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Chicago Bulletin (Newspaper) - July 2, 1964, Chicago, Illinois A i t p a w Ai v to a it Deli Charles Chow reports explains Central Englewood plan by Charles Chew 17th Ward in june 1962, the City Council approved a redevelopment plan for the Englewood area a five Square mile residential neighbourhood with a population of about 140,000 persons. Included among the objectives of that plan were the establishment of sound residential neighbourhoods provision of adequate schools Parks and other Community facilities improvement of traffic safety by separating through traffic from local neighbourhood traffic and the consolidation of business centers. Particular emphasis was placed on the objective of preserving Community assets either by enhancing their surroundings by redesigning them or both. Several specific programs have been started to implement the objectives of the conservation plan. At 69th and Stewart land has been cleared of deteriorated buildings and has been made available for expansion of the Chicago teachers College for new housing and convenience shopping. In Southeast Englewood the first Steps have been taken in a program to conserve and upgrade the existing housing. That project is a 243-acre area of Homes and apartment buildings located Between Marquette Road and 75th Street next to the Dan Ryan expressway. In addition to improving existing housing about 25 acres of land will be made available for the construction of new Homes. An important objective of the Over All redevelopment at Englewood is a special improvement program for the shopping Center at 63rd and Halsted streets. The Center plays a Central role in the life of the Englewood Community Over 90 per cent of its shoppers live within five Miles of the Center several thousand persons Are employed in its stores and offices which have an annual payroll in excess of $10 million As one of the largest property tax payers in Englewood the Center helps pay for City services that Are vital both to the local Community and the entire City. For Many years the 63rd and Halsted Center has been the largest neighbourhood shopping Center in the City. However Between the end of world War ii and 1960, annual sales volume declined from $113 million to $65 million. The decline has been accompanied by deterioration of commercial property vacant stores and changes in Quality and Type of services. It rapidly became apparent that a reversal of these trends was essential to the Long Range conservation and improvement of the total residential Community. In 1953, the Chicago plan commission working with local groups developed a concept for this shopping area which became known As the a perimeter in 1961, the Federal government approved the City a request for Survey and planning funds. Since then detailed studies resulted in a series of specific proposals which modify and refine the a perimeter plan a but which retained its Basic objectives. Those objectives included the separation of through and local traffic the provision of adequate off Street parking to be free to the shopper the development of a mall on 63rd and Halsted streets and the development of a unified architectural and modernization program for existing buildings. The results of those studies Are embodied in the Urban renewal plan. In the preparation of this plan the department of Urban renewal has been assisted and advised by the Englewood conservation Community Council. The proposal was presented at a Public meet Council. The proposal was presented at a Public meeting in the Community in May 1963. Dozens of meetings have been held with Community groups to explain the proposal and to obtain reactions. Every suggestion was carefully studied and changes that could be made without sacrificing the Success of the project were incorporated. Since preliminary approval of the plan by the Federal government More land has been made available for new housing and a further separation Between commercial and non commercial uses has been provided for in the agreement with the three churches in the shopping Center to be relocated elsewhere. The program will require the relocation from acquired properties of an estimated 528 families 50 single person householders 100 lodgers and 60 non residential establishments. Full resources of the departments relocation service will be used to insure the satisfactory relocation of these persons and establishments with a minimum of inconvenience. Both families and businesses will be eligible for Federal re location payments to defray the costs of moving. How to stay alive on fourth of july or. Samuel l. Andelman Chicago a health u commissioner has some suggestions on How to stay alive and Well All Day on the fourth of july. The chief dangers include traffic accidents heat exhaustion and severe Burns and injuries caused by firecrackers and torpedoes going off too close to a person. There is the added danger of the clothing catching on fire and penetrating wounds of the skin or the a s caused by flying objects when fireworks Are exploded. The wounds inflicted often Lead to serious infections including the dreaded lockjaw or tetanus. Another Hazard that has not been sufficiently recognized is deafness temporary or permanent caused by Large to it Quot a does or Cannon crackers going off too close to the human ear. All of these injuries can be avoided by observing the Laws regulating the Possession of dangerous fireworks in Chicago. They Are illegal. Done to drive out to to e country to buy your fireworks from a Roadside stand. Or. Andelman further warned against the use of Highway and Railroad flares often erroneously considered perfectly Safe As a substitute for conventional fireworks. These flares Burn with a Bright red Light for about 10 minutes. As they Burn they generate a Lnu at that May reach 2500� f. And Are a frequent cause of ignited clothing. Some children have injured themselves by falling on the steel Spike used to drive the flares into the ground. A we can have a Safe and sane fourth a said or. Andelman Quot Only by careful supervision of the handling of All types of fireworks by published every thursday morning at 63f e. 71 st st. Stewart 3-1640 Bruci s aft an a us savant editor m 4th of july message supt. Wilson issues warning on illegal use of fireworks supt. O. W. Wilson has ordered a crackdown on illegal fireworks and instructed All police personnel to be particularly Alert for children having fireworks in their Possession. Despite Illinois Laws and a City ordinance which prohibits the Sale Possession or use of fireworks police report an increase in the amount of fireworks bootlegged into the state and in the number of accidents which already have occurred involving their use. The Illinois statute Calls for a Fine up to $100 or imprisonment up to 90 Days in the county jail while the City ordinance Calls for a Fine up to $200. Police also have had reports of unscrupulous vendors who have been Selling fireworks to children from automobiles parked near school Yards and playgrounds. Other vendors carry their lethal merchandise in a car and a set up shop on a Highway where they can watch for squad cars easily and avoid being caught. Supt. Wilson said a it is unfortunate that Many children unknowingly become involved in breaking a Law that has been passed for their own physical Protection. However their parents know the Law and often give their children Money to make these purchases or they themselves buy the fireworks for them. A the tragedy is that these parents delude themselves by think ing there is no danger since they themselves were not injured by fireworks when they were children. A it i letters to editor likes Uhruh Rev. King and even Brand x dear editor your column Uhruh in the bulletin june 25, was great my family is Southern we have Many friends from Mississippi so we really understood or. Foreman a part in the rally for civil rights. To us it was the greatest and there is no doubt that Rev. Martin Luther King is one of the country a greatest speakers. We want him to concentrate More on jobs for poor people and business expansion for the upper negro people or minorities instead of social Equality because Many cities have beaches hotels cafes owned by Black people. If not let us March for that right. We also feel that your column spoke Well of the Many people who Are not of african ancestry who attended organized and publicized the rally. Their attendance brought needed attention to Many people who want to see better schools and jobs for negroes. However i also agree with Many of the views of the defenders Chuck Stone because like you sir he wants Freedom for a a americans. Also would you consider the protestant churches in America. Why do we have separate churches and neighbourhoods who controls Black Peoples a Progress we did not ask to have separate churches those responsible Are the Hippocrates mentioned by or. Stone in his column. Mrs. Lucille Johnson address withheld on request . Who is a thing to cause us to move from 64th and Green st Wax will we need police protects from if we move in certain areas please continue Uhruh prevention and control to your readers. Your recognition of the lifesaving potential involved in distributing the facts about cancer is a Fine Public service. Our thanks for your continuing spirit of loyalty. Cecile a. Gagan Public information director Mili bulletin gets thanks for cancer publicity dear editor i am writing to thank you for your help throughout the year in inn Jig the facts about cancer we invite you to express your opinion. Names and addresses must be Given before letters will be considered for publication names or addresses will be omit ted Only upon written request. The right to condense or clarity letters is reserved. A drop protest of Tanner principal a group of parents banded to Gether to seek redress of grievances against Tanner school principal. Robert a. Murphy has temporarily suspended its activities. Previously charging unfair disciplinary practices at the Tanner elementary school 7350 Evans the fifteen parents have adopted a wait and see attitude. Spokesman for the i xxi mrs. Orlando d. Cole jr., 7518 Eber Hart told a bulletin reporter that since the group was organized on june 9, there has been a marked improvement in relations Between the principal and the parents. The grievances had been stated As 1 repeated suspensions of students. 2 inability to discuss problems with teachers without Murphy a presence 3 mass transfers to adjustment schools and 4 principal Murphy a general attitude. According to i s. Cole with the ending of school and the be gaming of the vacation period the group will suspend its activities until the new semester begins in september. A it is difficult for a youngster to realize the dangers of having fireworks in his Possession a that he can lose an Eye a hand a foot or suffer some other permanent Handicap for a few moments of fun so it is up to the parents to protect supt. Wilson pointed out that parents of children found with fireworks can be arrested on charges of contributing to the delinquency of a minor upon repetition of the offence. Here Are several examples of recent cases involving fireworks several teen agers were arrested for throwing lighted firecrackers into the Street at automobiles at 79bh Street and Hamlin Avenue. One firecracker flew into an open window of a passing bus ripped off the shirt of a 24-year-old male passenger and badly burned his Back. A 13-year-old boy threw a lighted firecracker at a 6-year-old on West Douglas Park blvd. The firecracker exploded burning his foot. A 15-year-old boy Riding on a coaster at Riverview Park lighted a firecracker. Before he could throw it away the firecracker exploded causing painful abrasions on his Abdomen. A 10-year-old boy asked a 7-year-old playmate to hold a firecracker As he lighted it. The firecracker exploded in his hand injuring the hand and lacerating three fingers. Supt. Wilson also pointed out two other �?odangers0 a the use of safety flares which Are advertised for a a Safe and sane july 4th Celebration and sparklers. He said a there is nothing Safe or sane when these flares Are used by children. They Burn at a tempera Ture of 2,000 to 2,500 degrees fahrenheit which is hot enough to melt Copper and could seriously Burn a child. Furthermore Many of these flares have a Large steel Spike on one end so they can be driven into the ground for emergencies. Any child running with a flare could easily fall and Stab himself. A sparklers Are just As bad. They Burn at a temperature of 1,650 degrees. Many children have been fatally burned while using them. In Illinois during a three year period there were 721 fireworks injuries a 90 of them were caused by what can you do to protect your children Sapt. Wilson says 1. Fireworks of any kind can maim and kill a done to buy them 2. If you know of any bootlegging activities or if you see someone Sei Luig fireworks Call Polce 5-1313. 3. Almost every Community has a Public Cosplay of fireworks. For example the american legion has an annual fireworks display at Soldier Field on the fourth of july. Take your children to one of these and let him enjoy fireworks safely. Cly re nth Smith Hutinett my Rod Hurd a imitation shirt and non Citty Ifird mfr. Henry Martin photo Gre Phr William Tiwi und cd Irene nation advertising Ftp Rtiz nth Tiv a. Asst editor Hufty Green. A deadlines news Nee monday advertising Neon Tinty classified 3 . Wednesday opinions expressed by columnists or in by line articles a re not necessarily those held by this newspaper. To maintain editorial standards this newspaper will not accept payment for publishing news items or photographs. Also when a news item or photograph is omitted from an Issue due to space limitations every Effort will be made to publish it in the next Issue unless its news value has substantially decreased. The editorial opinion of this newspaper is non sectarian and Independent of any political group sixth year no. 37 week of july 2, 1964 to july 8, 1964 pet 4 cousins on Chatham uneducated Hurt most by trends in Job Market by William cousins. Jr., president Chatham Avalon Park Community Council part ii continued from last week prank h. Cassell in his Arti Cle entitled a the unemployed a labor Force in transition a writes a extensive study and work need to be done to raise the sights or the horizons of youth which Are often limited and restricted by the family and the Community in which the child grows up. Scholarships and graduate fellowships need to be established to help the High school and the negro College raise these sights and open up new opportunities As a he concludes that a to prevent unemployment then we must have two indispensable conditions an Economy which is growing at a fast enough rate to provide jobs for our expanding population and the Means to teach and train our people to work and live in a changing further that a if we Are to create an adaptable society and a society Strong enough to survive the Many competitions of the world we shall have to devote increasing shares of our incomes to preparation of not just a few but ail members of our society for a life of change uncertainty and in a positive sense for an exciting the foregoing excerpts taken from Cassells article on the unemployed indicate a keen under Englewood views standing by him of our unemployment problems. I concur with his views and feel that it is important that All of us become mindful of our problems and begin to take a positive attitude William cousins toward doing something about them. In taking Steps to reduce unemployment among ourselves i think that we must understand clearly that we cannot be uneducated and employed at the same time in the future and that neither we nor others can afford the a a luxury of being uneducated. Indeed it is reasonable to say that it will be As difficult for the unemployed to earn a livelihood in the future As it is for a Camel to go through the Eye of a Needle. There is no alternative to our becoming both much better educated on the whole and much better educated for those occupations where there is a demand for services in the future. Further an education must be such that we will be Able to adapt to different kinds of jobs. Our school dropouts Are of special concern to me because i see no Way that they can generally gain Money 1 for a livelihood in the future except by receiving handouts from the government or sticking up the Public. Does Eccl represent Englewood residents by Marion Henley 7"ho represents the people to provide More parking space for the Englewood business District. But in the meantime a solid Block and a half of Good sound housing will be destroyed. A total of nine blocks of housing will be eliminated under the plan. The Green Street association feels that the Homes would have been saved if 64th Street instead of 65th, was used for the renewal project. Through the years in be heard Urban renewal referred to As a negro As Long As Good citizens such As those who Are part of the Green Street association believe they Are being patronized and in some instances ignored completely there will be those who think this Way. There Are some very unhappy persons who feel that our Engle w o o d conservation Community Council does not represent residents of the Community. Those who know me know that i am the first to confess my ignore a n c e regarding Urban renewal. Although i do not understand the Many ramifications of Urban renewal i done to believe you need to be an expert to Marion Hinly understand what it Means to Many of our people. On the Street where i live people moved there after being displaced by Urban renewal. Some of them have had to move again to make Way for a parking lot. The residents from 64th and Green streets have been fighting a Long time and have earned the respect admiration and endorsement of Many of us in Englewood. Among those who aided them in their efforts to find a solution to their Urban problems was the eco the Englewood organization. I know eco voted to support them because i was there when the vote was taken. Between the eco vote and last tuesday nights Council meeting communications broke Down. Some of the members serving on eco Board also serve on the Eccl and the vote taken at the Council meeting was unanimous for the Illinois k-47 plan. The plan is designed in the first place we inherit communities after they have been thoroughly lived in and contrary to biased popular opinion we done to downgrade them but often upgrade them. Secondly no one likes to think that human beings they Are so unimportant that they can be moved around like pawns on a chessboard. I am not personally involved in this struggle but nevertheless i am deeply concerned for the people affected because i perceive their frustrations. As for the Eccl it has been my understanding that its purpose was to interpret the feelings and desires of the Community to the Urban renewal Council. Therefore my last question is directed to the eco. Do you believe that you be represented these people if so How

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