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Chicago Bulletin (Newspaper) - June 11, 1964, Chicago, Illinois Charles Chew Aberman reports appeals to Drivers to watch for kids by Charles Chew jr., 17th Ward to motorists within a week now schools w ill be oui for the summer and As we All know children will be playing everywhere. Please please please drive carefully. When driving on Side streets be extremely cautious because a child chasing a Ball has his mind fixed on the Ball and not on the oncoming car and because we done to tend to teach our children the necessity of safety this could be a drastic Accident. We As parents must take a special interest this summer to try and know their whereabouts at All times or to be sure that they Are being chaperoned by an adult. How easy it is to walk into death simply because they Are not chaperoned. And most of the deaths occurring where children Are concerned Are unavoidable by motorists. I witnessed an Accident this week in which a Motorist had to strike another car to avoid hitting a child. The child not More than 4 years old was running across the Street following an older child. Lets ally motorists parents and children be extremely careful at All times. When discussing housing in Chicago each person thinks of a Home that he can own. I say Chicago has Given its citizens in the last to or 15 years Many High Rise deluxe apartments and it has Given the negro Many High Rise Public houses. There Are Many persons who Are living in Public housing who would Welcome the Opportunity to live in a Home that they could buy provided it is priced right. At our last meeting of planning and housing City Council i asked that Urban renewal submit a plan that would enable the average Chicago citizen to Purchase a decent Home at a decent Price. I specifically asked in Englewood that lands to be sold would be sold to developers who would guarantee to build Homes at a Price Range where even persons who make no More than $5,000 can afford to buy them. I am tired of seeing people in High Rise deluxe buildings. My people because of Lack of earning Power Are the victims. This could be attributed to Many things. Even persons in the Middle income bracket who have saved sufficient Money for the Down payment of Homes find even second class housing highly overpriced. Why done to we have scattered through Chicago Homes that the factory worker can buy that the stockyard worker can buy that the Porter can buy. This is what we need Homes in the Range of $10,000, $11,000, and $12,000 with a Small Down payment and a monthly rate that can be paid by these people. This is what Urban renewal needs to be concentrating on and this is what i asked for. I remember in the area around 63rd and Hal sted when no store had window bars and window7 breaking was nonexistent. Now you drive Down Halsted and it looks like a Jailhouse. Most of the stores must have bars now to keep Down burglary and window breaking. Each store placed those bars there after they had gone through several window breakages and items stolen. I got the record from the police department and it has gone up 500 per cent since we moved in the neighbourhood. Now7, this fault is ours. This should not exist we should teach our Young men and we should set examples for them. The jails and prisons Are filled to capacity Writh some of us who think we Are Slick. This is direct indictment of my people. You cannot steal and expect not to be caught. Why can to we be Good american citizens of we acted like gentlemen it would not be necessary for All of the stores to have the window s barred. In life you get out of it Wii at you put in it i done to buy that lie about people having to steal to exist. The person who will break a store window and steal a radio is a downright thief and at no time will i buy tile fact that he a hungry lie should get up off his caucus and find himself a Job instead of Landing in jail for some dishonest act. This will tend to make him a better citizen. We have to learn to Stop begging and for gods Sake lets Stop stealing. I visit the courts one Day a week and its a shame before god to have to witness tile Little Petty things that people have done to get themselves a police record for tile rest of their lives. All of these things could have been avoided if we As parents would take an interest in our children not Only when they Are Small. Parents have an obligation to children As Long As they live. Rarely do you find a child who comes from a Good Home encountering any problems with the police because they remember their Home training. I get some complaints from Ward residents complaining about Street sweeping. Let me Tell you what i observed the other Day. I followed the Street sweeper for four Square blocks and the Street w7as very clean when he finished. I made the same round on the same Street the same afternoon and it looked As if it had never been swept. Now again that is our fault. It is impossible for the department of streets to keep the streets clean unless we help to do it. Now i have another item in mind of you Are really s ochre about a of this extra Street sweeping Why done to we in the Ward buy a Street sweeper and then we can sweep our streets All the time of you think Well of the idea give me some Calls. I done to know7 what the Cost would be but it has been done in other wards and the 17th Ward can do anything that the other wards have done. If i get enough Calls and enough persons to show interest. I will donate the $500 and we can set up a Bank account Over at the Chicago City Bank and we can Send out donations Over there until we get enough to pay for it and sweep our own streets. Just imagine if every Home every family in til is Ward would donate $1, we would have enough Money to buy a sweeper and pay somebody to drive it. Lets do that Start my phone to ringing Hudson 7-3334, and lets help the department of streets keep our streets clean. It i i i a x. Of Jand Englewood too re plotted by request ii Vbk a to make a poet Placky is rated top dramatic fare by Hurley Green a to make a poet Black a the local theater Enterprise being presented by the seven arts Guild was performed in the fir t universalist Church 83rd and Ingleside la t saturday night. The shows title comes Dom Countee Cullens poem a yet do i Marvel and is a deft interweave of negro poetry and folksong. Writers Conrad Rivers and Milton Lamb Are responsible Tor the research and compilation of the materials used in this most unique theatrical entertainment. From the moment actor Fri Tor Milton Lamb As Reader i. Decades a and yet do i Marvel at this curiae thing to make a pee4. Koa a a i bul urn it Quot Quot tile audience is led on a merry journey to All emotional ports. There Are the poems of protest As exemplified in Langston Hughes emphatic statement a sch yes i say it Plain America never was America to in a and the pathos evident in the lines a we Are not come to we a strife with swords upon this Hill. It is not Wise to waste a life against a stubborn and there is humor in Paul Lawrence Dunbar a Story of a the party a Honey you ought a been there. We rho had one scrumptious time a there is love too in a the Dew i in the Grassit Dar. The bin h is in la roce Ani Swift across r a a i Quot up to shift a Shadow it s your noon is Alt by about t he skin in hot weather by Samuel i. , eld., . Amass Suer it Ucol i i any people regard the six a is a sort of envelop3 j-4- int it which the res of to body has been stuffed. This is far from True. Actually the skin comprises one of the most important parts of the body and functions in a Way conducive to both life and death. Like other structures of the body the skin shows considerable variations in reactions to age sex and changes in the weather. Many eruptions on the skin Are related to hot weather. A heat rash a commonly known As prickly heat a is due to an inability of the skin to adapt itself to an increase in temperature. It takes place More often in infants than by of i r Niv As and is note s i \ i i i i which t1 birr a of cry is s of to a a vat a. Ltd r Viny. E n bring a a ear Fri a. Son in s the cd Coati ins merge let Lorn Large patches of irritation As in eczema of to icy Are not properly treated infection May follow with w widespread formation of pus. The Best Way to prevent a heat rash is to avoid wearing heavy clothing during hot weather to Bathe frequently and to use a dusting powder. In addition it is a Good idea to drink plenty of water and other fluids. When Hie eruption is Iii full Bloom weak cold applications should be applied to the skin followed by the use of a Bland dusting Power or Calamine lotion. Of these simple procedures fail to produce a Good response a physician should be consulted. Excessive sweating May prove annoying during a siege of hot weather. As a deodorant under the armpits Plain bicarbonate of soda used As a dusting powder is quite effective. There Are a number of preparations available to the Public that produce so Milan satisfactory results. Excessive sweating however noses eel Ain medical problems and their treatment should be under medical supervision. I by grows. A a a in the hands of this most excellent cast the negro poets words live. Because the show is one of Reading rather than acting one might expect Static performances but what is missing in physical movement is made up in the Power of the voices. The words can be Silky smooth or biting As the mood requires. And the facial expressions As when actress Louise Jenkins declares a i got a Beau and his name is or when Milton Lamb begs a homebody Ted a about tins Freedom train a i waiter Mcconner and Uuie scores tile . a liars song is but of setting the mood Lur what is to follow a which he a aes with All the acumen of the provisional. Ile never intrudes or gets in the Way of the Reading. His task is to punctuate and underscore and at times to urge the readers on to crescendos and a innuendos. This he does expertly. Each of the readers was featured in one spotlighting work. M s Jenkins won a rousing response with her interpretation of Dunbar a humorous recounting cd a Ziha poet writer i. A Conrad Rivers new poem a i have a dream brought a wave of deafening applause from this audience. Milton lambs spot lighter was Langston Hughes a Freedom a to make a poet Blackie in this reviewers opinion is unique theater and deserves at least one seeing by everyone who wants to be entertained significantly certainly the show has significance or those who j i t want to he ent a a a period. We to two people who h a Luniow several times b Tore. They vowed that they had already made plans to see it again at Rob acts Penthouse on june 28 when it plays a four of clock matinee and an eight o clock evening performance. We would suggest strongly that you forget the mediocrity of to for that Date and Hie up to Roberts at 6622 South Park for a program of entertainment you la not soon forget big Iii Vav invite you to express your opinion. Names and addresses must be Given before letters will be considered for publication names or addresses will be omitted Only upon written request. The right to condense or clarity letters is reserved. No limn he Regira n Bruce Sagan publisher Gus Savage. Editor clarinet Smith Butin Harold Hurd circulation Shirley Anderton it la Ifield mgr Henry Martin photographer William Lewi and Clarence Nel on. Adverting Reporata Nativa. A it. Editor Hurley Green. Publish every thursday morning at 639 e 71 St St. Stewart 3-1c40 deadlines news noon monday advertising noon tuesday classified 3 . Wednesday opinions expressed by columnists or in by line articles Are not necessarily those held by this newspaper. To maintain editorial standards this newspaper will not accept payment for publishing news items or photographs. Also when a news item or photograph is omitted from an Issue due to space limitations every Effort will be made to publish it in the next Issue unless its news value has substantially decreased. The editorial opinion of this newspaper is non sectarian and Independent of any political group. Sixth year no. 35 week of june 18, 1964 to june 24, 1964 per 4 cousins on Chatham fight against zoning variations stepped up by William cousins jr., president Chatham Avalon Park Community Council editor s note this is part to a of a report by this columnist to the annual Congress of the Chatham Avalon Park Community Council held june 7, 1964. Activity regarding zoning variations Iii the Chatham Avalon Park area went into such High gear during the past Winter that on some plates several hearings on applications for variations were pending. Applications to build Large Multi unit apartment buildings with apartments on the ground floor in a i >4-2 area were granted to the East Side of South Park in the 83rd William cousins Block at 8317 and 8321-31 South Park. I prepared and filed an Appeal for our Council from the decision of the zoning Board of appeals on the 8321-31 South Park Grant however the circuit court sustained the boards decision. A decision on an application for a so Milar variation at 8337 South Park has been under advisement for several weeks. The Board of zoning appeals did deny applications for similar variations at 83rd and Vernon nov Corner. 8216 South Park and at 7947 South Park. The circuit court of appeals reversed the Board on the 7947 South Park cae. An Appeal is pending on the denial on 83rd and Vernon. A decision by the Board denying a similar variation at 79th and Indiana which was made in january. 1963, was reversed by tile circuit court on year a Ater. The Council met with the mayor last Winter and protested the rash of variations. The mayor agreed to and did cause a study to he made by the City planning department of our entire area. No recommendations have been made As yet As a result of the study and the study should now be concluded and recon invitations made to afford Relief from Over crowd no insofar As the remaining vacant land is concerned at the earliest pos Sihu a Date. In March a proposed amendment filed by our Council to rezone a portion of Hie b4-2 land abutting on South Park Between 79th and 85th to 113-1 was introduced in the City Council. The proposed change will prevent residences from being built in apartments on the 1st floor. Our proposal is the Best proposal action which we could introduce and reasonably expect to have enacted. However the City planning department can propose changes within the area affected by our amendment which would he even better because the City planning department could rezone portions of South Park for residences without forcing existing businesses which Are located within the portion of South Park affected by our amendment i appeared before the City Council on May i. 1964 in support of our proposed amendment. Aid. James Condon 8th supported our position on 8th Ward property and Ald. Samuel Yaksic 21st has indicated that he would support us relative to the property affected Trch Falls within the 21st Ward. Action on our amendment was deferred pending tile report on the Survey by the City planning i department. A is Reid has acted As conservation chairman since last september a id either he or t have represented the Council at All zoning Board hearings Dur Tig the last year. A proposal to rezone tile Sny Corner of 75th and a Wabash from r-3 to b4-2 was introduced in the City Council by Ald. Liller 6th for the owner. I protested the proposal along with residents in sub area i and the proposal was withdrawn by the Alderman. To be concluded next week Englewood views praises Moselye a work in civil rights struggle by Marion Henley to is so Good to be a resident of a Community in which there Are persons such As Earl mostly. Those o is who Are privileged to know i i arc greeted \ la it a �?o7 Coelom a whenever e ca�?T13 re comes who is committed to the struggle for Freedom for All Black people. He seeks no glory for himself and others could learn from him. Marion Henley either would or a there we Are mrs Melsoni eggs bread grapes tomatoes and the Watermelon Quot ifs a fact different families place importance on different things so that one May be willing to give up a great Deal to own a Home while another considers Home ownership of much less importance. Persons in the former category Are a among those who demand Quality in a Home such As real Ceramic tile in the bathrooms. The wide variation in the desire for Home ownership is taken into account by the Fua when it reviews applications for insuring Home Loans. Thus even if two families have identical incomes the amount one can safely pay for a Home May be much More or less than that of the other family i says. By. Ile is one of the giants in the Freedom struggle within the Community of Englewood. He is the kind of individual who gives encouragement to All those around him. In be seen him picket when no one else could. He is what so Many persons think of As a grass this term has never been dear to me but to be called a grass roots places me in Good company in Englewood. Good did i say i mean the Best. There Are those who say he embarrasses them. Why could it be that they feel guilty Over their own inability to act freely As he does could it be that they do not want to be identified with those of color How is that possible Earl even has been choked for speaking out against the evils of school segregation. Was he choked by a White Man no by one of our own. He has been mocked and scorned As he has fought for Quality education for All children. How does one so dedicated feel there Are times when he feels discouraged but never to the Point of giving up the struggle. Of there were As Many Earl Moselye Sas we have talkers we would be More United and closer to our goal. Why Earl Mosely is a Man those of you who have pulled your skirt aside or scurried by As he sought to Tell you Why he was picketing Are the ones who should feel shame. On last monday Earl led a picket line at a the site where a new school is proposed in Englewood 71st and Lowe. He was picketing this time to Point up to the Public the fallacies of the Willis Transfer plan and Why or. Willis knew of its doom from the beginning. He has Learned As others have to put into words his thoughts and observations on the school system of Chicago. He reads whatever he can on the subject and listens. There a that word again listen. He has concluded also As Many of us have that one can learn a lot by listening. The old adage goes a no one knows what a fool you Are until you open your Mouth and dispel All doubt or something like that. Well in be listened attentively to Earl Mosely and although he is not always right who Isi could never say enough for ids consuming commitment that you feel when you hear him. May Quot god Grant him deeper spiritual insight strength for the journey and raise up More people to help him make our goal a reality. The Englewood parents Council of which or. Mosely is a part is a Small but growing group of parents interested in equal and Quality education for All children. Of you live in Englewood and Are interested in becoming a part let me know

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