or. P.s., auto., r pc h. Like new $895 �?T60 plym. 2 or. 6 Cyl., auto., r so h. Extra Sharp. $895 �?T59 Ford Gal. . P.s., auto., r is h. Sharp. $895 it 9 Ford ranch Wagon. Good runner. $345 56 Ford Fairlane 8, auto., r amp h. Good condition $195 Harbor furnished apartments .111 4 rms2 Bdrm for Wrig adults. Sijo to Vic. C58-Michlgan. Utilities included. Business property for rent 116 to st heated shop or. 63rd Stony. Low rent. A 1-9052. Wanted to rent 124 apartment registry for private owners if you have a vacancy or expect one Call us for our tenants who Are most reliable so responsible. We do All advertising amp ref. Checking. Absolutely no charge to Vou. Lynne Mac s0uthside office he 8-3045 Loop office st 2-6652 wanted houses for rent with possible option to buy. Out tenants Wilh triple a credit references desire occupancy by dec. 1st or january. Lynne Mac enterprises my m Rast Cash deals houses or 2 Flats. Or. Weiss. I 6-1589 washers t dryers repaired in your Home no service charge for estimates motors exchanged All makes amp models $50 Down to qualified butori on following Carsi 58 Corvette gorgeous Whito sports Job with floor shift. New Tat tide in. Tremendous condition. Reduced from list week s Price of $1295. Specially priced at Only 1295 62 Ford 9 . Country Squire White with Matching Wood trim heart. Gold int. For the Wagon Buver. A exceptional 1895 value to Paleen 4 or. Imms Culet mide end out. A run like new. Tremendous value Don t miss Iti 695 62 Chevy Corvair Senes 700, st. Tr., exceptionally �7c,r 1295 Rull Price. A my # w 61 Falcon a afoot 4 or. At. Rih this car is absolutely immaculate inside and out. Must set to appreciate o o a a a a i a a Uuie �?~1295 cowing 7241 3. Indiana Rel he 6-1528 61 Ford 4 dr., 6 Cylinder at per. Steer. Like new inside it out. $ full Price. 995 8151 s. Racine Vincennes 6-4600 5343 5. Or in Sci. Ashland he 6-1200 7733 s. Cottage Grovo open Sun. A 3-6400 if you live within the area listed below 5900 South to 9500 South cottage Grove to Ashland ave. You owe it to yourself to use your Community newspaper the bulletin for All your want and needs a you Only pay for the circulation you need to gain results from people living within your own neighbourhood a people who understand what it Means to live and own a business or real estate rent an apartment raise a family Etc., in a growing Community. Had takers Are Friendly some people say Quot they re downright neighbourly courteous and ready to help you word your want and for the Best results. A Many times w you have to advertise is needed by a next door neighbor. A some people living in the area Are looking for a larger or smaller place to live but do not want to leave this prosperous vital Community a perhaps the lady across the Street needs someone to babysit help with her housework Etc. A maybe there is a need for a plumber Carpenter mover Etc. Whatever your needs you can be sure to find the answer in the bulletin want ads read a use a ,epen9qn them phone st. 3-1040-today �?��0 third beaut. Maroon with Black Eathor int., full equipped. Exceptionally clean. Mob sell out Price. I �?��0 illicit beaut. Alpine White at. Power Etc beet. Running car. Must a to appreciate. Cloie out Price to a. �?~1295 a , till 1941 no Money Down to qualified buyers on following cars. é0 Chevrolet 2 or. Sedan. 6 Clinder. Automatic transmission �?~�95 59 merc. Monterey 2 door i poner steering. Etc. Very runs c lean. Good. 58 Ford , at. Etc. �?~695 �?~195 s6 Lincoln 4 or. Sedan. Exceptionally clean. 52 plyme uth runs Good. A a a a 75 Many Merit a Hoekje prom terms to it your budget Low flank rate financing no payments till 19641 76th Stony phone 731-7000 open every nit til f i m. Including saturday it Swadey a a a a a n.trrrt-,

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