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Chicago Bulletin (Newspaper) - June 11, 1964, Chicago, Illinois Paje 6 the bulletin thursday june 18, 1964 Hoys Garden restaurant cantonese amp american food Call 173-7746 Roa met Taki out Siavick Bowen High seeks City baseball title the boilermakers of Bowen final round clash tuesday after High school will be seeking to give noon in mount Vernon Park their school its first Chicago City last tuesday s contest Between league baseball Crown. They meet Bowen and Fenger was marred food or to Gong f Austin aft 2 30 . Tomorrow at Wrigley Field Home of the Chicago cubs for the title Bowen won the right to play in by faulty defensive play on the part of both teams. Bowen had gained the semifinals by walloping South Shore menu shrimp Fried Rice shrimp egg fou Young Epper by of shrimp lobster sauce ref chop suey Antonese Fried Chicken ried jumbo shrimp Peciola beef Rice the championship game by edging by a lopsided 15 to 5 verdict. Fenger 6 to 5, in their Semi j Krall featured the one sided affair with a grand slam Homer and Mel age drove in four runs with a double and a pair of singles. Lalich gave up four hits in Postil nig his seventh win. He had a p similar record last season when he lot to Lane tech in the playoffs. Uni Iii Jim tip my in to tip Hiis a i trn tii Quot to itry or the #1 islander Orni Mon .12 noon-10 . Tuoi., Wod. To thurs. .11 am a 300 . Fri., sat. 11 00 .-4.00 . Sun.12 noon 3 00 . A 5 to e a it c3 c3 its 9 re _ of i. Mif it i 722 w. 63rd st. bulletin want ads pay p featuring exotic entertainment tropical cocktails 533 e. 75th st. Charcoal broiled stocks roasted Chicken 616 e. 71st st. Phone 483-1668 a w to Wolf a we my Marks psst the biggest cops in criminal game involves a Young rapist who a been working in the Park Manor and Chatham areas. This obviously demented exhibitionist barely escaped capture the other Day after Midnight when he attempted to attack an East 84th place Chatham Village Matron. The screams of his intended victim and the wielding of her purse in defense sent this oaf scampering in his birthday suit yet thru the Pirie school Yard. He a believed to be Between 15 and 20 years old. Either has speech impediment or is Spanish speaking. This dark Short Pervert is usually armed with a knife or some other Sharp weapon according to his victims. A Mark withinternational#99 flair political big wigs parly workers supporters and friends joined hands at the grand ballroom sunday afternoon june 14th, to make the sixth annual Tea of the 6th Ward regular democratic organization a highly successful affair mrs. Verlece l. Starks left former Queen of the Cotton festival headed a list of charming models in making fashions a inviting and above mrs. Starks receives a Token of appreciation from mrs. Idell m. Galloway 6th word committee woman while Theodore Charles Stone noted baritone gives his approval a if lift if tilt Lam crosses restaurant delicious steaks chops and Chicken Home cooked food daily or. And mrs. E. Cross proprietors visit our dining room parties amp banquets invited 846-1131 delivery 402 e. 79th st. Just what Chicago needs the fabulous two ii t restaurant amp lounge the South Side s finest dining room and lounge serving Only . Choice meats Chicago s finest integrated restaurant 1629-31 e. 79th st. 734-9721 Sonny s s shop opt a under fit my nag a fit 522 e. 71st st. Monday thru saturday hours 7 . A Midnight school special 8 .-3 15 . A Chicken <9ec with French Fries �9 capt. Oconnell gives advice for vacationers f 7 shrimps in the Basket with French Fries 35 fish sandwiches a a a 25 hot tamales 10e hamburgers 21 French Fries. Small Large 10 15 malts amp milk shakes 21 Cross a around $8. U Advance of bus a for even a of Tion week which starts s. In or. Or Kensington station three Southeast police command-1 sgt a homeowners in joined to advice to residents Lonan a should install door a Quot. ,. And again locks. If leaving to of the area who May having Saj a they should securely to Holder not to have Large amounts of Money in the Home at any time and put jewelry that is not be a in in a Loci to Heni going noted and recorded atty. William cousins hied himself off to Reserve training Camp for a fortnight. Jimmy Ellis like his brother Morris plays Melia Fella is in his fourth week of music making at Robbins nest. Rhetta and Tennyson Are making the urbanite dining room the place for drinks n feast. A must see and hear attractions actress Louise Pruitt Dumetz took in the saturday night per of a to make a poet Blacks and vowed that shed see it again in Roberts Penthouse on june 28. Ditto Herbert Scott who saw the april 18 per saturday nights and vows hell be present on the 28th As Well. Audience reaction at the Talback which was held after the show was Treme Njus. Also in the a audience was Broadway playwright ted Ward whose a your land hit the great White Way in �?T47. Remember it . Evelyn Brooke an officer with the 79th Street business menus association has accepted the important Post of schools committee chairman with Capac replacing Johnson publications Herb Nipson. We done to know if it was the style of the period but we came across a pamphlet called our Independence Black Man published circa 1958 which purports to be a the Case of Chatham Avalon committee is Elijah Muhammad and his Over 500,000 Muslim followers plus k 0,000 Muslim a miss Thelma x a a Mac a a attorney for the a fender so is the author. On a itus a a a diatribe. Miss x deck a it 1� a a at Are As mows the j things Are going anybody who openly Exsa Fety latches on All presses his hate for Muhammad can lose his Hei life in and on Page 6, we quote a we do for the new York worlds fair or some other vacation destination. Their suggestions on How to prevent burglaries should also prove _ of value to people who Are merely i tons. They said that anyone going1 Mats or in mail boxes. If keys without approval from anyone. This can plainly be doors and windows. The garage should also be locked. The a Felice commanders were Ini i i i agreement on the essential Pecau 2. Done to leave keys under door1?t have to be great people. Ouf work stands out on vacation should terminate milk Are lost change locks. Deliveries. It is advisable to have going out for the evening or will be away Over night. Warning that burglaries account for 44 per cent of the total crimes capt. Martin of Connell com hold them until they return they is away. Recognized in the works of miss Thelma a who was 3. If out far a Short time close dismissed from the Temple and placed on probation a trusted neighbor take the news your garage doors. Open garage because she refused to submit to ignorant negroes papers circulars and mail and doors Tell the burglar the family Mander of the grand crossing said police station 834 e. 75th st., said a if the Householder is going to be away for any length of time he should notify the nearest police station and Tell the sergeant when 4. Never leave ladders or tools who come into the nation with the same kind of ignorance they practice in christianity. Capt. O Connell said that Leav outdoors where they Are acres but this did not Stop her she is better out of the ing the House with Only one 40 Watt sible to burglars. This Only makes Temple than in according to her works. We were Light burning is a dead give away it easier for the burglar to break wondering whatever happened to Thelma who by her admission is better out than in a the crazy Tilljr into your House. 5. Demand and Check credentials when admitting salesmen re that you re not Home. He said a turn on lights All Over the House. What is the 10 cents Worth a he and his family Are leaving and i of electricity compared to the Cost airmen or other strangers into How Long they will be gone. This of a burglary a your House for any reason information will be put in the j capt. Of Connell also advised j 6. When you Are going on a world on the civil rights front Chicago Chap a beat books so that the squads neighbors keeping an Eye on a cation leave blinds and draperies Ter of Core will toss a banquet in the Morrison hotel �.i1 j a a n i l a i j n i j i no can keep the House under capt. William of Neill com House during the absence of the partially open. Never close them this saturday night. Meals Are ten Bux per. Main occupant not to holler a what Are j completely. Have your phone Dis speakers will be James Farmer Natl Core and the you doing there a when they see connected. Burglars sometimes a arms Bob Johnston. Lou House from Waal will Call to see if anyone is Home. 7. Caution your children not to emcee the affair. Among the seventeen recipients of Mander of the South Chicago Sta a suspicious person on the Prem i. I. I i. I i 11 a j in Wren not 10 a arcs for cd Vii rights action will be Leon Despres the House the appearance of being Mander said talk about your vacation. Re Mem ill no. V a or 0 or cd occupied by having a timer to a a done to holler. Just dial Pober some 55 per cent of All Bur a it Charlie Chew and Warren Bacon. Turn the lights on in the evening 5-1313 and Tell the glories Are committed by Juve a what to award for mrs. Wendell Green or reverend and off in the morning. A timer capt. Of Neill advised the House Niles. Jackson mrs grass noodles Wanee facial tissue l 2r39< ,1, Crisco shortening detergent. Giant size tide urge Box and feed your family better meat specials Crisco or it be Oil 294 Box m Uschok Biff Swift Hing or. Snowdrift Aurora toilet tissue fro in food i Lichts Rea Lemon fruit punch red Label t Orange Ulcy a i country Delight ice Cream scots soft weave 225 Hormel a Vinai Solfi pork steaks by round Ione Boot Roost Lonius Boot stir Hyko the Kkt hut 3-i to toy whys 4 turf cry tails. 3 fc50 mkt Tiskiy indu 4"��?Tl kleenex Junior facial tissue pig tails pit it bid Ifni beef Stew Lamb Stew a lit k a of lbs it f beef so a Jones j5< Quot it area crime rate mounts continued from Page 1 decline while Englewood Regia tired a 1.6 per cent increase and Kensington a 7.5 per cent increase. City wide crime during the period remained at about the same level As last year but increased Singh Fly Over the april period. Supt. O. W. Wilson said this monthly increase was Normal because of the advert of warmer weather. There were heartening decreases in rapes Down 4.4 per cent assaults by shooting Down 35.3 per cent burglaries Down 9.9 per cent and thefts Down 19.2 per cent. These decreases however were offset by increases in homicides up 61.9 per cent other types of serious assaults up 64 per cent robberies up 4.5 per cent and Auto theft up 7.8 per cent. By i can Pepsi cold can a. Fireside cookies a Riceland Short grain1 Rice 5-59 Kool Aid glasses in of beef roast sold As roast Only Botti a Kory smoked a sugar cured Armour s Star Slob Bacone i sliced Bacone giant size of bag Only i _ in Whoie or half firm Green 1 a Emmlu head Dio i. Urd so min st l Ute skit to i. M Toio Mem to to Imi Roach killer m can Boob a i i uhf a Mamta of m Coso Muriam 14si Chajuan of Cometa w % my a Hin �10 i. Tali skit in l �3 4 sm4 910 i m Jonh we Mim ham�4hk�oi�lr twin trims Sweet Texas Cort dopes jumbo it in Juicy Fry Hil Grapefruit Chicken i Call 3-1177 and schedule next affair dance party Tea and Etc. Each in a s

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