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Chicago Bulletin (Newspaper) - July 5, 1967, Chicago, Illinois 4w�dnesday, july j,1947 the bulletin lie senator sneak by Chark Chew or. Or in it for Quot in ref Tirion rms a to Quot just Bedore 8 30 . Saturday morning the Senate of the state of Illinois adjourned from its 75th biennial session. The electric clock on the Wall had been stopped twice one at 11 20 . And next at just before Midnight but the time shown on the clock had nothing to do with the actual time. I arrived at my desk at 8 30 . On Friday morning and left there nearly 24 hours later. It was non Stop and Marathon in the driving relentless Pace but it was not Dull. There was no. Opportunity to Retreat in sleep either because As sure As you did an amendment to a Bill or a report would come Back in that needed not Only your attention but your vote. In Many cases it was As important to defeat a Bill or cause it to be tabled As it was to see that a piece of legislation was passed. Starlet claw some of the Bills Are not possible to defeat due to the than children in Northern Ken fact that the republicans if they vote on straight party lines a in so far As medical Atten politics and stuff by Charlet Emu Gaines the Summit is Over and Rich off their labor. If White Ald. Cousins Frost and the arabs and their jewish America does not Wake up Rayner Are waging a valiant Brothers Are still making the Black America is going to be fight to protect our Community Bruce Sagan publisher Hurley Green editor biblical statement about there shall always be wars and rumours of wars ring t r u e. Viet Nam is still with us and As dangerous As it is there it is healthier to be a Black come resigned and dedicated to against forces Bent on turning a Black Power and set out to Chatham Park Manor Chester destroy White America. Unless Field etc., into a slum. They White America opens its doors Are appealing to All area Citi to economic Opportunity Black Zens to report All instances of Clarence in i the circulation Rny a. Butin born a it h Volo Hurd published every wednesday morning at 639 e. 71st St. Slower 3-1040 deadlines news noon thursday display advertising 5 . Thursday classified 3 . Monday America will become Ripe for those who want to destroy these United states. Either White America heeds the advice of or. Martin Luther King jr., Roy Wilkins Gaines Whitney Young and that grand the f. A do be old Man in the fight for free no a or try room unless conversions litter by business places teen age and adult rowdies and other anti social happenings to them and the proper City department. We Are in the front line in we in Mem Mem Gfa a a opinions expressed by columnists or in by line articles Are not necessarily those held by this newspaper. To maintain editorial standards this newspaper will not accept payment for publishing news items or photographs also when a news item or photograph is omitted from an Issue due to space limitations every Effort will be made to publish it in the next Issue unless its news value has substantially decreased. The editorial opinion of this newspaper is non sectarian and Independent of any political group. Soldier there than a Black civil a Philip Randolph or it he Ian in the South. The Southern wii1 have to face an increasing in regional Council released a a hostile Black America led by Brothers deeper in the ghetto shocking report on How negro Stokeley Carmichael Bob children in Mississippi and Ala Brown and others who Call for looking ahead in politics by Raymond Ewell representative 29th Bama were not one bit better blood and fire. In Illinois the state legis Are doomed. If we succeed oth her areas will open up for in the 27th of june 1967 my the body of fair housing was had done two thousand Yea negroes in non slum areas mind wandered Back to bygone chilling with the Cool hours of ago according to St. John Many 8th Ward democratic Days. I heard a chorus of voices the evening. Tall Black Centurion Defi Job holders Are hurting after wailing weep concerned the report nature just ended and the a big bite put on them for Inge an Usu have a majority in both houses. Such a Bill was the infamous a 11 boys can be separated from the Ward organization expenses familiar tune. A Stop and Frisky Bill which now is on governor Kerner a desk. I grow up Jtb Rani formed Bone 0nc a8ain�?T Bend Fred some Are extra hot after hear most of us Trust that he will veto this measure As he did a similar Bill two and tissue Structure that con s a is his my rumours that committeeman know it most _ t. of ave in violin for Davis i the fl8ht against b go Joe Mcmahon is building a 50 of us have years at it is important that governor be made aware of demos them to ill health for t and wbb cure Mac. They a jul amp a cum it at it fool in arc of Tho Mart in Ahnne thie Nior of n f a anti ibis report. Wos brought a nan., on ii Woom Home out of the r the feelings of the negro Community about this piece of negro legislation. Letters and telegrams Are do make a difference. Staved off Many anti negro Russ de Bow is quietly ,. Home More formally by a Chan d cd tip what once loyalty appreciated and. N t How inc How bad or Antl pm or people and acting ii report snowing Row aaa Bor measures but were in. A i mr0�,s were inh Thov Abe to a air housn8 Bill helping our youth get jobs this Der another Bill which got approved and now Waits for the due to the bigotry of summer and deserves a big Bel you governors signature give police the right to limit the numbers of an j Stin end up at the end of a Hite republicans like Frank to and thank you from every when they marchers prohibits More than one March a Day in a single City the year in debt with run Down / his a Milt the town besi help people to help hem my 1 Rem a xtcltobr1 Calls for 24 hour notice and proscribes demonstrations at Peak Homes and schools and no food off uses from Evergreen Pla. Selves so m eople get in Ber that song and i remember re be cer Ham and Genoa s. Wantagh time or Aneth remember a a were there enter the final executioner placed the final Spear into to he might have quickly per heart and Drew Forth both Blo formed his foul task but unlike and water. The battered the Many others he chose to Mains of fair housing speak. With twisted logic he dead sought to explain that his act although it May take Ion was not a crucifixion but an than three Days fair Husij act of mercy. Sneaking from will Rise again. But i shall cd behind a tall stack of books and Tine to Bear witness in papers the Black Centurion of name of All that is decent the Republican party per holy against the Black cd formed his assigned task. The Rion of the Republican party pay is not Good nor is the lot of Horace Gardner and his w11 of Mavo Alvin Evergreen restrictions to feed their children with. A were negroes shop by this explains Why so scores and spend thousands of open occupancy legislation As everyone knows was killed Quot a Quot a negroes come to the big their Well earned dollars. It has a ties of the North and live in would be a Fine thing if All traffic periods. Demonstrators who violate these would be subject to $1,000 Fine and one year in jail. Hut the fight Here is not yet Over and since a special session in people get key spots and forget about the rest of us. Russ remembers. They talk about the a silent 6�?� in the City Council but the is Boon called for sent pm Bor la by sen Arrington there is every the hett0 slums for As bad As negroes and Weh mcanin8 knee of the negro republicans _ like Ihnow that open orc Nancv will again he on the Agenda of the Rhetto s Are. They Are Whites would Stop shopping at on the open housing Issue is fair housing. Course depending in fhe outcome Orr he Senate action on the ?1 a Zunga a by a the 27th of june 1967. I was sitting in my seat after nearly ten hours of exhausting debate and parliamentary mane vering and i saw the crucifixion of Tain that no life remains. Remember just As the roman Centurion 1967. The 27th of Jur Weston site in Washington gov. Kemer May he forced to Call a special session before september to Deal with the Issue of the Weston site and open occupancy. Many a Plantation while he gets might get the message. Gro republicans left a Uderman s report by Wilson Frost 21st i have scheduled a Public meeting for this Friday evening july 7 at 7 30 ., to be held at the Chatham Myca. I would like to urge All of the voters in the 29th senatorial District to come out and let me Tell you in person some of the things that youth must be served is our motto have been done and some that still must be done and to fill you in on my activities during this general Assembly session. Despite a desperate Effort by my congratulations to the ten negro democrats of the Joseph Thomas for being the wino House to save the last first negro to be elected As possible vehicle for fair hous president o f ing despite passionate and the Southtown emotional pleas for Justice and planning As morality despite thousands of Socia Tion. Words and hundreds of Legal Thomas is Maneu verse the republicans District Man caucuses and voted death for Ager of Gold fair housing. There was no de in state my observations by Henry Wilson pre. Halsted Morgan a n. S t a t i n g this week. We enjoyed attending ing governmental funds for re during my Campaign for this Senate seat i non med the drouth the efforts of juvenile Fenger College Honor society creation purposes. I am pleased Bate on Republican Side of the Tual insurance Best possible Repas Euthin to uses ass to out now to William King we Are banquet held june 23, Jet at with the response and the nun Ais a for they had. Make my report to the electorate. The Chatham y is located at 1021 e. 83rd Street. As citizens and taxpayers you need to know the Many things which occurred in Springfield that directly affect your daily lives and the Many things which were prevented from occurring. I look Forward to seeing you on Friday evening and i have 29th District representatives Raymond Ewell and Lewis a. H. Caldwell to join me in this briefing session. Things were pretty and Active on both sides of the state House. Please come launching our softball league at the following Parks Oak Dale Abbott Tuley Adafe in and it re Are still a few rowing crowd at their meeting midst it is the responsibility of Jve Owen Pelt sought guidance think u is a Nice sary Buman. The Sec for teams. Boys be sunday. They seemly had a All of us to provide wholesome from a higher authority. Repro value m society for each mid ban society i Ages of 13 and 21 Good Nisi tip or Nyram for the Noti Vitic Anh for to pm visual to be afforded a Chance editions in it Wood Parks. W e will publish our schedule later. There openings tween the Ages May sign up. Contact Emil Jones jr., Aldermani Secretary at City Hall daily Between the hours of 9 30 . And 2 00 ., Telephone 744-6834 or tuesday and thursday evenings at 9528 South Halsted Street Telephone 233-2235 Between the hours of 7 00 . And 10 00 . Club Allegro 117th and Halsted Ber of petitions received re verdict in a closed room Street a heavy scholarship questing the Park at the site on closed minds was the theme. 91st and Eggleston. Lets work speaking of education together and i am sure it is representative corneal Davis Munford Byrds appointment As ours. Gss Siauw Quot James or an assistant to superintendent by the Way our office has rep d t at he 0dd0nents Redmond shows that Recagni Cei Ved numerous complaints Hamid Washl a in m Tion is forthcoming for those about garbage pick ups. If this i n warn a Nfn this grave their struggle to improve com who prepare themselves. Or. Is a complaint shared by you in Lake in o0iemn of nip it. Ren Unity life must recognize he Byrd can ably handle the task please let us know. We intend a a isl. Foj Ca cd Ith Nilst Man value in the process of we wish him Well. To remedy this situation Forth physical and social improve our a Mimi Universal Highland with. Senta Uve Kenneth Hall pleaded jars to my us civic organization had an Over with summer in our for understanding represent a mph to pro3ect my feelings. I sealed the co., 900 w. With 63rd. He has been very Active in Community affairs of social physical improvement. Community organizations and Public agencies in to have a Strong building cd and to enforce it. The pattern decay is widespread in the a of Chicago and by Sot strange social process it is ii these decayed areas that people who Are failing in struggle for life accumulate. In the blighted arc Are to be found the poor people the aged pensioner the fermented families the Drift single individual the Mirc the minority groups the end bled and crippled the alcohol the unemployed and a Templ it Able. Their misery is cd pounded by their surround Dir of dilapidation of Over Roi ing of noise of dangers Foj fire and assault. When looks at this problem of the cared Core of our communal the problem to work at first. The social Milieu of also has Many c Good positive program for the activities and supervision for sedative Issac Sims smoke i a dual t0 be afforded a Chance Anions in it which tend to to Community. Our children. Too often we wait rect la to the Ooink represent a of edly cat one Quot Able he to Down human life and 1 a a Quot it was also Nice to see or. De for a City or other government Tive Otis Collins asked for Mer earn has level Hood wards manager of Princeton _ we. Park Home and or. Cotton self help is the Best and most sp0ke of reason and sanity. A f a nor no a. Lif. Man div Orrid for Ftp the it from the 95th Street business sustaining help. Representative Raymond Ewe thu some end from his Means of Mak to Nisi is a nil to is Nna things in the City Council Are added a word or two. The Many the Buman ind to comprehend his livelihood directly from Tion leads to gradual rather slow and we expect to friends of fair housing vented Nii to Tho Oitt Man r Tion. We Are now seeking data and information on secur and to unlike to briefly mention and Agency to assume this Burden. Cd representative Lewis Caid do stand the nature of the cuss some of these. The Prcy. Nerese Niave Lewis Uaia world it the nature 0f human so Lem of living in the City is shop with Confidence at Dailey a Robert d. Brown prop. 532 e. 79th Sale begins Fri. July 7th thru mon., july 10th we deliver free i 6-5431 or 32 pharmacy for savings service Security prescriptions filled promptly Ano professionally we Reserve the right to limit quantities and Correct printed errors. Adjourn about july 21st. We further Hope to sneak in a much needed vacation. A please keep the summer to. Take it easy get there soil. In the City Man my make his livelihood by sell his labor in some prices Rel ing to manufacturing and rarely directly produces himself what he needs. 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Among them it 1s a survival value in were Caj represent society for society to afford uves William Barr Edward Mutual beep and Protection As Madigan and Edward Copeland Peop e and individuals fall and a Host of democratic rep the difficulties of sur. Resent Tives. A Vaj that inevitably two negro republicans presents. It is further a struck quickly and their death value of society to present an Drivers planning a Long to knives were not distinguishable environment to men to Chally becomes desperate. Life Toring vacation Are cautioned from those of their fellow re len8e them to do better to see the City anywhere there not to try to cover too Many publicans. As a matter of truth Niobe clearly the patterns of the has become an intense comp Miles in one Day. Never Overes four democrats deserted their universe and to strive to new Tive struggle for jobs we tend yourself. Stop for the night party and jointed the assassins Heights of achievement and in even in Good times Are Law before Driver fatigue and drow the heat and anger of the Day de standing without which he too few. Siness begin to overtake you. Was fading and after 97 knives Man society can not endure. Out of the miseries of lastly for the purposes of this ban existence have come talk but not by any Means to demands for welfare legislate exhaust the categories of Possi and forms of social Security Hie human values in Environ supplement the work of priv ment and society an individual agencies. The fear of loss should be Able to develop a Phi employment rests in theosophy and a religion which of the mind of most City d can sustain him on his journey lers and of even the Busine through life. Men and there is therefor what is wrong with the kind of a Basic psychology environment of our City and ill at the Bottom of Urban ii Community the first is excessive congestion of human beings. 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Some of this deterioration comes from the process of aging some comes from sheer overcrowding and overuse some comes from tenants who done to know How to live properly some comes from slum landlords who milk every Penny possible out of decaying property and some comes from the failure of the local government the feeling of insecurity if i times come. The struggle for a tence in cites leads some to prey upon others. I Supi this is True of human life eve where but i suspect the Lem is intensified in the is one of the chief Means of so men preying upon the lives others is through the offering unwholesome forms of Recs action. Urban environment is sufficiently challenging respect to constructive reel action that people fall into Forf of recreation at All but destroying activities. At night see the Brilliant spectacular stand Rock Indian ceremonial presented by Over sixty american indians set in the natural Beauty of a dells Canyon Amphitheater. 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