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Chicago Bulletin (Newspaper) - March 5, 1969, Chicago, Illinois Black students stage Csc grievance protest a i the \ i Xii no. Is a Mew mat is we Mold Marathon talks to voice new demands in Jiff Hirv v of in l l 1 11 published of 771 West 65th St., Ste wort 3 1040 no 1 11. I Xiii la a. 1069 barricading themselves along with two faculty members or. Irwin Suloway assistant president and or. Theodore Stolarz Dean of a a a dents in the conference room of the Tab the students Wood coordinator lauds school activities a court Star hath Amith Greg Kenner. Son of or. And mrs. Clarence Kenner. 8216 Rhodes currently attending Illinois Institute of technology prepares to pour one in. Greg a former Cager at Mendel Catholic now a member of the it varsity is majoring in business and economic in his Sophomore year. Basket Hall Wise. Gregg is already averaging nearly 12 Points per game. Scenes Wack students learn Mew concepts ski Kodim on vol la Point of View and age the Ever Ines disorders armeit her Coni Petely out of touch with reality or the ultimate Solo lion. Ii you re Over thirty five you Don t really understand the new moves if you re under Twenty five you done to care whether anyone understands. Obviously some thought work is needed to Bridge the ten year opinion difference. Ii i Kuk is no doubt about it. Stu a a Dent move Iii ump area of social change is moving Doser and Doser w to lethal school violence. It is Well within the province of reality to Forsee even greater destruction. to previous age definition unless you area a it of the educational Community or you have gone out of your Way to get first hand information you could possibly be shocked to attend some of the student administrator confrontation meetings. First of All if you have never attended a meeting then you would have difficulty following the new dialogues and terminology. There is a Brand new language As Well As a Brand new Demeanour exhibited by the student body. No longer Are carefully worded missiles mailed anonymously to the principal. All occasions of conversation Are health with in a direct face to face no Nice words needed Exchange. I n Many i list a aces the St Uden to have been Given additional information and strength by the added support of younger teachers who recognizing their own weaknesses As adults have sought to use the student daring to carry Forth a message which the teachers have been unable to sustain. You might be further surprised to see the organization which goes into tile staging of a student meeting and subsequent demonstration. Hardly a Day goes by without the disruption of Normal school activity under t lie Guise of a needed Many of the school admin inti at ors fearful of unfavourable record consequences Tail to publicize their school involvement. Limping that thru some Ehi chancery the whole thing will blow Over wit ii a few minor concessions. Many of the school officials areas sincere As a White administrator can be in the Effort to meet some of the demands. Incidentally Hedeman Srun the Gauntlet from changing the menus in the lunchroom to a student committee to rate the teachers in terms of hiring and firing. Obviously Many of the demands Are out of the question if schools Are to operate As a learning institution but underneath All of this unrest is a Basic concept w Inch wrought not to Overlook. The students Are excer Ising a right not a prix Pilige which Many of us failed to do in bygone years. it is with anything new there is much to be Learned. A lot of mistakes Are being made and will continue to be made but i feel that this is All a a i t of closing t he a p bet Ween White St Uden t a and Black student educational advances. If you will look Back Over the years you will see where White students Are entering the Cycle of discontent for the second and third times around. White students have always been protestors and demonstrators but they did t have to do it themselves. They had parents relatives and friends in the schools on the school Board and at Home who took care of their educational cock holds capacity meeting a capacity crowd of Over Kio Englewood residents and their guests attended the regular monthly meeting of the concerned citizens of Englewood at seventh police District Headquarters. 6026 Racine wednesday feb. 19 Rev. William Mcintosh pastor of glad tidings gospel Center 1041 w. 63rd St., presided at the meeting in the absence of Jack Wright Kcf president who was reported do three speakers addressed the gathering. Rev. Mcintosh discussed proposed plans for a summer Camp program involving children in Englewood age 8-13 years the vacation site. Twin state Camp is located 60 Miles from Chicago and will be opened july 7 through aug. 16 glad tidings gospel Center is an interracial and interdenominational institution which operates with the cooperation of Community organizations churches schools and Block clubs. Discussing employment camping and education Donald in Ford representative of youth action. H542 Liau cd. Explained Bow i org Fitzs on which is sponsored by the Myca Hopes to help Bridge the Gap Between children and adults. Other speakers from this group were Chuck Williamson and Terry Mason or. Herbert d. Odom chairman of the Myca Board of directors spoke about his exciting new medical Center 6330 Green that will open in the not too Distant future the Center 6330 Greeh that will open in the not too Distant future. The Center will be named Mfd Mart in Honor of the martyred or Martin Luther King and Malcolm x or. Odom reminded the audience that one does not to Lily give unless he gives of himself of herself. Mrs. Deloris Bell representative of the com Mission on youth welfare spoke at length about youth services explaining that the Holmes school. 955 w Garfield is vers overcrowded mrs Bell cited that the school houses 2500 pupils although it was built to accommodate Only 750 pupils she urged that something Concrete be done to alleviate to e overcrowded situation. Sunday May 25, 2-6 pm ice s second annual Lea will be held at Ogden Park fieldhouse. The next meeting of concer Ned citizens is scheduled for wednesday March 19. Black i i i Iii at Kelly Library the history of the Black american and his heritage will be portrayed in a film series at Kelly Branch Library 6151 Normal beginning tonight tuesday March 4 and continuing through May 27. The series titled a of Black american will offer As its first movie at 7 . A Black which examines the Black Man s position in the world today. A this film Quot mrs. Ellyn a Hill Branch librarian reports. A was Well As the entire series is one of interest to Young adults needs. In the classic White protest the White student merely told mama or daddy mama or daddy aet Ive in and adults school activities told the principal the civil rights movement in took care of it or went to a sym Pathic school Board who America and How it looks Tojo i it la a africans will be discussed by did take Cate of the matter., rep. John Conyers or. In Black people have never had this Home school Washington d. C. The Hon rapport. Because of Many aspects of our system they Thomas Mboya of Kenya in a Veblen forced to accept whatever the schools decided Nairobi Floyd Mckissack of to offer. Asa result of this in balance school evils have the Congress of racial Equality built up layer after layer of educational rust. Today s students at e seeking to hex their con University of Ghana sectional Muscles to remove the rust. They Are on tuesday March ii inexperienced because they have no direct also at 7 ., the heritage of in new York and or. Alex Kwapong vice Chancellor of the hopeful of continued Progress panel of experts i King Active pail in Community affairs especially regarding youth these executives of communities institutions recently participated on these tenth police District workshop at 6i he Racine. Specifically the men were on a panel that gave information about Job opportunities and challenges for teen agers. They Are by yester Rhein Ingle Synod Urban Progress Center 839 Vav. 6tth St. John e. Anderson. Neighbourhood youth corps supervisor. Al pc Herman Barnett youth services welfare rehabilitation service. Cook county department of Public Aid Englewood office and Donald e. Pruitt representing Sears Roebuck amp co. Englewood store. West Park Manor eyesore irate i West Park Manor Council have petitioned City officials to tear Doyen this unsightly eyesore masonic Temple located in the <�7th Block on Wentworth. Demolition of the building begun two years ago. Is a a standstill the West Park Manor neighbourhood Council paced by its president. Min Rose la i argue 6816 , contend the Council is demanding immediate action on Dir rehabilitation proceedings begun Al years ago in tile area extending from 67th to 71st, Perry to . The building is a Hazard and Fertile ground for gang activity drunks Holdup men and teen sex trysts. We inc also charges. Other areas of blight and decay coming under the Council s ire include among others the unsightly accumulation of debris and weeds a a taller than the fences along the Dan Ryan expressway from 66th to 68th along and a dumping ground for trash in a vacant lot behind Parker High school 6800 Stewart. Wesl Park Manor demands action now to end blight precedents. Younger teachers Are not always helpful. Aud Oriu Quot non involved parents Are never helpful. Shown in tilt in of the Library. Featured will be lbs news reporter George Foster. Ten years is a Long Long time to wait when blight and decay threatens to overtake a residential Community and an aroused and disgusted neigh Bor Hood group has actively girded itself for action now. Paced by its aggressive president mrs. Rose la Fargue 6816 Lafayette the West Park Manor neigh Bor Hood Council finds such descriptive As indignant and concerned mild when they i Kefei to the a deplorable and in creasing Quot deterioration of their Community. Demolition of buildings under the department of Urban renewal s plans to rehabilitate the area to years ago along with resulting blight and unsavoury conditions along Perry and l Lafayette. 71st to 67th and from Lafayette to Wentworth has occasioned the Council s ire. Mrs la Fargue elected recently As president of the Home owners and residents organization an office she previously had held for 12 years was sharply critical of the Lay k of interest and laxity of action which has prevailed since i bus neighbourhood improvement plan went into action. Concerned also with the apathy repeated overtures have allegedly been received mrs la Fargue dispatched letters for we inc on feb. 5 to duh commissioner Lewis w. Hill Henry Wilson Englewood Coni in Unity conversation Council Harlan Sweetman department of forestry Park ways and beautification and 17th Ward Alderman William h Shannon. A a so far Only two have replied to our petition for action to rid the area of debris hazardous partly razed buildings and the general blight which has overrun our Community Quot mrs la Fargue told the bulletin. A replies had been received from Sweetman and from Kenneth e. Grant Englewood department of Urban renewal. Tux Wentworth Quot she added. Sweetman informed mrs. La far gue that he had turned the matter Over to the Public works department state Highway division and commissioner James Mcdonough department of streets and sanitation. Grant in a lengthy communication promised to make himself available to the Council to attempt to establish closer lines of communication Between his Agency and we inc. As Council Pilot. Mrs. La Fargues letters listed specifically six questions and urged a some definite of Paramount importance were. Lack of maintenance along the Dan Ryan expressway where debris and junk had been allowed to accumulate the unsightly growth of weeds a taller than the fences Quot. Maintenance of vacant Sites which have become a dumping grounds for abandoned cars discarded furniture. Vacant buildings a which Are fire hazards and hideouts for gangs drunks Holdup men and teen sex trysts. The we inc communications also asked for an accounting of funds. To be spent in Southeast Englewood. Immediate razing of the masonic Temple which was started two years ago. And a Complete listing of Sites owned by the Der that have been put up for bid As Well As a listing of Sites not put up for bid and land set aside for Middle income housing outlining some of the past present and future activities of Englewood High school 6201 Stewart the human relations coordinator of the school told the bulletin that Englewood is progressing Well in its efforts to establish Good relations within the school. Mrs. Carrie Davis Englewood s a woman for All season feels that Englewood offers its students some of the very Best activities and programs in the City. According to mrs. Davis Englewood has just recently completed several noteworthy activities of interest to the Community. One such program was a forum sponsored by the Englewood human relations Board where ten City and suburban schools visited Englewood to Confer with some of the students on feb. 27. Observers described the forum As Quot very fruitful and interesting Quot. Another significant event recently at Englewood was a personal visit rom the president of Chicago school Board Frank Winston. The visit says mrs. Davis was the result of student requests. One of the reasons Englewood has maintained such an effective interrelationship. In mrs. Davis opinion is because of the Parent teacher student association. A this function Quot explained mrs. Davis Quot has been effective because it has representatives from every student level of the school in addition to parents and the pts emphasizes mrs. Davis is actually in its first year at the school and is Quot Englewood s first venture into this Englewood a pts recently sponsored a program where 8th graders from All Over the bulletin area were invited to an informal session on the How s and Why s of getting scholarships. Theme of the scholarship session entered around facing the Issue of education for Black children in the City at the present time. Coordinator of this worthwhile project was mrs. Cecelia Guice from Woodlawn. Mrs. Guice is also Active in the Woodlawn Urban Progress Center. 1032 e 63. Some of the schools involved in the scholarship drive Are Beale upper Grade Center. 6043 Sangamon and Low upper a Grade Center. 838 w. Marquette and the following elementary schools Mccosh 6543 Champlain Ross. 6059 Wabash Reed 6350 Stewart Lewis Champlin 320 w. Englewood and Sexton 641 e. 60. Englewood s gifted staff also sponsors the publication of a monthly newsletter which is painstakingly sent to each and every child on the High school s Rostrum. Summing up the desires and responsibility of Englewood As an institution of learning and a function of the Englewood Community mrs. Davis concluded a we realize that we have not accomplished As much As we hoped but with Effort and determination on the part of the constituency of the school we can provide an educational program which will prove beneficial to our boys and we want an education that will be meaningful to their sought to discuss a list of demands submitted by the Chicago state College afro american organization crowds of other students stood in the corridors of the building to watch for police and to bring refreshments to the students holding Forth in the room. Occupation of the building began at la a And continued until 4 ., during which time the students and two faculty members apparently met in agreement to the demands. Despite the orderly protest of the students and the state Law that requires permission for City officials to act on state supported institutions and or request for assistance from sentry Security guard swarms of police encompassed the building and ordered its evacuation the students satisfied with the agreements made and determined to conduct an orderly protest dispersed quietly. The demands presented by the students consisted of the incorporation of Black studies in the curriculum which will enable students to obtain degrees in Black studies the establishment of a Black cultural Center where students faculty and Blacks from the Community have full control immediate dismissal of All racist faculty and administrative personnel and the hiring of Black faculty and administrators which must go before an appointed Board of students. Dissension among Csc students had been mounting since the distribution of a letter at Large to the academic Community from Black history professor or. Arvah e. Strickland addressed to Csc a president. Or. Milton b. Byrd. Or. Strickland also chairs the Centennial commission which was an attempt to have Black participation in administrative decisions. In the Fetter or. Strickland expresses his disapproval of president Byrds unwillingness to support a Black persons participation in a significant policymaking role at the College. Or. Strickland also states concerning a meeting he had with president Byrd a to meet the demands you made upon during this meeting with you would be at the sacrifice of Pride the betrayal of integrity and prostitution of principles. A responsibility to Pride integrity and principles dictates that i immediately disassociate myself from the execution of the events of the Centennial year As you have now determined their execution. I refuse to be used As an instrument to perpetuate the myths of the successfully integrated College and of the socially aware the agreements made by students and the two faculty members will not become official until approved by president Byrd who was away on a trip during the protest. Students contend however that if the agreements Are altered to their dissatisfaction or if the Quot White racist educational system persists they will keep re staging protests until the Best interest of Black students and Black people in the Community alike Are obtained. Neither of the two faculty members or. Suloway nor or. Stolarz were available for comment after the students left the building. Mini shown 4 times at Csc a the International underground an experimental film series program is being presented four times at Chicago state College. 6800 Stewart wednesday March 5, As the second monthly program of the underground films. The film showing also includes Csc a Extension West Center. It will be shown at Csc from 1 30 . In the College auditorium and at 5 . And 8 . At the College s coeds lounge room 201a. Each showing is open to the Public and admission is free of charge. Boys wanted to deliver bulletins in this area Call St 3-1040

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