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Chicago Bulletin (Newspaper) - January 10, 1963, Chicago, Illinois The bulletin thursday january to 1963 Page 3 Tell beating by cops continue from Page i other people that were there the following is the police re officer in the jaw with his fist. Statement Given to Captain Shee Cliffs on him and i did not see to go slow and be careful not to for you to take your gun and they were pushing them around port read to miss Faith Charles Jolindo or. Peter Lindo 1553 w. He by the couple was also read the officer strike him. Hurt the officer. As we a use your authority As a police there was a photographer try assistant editor of the bulletin. Garfield blvd saw the incident to miss Charles by Captain not see the officer strike him. Preached i saw and heard the officer to beat this Man. So Hgt take pictures and they by Captain Lyons watch com and drove to the 7th District Lyons. A i pulled Over to the curb and Man threaten the officer. He other Doodle were making state permit him to take Viand or be Englewood police and reported that a policeman the statements follow my Hubby got out of the car said a take me if you can or rent Sand what a cd one picture like he should. They my Moran a a Quot. A i Quot a driving my sister s and i saw people gathering and word he that. The Man then Man told his wife to Call the were pushing everybody around a at 59th and Loomis Jackson taken to the 7thdistrict?he was Hubb was with in Quot fir dlr so a Quot Quot my Hubby came Back to the Trouc 1ed a Wresller-1 Ponce and at that time and them to get off the was observed driving a truck not hospitalized but going to get an officer standing in the Middle car and said we have to get help 4. Reet and what not. And even which swerved preventing a to x rays. He sustained injuries to of the Street near a South bound for the officer. He then drove. And so when the other police a gentleman there who said he Hee officer to pass him the off his right jaw and truck. The officer then went up the car to the police station 6100 z re was a newspaper Man and had err stopped the truck and re or. And mrs. Peter c. Undo to the Man there and tried to s. Racine ave Quot 7 a Quot Duke he needed he n he not said he was a newspaper Quested Jackson s License. Jack who Smit they witnessed the put Handcuffs on him. Tho Man Peter Lindo Quot As we up a a a the Carnar Iron men i guess they would have appeared drunk end refused arrest of Eddie Jackson re then started fib think with the preached both and Loomis i saw a Quot to the officer i saw them pushed him off hut he said that hts License. A struggle ensued fused to make statements to the officer. The Man struck the offi an officer standing in the Street. Omer. There was other people there and Jackson struck the police bulletin. Saturday night. But a cer when he tried to put hand i told my wife who was driving who wanted to witness this Reward i came they did t ask no questions they came up and grabbed the Man and they proceeded beating him. A i could t identify All of them i was so Many of them and this one big one in particular weighed about 2.50 pounds about 6 it. And he just was look like he was going crazy on the Man. A the Man Wasny to resisting them. He was standing up with his arms to his Side. And when the other police came they grabbed him and put him in the squad car and they were beating him As they were putting him in. Then they took him out of the squad and then a Squadron came up they dragged him Over there and threw him in that. Bring the photographer Over and a there was one i done to know 1p a arresting the photog a who he was he had a jacket on Pher j do Quot \ know who a 1 1 Al presume that he must have saw photographer do was been a detective or something. He threw his arms around this big Man and pulled him away from this Man. Quot he did no to have on a uniform. As i recall. He seemed to be in civilian dress. But undoubtedly he must have been known by the police because they did no to eem to bother him. But All the for Safe driving. Save Money wit ii tile new us amp a thing and i was one of them and i gave him my name address and Telephone number because this was outrageous and it was nothing but brutality on the part of the police and i wanted to Register my complaint and i wanted to do what i could to see that these things Are stopped and that the Public done to have to be subject to this kind of treatment by the police. A i saw the police just As i was about to leave i saw them slate Benefit dance for keys a pre Valentine Benefit dance will be sponsored by the committee of the Central Englewood youth service drum and Bugle corps feb. 9 from to to 2 in the Viking Hall 6855 s. Emerald ave. Willie l. Pittman 6530 s. Green. Keys director explained that proceeds from the affair will go towards Purchase and try to take some pictures of this incident but he had been harassed All the while he was there by the officers telling him to get off the Street and to move out and All that and i guess because he was trying to take a picture they arrested him. A i was born and raised Here in this City and never seen nothing like this before in my life. In be seen policemen handle people before but i Wasny to on the scene to find out the True facts about it. A this was All senseless. It was no sense in the world for them taking this Man and beating him like this. The Man had been subject to one beating and he was in no position to resist anyone. His thinking faculties in my opinion was gone he had no sense of what to do and he was just at the mercy of these men. Ald. Janie a. Condon of tile 8th Ward will lie oppo de for reelection by Ernie Hank cubs fir baseman. So he bought himself a fielder Glove from Sam Darin sportsmen enter to Block any fast one Ernie might Bat i Way. Bomi area tavern an Englewood tavern appears q a a Exchange blows. The officer said a get me help. I went to the officers car to use his radio but there was no radio in his car. The officer said go to 61st and Racine to the station. I then saw the officers gun fall to the Street in the struggle. A i then ran Back to the car and drove to the police station at 61st and Racine and told some police officers that a police officer needed help at. 60th and Loomis. A i went Back to 601 h and Loomis and other officers had arrived and tried to put the Man in the car. The Man continued to struggle and More officers arrived. They could t put him in the squad car so they put i him in a Wagon which had though there were other witnesses on the scene police did not. Take any other statements. Join in the fun Richard Jones insurance Agency 7905 s. Cottage Grove a 4-3739 photostat service a room lit Ernie Bank. 8139 s. Rhode ave., firn baseman for the c hic ago ult flashes the Hii chill special a a a a for Victory. He filed petition monday morning in by bid to unseat James Condon bib Ward Alderman. Abel Dehaan Dies at 67 and there was no mercy shown. In it. q. H repair of band instruments for by these officers. Of. The Many a to be the target of a series of., r the corps. Face All on the lower part of his ill fated happenings after be. A services for Abel de Haan 67, the group was organized in Mouth and his neck All on the ing bombed Early last Friday 59th. Both Barton try at the 8653 so in ave it founder and 1961 by Pittman and James l. Side he was bleeding and he morning. Tavern said Thuv Hnath the chairman of Chesterfield Sav Mitchell 6522 s. Green St. With was swollen up and everything. The bombing occurred to the Only 12 members. I done to even see How the Man Normal Park liquors 455 w. One a Tel w l i their or ii n relation 8.100 since then the corps has not could talk. His face was a 59th St. At approximately 3 30 my of o age Rove ave., will be Only grown in size but has also mess stacked up an enviable record of accomplishments within a years time. Mrs. Daisy Picquet 6437 s. Sangamon ave. Committee pres ident and mrs. Magnolia win appoint chairman mrs. Bud Brown �., Friday Jan. 4, some 45 Al v now held Friday at 1 30 . From minutes after the establishment j�?o1 Picaro 455 w. 59th St., Beukema funeral Home 10456 Hart closed. A Quot Quot of a a Wner told Quot ice Quot s. Western ave. Burial will he according to police the sex could inc no reason for the _ Plosive of an unknown Type was mysterious bombing. Greenwood cemetery placed at the front door and on dec. 27. 1962, Al 1 35 . Or. De Haan died in Chicago a a. 7229 s. Blew a Hole in the door some 2 he tavern was held up by three osteopathic Hospital yesterday. Field 6753 s. Carpenter St., pro Evans ave. Has been appointed feet wide and shattered a Glass Man u to Sot away with $200, he is survived by his widow Gram chairman express conf chairman of area 620 for the door panel. No one was in the according to police. Edna m. T flu re Dence that area residents will 1963 mothers March of dimes establishment at the time to. According to Walker who was William and a daughter or want to support the youth by to be held tuesday Jan. 29. Bee said. In tavern at the time three Elaine Ohman a heir attendance at the affair j volunteers and zone colonels Clifton Walker. 5852 s. Nor men walked in and announced they report that entertain assisting mrs. Brown Are mrs. Mai a janitor at the 3 Nold up. A ment for the evening will be Robert Vaughn 7715 s. Vernon tavern said he heard the expo t be of them said Quot Don t a supplied by some of the City a ave. Mrs. Bertram White 7310 Sion from his House and looked anyone move. Done to go for a i Well known musicians and other s. Indiana ave and mrs. Phine out 0f his 2nd floor apartment no someone will get Hurt in acts. Tickets for the dance Are Mcgraw. 7518 s. Calumet ave., window but did not see anyone. Vav hiker said. Bulletin want ads pay at Abernathy taxi assn., inc. Lect std amp bonded Drivers As close As your phone meter rates he 7-5400 to 8-9100 Mayfair Academy dont be a Wallflower everybody s dancing the Quot Bosa Nova Quot new ballroom classes being formed a now i free trial lessons to first 50 people who answer this and i Mayfair Academy of Fine arts Chiea Goland s finest 754 e. 76th i 6-8181 $1. Zone colonels. Other workers appointed were ii l cd j x mrs. I. Briggs 7234 s. Indiana Mitsch toll cd 6 tits ave. Mrs. A. Patterson 7129 s. Prairie ave. Mrs. W. Johnson 7321 s. Wabash ave. Mrs. M. Four students at Hirsch High a duo recital featuring Mattie Ferguson 7309 s. Calumet ave. School 7740 s. To give joint concert win fair awards the hold up men then proceeded to line the customers against the Wall and empty the Cash Register according to Walker. Police said film taken from a Ingleside ave camera a the tavern and Han keen dramatist and Ernestine others Are mrs. N. Mahoney is Ere awarded Blue ribbons in bled by the hold up men has Smith Soprano will be Given 7150 s. Vernon ave. Mrs. D. The schools science fair con a Bern sent to the identification a by the Midwest Talent Bureau Baker 7248 s. Langley ave. Ducted Jan. 3 and 4. Section of the police departed culture sunday Jan. 27 at mrs. M. Hardy 7418 s. Rhodes the students and their win ment. 3 30 . In the Buffet Ria room ave mrs. T. Lucas 7229 s. Ning exhibits Are Vincent some to years ago an off of Mccormick place. Evans ave. Jones 1st place Static electrics duty police officer Edward Mattie keen is a Well known also mrs. C. A. Henry 448 e. To Wesley Ward 2nd place Murphy was shot and killed in a dramatic artist having been a 76th St. Mrs. V. Hummer 611 rockets and their guiding ays the tavern by four hold up men. I claimed by critics in Texas e. 76th St. Mrs w. Gray 7845 terns and Leonard Birdsong and who also shot and wounded the w Michigan. Iowa pennsylvanians. St. Lawrence ave. And mrs. William Ware 3rd place elec owner according to officer j. # new7 Jersey new York missis c. Dixon. 7752 a Evans ave. Tronic slide Rule. Noonan of Central homicide. A Sippi. California Tennessee and Illinois. Ernestine Smith dramatic Soprano is a noted performer having appeared in orchestra Hall As soloist with the Chicago symphony orchestra. She is a former member of the Lyric opera co. And is presently soloist of the Mclin opera co. Reservations Are $2.25. Tickets May be acquired from the Bureau at 9004 s. Cottage Grove eve. Huel b. Gwin is manager end producer. Words can to Tell How Good it is. Parker House pure pork sausage buy k Pound today Golden shoes 6844 s. Hoisted St. Children amp women s House slippers. $<00 women s Flats. $97 children s better Grade shoes $<97 women s dress shoes $297 to $497 boots for the whole family $77 amp up mens shoes sizes. $10.00 values for. Limit in $500 shop now we Are open mon., thor., Fri. 9 . To 8 . Tues., wed. 6 sat. 9 . To 6 . Shoes for dress amp casual Wear All sizes but hot in every style i i i i i i i i i i i i new Silver cup enriched flour 5-lb. Bag 39c Silver cup peaches in syrup 4 2>/2 cans 89c american Beauty pork amp Beans giant 40 of. Can 19 country s Best guaranteed fresh Grade a All White Large egos 2 dozen 89c Nabisco cookie Sale stripped Short bread chocolate chips in bag oreo Creme o a Reg. 49c, Only c Maxwell House Coffee 2-lb. Can 99c Oscar Mayer yellow band wieners i la. Pkg. 45c Oscar Mayer yellow band thick sliced Bacon 2-lb. 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