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Chicago Bulletin (Newspaper) - June 6, 1963, Chicago, Illinois Dehate on Urban renewal continued from Page i says. A a a slum clearance policy is untenable in a period of the City Bureau of parking Lias built Multi level self parking garages in other neighbourhoods. The idea has been to build a where parking demands Are High but available ground space is limited. A such parking has been built at Lawrence and Broadway. Devon and Campbell Kedzie and Roosevelt and Marshfield and Chicago. Why can to we use some of that nearly si4.000, of per cent Federal sponsored Money to build this Type of parking above or below ground it would further Aid in employing men who need jobs in the Community it has been said that tile i >54 perimeter plan included this suggestion. Again How will the present r-47 proposals tit into the previously publicized government sponsored plan for a mass transit median strip it seems very unwise to remove Good housing when so Many people particularly negroes and other minorities Are among the main people in need of More housing. Actu Aliv or increases demands on the present inadequate housing Supply As an Ell As add to the already intolerable presumes on housing available to negroes Ami members of other minorities. This process of course leads to further overcrowding and consequent quicker deterioration. Sometime ago. Write Fletcher and Alvin Pitcher of the Church federation of greater Chicago agreed that a the most serious complaint to be Laid at the flour of redevelopment is that it creates relocation problems which Are too big for any of our cities to can people even those who a qualify Quot gain Access to equitable Ami just Loans Iti Case their Homes Are taken officials supporting the r-47 proposals have spoken rather freely of the availability of a fair Market values cum u a., and 221 Loans. Two thirds of those effected by or have been negroes or members of other minorities Many of whom definitely found it difficult to secure equity or fair mortgaging. If a fair Market \ allies Quot on housing is determined Atter a Community has become predominantly negro or at the time of condemnation owners May not receive just compensation because Community disruption becomes a Means of lowering housing values. As pointed out by Jane Jacobs in Ber Book a the death and life of great american the or Law tends to leave unmentioned the matter of a credit a blacklisting shuts off the most important kind of housing Money Quot she explains a the conventional credit extended by nongovernmental lenders principally savings and loan associations Mutual a Ings Banks life insurance companies commercial Banks and some pension funds. Although these institutions do not publicize the fact they map cities into areas in which they will either invest or not it would be an excellent idea for the Southtown planning association and tile department of Urban renewal to publish the names of the companies that will loan Money at fair interest rates. One of our leaders in the present struggle Here confided recently that when he lived on the West Side he sought to get a mortgage loan. Ile had Al qualifications but was turned Down because the company had reservations about the area i Bony Magazine has alleged that Chicago negroes alone Are taken for $75,000,000 in housing deals every year. Before w e talk about a equity a let s be Clear on the fact that in so far As the negro is concerned generally there has never been a a equity or a fair Market value housing available. At the Public or meeting held in Englewood on May i. Someone in the audience quipped a relocation where can we go if we go too far West there is Marshfield. If we go too far South there is Beverly. If we go too far North there is Back of the Yards. If we go too far East there is the Dan Ryan expressway and farther Over Lake though this is tinged with both irony and humor there is a settled truth behind the funny facts. Conceiving that the present plan is possible can the City claim to properly relocate 5 x families mostly negro those having Good housing those needing More housing and those who Are residentially segregated relocate them anywhere their Money and Means will take them without serious conflict ? in the new periodical a integrated or. Robert j. Havighurst states that a the process of racial and economic segregation has hardly been effected by the billions of Dollar we have spent on physical Urban a hard to hide criticism of the or program in general has been that it has almost totally neglected social Urban renewal a the main reason for physical Urban renewal in the first place. In general a better plan for Englewood must spell out clearly where it stands in relation to the Community on the a Standard housing and parking space Quot Issue on open occupancy on Quality schooling and on Quality civic and merchandising services some stores have been reported to have one Price for Englewood residents and another for other areas finally the department of u Rban renewal after comprehensive planning with Community representatives should consider bringing to Public meetings alternative proposals which would include the just grievances and legitimate claims of people such As those on Green Street. Hie whole problem of Urban renewal May Well be resolved finally through a referendum which would give the people the prerogative to decide by vote whether they wanted a particular proposal or plan after study and hearing were held on the matter. I Only Pray and Quot Hope that through tile Grace of god we find the right Means by which to share with equity the Good Earth and All its fruits including Urban renewal Aud Good housing together. Next week the bulletin will publish the other Side in this vital Quot debate Quot unwanted by whom _ mys w in letters the editor support for Urban renewal dear editor since there has been so much controversy Over representation in Englewood i would like to clarify the position of the 65th Green Street property owners organization. We Are supporters of the Halsted Morgan Community association. And we feel that we have had excellent leadership in or. Henry p. Wilson president of . We Are a chartered group our Block club has representation on the Halsted Morgan Board. The Green Street association headed by James Batts does not speak for the total of Green Street. It does not speak for our Block organization. Edit oils \ to the Green Street association Bein it More strongly opposed to those Urban renewal proposals huh require the destruction of residences has split Aith the Halsted Morgan Lom Munty association and tailed for the formation of a new asset lotion we approve the recommendations re submitted by ., on May i at Low school. Through . Our Block club has been kept informed As to the Progress of planning for Central Englewood 63rd amp Hal sted area. We realize that something must be done to reduce the traffic in the residential areas of Englewood. We also know that existing conditions on 63rd Street cannot continue. Stores Are beginning to show signs of deterioration and we know that Good Homes should not be taken. . Has kept up a continuing fight to save As much housing As possible. The present proposal has less housing to be cleared than in the old perimeter plan. This was partially due to the constant efforts of the . We. Of the 65th Green Street property owners organization wanted to let the bulletin know of our position in this highly controversial Issue. Waddie l. Johnson pres. Calumet Englewood Harlan Hirschy Parker Westcott news amp views Quot Bradford Why i m on the Way there myself follow Hirschy some have fallen by the Waist Side still others have been eliminated. Now Only the Best still remain and the lads who have made the Grade will be this year s Hirsch huskies. Some of last year s football team remaining Are Leonard Birdson. Erie Evans Lee Falkner Sam Harvard Jesse Horne Sherman Howard Cornelius marshal Earlie Mullins Joe Samuels Walter Storey and Joe Turner. Those Are the old pros and these Are up and coming Cedric Cummings Anthony Jackson Alvin Scott John Townsend and George Walker. Play Ball this is the familiar chant which occurs every summer when the baseball season begins. Baseball americans favorite pastime is gradually increasing its popularity at Hirsch the fans Are optimistic and this year s team has been winning it always happens that Way. This years Slick Fielding ballplayers included 15 veterans and eight sparkling now rookies. Michael Battles Johnnie Gilliam Donald Harper Maurice a super Coop a Cooper Harold Mitchell George Simms William Powel. Jesse Randal. John Rice Ronald Robinson Robert Robinson Charles Whitman Harold Bracken George Tyler and George Walker the returning old pros. Wayne Fletcher Jimmie Bolden Fred Royal William Rogers Michael Lawson Marvin Ellis Lynne Regan and Larry Williams round out the newcomers to the varsity. With these lads out there battling there should be a Well balanced buckle attack. By Harlan we almost found out who the top ten was at Harlan but after Many phone Calls and a couple of bribe we still Only came up with nine and they Are Alaison Worske Michael Doran. John Heitz. Betty Foster Richard Uebner Norman Williams William stubble Rohald Wilkes and Evelyn Payne. If anybody knows who the missing person is could you Kinda Tell us. By Vernon Mitchell 6949 s. Park tells us that tile microns number one social club in the City Are about ready to do it up again. This time in the form of a sin foot sue Quot if you Don t know like we did no to that is the title of the dance they Are giving june 8, at the Omega House. You can bet if this is Uke All their other de a tops this one is going to be Mellow. Officers of the club Are Robert Jordon president Alford Cole hues business manager and Vernon is the chaplain. By Englewood you would think that the purple and White would give somebody else a Chance to make news since they have elected a Queen and got her picture in the paper and All. But no sir they Are still at it. This time the cheerleaders have elected officers the French club elected officers and the thespians Are planning a play. Officers of the yell girls Are Lucia Bell Ermine Morris Janet Massey and Beverly Wilson. By the French club has published a French newspaper and has been attending pm Rench movies and writing to correspondents in France. Their officers Are Yvonne Johnson. Elliot Jones and Victoria Williams. For some time now the Englewood thespians have been talking about the play they Are going to put on. And they Are still Talkin. If they have done nothing else however they have come up with a name a to men amen a Patricia Bryant Delores Davis Cynthia Langford Josephine Loftin Lillian Morgan Rose Morgan Jorraine Nash. Sharon Reynolds Presella Simmons Sandra Parker Darryl y a t e in a a Dwight Casimer Paul Mecaine and Russell Patterson helped make that All important Choice. Parker Friday night the Gay la Mist ques chose their sweethearts at their dance entitled a the Gay la Mist ques say How bout their sweetheart is Malcolm Dobbins who so loyally supported by Janice worthy. Although Malcolm was the Victor he was followed closely by Thomas Jones who was supported by Diane Moss and John Lewis who was supported by Cheryl Moss. The dance was enjoyed by All those who attended and among those present were Laverne Varnado. Norman Mcguire Bruce Wilson Diane Moore Linda Madison and Many others. Nine of Parker a lovelies Are Nowr vying for the coveted title of prom Queen. This year however there is a new arrangement. As far As qualifications Are concerned. Each contestant must be not Only Lovely and congenial but must have excellent Scholastic rating. Providing the stiffest of Competition for each other Are Valorie Foucher Lauren Mills Barbara Brooks Cheryl Moss Laverne Mcdill Germain bluing. Sandra Draper. Helen Calhoun and Brenda Gandy. Henderson helps plan festival Bill Henderson editor of the Bulle teen has been appointed to assist mrs. Gloria Wilkes youth worker with the Chatham Avalon Park Community Council in the planning of the teen dance that will Climax the festival in Chatham saturday and sunday. The highlight of the dance will be the crowning of the King and Queen of Chatham. Vying for the titles in this years Competition Are Patricia Vaughn. 7915 s. Vernon ave. Keith Tate 7836 St. Lawrence ave. Summer Johns. 7952 s. Wabash ave Linda Sion 7707 s. Wabash ave Douglas and Chandra Ellis 7946 St. Lawrence ave. Vulcan Taylor 8355 s. Vernon ave., and Wanesta Hitchock 8326 s. Vernon ave. Welcome i i it a a a a a a a 4 Sonya Banks a Junior at Parker High has been appointed assistant editor of the Bulle teen. Sonya is the sixteen year old daughter of or. And mrs. Joseph Banks of 7202 s. Michigan. Miss Banks is the editor of her school newspaper one of the senior editors of the Parker yearbook the Pine a chemistry Tutor lab. Assistant and Honor Roll student. Outside of school she has represented colleges in the a miss United negro College fund Quot contest. Sonya plans to fulfil her ambition of becoming either a chemistry teacher or a journalist at the University of Illinois where she plans to attend after graduation. Bruce Sagan publisher Gus Savage editor Clarence Smith mgr. John Poindexter circulation Shirley Andersn clarified mgr. Connie Seal at. Editor Henry Martin photographer Charta Kelly and Robert p. Winguth advertising . Published every thursday morning at 439 e. 71st St. Stewart 3-1040 deadlines news noon monday Adver a a sing noon tuesday classified 3 wednesday. Opinions expressed by columnists or in by line articles Are not necessarily those held by this newspaper. To maintain editorial standards this newspaper will nol accept payment for publishing news items or photographs. Also when a news item or photograph is omitted from an Issue due to space limitations every Effort will be made to publish it in the next Issue unless its news value has substantially decreased. The editorial opinion of this newspaper is non sectarian and Independent of any political group. Fifth year no. 33 week of june 6, to june 12 Page a co is a s a to ath am taxes Are t of High by William cousins jr., pres., Chatham Avalon Park Community Council estimated Federal budget for we really find that budgets wage Ryphe 1963 is 92.5 i i lion dollars. Our estimated state budget for two years for Illinois is 3.8 billion dollars. An increase of 364 million Over the previous 2 year period our c Ity of Chicago budget for 1%3 is 538 million. Other 1963 budgets Are As follows Board of education 313 million county of Cook 200 million Chicago Park District 56 million county sanitary District. 75 million and county Forest preserve District la million. To finance these earners pay a graduated Federal income tax of some 20% on net earnings of less than $2,000 22% from $2,000 to $4,000 2o% from $4,000 to $6,000 30% from $6,000 to $8,000 and so on up to 91% for the tycoons William cousins and the wealthy who earn Over $200,-000 net annually. Wage earners also pay a Federal excise tax. Corporations pay 30% up to $25,000 and 52% on net income Over $25,000. If a decedent owns a net estate of Over $00,000 at the time of his death Federal estates must he paid. When people with Money make gifts Over $30,000, gift taxes must he computed. Estate taxes and gift taxes May he of Little concern to those of us who Are at the Bottom of the totem pole but they account Tor big. Payments by taxpayers who Are at the top of the totem pole. Then there Are social Security taxes admissions taxes liquor taxes tobacco taxes and other taxes paid to the Federal government by some of us. It a a to our state we pay use taxes sales or retailers occupation taxes motor vehicle License tax motor fuel taxes and other taxes. To our City and county we pay real estate taxes a part of the motor fuel tax a part of the sales tax a Drivers License tax and other License taxes. By the time we digest All the various taxes we have Verv Little Money for other things. We Are taxed going and coming. A Man earning $4,000 net. Per year pays an estimated /2 of that net to our local a it Tate or Federal government for one a form of tax or another. To a sense these Are Normal times in e Are sacrificing enough now to pay % for the operation of our government. Ii fact is our taxes can he reduced. With so much tax Money being in solved and so Many people who a a have done nothing but Deal with the government All their lives living like fat cats i find it inconceivable that there can t he a reduction in our tax Burden. I favor a tax reduction by the Federal government for w age earners. And businesses alike. I think it might stimulate the Economy and i m cer-t4 Tain that we re paying More for our pay government than we ought to Tor the total services we recede. Aaa after the several different position tile governor has taken on taxes in recent months i have joined the school which believes that we have % enough Money to run our state gov eminent. However i am also of the opinion that our tax Structure needs revision to eliminate Many equities. A in # a in Chicago the Money property owners pay in real estate taxes for most Homes is More than half the rental rate for a comparable apartment. An apartment owner has to a pay such exorbitant rates that lie needs to own Tea ii units so that the i it hit derived from each cumulative May z give him a Small net. The tax rate i in Chatham on land is almost con a i Satorv. The City however has a z very limited source of Revenue and since the budget is rather High the property owners get a pain in the neck. Quot in a my i approve the recent request of the i City Council for legislation to enable tile City to obtain Revenue from other sources for the sole reason that i feel that the real estate tax rate must be reduced. Eahl wooo it Tom eats Community development by Henry Wilson president Halsted Morgan Community Assn. Some working Prin make it better to feel there Are Caples and concepts underlying the idea of Community development. Here Are some of them. Perhaps you can think of More Community development is founded on the principle that All men women and children in a Community must learn to consider each respect and Worth understanding that All have the capacity to grow in a healthy human and material environment. Deep within itself each Community possesses the potential to solve its problems. It has or can develop the ability and desire to Deal successfully with these problems. The process of Community development is As important As the objective. The Means by which Community goals Are reached Are As essential As the goals themselves. Said another Way people should decide their of n destiny. All the citizens of a Community should make the decisions that affect them to the greatest extent possible. This is social democracy. The Community must he considered As an organic whole. One segment cannot live in isolation from the rest. One problem is not entirely divisible from Many Community problems. A coordinated cooperative approach is necessary to insure that Community wide needs Are met and that the diverse groups and Points of View Are represented. Many hands and Heads Are needed to get the Job done. Community education has real meaning to people attached to a Community. They live most of their lives there physically and psychologically. To learn More about it to discuss it with others to work together to Henry Wilson a Mutual involvement in a common destiny these result in personal development which in turn propels and is part of Community development. Study deliberation and planning need to precede action if the action is to he intelligent and effective. But action needs to follow. Without this a a payoff there is no change for the better no sense of achievement. People a join Quot in Community activities for a variety of reasons to gain recognition or status because everyone a doing it because of a sense of belonging to the Community and wanting to contribute to its welfare and ones own welfare because of discontent with Quot the Way things no Community can make Progress unless it moves from where it is to where it wants to go. It must proceed you might say. And there Are certain milestones or Steps along the Way. The main milestones or procedures can be described As becoming aware that All is not Well. Training people to fit their jobs. Diagnosing specific Community problems. Selecting an action goal. Finally to be realistic a Community should he Alert to obstacles blocking or slowing Down its efforts to solve its problems. How Many of the following barriers exist in our Community those which you can Over come and those you will have to go around the a let George do it Quot attitude. Prestige seekers. The time shortage complaint. The dreamless peace or being contented with too Little. These roadblocks May seem pretty big and they Are. Still they Are no excuse for inaction. Its simply that they need to be carefully considered and everything possible done to remove them from the path of Community development. Successfully overcoming any or All of them in itself will bring great improvement to the Community. I

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