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Chicago Bulletin (Newspaper) - July 30, 1964, Chicago, Illinois The bulletin thursday july 30, 1964 Page 7 vitamins amp tonics meal improved. _ i mar w$35 Makr Sunn Mhz nigh Potency Vitamin Mineral capsules loot pc. A i in h Mckesson Bexel of plea a 2,�ts289 pc. A j9uch 2 ,$519 log on or Day provide maintenance plus formula.5.diach 2 Mckesson Maya insect Killen in pkg Miki to 9 is 99 athletes foot lotion into 2f0i981 of so ballpoint pens Hanoi Nib a Twilow a wry Hwy a Lief a Mew school Binder shag St,30 Valu Kai Vai of 79 a Dot angry a Kcuik $fl9 to. U a Vai a Mckee a it Naf Burn tone i Ai. Tub 2fmm00 tic too maces soil Poison Ivy Cream 20100� Mckesson athletes foot Ujj powder a. 5 2 for 69 big a each _ a Mckesson athlete s foot Spray helps Vero l�4 Ano a of a erf end com Thorlew item school bag of Brief Case tenon Tot longer wear., biotic of suntan. Amal value $2?s pencils package of a Skoal no. Att valid pkg if. pack is. Roofs pocket watch 3_ pfc psf Mikish playing cards Tong tatting 2 test 88 it Mckesson Piroto Spray $288 my plus big. Is of Ach i a it it in mall big Meiji 39 a i Jpn a 9qc Mckesson Lamire lotion plea a pin ii 2n.57� pc St each Mckesson m0sqiit0ne insect repellent Spray sol. Mckesson i Moscone insect repellent lotion Ink i saw Spoth pen set a i Cartridge pen o a rom cartridges. I Pelt tip a rat or 88 St electric alarm clock Barr to read dial int it ten alarm Shoal v g \ f a Model Shock Petit Long. Luh i mkt j acetal 19�?� watch Banos whee r Gold r leather Shoal r a Imam my a or my. Valu set 63 toll men of Job raped Cotton swabs 77 packages of Mckesson Vitamin c twins 2&$2� 14 90 a Blu 2s5123 2jss24s is so Valu s4.90 Klix or knt Quot Quot Vitamin a capsules Wjk or 9v000 imn too in too in Loo $129 big. 2 54 i pkg. $4.90 a i Kasson Surin ointment Jacim in. I Surin in of Btl. Tibet 98< each 2 of. 98 Vert 2,.125�?T tit of jars Josfa 175 Ach coupons so Fri i y it a Mckesson Witch Hazel pint 2fh69 Kio 9< Ach special 79 pkg Wice $1.19 Mckesson room deodorant 1 or sanitizes Cherie of fragrances com. 2 for to. A Hach toilet tissue co Roll in Mottle pock Skoal Quot Golf balls $129 Tamm Chi Mckesson Glycerine suppositories Cid Passione drug store soda Tumbler a shatterproof dishwasher proof White plastic. A Complete with attractive Grill work coaster handle Choice of five decorator colors. For parties a for everyday use. Youngsters love them while ital coot in i is beet Iron j Wike tonic pint 2 for 1.98 1.39 cod liver Oil Plain or Mai pint .79 �?�44 niacin trouts 50m.-100 s a .35 �?�44 too my. Ioos ,45 1.19 Bursik an Iron tonic loot 2fori.l9 1.50 Vitamin by tablets 25mg.l00 s 2forl.50 2-50 thiamine hydrochloride 50 it?., looks 2 for2.50 too 2 for 4.25 yours for Only with this Coupon at our Storo 4.25 1.89 Vitamin b-12 tablets 3.29 1.89 5.29 a 3.49 9.49 v to Meg. 100�?Ts 25 50 Meg. 30�?Ts 50mcg.-100fs too Meg. 30�?Ts too .95 1.65 .95 2.65 1.75 4.75 Mckesson Bath 2j.79� a to. 7ft each Mckesson idr0ps 2 Fos 57 r in i assorted boxed stationery 79 Shoal Mui i mens toiletries men s toiletries men s toiletries men s toiletries men s toiletries men s toiletries Mckesson super foam shave a Plata a with menthol of a. 2 for 8 9 i products Beauty Oil Mist conditioner for dry edit pc 7 a. Spray 2 for $189 leg. .69 rach Yoaw Vuz Bubble Bath a j Mote Mckesson Cream hair tonic in in 2 a Quot Toful of Pewter Tor a tub full cd Bubble. It Eurble bottle. 3 to re nce. Vat spatial Leal 4 a. _ no tax my. Price ji.79 special savings Mckesson Mineral Oil heavy w 49. Pc. Paid a everyday needs Tubi waxy us sting powder pedal a i no tax big. Price j2.so Coz it eau Pmj Bubble Bath urn a Frt Wing bouquet of b t i lowing it it it ble. Che pedal 1 que talc to of 5peuo/ big. Price 79 to amp he amp a cold Cream so Hwo hand Cream 14 a. Pedal $119 i flu pkg. Price $2.00 Nez. 2 for 98 leg. 91 each Reg. Price 730 690 690 490 370 450 410 590 390 590 790 490 650 690 890 390 1.29 330 1.09 410 1.29 290 390 690 980 590 350 650 590 650 1.19 610 . Tablets �?100fs analgesic Balm �?1 of tuba Axar tablets a 50 s for headache pain. Boric acid crystals�?4 of. Boric acid ointment�?1 boric acid powder �?4 of Castor Oil �?2 of. Corn remedy a viol Epsom Salt �?8 of glycerin�?2 of. Glycerine amp Rose water �?8 of. Lanolin compound a i Larkspur lotion �?4 of. Magnesia tablets a 100 s antacid. Mild laxative. Mag nex a 4 of. Antacid powder Magnet targets �?12 in pocket vial antacid paiaehm4� Sale Price 590 2 for 690 .2 for 690 .2 for 490 .2 for 370 .2 for 450 .2 for 410 .2 for 590 ,2 for 390 .2 for 590 2 for 790 2 for 490 2 for 650 2 for 690 2 for 890 2 for 390 dedicated suppositories lot haemorrhoids pedal 12 a 79 us. Price ji.>9 Mckesson Arbolene u0uid pure Mineral Oil. 82x59 Mckesson liquid sweetener twins a a a a Hsum few few i Tot cow of Taftt 9 is dts 2 or 65 medic teb ointment Loc haemorrhoids Mckesson acne Dri far Aco and pimples in. -65 a to. Rici of Felt Tnp in pen Mckesson douche p0wde Tor it Mirin i Jim 49� a to. Mice a Jar Del g5 Alo. Miki i won ii t\wtlcif588? we Mckesson Miche poker packets a to. Hic to s,.m 53c a Oak off a Nae Wmk a writs a Aff lrfc4 Choice of 4 colors Fon Home a school office fan �4k Pinotil a pint fragrant disinfectant and household deodorant. 2 for 1 .29 saccharin tablets �?v4 100�?Ts .2 for 330 saccharin tablets �?1/4 or. �?1000�?Ts. 890 saccharin tablets a i a or. A 100�?Ts ___________2 for 410 saccharin tablets �?16 or. A 1000�?Ts____________ 990 soda mint tablets a 45�?Ts antacid 2 for 290 sodium bicarbonate �?8 oz.2 for 390 solution #59 a pint Antiseptic mouthwash. 2 for 690 so Retone �?6 of. Highly effective liniment .2 for 980 special formula for upset stomach�?4oz.,2 for 590 tartan lip pomade 290 Throat gargle �?4 of a a 2 for 650 Toothache drops �?1/4 of 2 for 590 Wintergreen Oil �?2 of a a a a aaaaaa�?��?��?��?��?����?��?��?��?��?��?��?��?��?�4 2 for 650 Wax compound �?1 la. For dance floor. �?��?�9999999999�999999 a 790 Zinc oxide ointment �?2va of. Tube �?�9999999999999999 a 2 for 610 Silva Plota by Oneida Ltd. Silversmiths 5 piece we. A. Rogers hostess serving set charming decoration a a sleek lines fresh styling heavy Overall Silver plate amp Mckesson aspirin twins adult s if. 2 to nit Seq Loo Bouw Loo Reg. 59 Fach 4 curly Gauze Bandage special 49 a Tsee Mckesson sleep tablets 3 restful non hat 2.%89< an Aid to restful sleep. Non narcotic. Non habit forming Reo. 60c Vaux 2 Roh 2 wide Mckesson drills Quot r#01 Lime Havord Foo away Blue or i Tussi maj Hail enamel Pink lotion i remover Mckesson Roll on deodorant Iii a. Pint 4 of. Bottle 2 of. Mph 2 for 49.1 1 is j Plu to Reg 89. Each a to. I of each big. 49. Each Tisbie Waw i a so Imoma Cologne i Spray Cologne 8 of. 2 of. Or Quot $1pp�?z i of my leg. In Ici 12 of i pkg. Price Joo hair roller set a 4t Wmk a Vuk Pypa Lofter by Mao Ted Samb a 4ft Maer Diya in a a i Cele wave to. Up facial 65< Reg. $1.00 value Mckesson personal Spray deodorant a Tsoh Miu shampoo with log i83hmwai Castile shampoo pint i pint 2 Fob Sido i 2fm$1q� 2 is 81< Pluit j ,2 we Reg. J1.00 each leg i of each Tow Huwy Joae Huj hair Spray Cream hair rinse Mckesson shampoo for children pint 2fm$ leg i of each 14 of. At rotol 2 for $113, Reg. ,69 each a s3 it f Slid Babics lot ave it teat a a picnic bottle i Reg b9< each a of. Panic bom 2 for 89 cosmetic bag so Iai 69 Mckesson Cream deodorant 2 at. Jar 2 for 89 plot tax Reg. 89 each facial tissues 3 foe 69 27. Eat Mckesson soothe skin lotion a. A a. Picnic bottle 2f�.83< Mckesson a milk of i magnesia i rat Numi i \ Ulkei pint 9 Vikki 2 for 621 leg 62. Each i Mckesson mobbing alcohol pint 2 for 59� Reg 59< each s Fountain syringe $139 Snail diaper amp formula bag Woi Hoble Vinyl Foler Prevol lined. Adjustable Iko Ulder drop. I 2 Skoal Rig. $3.91 value 2 is $j99 Mckesson fluoride toothpaste contains Stan Nous fluoride. O 3 at tubal i for 5uc i is 06 value Mckesson combination specials 1.02 entire adhesive 1h of. Tube value de tire adhesive % of. Tube 2 amp 49 alb. 74 Valu evr-3 i a Bigini i shopper s Carryall Bon or alack in Lait Quot leather look Mote riot Inlet Arith tapestry $255 Skoal $3.49 Valu tamil features 63 wolds denture firmly in fit a of ill if Tif. Mckesson i Cut in scratch Cream i a. Tuba 2 for 69< Rig 69< each Mckesson Cut in scratch Spray 3 a. Aerosol sped 00i Rig Talce $1.39 1.02 Valus a entire Cleanser a entire adhesive 6vi of. Jar "fi3d % of. Tube or eau to Reg. 13 each i Reg Price Mckesson 1.25 bacitracin % of. Tub. Sole Price .2 for 1.25 39c iodine tincture 1 a. 35c Mercur Chrome a i 49c Merthi Olate tincture a of. >.2 for 39c .2 for 35c >.2 for 49c prescriptions accurate dependable i 25 neomycin sulfite ointment of. Tub. .2 for 1.25charles o�?Tbrienpharmacist701 East 79th St. Your health is our business phone 783-0234

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