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Chicago Bulletin (Newspaper) - July 21, 1966, Chicago, Illinois Bulletin sweepstakes Jackpot swells to $45.00. Englewood group rids Community of business Eye sore on 63rd St. Delivered per month 25c Chatham Inglewood Park Manor i Chicago a leading Community weekly Market cleans shop after demonstrations Publ Ltd at 639 e. 71it St., Sta Wirt 3-1040 Price 10c per copy technologists two of our own Are included among this group of six technologists who have recently joined the staff of Oak Forest Hospital for duty in the areas of biochemistry microbiology Haematology and bacteriology. Pictured from left seated i Are miss Katheryn Taylor Markham Haematology mrs. Dorothy Pruitt 6957 Michigan a graduate trainee from Cook county Hospital in Laboratory technology who has been assigned to microbiology and mrs. Marina same Park Forest bacteriology. Standing Are Ronald Linneman Chicago Heights assistant supervisor microbiology department George Kirby 9720 Wentworth a Lemoyne College graduate with a . In biochemistry and mrs. Weselene Cummins Markham a product of Wilberforce University and the american Academy of medical technology assigned to the Haematology department. Shifting scenes Lead the youths or they will Lead us. By Hurley Gre Ltd editor whether we admit it now or later eventually we As negroes will have to accept a fair share of the rioting Nathan Wietz Mait and unrest that has befallen our City. Whether you a the building described Vor non violence or its dangerous and destructive opposite uncontrolled violence there Are some factors that remain constant. Until last weeks riots and looting on our Westside i had certain feelings about the Overall issues involving the push toward racial Freedom. Mixed in with that at times there were occasions when Felt that any and All efforts to push the idea of Equality were accept Able. Green last thursday night As i walked ran and dodged bottles bullets and searing invectives i experienced a phase of racial Awakening. Like Many other reporters both White and negro i made a first hand visit to the Westside hinterlands. No i was not being Brave but i wanted to see for myself if All of the atrocity stories that were being circulated were True. Certainly i knew that one visit to this area would not qualify me As an expert but lives were being taken businesses were being looted and innocent people lived in terror of their existence and i wanted a first hand View. The thing that Sticks out most in my mind was the number of teenagers involved. Don t get me wrong there were adults but the real action came from youths. Throughout the three nights of disorder the area was almost completely dominated by hordes of laughing jeering swearing would be Tough juvenile delinquents. Under the cover of darkness and the shoddy veil of racial injustices these marauding youths attempted to the three rooms and pays her do All of the things that Law and order denies. Own electric Bills. He said the yes there is a breakdown Between the police and the , who has lived in the Community but All of it is not the fault of the police. �?omo0court"on Jay tto of pro to me Chicago is like a haughty Matron. Her loins test building conditions but the have Given birth to the great the near great and even ease was dismissed. The bad. Her bosom of factories offices stores and by he by a shops has the same attraction As the latest topless Bath occupied it for two years ing attire. Her Fame and questionable generosity is known throughout the four Corners of the world. She is especially Well advertised in the deltas of Mississippi the lowlands of Alabama As Well As in the rest of her poorer City relatives. But sometimes i wonder if her graciousness is too Well described. The family who ties up the mule in Tennessee and Heads for the promised land of Chicago is More often disappointed and disillusioned than successful. Most of the time it is a question of trading one set of problems for another More Complex set. Whereby life in the South is likened to Mere existence Chicago is hell if one is seeking Progress without sweat. How does this tie in with the rioting0 most of the youths involved Are first generation ghetto livers who brought bits of ghetto from several Southern states to blend As one big one on Chicago s Westside. Yes the conditions in this area make for rioting and unrest. People Are jammed into sub Standard housing and layers of Public housing. There Are no to immunity recreational facilities. They Are forced to accept menial jobs for less than minimum wages. They Are Gyp Ped out of their meager earnings by usurious merchants and credit men and looking ahead this looks the same for a lifetime. The Many City programs which have commenced in the past five years cannot keep Pace with the steady influx of new residents. These new residents bring with them Only a cardboard suitcase and a Hope for the promised Rich Urban living. And let us face it Urban living is entirely different than that of the Small town. I can understand How after having lived under the Complete and open whip of Southern prejudice Chicago might appear to be a Mecca. It is not unless Chicago can find a Way to Bridge tile Gap Between Southern living and Chicago style life there will be More and More acts of racial vandalism. No. 36-week of july 21 thru july 27,1966 by Mick Haggerty a problem which a Community organization claims has been in existence for eight years has tentatively been alleviated by agreement on both sides. The Englewood civic organi Chew cites area race upheavals Stonewall begins new slum fight another project aimed at righting wrongs done to members of his race has been launched by Stonewall Edwards Chicago a intrepid civil rights fighter. Target of his insistent Type of pressure is a two Story four apartment building at 6307 Stewart said to be owned by a Stonewall As the worst example of a slum tenement he has seen in a Long time contains three rooms up. On the second floor occupied by miss Margie Dyson and her Mother mrs. Mable Dyson. The first floor of four rooms is occupied by mrs. Patsy Tun Cle and her three children. Stonewall who has issued an ultimatum to Weitzman and his son. Atty. Robert h. Weitzman. Following a tenants meeting. July 18 asked that repairs to the building be made within 30 Days or have a picket line thrown around the building As Well As the Weitzman Pawn shop. The tenants demands listed some 13 building code violations. His list notes the presence of rats and Roaches exposed electrical wiring holes in the Walls and floors bad plumbing workout garbage can with no top broken windows and no Sash cords or screen. In addition he noted there were no refrigerators in some of the apartments the Bath tubs needed repairing Back Yard was full of trash and bricks Back doors needed repairs and there were no locks on either the front or Back doors. According to Stonewall mrs. Tuncle nays $85 a month for food for thought protecting the display of food and vegetables on the sidewalk in front of the Southtown municipal fruit Market 909 w. 63rd St., a members of the Englewood civic organza Tion. Members of the group Are from left to right Rev. John Porter program director 6401 Sangamon Clyde Exson 1152 w. Marquette Otis Dill 6312 Parnell and William Randle acting president 6809 Union. The residents of Englewood have been hailed As responsible and sensible enough to prevent a disastrous riot from ruining their neighbourhood like the outbreaks which have rocked the West Side and three other Large cities Over the past weekend. Comment came from Alderman Charles Chew of the 17th Ward. In a Telephone conversation wednesday. Chew who is also a candidate for the Illinois Senate made his remark on the heels of the violence which has caused thousands of dollars in damages and injury to Many. Two persons were killed on the West Side during the three Days of rioting before the Illinois National guard was called in to restore order. The social eruption which grew into a riot with the alleged Aid of police bungling ignited after an incident Over a fire hydrant during one of the hottest Days of the decade. Ironically the human explosion came two Days after the Rev. Martin Luther King jr., had told an audience of some 65,000 at Soldier Field nation 6401 Sangamon had three grievances which it charged were allowed to exist at the Southtown municipal fruit Market. 909 w. 63rd St. The first claim by the organization was that fruits and vegetables were displayed on the sidewalk in front of the store thus obstructing pedestrian traffic and forcing people to either walk in the Street or step Over the display in order to avoid it. The second condition charged was that two negro part time employees were being payed a wage of 70 cents an hour. In addition the group charged that after having been there for there for quite some time they were still not trusted to handle Money in Cash transactions. The third grievance was the alleged undue familiarity on the part of one of the stores employees in dealings with female customers. When contacted by a bulletin reporter about the charges a representative of the Market declined comment. After three weeks of attempts at arriving at a solution by discussion the members of the Englewood civic organization picketed the store on july 13 for a period of forty five minutes. As a result a settlement was reached whereby the fruit and vegetables were removed from the sidewalk. The wage for the part time employees has risen 20 cents and More is hoped for in the future. The organization was founded in february of this year. It has no connection with the Englewood Community organization. Rev. John Porter program a we Are Here today because Are tired. We Are tired of effector of the Englewood civic says Kings tactics limited so another Page in the big volume of a Stonewall assists a is turned in Englewood. Always militant and equally vocal Edward told the bulletin that this will be a fight with a no holds a the tenants of this building Are with me and unless our demands Are met we will not Only demonstrate but we will also use the weapon of the rent strike a cried Edwards. A the Only effective answer to the plight of the Urban negro is responsible political action to achieve responsible representation in City Hall in Springfield and Washington this statement comes from David r. Reed Independent Republican candidate for Congress in the first District with Headquarters at 6423 cottage Grove. Reeds comment followed the disturbances on the Bazaar fair on Champlain a sidewalk cafe will be just one of the features of the curbside Bazaar and Art fair july 24, from i until 8 . The 8200 Champlain Block club will sponsor the affair which will take place in the 8200 Block on Champlain ave. Entertainment and the latest in fashions will abound at the fair. A wide variety of items will be offered for Sale from sundries from Ghana to foreign jewelry. Portraits by Alonzo Parham and Burton Bosan will be offered. Afro american literature cards books Flowers and hats will All be part of the proceedings. The general chairman is Helene Samuels. She is assisted by Cordia Miller co chairman. The president of the 8200 Champlain Block club is Elmira thous. West Side. Reed said a Cdr. King has been an outstanding Leader of his people and a great american. But i think he is Only now coming to recognize that there is a limit to the results that the Young candidate said further thai the events in Watts and Harlem and now the West Side have not so much destroyed the moral Validity of or. Kings approach As they have made it irrelevant to the a Christian non violence can Jority of negroes. Unhappily Many have gone to the other Young Reed has challenged extremes to join in rioting and Veteran congressman William looting said Reed and Many l. Dawson in the congressional represent the swing of the pen race set for november. We being seared in the flames of withering injustice we Are tired of paying More for less. We Are tired of living in rat infested slums and in the Chicago housing authority a Cement reservations. A we Are tired of having to pay a median rent of $97 a month in Lawndale for four rooms while Whites in South Deering pay $73 a month for five rooms. King president of the Southern Christian leadership conference whose workers have been Active in Chicago for the jeers fail to Dampen Gage Park protest. How to play bulletin sweepstakes Here Ere the Rule each week the bulletin will offer $25 in Cash to one of its readers. Here s How it works every bulletin subscribers name will be put in a Hopper. Any other person living within the bulletin circulation area can mail us their name and address and we will also put their name in the same Hopper. Each week on Friday afternoon 4 ., one name will be drawn from the Hopper. A member of the bulletin circulation department will proceed to the Home of that person Between 5 00 and 6 00 . And if he or she has a current receipt from the bulletin newspaper they will receive the $25 in Cash. If the person is unable to produce a current receipt a $5.00 Cash Consolation prize willbe Given. Winner must be Home during Contact hour or you forfeit your Chance. There is not an obligation to get such a receipt. Residents of the circulation area can get a receipt by i paying their newsboy or 2 coming to either one of the bulletin office and they will be Given a current receipt free of charge so they can qualify to be a Winner when the bulletin circulation staff member comes to their Home. This weeks sweepstakes Winner will receive s 45 of employees am families Ara Aal eligible to participate in the sweepstakes. Of it have no Winner the following weeks prize will be increased by $20. Taunts and jeers from 50 White youths failed to Dampen the spirits of some 200 integrated marchers in a rally at a Church in Gage Park sunday. In the group was the Rev. Troy Freeman pastor of new Friendship Baptist Church at 844 w. 71st St. The Rev. Freeman said the sunday marchers a had come to take a look at the Community because it is where they plan to Send their children to school and to suit filed by Mother a suit asking $30,000 in the death of Harley c. Peppers 9 year old son of mrs. Eunice b. Peppers. 6029 Morgan was filed last week in circuit court against mrs. Leota James and her 13 year old son Ronald 6020 Morgan. Mrs. Peppers filed As the administrator of her late child a estate. The suit is the outcome of the Accident that occurred last july 19 in which Harley was fatally injured at Jackson Park Beach parking area near the South Pavilion by a falling Light pole. Ronald triggered the Accident when he obtained the keys for his mothers car started the car and struck a Light pole. The pole then fell upon Harley peppers thereby causing his death. Filed by sol a. Gayle the suit charges the Mother with negligence in allowing the Auto keys to be in the youths Possession leading to the Accident. In addition to his Mother the peppers youth is survived by his father Joel two Sisters and a brother. Harley peppers was one of seven children from the neighbourhood who had been driven out to the swimming Outing by mrs. James. Durum Tole oppose Side. Past six months led a March to City Hall after the Soldier Field meet and posted demands on the door of City Hall to make Chicago an open City for All men regardless of race color Creed or National origin. Rev. King later met with the mayor twice after that and at the last meeting urged the mayor to provide sprinklers for children in underprivileged areas. The mayor has complied and action is underway to establish More recreation spots for the youngsters. Meanwhile the Illinois National guard has been removed from the trouble spot and at press time wednesday All was quiet on the West Side front. The group had marched from 55th and Rockwell to 55th Ami Kudzie to protest against Tho attitude of the Lily White Community against negro residents. The rally was held at St. Gall roman Catholic Church. The action stemmed from the huge Freedom rally at Soldier Field july to which featured the Rev. Martin Luther King representatives of other faiths and other civil rights leaders. Shortly before the March to Gage Park a mixed group of negroes and Whites participated in a picnic at Marquette Park at 71st St., and California ave. The Park has heretofore been used predominately by Whites. Organization claimed that the Englewood Community organization is not interested in the residents of Englewood but is More concerned with the merchant. This he said was the reason for the founding of the group that he represents. A it is As much our fault As anyone else a for the presence of these problems in the Community. It could not take place unless we allowed it to happen a Rev. Porter continued. Acting president of the organization William Randle said a we Are always open to discussion about the problems concerning our Community. Our primary purpose in taking this or any other action is for the Overall betterment of he concluded by stating that the organization is contemplating further action in the future. He said that the members of t he organization Are prepared to fight for improvement and go As far As the situation demands. A we Are going to clean up Englewood a Randle said a and make it a decent place to live. This is just a mayor skips negro list a request to mayor Daley to name a negro candidate for one of two vacancies in the Illinois supreme court Bench has $ 2 Sells your car the bulletin-b00ster newspaper guarantees to sell your car for Only $2.00 no gimmicks no hitches you place your want and Only once. And pay Only $2 00 for advertising until your car is sold it s easy to do when you place your $2.00 want and and pay for it we will publish your want and for a full month or until your car is Solo if you have not sold your car after the first month Call us and Tell us and we will continue to print your and free until your car is sold. We guarantee to sell your car for Only $2 come in now to Start your and 639 e. 71st or Call an a taker at St 3-1040 announce july workshop meet this months edition of the Community workshops hosted by the grand crossing police station will be held in air conditioned Comfort at the auditorium of the Drexel Home 6140 Drexel ave., july 25 at 7 30 . The purpose of the meetings is to attempt to lower the crime rate in the Community. The grand crossing District ranks in 17th place out of a been ignored. The names of four prominent possible 21 positions in the rate negroes were recommended to of crimes committed. The mayor in a letter sent by the Chicago human rights Legal committee and signed by chairman Leo Holt. The committee letter said in part a there can hardly be doubt in anyone a mind that negroes do not have a fair share of available positions in the judicial Branch of government in Chicago or the state of Illinois. You now have an Opportunity to Correct this horrible the mayor presented his favored candidates tuesday. None was negro. Mrs. Eldna Wilerford will address those assembled on a the rights and responsibilities of parents and judge Maurice Pompey will discuss what can be expected from the courts when teenage gang members and vagrants Are arrested. Superintendents of the 5th, 6th, 7th, and 8th wards will speak on the opportunities present to improve a clean up conditions in the 3rd District. The program will be concluded with a question and answer period. William b. Griffin is commander of the 3rd District. 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