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Chicago Bulletin (Newspaper) - January 9, 1964, Chicago, Illinois Appoint Robichaux committeeman tape talk resolutions time is Here recorded commends taken in the Hilow super Mart at 71st and South Park. Question what resolutions did you make for the new year i i Chatham Avalon Chesterfield Englewood Park Manor Vernon Park West Chesterfield i i Clyde Pittman Tom South Park Quot Ait m attitude six year no 12 j or. Johnson. I resolve not to lose my temper mrs. Jacqueline Vance 6810 s. Not to spend so Calumet ave i much Money have resolved to and to go to con i economize if at session More of All possible. Also ten. In a looking i plat i intend to try to More prosperous son in general. I there a Only one Way to go and better year. The week of january 9, 1964 to january 15, 1964 published at 639 e. 71st St., Stewart 3-1040 10c at Newsstands that a up. Way things Are now both in Chicago and the na-1 Tion it looks a Little muddled. Michael Brown 7004 s. Eber _ Hart Groom to Renee Vance. 6810 s. Calumet he i resolve to Jura Johnj ave. Freshman go to w o r at Parker High everyday. I fur of a sep school i done to f ther resolve to want to make too bring Home my in Many promises paycheck. And hut i will resolve i intend to try we i help my Moth a and save some or More around Money. T a. R. Burton. 6808 s. Prairie mail Carrier i have resolved to try and get a better District on my Job if possible. If this does no to work out then ill have to do the Best with what i have. 1964 can be a better year for Chicago. I Hope to see More Independent political candidates and i have a the House. Ill also try to be More Alert at school. T Barbara Martin 6830 South Park ave. Engaged since i will be married soon i will resolve to be a Good wife. I Promise to stay on a budget and to keep the House neat and clean. I think these Are resolutions i can keep. Seek rezoning on South Park still 3-Way contest in 21 St Ward by Cromwell Gilbert the Long standing question of who is carrying the Banner for the Cook county Central committee of the democratic party in the turbulent 21st Ward was answered this week when the committee unanimously named Joseph Robichaux acting committeeman. The action came monday during a slate making huddle for this years primary and general flee. Tons. A the naming of Robichaux however has failed to put an end to the Power struggle underway in the Ward As the former acting committeeman James Driscoll radio winning 5683 0360 7012 6856 numbers 2289 3895 Check your dec. Receipt now if it Bear one of the above numbers Call St 3-1040 circulation and win a radio free. There will be new numbers each month. Caution do not pay a Carrier unless he gives you a receipt blames mayor for segregation receive decorating donors mayor Richard j. Daley was charged monday with purposely planning segregation in Chicago a schools. The charge came from Rev. Lynward Stevenson spokesman for the Woodlawn organization schools committee during a delegates meeting held at first presbyterian Church. 6400 Kimbark. Stevenson pastor of Bethlehem covenant Church 7300 Maryland exclaimed a tile mayor is making sure that he has enough anti Integrationist. On the Board to maintain segregation in the schools when fever he decides to get rid of Willis a i the charges came As an after math of the recent appointment by the mayor and ratification by i the City Council committee on schools of Cyrus Adams Hall and mrs. Lydon wild from a much objected to a fall White a list of nominees. A these two appointees were politically appointed to appease parents of Bogan school children and citizens who reside Back of the Yards a a Stevenson charged. # Stevenson also fired at a number of negro aldermen in his attack. The aldermen had participated in an open hearing held by the Council committee on dec. Is. He accused sixth Ward Ald. Robert Miller the Only negro i member of the 13-Man committee of a co operating with people who wanted die appointees in by using open High school basketball race the South Section City league basketball race was unfurled yesterday afternoon with three Well i played contests with Host teams emerging victorious. The most thrilling contest of the ripening Day program found Hyde Park High schools indians Down no the invading cardinals of Harper 58 to 55. Outcome was decided after one overtime period. Other league openers found Parker beating Phillips 82 to 62 my Tilden led All the Way in i costing a 70 to 63 decision Over Wood. 1 a prepared list of j a the asked the questions she j answered them. And Miller was1 naively satisfied a Stevenson said. The militant pastor then shifted his attack to another democratic committeeman who attended the committees hearing. Quot Ald. Ralph Metcalfe 3rd Ward displayed no concern Over the problem of segregation Stevenson charged explaining that Metcalfe a Only questions dealt with the a lighted schoolhouse programs rather than with school segregation. # of Ald. Charles Chew 17th War Stevenson said a Chew meant Well however i think he performed Stevenson added the possibility that Chew an outspoken Independent a might do better when the entire City Council votes on the appointees. The minister had nothing but Praise for fifth Ward Independent Ald. Leon m. Despres. He called Despres the a a hero of the meeting. He praised Despress interrogation and said that he could not see How anyone could vote to place the appointees on the Board after Despress questioning. A in the face of All of this Stevenson said the committee voted to accept the appointees and Ald. Miller Wras one of those who voted Stevenson the a n resumed his attack on Miller equipping a what Good is a body without a Man in it a a we who live in this Ward must remember How Miller voted on this Issue and every Issue pertinent to the when asked if his statement was representative of ., he replied a yes. I think it does represent the thinking of the Rumor has it that Rev. Stevenson will soon replace Rev. Arthur m. Brazier As President. Brazier it is said will resign soon to become a Bishop in the Church of god in Christ. Stevenson resides in Parkway Gardeia 6416 s. Parkway. Inners in me Park Manor neighbor Community Council Christmas decoration contest receive trophies for their respective blocks ibis week. Chairman mrs. Mac Slater right7112 s. Prairie ave., presents firs place award in James a. Anderson 7300 s. Rhodes Block. Standing by is third place Winner mrs. Eugenia Ford left7200 s. Calumet Block and second place Winner airs. W Illiam Sims 7300 St. Lawrence Block. Joseph Robichaux threatened to a a sue if Robichaux attempts to operate under the name of the �?o21st Ward regular democratic further Robichaux a two announced challengers for the com Nitte Manshin declared that they would remain in the race despite Park Manor gets new head Ald. Condon denounced by Capac j a a contemptuous and a a Low blow were the phrases used he action of the Central commit inn by atty William cousins in de a a bouncing a letter from 8th Ward Robichaux who resides at Ald. James a. Condon to the 8343 s. Indiana ave., is presently Chatham Avalon Park Community an Illinois state athletic commis Council Stoner. He is also assistant to the., president of Sidney Wanzer amp the communique which was in sons inc answer to the councils plea for Vej bn0wn for his civic and the Alderman a assistance in the youth work in Chicago Over the group s fight against zoning past 25 years Robichaux is the variations and for stricter zoning Mer athletic director of St. . Elizabeth High school and exec a. Heat Ion in Chatham served Tiye direct or of Sheik House it a Only to stir the Wrath of Chatham Community Center residents according to cousins. I he has received special Cita tons from Phi Sigma fraternity the letter read As mows Khe Ca Jolic Lafue of coaches association the Junior chamber ear or. Commerce and the shrivers. I have your letter of dec. 27, for a number of years he has regarding the rezoning of South been an Active member of the Park ave. When first elected to Chicago commission on human this office i established a policy a Las the Catholic interracial. W j Council joint negro Appeal of not submitting any ordinances Lake Meadows Council of for rezoning and to this Date i Catholic men and the Central have not changed my attitude. Amateur athletic Union. A if you or your organization Are j interested in having the Ordi a Robichaux opponents dances rezoned i would suggest Are Fred Coles 9822 s. Union having he necessary ordinances Long time precinct Captain who filed through the City clerk a has Driscoll a backing and Wil Hiam f. Mcgaughey prominent spokesmen for Capac will real estate and insurance broker. I appear before the zoning Boardw a toes at 8044 s. Cottage Dan. 14, to proles an application Grove we Quot has the supp0, of a or a variance to permit the erne Quot Ember n is Ness and c1v1c finn of an apartment building with in res to Waid. 20 units including to efficiency the election will take place on leadership award last dec. 8. # a widower Smith is president of Dan Smith realty builders 705% e. 75th St. His son Dan jr., is a student at Howard University Law school in washing of Iii t Nten nit. Ton. His daughter mrs. Sylvia sweeping Hanges Are in store for members Smith teaches at Brownell ele of the Park Manor neighbors Community Council a to entry school real estate broker takes Helm promises changes i. Ii. Unum ii. Minim text of inaugural address on Page 4 apartments at 8258 s. Vernon ave. The hearing will be at City Hall room 208, at i . April 14. A i understand that Robi Chaux a appointment has not been ratified by the entire Cook county Central committee a Coles stated. A however my position the application for a 44wvvcv after receiving the Gavel three Story Brick 20-unit building does not depend on what the Cen from Stevens Smith promised the in a 34.3 restricted service District trial committee does members his first duty will be Toj was filed by John Gallagher j a i have All of my petitions. A a Strong and unified Council b4-2 zoning does not allow Effi signed. All i have to do is file cording to new president Daniel h. Smith or. In his Ilku Cliency units and a zoning variance them. We Are in this fight to a. s Michigan ave., paid tribute to i Ber of Commerce As Well As vice new clubs. To pc that tend would intr Driscoll Coles Mentor and e of going presi inlay. Finn re Ltd a a a re itch Ala pro chamber s credit he added a i will also re induct Duce a supporting ordinance to i chief supporter was even More a ethic l i nc<7a ii�?�11 Umon those blocks that have seen fit to bring the area under stricter a Adamant. A i cannot understand this service was far beyond the he is a member of the a act join Quot a. ,. For five years also is on the Board he will bring All organized Block is required inaugural address to delegates this week Smith of 7304 of directors of the negro Cham. Clubs into the Council and organize no a sons s Michigan ave., paid tribute to Quot i Ber of Commerce As Well As vice new clubs. Ste Veas. A was you All know for the past four years president Stevens has Given this Council hours of his Call of Stevens received the Chatham Avalon Park a and the Chicago Urban league Community bulletin and attends St. Anselemo Church. Zoning provision. A if we file through the City among the innovations to be in clerks office there is a fee of statute a is a speakers Bureau. $100,�?� cousins added. A men and women Well versed in the affairs goals and Progress of this Council will be available when reached at his offices this Deal. A in the first place i have not resigned As has been reported. Neither the mayor nor the Central committee told me that Robichaux was to get the Driscoll who was in the Hospital to speak to Block clubs social by toe by Helm. Condon Laid he recuperating from a recent illness would do everything in his Power. When contacted by the bulletin clubs and churches on the merits and advantages of joining Council a Smith avowed. He this to support the Chatham residents commented further a the appoint in their efforts to rezone South ment of Robichaux is a travesty Park from 79th to 84th streets. And an injustice to the people of Ini Typl a Vimr hic Nunci inn Ondon explained that if he in the Ward us Al. I ill Quot Quot in Traduce the ordinance then he a we have a regular demo outgoing president Mila Stevens right 7215 s. Michigan ave., passes Gavel to Daniel h. Smith 7304 s. Michigan ave., new president of die Park Manor neighbors Community Council. New officer of the organization were installed this week during special ceremonies at the regular meeting. Looking on is new vice president atty. Zedrick Braden jr., left 7331 St. Lawrence ave., and vice president of the Chatham Avalon Park Community Council atty. Herbert Fisher denoting the hours they Are Avail-8343 St. Lawrence Fisher was the installation officer. I continued on Page 3 i i on business relationships within the Community Smith asserted a we must retain return and procure some of the thousands of dollars taken out of our Community daily by other a we demand that Park Manor assume its rightful position As the richest Community on the South Side of he announced that decals will be issued to businesses that lend a financial and literate support to the Council and deserve our financial for the youth of Park Manor Smith proposes a free i employment Bureau. A applicants must live in the a Community and their parents must be Active in their Block club a he said. A boys and girls May Register would be rezoning South Park. A this is their Capac rezoning and they should pay the $100 fee. Cratic party organization in this Ward and have had since the Ward came into existence. The continued on Page 7 Best food buys of the week each week the bulletin publishes the Best food buys at your local food store As advertised in your bulletin Sabels farm products eggs.3 dozen 99c Page 2 wonder foods Georgia s finest frying chickens 19 s whole Page 3 Vito s 5 la. Bag Quaker Corn meal. 19c Page 7

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