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Chicago Bulletin (Newspaper) - June 4, 1969, Chicago, Illinois Wei come South Side Chatham Park Manor a Chesterfield maw a a residents friends and neighbors attended Park Manor neighbors Community c Council third annual dinner saturday May 17, at Salaam restaurant 8300 cottage Grove. Delivering the Welcome address above is atty. Zedrick Braden a Macc president. Scenes Black legislators together on Issue Chicago s progressive in per copy delivered to Community on r i Lour to weekly monthly published of 728 West 65th St., Stewart 3-1040 Diack legislators in Springfield fired the opening salvos in an announced War on unfair employment practices by the various departments still on teaching and striking there Are certain phrases in the new educational rhetoric which Are repeated so regularly that they Are beginning to sound harsh discordant and shallow especially when the real meanings of these phrases Are so vague that they cannot really be put into words. I m sure anyone who has attended any of the Many meetings held lately or listened to any of the school dialogues Between Many of the younger teachers and the establishment Are equally familiar with Many of the phrases. And if that is not frightening enough Check around and you la also see that Many of the same people using the same nebulous phrases in regard to a panoramic multiplicity of other issues. In other words the air is so filled with wobbly gook that the Ever taxes. Paying Parent cannot readily sort our it. Fact from fiction. And because Many parents have spent a lifetime educating some of today a crop of teachers they Are Una Hie to participate in the goings son. It seems that there Are cer-1 Tain Stock phrases in education which have preempted Plain answers and understandable solutions. Many of the phrases used and the thoughts intended for expression Are very valid in design but simply loses out in the verbalizing and subsequent translation. Some of the leading spokesmen for the cause of better education actually come off mounding like a lot less than they really Are. A flowery impressive Best sums up much of the commentaries. Just prior to and during the recent a strike school closing some of newer instant Black school spokesmen obviously quite enamoured with their suddenly recognized verbosity did More to confuse Black parents than they have already done to confuse Many of the students. I remember one radio interview show during this period where listeners had the Opportunity to pose questions two of the current Black education spokesmen were almost at divergent Points in their responses much to the detergent of their positions. is not necessary for every Black person to agree with every other Black person but certainly it seems reasonable to expect persons in the same profession sharing the same platform espousing the same cause to have worked out their philosophic differences in Advance. While on the subject of the strike from a Layman a Point of View it seems like the Black teachers were generally concerned with advantage in certification procedures which incidentally is weighed heavily against Black teachers since they make up the majority of this group and the White teachers were mainly concerned with a $100 raise which has More paper value than actual value. Its understandable that White teachers As a group would not be concerned with student and teacher conditions in inner City schools because the White teachers who Are not voluntarily transferring from predominately Black schools Are being forced out slowly but surely by of ten times insecure Black teachers and poorly informed parents. One of the Black spokesmen was particularly articulate in his repeated use of the term a Black control of the Black Community on a first hearing and Theori Cally there is no question of the Validity of this strategy at this time. Without a doubt Black students need the Benefit of Black instruction by Black teachers if for no other reason other than the fact that As a race our children need the advantages of a positive image in their learning situations. And this theory is particularly validated if the Black teacher has some Black soul to contribute. Unfortunately some of the younger Black teacher and subs Angling for their own Protection have interpreted Black control to mean Black Only to the Complete explosion of All Whites regardless of Long demonstrated skills and concern. It stands to reason that in a school District which boasts All Black administrators and a majority of Black teachers who Are really philosophically Black there is As much Community control As it is possible to have in Chicago a racially Complex school system. It would appear that it would be far More feasible for Black teachers to concentrate on the seeking out of ways and Means to motivate some of our badly confused Black students. The teaching of rebellion and reasoning is an adjunct to education rather than the product. It s a Stone tragedy that Black parents have not involved themselves in the running of the schools which they help support. The relationship Between Quality education and Black future goals Are too closely related leave in the hands of a frantic few. Chew sees need for Black lawmakers diversity of courses at Wilson special courses covering a diversity of interests Are being offered at w Ilson Campus. Chicago City College 7047 Stewart. In addition there will be courses geared to help the churches in their vacation Bible schools and All other Church related programs. Willie la. Sherrod sr., director in announcing the adult education courses disclosed that they will to offered during tax summer from june 14 to August 9. Quot registration is june 14 and june 21 at 8 30 a m. To 12 noon Quot Sherrod disclosed. Courses offered include highlights of afro american history Community leadership training i. How to teach primary literature. How to teach arts and crafts Community journalism. The curriculum also includes heading improvement ii and Kead improvement Iii ged. Test preparation. I. Ii and Iii automotive service station specialist Aid conditioning and refrigeration Survey i. How to take a civil service exam i and process of tutoring. In stressing tin need tor an Quot extra amount of emphasis a being placed on courses geared to help Church programs. Sherrod added these courses also will to of interest to Day Camps nurseries and to those individuals that do baby sitting. A they include How to teach primary literature How to teach arts and crafts and Community journalism which we Teel cannot he overemphasized in these special science1 award Inners two award winners enjoy a Brief fling in the spotlight during the recent City and state wide science fairs sponsored by school District la at Gillespie school 9301 state. Pictured above with nor Val r. Rapp. Gillespie principal Are Darryl Ponder 9333 Burnside who received an a a outstanding award for his Jet sled exhibit and William Crusor 201 w. 91th, recipient of an a a outstanding award at the Gillespie science fair and an a a excellent award at the City wide science fair. Csc slates workshop for news Media Wmk Dkl Artmont of Community relations of Chicago state College Moo Stewart has scheduled a one Day intensive workshop devoted to an examination of Hie Artol communications. The workshop will he held thursday june 5, from 9 . To 3 . At the College. Students from the local Junior colleges and the senior classes of neighbouring High schools along with Csc students have been invited to participate. Chicago state College will be joined in this Endeavor by the bulletin newspaper paced by its editor widely read Quot shitting scenes a columnist Hurley Green the Community renewal society represented by Larry still and the Washington . Journalism Center. Rev. Calvin Morris newly appointed director of the poor people s Campaign an Arm of operation breadbasket also is one of the scheduled speakers. The opening talk during the morning session will be Given by Howard Wood editor St. Louis Sentinel. Broad areas to be discussed will include social values communications in radio television magazines newspapers metropolitan Community and special interest press and Public relations. Between Hoo and 1,000 students Are expected to attend editor Green said. Chatham softball pm avers Cath am softball play ebs players and representatives of Chatham summer softball league take a break during a recent game in Cole Park 85th and King drive. Team members Are All residents of Chatham Community. Ralph de Jean second from right Chatham Avalon Park Community Council youth coordinator 8214 Vernon and the Park District supervisor were instrumental in setting up the league. The youth Are Happy for the Opportunity to participate in a popular game during the warm summer months. The league is another Effort of Ca pc to sponsor and support worthwhile Community endeavours. Mcdade singers caught by the bulletin photographer while they were singing the negro spiritual a a Jacob a ladder a these students at Mcdade elementary school 8801 Indiana put their heart in their rendition during the recent numbers add up to conclusion realistic statistics can Point up some glaring facts. There is no Black Power As the figures add up. In numbers in the Illinois general Assembly this summarizes the findings of one of the states Black lawmakers state senator Charles hew or. I. Chicago took Pencil and pad in hand and Presente the startling paucity paucity of Black representation in Springfield in an exclusive communique to the Bill it in Booster newspapers this week. In a Clarion Call tor More Black legislators. Senator Chew an outspoken Champion for civil rights Equality and dignity for his Black const Ilu Enis. Said a a since being elected to Hie Illinois state Senate i have observed with Kcjr interest the Workings of the entire make up of the legislature. And. Here s what be come up with. A there Are tour Black senators to i of 58, All democrats. T Are Are 14 Black House in embers out of 177, three republicans. Quot it 39 votes in the Senate to puss a Hill. Either on emergency passage or two thirds Majori Chew did some More addition and substratum. Ile i ids it requires 89 votes in the House to pass a Bill. Then Are 3 8 senators 19 of whom Are democrats. A Tuerk should be additional democrats hut they should be Black democrats Quot was his emphatic assertion. Chew noted further t Fiat districts like the Westside do not have a Black senator. Quot there should he two Black senators from the Westside and tin a re should he two addition i Black senators from the Southside Quot he reasoned. I id outspoken of times Wilery and controversial Solon Point s out that in 1970 the Hou in of representatives Coli d elect to Black rep Rescan lives. Quot then you will run into oui Libers where you would not have to beg tor open housing or Oiler social legislation. Quot vol col i just tie up file Senate and House until you were Able to whip other legislators in Chew adds that the Black legislators in Springfield Are More in keeping with the needs of the constituents rather than a. He. Black elected officials in marry Aries. We do not have a Black i socratic Ward committeeman who serves in the legislature. Therefore we can be More turned to the wishes of our people As free agents than ii we were representative and Ward committeeman. And agencies of the state of Illinois. Among the leaders of the attack is state representative Raymond w. Ewell of the 29th District who told the bulletin that Quot Tho state of Illinois has Over Khz too employees with about one halt of them under the state code. Of the 50,000 code employees forty four thousand Are White and six thousand Are Black however half of the White employees Are women and half Are men yet of the Black employees to Ltd thirds Are women and Only one third Are a visual examination of the departments will reveal a Token Black usually a woman in the i cont offices yet the Hulk of the Black employees can he f found doing menial jobs such As janitors care takers unskilled labourers and Kitchen apparently Well prepared to document his charges representative Ewell left a copy of the results of a recent Survey conducted by the Black legislators. The bulletin noted that the governor. A notified of this disparity did not respond. The la. Governor Paul Simon has eleven employees with one Black woman and one Black Man in ins integrated stall. Among the larger state employers. The University systems were the worst offenders. Southern Illinois University at Carbondale has about 4 7 percent non White employees with very Lew supervisory or skilled employees there is a difference of one Hundred and Twenty Nim dollars Between Hie average wage of the w Hile and Hie non w Hile employees throughout the entire state pay system. Other Black legislators were equally disturbed. The most significant aspect of the Survey to rep. James Taylor of the 2tith District was the disparity Between the median income of the White versus tax non while employee Taylor stated that a Only when Black men can earn a decent living for their families will the costs of welfare rep. Harold Washington charged that the state was guilty of a institutional racism Quot by hiring Only a few Blacks and then pointing out he absence of Black employees As proof of their inferiority. \ he r an Kepi blk an legislators Horace Gardner of the 26th District and Elwood Graham of the 29th District also charged that the Republican administration had not Given Blacks a fair share of the employment opportunities. Several Black democrats also polled pointed out that the City of Chicago and the county of Cook were equally guilty of under employment of Black personnel. The Survey indicated that the Black male is the greatest victim of unfair employment practices. When employed the Black male is confined to the lowest paying unskilled positions. The Black female fares a Little better and More cases of Black females May be noted in front offices. Rep. Lewis Caldwell of the 29th, when interviewed told the bulletin that he is preparing a Resolution to establish a commission to study the recruitment practices and promotional schemes used by state government. In a joint statement issued by All hut one of the Black legislators it was said a we Are determined that unfair employment practices in All branches of Illinois state government must be . A b e c a ise ii e elaborated Quot As Ward committeeman it seems that the 11cst loyalty is always to that political party which they represent. He deemed it fortunate that the Senate does not have a Black Ward committeeman nor does the House. State senator Chew also cited the vast difference in make up in the Senate and House that of the City Council where he said Many of a your negro aldermen Are Ward committeemen. This is Why you have a total split among the Black aldermen. A a Chew concluded a i am calling tor Complete Freedom to operate for the Benet it of constituents by All Black elected officials regardless to what legislature Hall they serve and for a combined Effort in the coming elections of All Black legislators to help elect other legislators who will be Iii tune with this Assembly at the school. Included on the program were a Medley of songs gospel song modern dances skit and song and student Council awards. The students received a Hearty applause alter their rendition. Boys wanted to deliver bulletins in this area Call St 3-1040 Ewell leads attack on discriminatory hiring

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