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Chicago Bulletin (Newspaper) - January 25, 1962, Chicago, Illinois / Page 4the bulletin. Thursday january 25, 1962 teens want better movies by Bill cmdr Rynn observers say american teen agers Are sex minded that we think of sex most frequently and intensely. They Point at our dances our clothing and our literature As undeniable evidence of our emphasis on sex and most of All they Point at the movies we patronize. We patronize such film fare As return to Peyton place. Suddenly last summer lady Chatterley s lovers. The world of Suzie Wong. Elmer Gantry. Psycho Ami Many other similar movies the movie makers say they Are merely reflecting the Public taste in making movies rape and prostitution As main1 plots. They say we Are preoccupied with sex in All respects. And with the dark seamy Side of twisted warped licentious Heman beings. And if they dont satisfy our demand for sexy entertainment. France will will or England will. In reply to this i say american teenagers Are not sex minded to the extent it a been asserted. True we want realism in our movies but we want it in Good taste not like Butterfield 8 we also want humor mystery and adventure. I have an appropriate name for raw. Shocking Frank movies like a sexpot goes to College Quot but for Short i la just Call them cheap trashy phonies. Such movies Are phonies because they do not depict reality but Only the distorted ideas and personal taste of the writer. The morbid movie makers Are not reflection the teenagers Fae in this Type of film How can i Sav the Public does no to it this kind of de Nen Erme film a some of the All time Bax of a hit have been movie like gone with the wind pen he to. The ten commands of White not Snifen i w in the grass or Peyton place. Took at Unur newspaper i jct How Many gone with the wind the Are rom i cared to the so railed reality film a in t a to the producers the Bulle teen Wax facts nut Roll Italy do hive Ocolor was ability odourless this is Flam Satin Latex paint brighten your Home with this que cd drying water a rot 1�&Quot a spread easily in by cleanup Ter Rifle color Only gallon yes we deliver ask for free color Chort Birj paint amp wallpaper co. 209 e. 79lh 59. A 3-2297 $ Richard s Barb que 9453 cottage Grove c no 7-9704 a. The Best in Bor a up ribs chickens rib tips hot links amp polish sausage sea food cat fish shrimps a Buffalo v open daily 12 noon to 4 . Orders to Taki out sat. Amp Sun. Till i . Open sundays a holidays movie maker the reason Dick tone of movie i patronized i it the on tone o movie one can find in the theater. Where e1e can the teenager Jan and i moneys von. The majority of the movie audience can a How Holly Wood what Ort of entertainment you truly want. By patronizing the Worth while film More often and avoiding the ick ones. That i those of you who really want to avoid them. How do von know which ones Are the a offenders a there Are certain telltale signs that almost never fail you can look Forward to some depressing entertainment when you see a film advertised a a the picture Thev said could t be when a picture is based on a i sex Ridden novel remember Peyton place. Or connected with a Perron who dealt regularly in off beat themes. Alfred Hitchcock indulges quite often in off color films his psycho holds True to form. Review columns can also serve As a guide to Good entertainment. D h. Lawrence a most censored author who wrote a lady Chatterley a a sons and and others of that nature. Once wrote a there is a great Deal of difference As to what is Public taste what is sick and what is healthy. Everyone should be entitled within to attend the Type of movies it he Good. But i wonder if be think a lady Chatterley a a lovers Quot is within reason. I was brought up in a family that taught that sex is a Beautiful thing. And i act accordingly by not attending movies that give erroneous ideas about sex and Lite. How about. You0 Are you thinking you re not sure Well lets see. Tell me. What s the Only pen with a life time guarantee no not paper mate san Quentin. Now now. Done to cry. You la get the next one. Anyway its a Little easier what makes a noise and shakes All Over you re right it s Elvis Presley. Nowadays so Many of us Are complaining. Well i hate to see anyone in pain. So Here Are a few of my Quick remedies. The fastest Way to Stop a headache Cut off your head. Stop an earache fill the drum with Lead. Get rid of teen gives concert Preshie feature Crump s cleaners 7855 cottage or. A 4-0872 corny bust it with a Hammer. Gruesome Isnit it something else everyone is complaining about neighbors and i do sympathize. For example done to you just hate the neighbor that constantly posters you to return his Power Lawnmower that you borrowed last summer it be so bad if they weren to so persistent. Like the Man that is forever calling to ask you to move your car out of his driveway. Does no to that get your nerves of. But what really irks me is that lady Down the Street. It never fails. Every Day she sends other Peoples kids Home for dinner. To change the subject have you heard the joke about the Little boy and his red Kite of you have. Like that Good Here a something else that will a get to Quot your crazy Bone Daffy nation Mello drama a a real Good picture. Daffy nation Orchard a Southern version of Archie. Daffy nation hair pins objects used to hold diapers on baby rabbits. Well enough of this nonsense. Lets get started on the column for this week. Oops looks As if we re out of spare. Notice Young Lyric Soprano Holly Maxwell 6708 s. Peoria it. Will he presented in a Benefit concert sunday Jan. 28 at 3 . In Christ methodist Church 6401 s. Sangamon St. Proceeds of the concert will go to the youth Fellowship of the Church. Rev. William Morris is pastor. Overstocked because of weather bargain prices a a / of a a via see Superior Chevrolet 4943 s. Hoisted negro history when Yoo think of plumbing think of w. B. Johnson Ojo plumbing amp heating 407 East 79th St. Faucets repaired sinks and bathtubs nodded also sewers Baths amp kitchens remodeler boilers installed w. it 9 79qn plumbing amp heating 91 Jivu 407 East 79th Street by Judy Blye do you consider yourself informed about the negro race there Are very few a people who have taken such a question into consideration. I feel that by giving you facts about famous negroes this will stimulate your desire to become fully informed about the negro race and what they have contributed to society. This column will Deal with inventions contributions and the artistic world of Many negroes whom you May not be fully acquainted with. Benjamin Banneker 1731-1806 published the first series of almanacs in the United states. He also invented the first clock to strike the hour in this country. Norbert Rillieux of Louisiana invented and patented the first vacuum pan that revolutionized All methods of refining sugar. This invention of Ril Lieux a along with Many More helped to develop Louisiana a sugar Industry. Jan e. Matzeliger invented and patented the first shoe lasting machine. This machine is used in the modern Day production of attaching soles to shoes. Matzeliger a invention. As you May very Well see. Was Worth the feat. Let s look into the artistic Field we come up with the names of Henry o. Tanner and Meta Warrick Fuller. Henry o. Tanner one of the Best known negro painters won great esteem at inter nation miss Holle Maxwell Young Lyric Soprano will be presented in a Benefit concert. Sunday Jan. 28 at 3 . In the Christ methodist Church. 6401 s. Sangamon St. Well known in Chicago for the a Golden Quot Quality of her voice Hollee received an Early Start in music when at the age of 4 years she was a student of piano and later progressing to voice at the age of 9. At 7 years of age she made her television debut on the Connie Baxters a hour of talented tots Quot having already graduated from the re j a modelling school in Chicago. The talented Singer and pianist has appeared in several music competitions and is the recipient of several certificates of Merit she recently appeared As soloist in the Chicago Northern District association s convention and the 1961 Illinois state fair. Now a in year old Junior at Parker High school. 6800 s. Stewart ave., Holle is studying at the Chicago musical College of Roosevelt University with Hopes of becoming an operatic Star. She is the daughter of mrs. Eula Maxwell 6708 s. Peoria ave., president of the Parker High a to. Miss Maxwell s concert sunday will include selections by Pergolesi Don Andy Rodgers and Hammerstein. Victor Herbert and Puccini so turn Beldi Quot from Madame Butterfly also negro spirituals. Her accompanist will be Wayne Sanders of the Chicago musical College of Roosevelt University. Proceeds of the concert will go to the Christ methodist Church youth Fellowship. The Rev. William Morris is pastor. Comment Corner this weeks question what do you think of teenage marriages a in my opinion. I think teenage marriages Are Fine if they can afford Leona Reed St. Thomas apostle a a i think along the basis that Leona does. But always Stop and ask yourself a what does he have to offer or will he be Able to make ends meet a Lajean Johnson St. Thomas apostle a a at this Point i Hadnot Given the subject much thought. But in Many cited examples these marriages tend to and end More in broken Homes and divorce. These marriages i heartily condemn. In Many cases teenagers were forced or have hurried into marriage without Ipuche thought or jams Mann St. Thomas apostle a a a a for the average teenagers no because they Aren t ready to accept the responsibilities of marriage and they Don t want to be tied Down with a lot of children. There Are however a few exceptions who Are mature enough to realize that marriage is serious Avise Tomlin 9123 e. Burnside ave. A no teenagers Are too immature to take on the responsibility which marriage Calls Carol Randall 9312 s. Vernon ave. Painting. A the resurrection of Lazarus Quot was bought by the French government so that it could be exhibited in the Luxembourg museum in Paris. Meta Warrick Fuller became one of the most important negro sculptors. Her work received artistic acclaim from Auguste Rodin a famous French a1 expositions. His most famous critic. A no because Many teens who feel they Are mature enough for marriage Are not this May Lead to serious complications such As divorce or Cynthia Thomas 843 w. Marquette fresh be Yeeee that it dedicated to those that now carry the name which literally drips with insignificance it is the Hope and intention of the author that this article will inform you a bit so you wont be quite so lost on your first Day in High school. First of All remember that being a Preshie is really nothing to be ashamed of but if it happens you Are the first thing for you to do is to get rid of your Street garb. Nothing spots Preshie faster than the wearing of Coats boots in the Middle of the Day. In Case you got the wrong idea i done to mean that you Wear these things get in touch with someone that has been there a while and get in their locker until you can get one. Since we Are talking about clothes i suggest that on second thought it would take much too Long to Tell you How to dress but the following list should help. Its a a what not to Wear Quot list or maybe a what to leave at Grade school Quot is More appropriate. 1. Red Vest boys 2. Bobby sox the rolled Down kind. Ugh 3. Khakis 4. Earrings especially native style 5. Suspenders 6. Loud lipstick and Fingernail polish 7. Rough dry shirts 8. Over blouses that Are made to go in 9. Gym shoes As substitutes for Street shoes boys get the idea As a Rule preshies Are the easiest to swindle. That is they Are of a very naive and Gullible nature. So for your Benefit there is no such thing As an elevator pass a lunch ticket. Superiority in the lunch line used Street car cards going in the wrong door Preshie Protection fees. A ready locker with a lock already on it. I must stress however that everything brought to your attention is not crooked. There Are Many organizations you can join. And you Are advised to do so immediately. The faster you can get your service credit the faster you can get a big school letter. The Only organizations you cannot join Are Honor society 1a-4akey club 2b-4aathletics 1a-4awith the exception of the swim and wrestling teams. Also Many schools have clubs with the Fol lowing nicknames. Here s what they mean g athletic association teachers of America nurses of America r o t officers training corps i think that just about covers it All. Of course you already know not to run Down the Halls leave your lunch trays on the table come unprepared keep your hat on. Yell to your buddy at the opposite end of the Hall or walk Down the wrong Side of the Hall. Now the last thing i must say is do your Homework every night week ends too. By the Way. Then All that s left to do is wait for your first course Book. That s Jour report card kiddies see you monday. Preshies Hurrah the semesters finally ended but where did we end up right Hack where we started worrying about How Well impress our teachers Etc., Etc. Proms and graduations Are now things of the past. Speaking of the past lets try to recall some of those just past records. How could anyone Ever forget the a marvelled Quot please or. Postman or the flip Side so Long baby. Ray Charles had a Good thing in his hit the Road Jack but it could never equal his what i say. Who a Loving you by the miracles will always be one of my favourites. Their album i we re the miracles was what was happening. It seems that that mixed up. Hip breaking dance called the twist will never go out of style. It really is different and everyone goes for something different remember the Watusi. Although this record is a Little More conservative it has sold millions. It s Ferrante and Teichert a exodus. You can hear exodus and themes to other movies in their album the worlds greatest themes. The platters album called remember when has such oldies As smoke gets in your eyes prisoner of love my Blue heaven. I can to leave out Johnny Mathis with his heavenly album called heavenly. Songs included Are hello Young lovers More than you know. Amp Moonlight be comes you. As someone so cleverly phrased it Good Bye if you Are a teen organization club or individual and have ideas for the Page feel free to notify any of the Bulle teen reporters at the bulletin office 439 e. 71st St., or Call St 3-1040. Thank you doors open 6 pm opening Nite ii please Don t buy a Quot gimmicks one that could Cost your life one that could cause you and your family a a lifetime of misfortune. Take advantage of a rare Opportunity get a real buy from your tire Mani no hidden charges no misrepresented merchandise. Budget terms wheel be Safe be sure be satisfied balancing on Standard Brand tires and America s most celebrated custom built Vogue Tyre wheel alignment checked free come in or Call Vogue rubber co. 193s s. Indiana ask. Chicago i phone Calumet 5-2060 your Salesman res Stewart 32503 Armour Carter 09 live poultry dressed free to order Grade a $4 farm fresh eggs o do it i live stewing hens. -29l live fryers 35fb is your child a poor Reader the Advance Reading clinic can and will raise Reading and arithmetic Grade Levels grades 1-8 and Early High school accepted saturday school classes at 809 e. 42nd place Board of education teachers tuition very Low Tima payments Small classes 8-10 pupils per teacher from of Low grades and failure a Call today Tor information a 3-7794 after 5 . Free Reading arithmetic tests Leroy l. Johnson. Director quitting business permit -1414 Public notice Gerald Lebo custom furniture 715 East 79th St. Fresh fish we a so Corry c full line of ducks geese amp turkeys groceries fresh meats amp fresh vegetables hours Dally 8 30 until 7 . Open sunday until 3 . Closed All Day monday Sabels farm products wholesale amp retail 7223-29 Wentworth ave. A. 3-4161 to rearrange and Mark Down everything in our $197,000.00 Stock of Fine custom furniture Home furnishings Etc after 27 years we Are retiring from business and wanting to liquidate the entire inventory As soon As possible. Regardless of losses. Thereby creating a quitting business i Tallinn Iasi Ohi fat savings Are 4s%-60%-80% Sale starts sunday Jujj r. Look for our big smashing ads in sundays january 28th, economist papers and the Chicago Tribune Quot neighbourhood sections Quot for the biggest bargains Ever seen in prestige custom Home furnishings Etc., starting sunday january 28th, at 9 30 . Gerald Lebo custom furniture 715 East 79th St. Sale starts sunday

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