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Chicago Bulletin (Newspaper) - July 26, 1962, Chicago, Illinois The bulletin spearhead membership drive Squire j. Lance altar clan i Smith Shirlet Andirson Imi Mii no for classified Averll la i John Poindexter Clr Dalatu news deadline noon tuesday 439 e. 71st St. Classified deadline noon wednesday Stewart 3-1040 1 % in the political wind. By a in a f i 1. 1 a Zjit-9. Z. V w.v., a its Rory Yvor w moving Day moving Day for the Southeast social Security office Hai been set for Friday. July 27, Loui w. James acting District manager announced today. The new building located at 8s28 Stony Island ave. Is a half Block South of its present location. Quot an attempt will be made to by Anne Tyson by Anne Tyson when or. And or. James when the Union District Asso Scott return from their Vaca continue essential services to elation of Chicago and Vicinity Tion their new ranch style Home a Public on moving Day holds its 45th annual session will be completed setting on James said Quot however due to Magdeline Deacklen will be the if air the unavoidable confusion that principal speaker. Sessions will Michigan in. Sacii a move create we in Nion Marva Garrett was ask the Public to defer calling in town Theresa Yancey is in or visiting the office on that Day begin july 25. 7 30 ., hopeful Baptist Church. A a precious Quot was christened California Gwendoline King Debbie Denise Lawson Daugh jetted Back from Mexico City Dawson of. And miss Anderson of the bul in a to by Philly of metropolitan Community at Antic City had swell time Church officiating. Mrs. Tru Man k. Gibson or and mrs. Albert Spaulding Are to be godmothers. And delicious food at the boat club sunday. Baseball Star a1 Smiths wife and her party were there dining and watching the Albirt 0. Johnson Albert 0. Johmson a rivet his importance have been written Tot Quot a this week from lot on when one while visiting Here in los an Speal of leadership critically gales i have observed some a often forgets the response political patterns of the negro b i i i t y of Fellowship. If the populace. Because they have masses Are Bent on Riding off been or. Samuel l. Gandy pastor of the Kenwood Ellis Community Church and nationally known lecturer 2nd from ahas accepted the chairmanship of the South Side Community committees annual membership Campaign. He is seen Here with key members of the delinquency prevention social service Agency at 61.56 s. Cottage prove ave. As they prepare cards for distribution. At left is mrs. Esther Hamilton Board member next is mrs. Quincie Wakefield president of the Agency a women a City wide committee and at right is mrs. Almita s. Don t be surprised when you1 yachts and ats Chilt it to amp �e7 go Over to Hanks Barb que sur and ready re a Bull till and restaurant 7101 s. Stony11 week we 11 talk about the Island ave., Dorothy Bingley is new rage wigs. The new Telephone number starting july 27, will be 731 8900. Low Cost Auto insurance for a company that believe that Good Drivers should pay last Call a 4-5272 so disorganized and Din eve it Ery direction it is diff Robinson he executive director. A Jed. No negro has been Able 111 Tryc a 1 j a a to become an Alderman or con cd an Yone Mem. _ Jav j a 1 it a. Fessman. Following reap por this has been a perennial prob x o of ofic j of 1 o i i0s0i11 the cashier. And while we re on the subject have you been in the Evans hotel s new dining room Becky and Danny ? Quot is it sharp0 ? mrs. Well Mcsee committee woman for the 6th Ward is enjoying House guests and relatives from san Francisco. Cal time for religion which Way the wind a a dramatized plea for alternative courses to the arms race featuring actors John Raitt Marsha Hunt James Whitmore and Robert Snyder will be present t Ion ment of californians con. Lem of negro leadership. Gre Sinai districts the negro one party often criticize the Wesley t. Cobb the Chicago Omaha Urban league for to 1 of electorate in los Angele has other for running a Urban league s Deputy director has wilful handling of that Iob. Al Ilchik. X Oil an inescapable Opportunity to because of the wide divergence we 1 become he executive i. He was named one of the in e act air first congressmen of the opinions and of Michigan. Outstanding Young men of their they haunt been split into the general Public some meth. V09r he Fhy rim he i Oil Crft several factions a few years ods must be found to solidify Urban league next month ago negroes could have elected and Channel their desires and their first Alderman. There is opinions toward a constructive still no probability of a negro goal. Representative in the City coun regardless of what party is Quot a the a Eil of los Angeles. In control or 0ut of control. Hof c by unlike Chicago. Los Angeles tight organization and Strong Exeen tic. In announcing the resignation of Cobb Edwin c. Berry commended the Board of directors on their has not Tion ment of flux year by the Omaha Junior chamber of Commerce. A graduate of new York University he also received his masters degree there. Major areas of study were sociology their new social psychology Community organization administration and Fini it a. Rth in leadership Are necessary t0 in a the Job of rebuilding an race relations. A Ufa Uench Peop a an votes Johnn league is a strenuous the Flint la he a. A i and sections any y011 of an and demanding one and i know been in a state of upheaval since As disturbing Here As it is i a a cd no in has a a machine ,. A �?zu_____.1___�?z the Chicago music association will present a a thank you concert0 featuring the Walter h. Dyett band of 55 musicians Walter a Dyett conductor sunday july 29, at 5 . In the ice Rei axons. Garden of Alderman Robert pm Nani a in Cinoc in tvs t a Brinn fluence people and win votes or in league is a strenuous the Flint Urban league has Miller s Home 7238 so. Park Jjose Billie Waugh and her sized group has a a a machine. No one in the or an league changes in the administration a int a Foj of party were seen having dinner de by the american friends her sister and husband or. And service committee on a Tow mrs. Landers Nance mrs. Gil Channel 11 s time for re a Lette. Hell s Mother and missjligi0n tuesday july 31, at 8 Brenda Gillette her Niece. Lets up a _ _ Hope they will have a Chance to see a purlie victorious0 at the Edgewater Beach playhouse. A and did you know Sorrell Booke who plays Crochet or Cap n catch pee. Is in his Early 30�?Ts, and it takes him 90 minutes to make up for each perform an re As the White haired old Man this play you must see. Erroll Garner is planning another european tour this year and is presently doing a War Selling cars Ite Avit a we have i terms Chi Viiolet Impala Superior Chevrolet 6943 s. Halsted a 4-7200 not Type of leadership to enhance movement wh0 is better pre year ago. Cobb will face a Job fined to ghettos As Are Chicago Athis May account for a Lack of Strong political a length in negro areas. Its Power and influence. The the widely acclaimed band under the Able direction of Dyett a pfc it a a v at i Amber bakery 8246 cottage Grove to 4-6777 a Complete lint of delicious bakery goods pared to grapple with the task of rebuilding the image of thesis sponsored by the musicians a a outs and the disgruntled often Anco such Etc tec has been of Urban league and restoring the a local 208, of the american fed accuse the 4,ins� of ruling by Java Fole assistance to in Confidence of the White and ration of musicians Harry we machine politics As a a rebuilding the Chicago Urban negro population in the pro Gray president and is a project a minister told that machine politics Isis al u it t 1 the in Mio and Wol a Nii Finiano a Achl j league. At each step of his de Gram of he league and enjoying the show at or. Kelly a she tells Eartha Kitt is terrific. Die 37th annual Congress s.c.c. Inc., presented a is i c a 1 e in the International of the performance and Trust Amphitheater Ltd. Leon Stern. La of n it a dirty u depends on How on j a elopement from Community j married. Cobb is the father of fund of the federation Herman a vow offer Adulte division of a same o f f. C e simultaneously,.chooses to interpret it and ser4�?z specialist to comm one son. His wife. Betty is a n. Kenin president. of graduate division of live poultry dressed free to order causing the vote to become so whether he is an a a in an 1 u w 11 Depaul University school of wide la Slif that a White Candi. A a a Quot v Quot a i nit services director to thei research assistant on a special concert presented in Hon sic was guest conductor. There Lefiu out so far As 90 1 la to position of Deputy director he a cancer research project at the or of patrons an j friends of the must have been Over 300 voices is concerned. Hag demonstrated the Dedica Argonne National laboratories association will offer a Grade a fresh Date has Little trouble being victorious. This is due to a Lack of political leadership and organization he said. Los Angeles negroes Are Tjon ability and Pride in his on the University of Chicago p wide Range of musical selections learning the value of organized work that Are essential in the Campus. Augustus Hawkins a Veteran political leadership business of race relations. It is the duty of the electorate a we at the Berry duty to write or Call their representa-1 concluded a will miss Ted and August 8. The Community will recognize and feel his absence and this is the barometer of a successful Community worker.0 Cobb is slated to report for dance craze a the twist.0 in the choir. Choirs were Here from All Over the country in from classical Bach to new eluding St. Paul Baptist Church e e a a a e Flint Michigan on optometrists state legislator is considered a. Shoo in As the first negro con a a Gressman from California. Re Tives and let their desires be apportionment has created a known about legislation that of predominantly negro Cong res facts them. Several politicians signal District in the los an have told that they Are _ Geles area. Hawkins is a demo greatly influenced by the Calls Cobb joined the s Aff of the 1 1 crat and will have tremendous and letters from their elector Chicago Urban league in 1956, backing from both the gop and ate. They often act on the de is a Community services Spe the dems. A sires whether pro or con con Calist. Prior to joining the because the stigma of race Kerning a piece of Urban league he was with is not As outstanding in . Those who criticize their poli As it is in Chicago negroes Are tical representatives vociferous a a Lyv i in spy not As valiant in fighting for by would be More effective equal rights. Another reason they channelled their criticism following the Garden musical mrs. Wendell Green a member of the Chicago Board of education will install the officers of choir of los Angeles Cal the Rev. John h. Branham pastor who was also Host to a fabulous breakfast of 100, where he was staying in the Sheraton. Many live stewing hens. .29 May be due to their casual apr or desires directly to their rep j proach to the serious business resent Tives via letter or phone. al o the music association for the j notables attended the Musicale. 1962-63 term. Mayor Richard j. Daley gave a Theodore Charles Stone who was re elected at the annual meeting july 1 to serve his seventh consecutive term As Uve fivers. 39 c la c la wonderful speech and stayed through most of the program. Etta Moten atty. Edith Sampson Theodore Charles Stone. Fresh fish president will introduce the Mary Frances Crawley also Alderman Robert h. Miller _ t newly elected members of his or. Benjamin a. Dorset. 439 _ cab not and visiting musicians. Miss Dorothy Jordan chair e. 71st St., and or. Edgar a. Atherley 6307 s. Langley ave., attended the 65th annual con egress of the american opt Omet mrs. Daniel Monroe mrs. Emily Monroe mrs. Emily Dorman of the program will be self Lorraine Greene i assisted by mrs. Marie Carey social chairman mrs. Florence of government and politics. We How Many voters in Chicago have this in Chicago also. And Vicinity have let their rep t 1 several Hooks have been writ resent Tives know How they feel aj0�li2fu0 Tjon la cd ten on a a leadership but none of about Good representation letters to the editor Ric association Here last week Stith Ruth c Euis Blanche a a a. A a a Erato a cmca�0 hotel. I Smith Walton Ruth p. Hender the four Day conference is0iu Clarice Saunders Eliza a based on an educational theme Beth Pickens. And c. B. A combination businessman a follow through in the of Williams Arthur Logan Leroy humanitarian and Community. Provide constantly irn-1 Gentry and Shelby Nichols worker is the 36th member of proven v1s1�? care for the a b the Board of directors of the Lic attracted Amoret than i-500 Sand contest Chicago Urban league. Sher tract no optometrists from Maiio a Urit cil Man Abrams president of a1 a a e rur inc cum us Equa educational Abrams motor sales inc., was �?z7, Frantz of de Ven consider with rag on or unities in Detroit. Unanimously elected to their. A 0ut�01�?�s i in self ent of Idear sir for the crusade of mercy to a on Keith chairman of com funds from the Chicago Urban poor in Tes a nun. In Fri i Aoa urged the 12.000 Mem league because of so called in the seminar exemplified the to per it a Bers of the association to strive appropriate function is Shock leagues method of working Toj a am Iima for greater advances in opt Omet ing appalling and a serious improve race relations through Ric care during the next blow to decent chicagoan who1 research education and co oper pea Tea t a a look to the Chicago Urban action with Community Groupthink i would be Correct in saying there must have been 3 or 4 thousand people there. The Rev. Clarence h. Cobbs announced the convention would be in los Angeles in 1963. Rev. I Cobbs is National president and minister of first Church of deliverance of Chicago 111. I sorry i go to Brooks Castle farm but i Promise be i fore the season is Over Gert a rude i will visit there. The we also carry o full line of ducks geese amp turkeys groceries fresh meats amp fresh vegetables hours Dally 8 30 until 7 . Open sunday until 3 . Closed All Day monday in Jackson Park one of the highlights of the summer season for Chicago estate named for the mortician Park District Day campers is Gertrude e. Cyrus s Mother is when approximately 700 Young-1 a 2 room country estate in sters take part in the City wide Breeds Ville Mich. Sabels farm products wholesale it retail 7223-29 Wentworth ave. A. 3-4161 Ade to meet increasing visual Sand modelling Jamboree demands of the space Side Parks will vie at league for responsible Leader-1 and permitted chicagoan to see four major educational uhe Jackson Park Beach 63rd ship in race relations. That the most explosive ,onal equipment he was per courses were offered to the St. And Stony Island ave., Friday. August 3. The contest will be held Between 11 . And noon with medals being Given youth and practice manage the top three exhibits in each ment. Division. Competition will be in among the principal courses two classes the juniors under were a modern methods of Glau la years of age and the seniors this stature a the crusade Ofle e aug coma detection a a conducted by j under 15. Each team will con h a use e or. Frederick Hebbard of Ohio Sist of six youngsters. State University. It covered the i each team goes into a 10 foot new Mackay Marg electronic by 10 it. Sand pit where Ferine Todne a a Ualita and tonally responsible for the Sale t. I was co chairman of the a Ujj a it exc tonal Pomr of More than $2.500 in tending optometrist. They a school seminar jointly Spon Jujj of a a a Ved Iii he was also a member of the Udd clinical up a a a etry. Con Sor ciby Chicago Urban South Side business and 50 City wide . Leaders. Couray be committee and helped in raising i had the privilege to work with their cont rib u to Onslo the the leagues interracial staff instead of attempting to put and Board. Strangle hold on an Agency of j this seminar demonstrated slatu1 a it dealer is a the leagues unsurpassable .6, r oar rim to via a his Tho High school. Following ability to perform its education r an of it no nil of Rhonl or school Abrans enlisted in al function by presenting the1 a. C. A t the United states air Force is Only one Tep ton Ometer whose developers will try to create out of Sand the facts Concei Ning school segue. It a a us at was Cimisi h Ai Geci in 194o i t n t be. A a a a a a \ % a ,. Toward the bigger goal of Rani. 0f ser ant w receive Apollo awards1 Best possible elephant Turtle a a a hip Vini Phi Ualita of of oort h it ii Henmi Init fail Kavaf of Tolono or re in re pc of worker potentialities a in l--------------i4< j Vic u iu1 in out actual experiences of such Edu of. Hli National pioneers As Dan Dobson director. Center for human relations of new York univer a a Palatine. Illinois. He is a Mem Gity Walter Davis president. Cleveland Board of education. Or. Gladys Peterson executive assistant to superintendent of schools. Washington d.c., and exterminating equipment and supplies Complete do it yourself kits Xac s. Concerning Schnoo Segre d h w j of Wasi disc Sargea in in a gation to the people of Chicago. Achtel hey of of sergeant. The More than 500 part i d r0 get for an Active com Mummy pants were exposed to the a entail ties in All phases of he has cited for life. The Chicago Urban league i tan dials ser. ,. Is leading the Way towards Park Young men Chris Tum As building a City which can hold s0cla l in Little Ity its head High for their service to humanity Sailboat air plane or places of the apollos award Ottom interest like the planetarium or etry s he hts St honer were pre a ban Shell. Seated to four individuals and1 Pearl Goodrich Chicago Park institutions at a luncheon july District arte raft supervisor is 19 in charge of the program. Bug killers guarantied to kill anything crawling or flying Jack seals president. Central Council 6350 s. Vernon ave. Depaul offers Community course and workshop Wjk course and a workshop Ben Ber of the Kenwood chamber of Commerce the cosmopolitan chamber of Commerce the a act and the Lions club he was one of the seven founders of the Little City in Palatine 111 Little City is a non sect an an school for mentally retarded youngsters Abrams also was the founder of the al Abrams memorial foundation. Named in Honor of his father the foundation raises Money i a fitting both Community organi departments parole systems for search on mental illness motions and the Community at and youth commissions. And also supports Little City. In ppr will be offered this fall by the course will be conducted welcoming Abrams to the Tpaul University in its Frank but Anthony Sorrentino Delta a a Lewis Center. 25 e. Jackson fluency prevention supervisor leagues Board is Active and biv4.tor the Illinois youth commis hard a working. A fall members i sociology course a a the s10n and administrative director a Are expected to make their con of a lip of the Chicago area project i buttons by sharing in the treatment of Inq Lency i. Tuition is $24 per semester hour making of Agency policy inter Public will carry and registration will be on sept preying the program and Phi three semester hours of College 10, 12, and 14 Between 1 30 and Sophy of the league to the credit and meet on mondays,7 30 pm larger Community and by As and thursdays from sept 17 Wor it hop a meeting plan sisting in the raising of funds to. I c i 1anm re Kinin i Anc pm Centary proce assure the proper financing of through dec. 6 at 4.10 p.the dures a or Community organza ithe Agency class will include some Satur tons 1 will be uttered in cot a at he concluded Day Field trips with attention to operation with the Illinois youth a Quot our work is difficult but our tha assumptions techniques it commission division of com successes Are rewarding for we procedures of Law enforce Unity service and will be held a Are working to make the amen ment agencies custodial Institu-1 on wednesdays. Sept. 12 through can dream of democracy a Especial schools proof Una oct 17 at 7 . t if your Frt Emol y budget jewel or household insect sprays Rooe Hes water bugs Silverfish bedbugs centipedes spiders Etc. $�50 $4 q00 4 per Gal. To for 5 gals. Fly Spray 5�� �?~19�?o per Gal. Fer s Gaff watch fief at special rack Crystal stat amp a rms set 4 hand Tso a Erifili Char nor it. Atom cd each powerful residual action kills up to 12 weeks after it s dry works fast outdoor insect sprays a ants a mosquitoes spiders a crickets a Worms Etc. M62�?~, 3�?� per al. Fer i 9�ls. Lawn and Garden sprays crabgrass a ragweed a de Weed Clover Etc. 325 $1475 per Gal. H far i false $ Idin it Ceuta watch Banos nationally adv a tits Dom potion Bra celeb a fellow of White i 30 10 i. To d fillet Fop Ovna kit pm Bacu. 19s janitors special insecticide concentrate Mab a 10 Gallons soq95 insect Spray. By Chari it al Kristol a 43rd amp Halsted St. Stori professional Type sprayers 695 and up other Type sprayers available front 99 free delivery Call to 4.4,7� Rowe chemical co. é804 s. Hoisted Chufo. 21, Iii. Mail orders for outlyln9 districts promptly handled a

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