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Chicago Bulletin (Newspaper) - January 5, 1967, Chicago, Illinois Jln senator Sneath politics and stuff a Jill Lofb St by Charles Chew or. A Quot my the 75th session of the Illinois general Assembly convened on wednesday in Springfield and i took my seat representing the 29th District As state senator. The state legislature according to Law meets once every two years for a session that runs six months from january through june. Because of the difficulty of running a state the size of Illinois with the Complex problems of a state composed of More than 10,-000,000 persons of All nationalities. It has been proposed that annual sessions be established. The proposal has great Merit. In the next two years Many critical issues will come up some of which cannot possibly be seen at this Point in time but which must be taken care of in Advance and determined by the legislature. His private income from investments and real estate holdings. As i said before sen. Chew will blow the roof off the capital at Charles Chew although the Republican party has traditionally controlled the Senate this session they also control the mouse of represent quite personal in our family. It Alives. The democratic party is la votes Short of the required becomes extra personal when i by Charlet Ellis Gaines i was asked about my this season More than enough views on Viet Nam by one of to pay for his controversial my readers the other Day and Rolls Royce and he can live off the question became quite vivid and realistic a t my family dinner Xmas Day because the son of one Cousin had just returned from Viet Nam whereas the son of an Gaines other Cousin recently arrived in Viet Nam and the son of still another Cousin who just entered College will be draft age next year. So Viet Nam is times erratic spokesman for his people. He May be a flamboyant show off but when the chips Are Down whether in Mississippi or Chicago or Springfield he will stand up and be heard when All others Are is sauce Sagan Hurley Green. Clarence Smith to Cutai tit it. Publisher a. Editor business mar. Harold published every thursday morning at 639 e 71st St. Stewart 3-1040 by the soul town economist inc. Deadlines news noon tuesday Hurd advertising noon tuesday classified 3 . Wednesday a Mem Mumm i opinion expressed by columnists or in by line articles Are not necessarily those held by this newspaper. To maintain editorial standards this newspaper will not accept payment for publishing news items or photographs. Also when a news item or photograph is omitted from an Issue due to space limitations every Effort will be made to publish it in the next Issue unless its news value has substantially decreased. Tho editorial opinion of this newspaper is non sectarian and Independent of any political group. Page 4, thursday january 5, 1967�?the bulletin Springfield if the open housing Lent. And . Bills he plans to next week ill discuss the introduce Are buried in commit St Ward Alderman race and tee. He also will have a Strong the latest turn of events which voice in regards to the credit has left Joe Bertrand knowing abuse Laws now being proposed How the Bride feel when Ghe in by sen. Arrington and the left waiting at the altar while g . Majority. The Groom marries another. In 1967 i predict that sen. Many supporters of Bertrand Charles Chew jr., will be the Are quite incensed by the last Strong loud voice of Chatham minute switch by the St Ward Chesterfield Roseland Heights regular democratic organza Englewood a Etc a on the floor Tion to Des Bland after issuing resolutions invariably this end i hereby resolve to of the state Senate and will be a press release stating that Joe accompany the new year esp continue my efforts to con ii n j r a1 a a a a i m / i i i n 11 a w a a a it a j ii _. A .1 in i _ 11. I a.,. A Alderman report by Robert h. Millar 4hi heard around the world de Bertrand was the candidate of mending Justice and equal pro the Chicago Tribune and Amer number needed to pass legislation Independent of Republican look at my 8 year old son and Section under and by the Law ican. Some insiders say that assistance therefore the democratic members of the legislature hear the pundits talk about a to vill be seeking ways of getting some Republican support for to 15 year War. Democratic sponsored Bills. The realities of the situation indicate the Vietnam War is the that More than Likely some Republican sponsored Bill will get Albatross around pres. John democratic support. Since bipartisan cooperation is necessary if gon it a it Csc the longer it last the functions of government arc to be maintained we need not the More people will have rela be particularly alarmed at the Prospect. The thought that the Tives and friends in the fighting in this dynamic though some Republican majority can ram through any kind of legislation is an j on the death and injured unrealistic because governor Kerner has the Power of veto and just. That is Why we May get a the republicans do not have the necessary two thirds majority Republican president in 1968. Dally those vehemently bouncing overindulgence. For his Black Brethren. I further Bertrand was the Choice of the these Are predict that Many of his sever captains but or. D. Sent word usually Forest critics will end up eating that it was Bland. This caused Crow at his table As he sex even More people in the 8th presses his forgiveness for Ward interested in Good govern those who had such Little Faith ment to Start a a Buzzer for necessary to override his veto. Thus in essence. Democracy with its system of checks and balances will be at work in the state of Illinois during the next six months with your representatives watching carefully to see that nothing goes awry. The areas in which i am deeply concerned As i indicated in my primary Campaign platform Are open occupancy particularly As it concerns the new atomic Energy Plant at Weston and the specific Chicago area in which i reside and represent legislation that will bring about Reform in the existing Laws a the people remember Korea and that the War did no to Stop until we got a Republican president in the White House. It also poses the serious question of Why so Many Young men Are taken off of Good jobs or out of school while ruffians area facilities discussed at pm. District meeting de serve preserve and extend the resources of the sixth Ward. I resolve to do All in my pow live gang activity and seemingly no solution was readily available. Closer scrutiny must re veal that these gangs Are composed of youngsters who my gotten at the first opportune i t y. But sometimes constructive Resolute i o n s Are conceived during this period of reaffirmation. In making my Reso Henry Miller or to bring greater facilities have parents somewhere. Par and services into the commune ent Hood is not merely a Physil to. Cal state but also a Respo Sibili i resolve to make the sixth to. Inadequate housing Over Ward a better Community for crowded schools excessive Una every Man woman and child. Employment and negative soil these resolutions Are my per Cial pressures Are some of Ahtl Sonal commitments and Conse common excuses Given for Thi Quentlyn they involve Only my situation. But the Basic fact re a efforts. However i have a Mains that As parents Thil More encompassing Resolution training and moral develop which will involve you the Citi ment of these children is your of our Community. I responsibility. On the surface still roam the Street to molest relating to credit buying and interest rates a strength peaceful citizens. This is Why two neighbourhoods headed the can reach by crossing the Busy ened fair employment practices commission that will Many pople Are advocating inc docket q the annual . Highway 54. Have the Power to not Only investigate but also to require com draft Tot c y year hearing of the Park District <0mf bad 01 commissioner last or training. Rich Man poor week Man beggar Man thief All should be required to Render service to their country to the Best of their ability. As it now stands the Rich Man the thief and the beggar Man usually get exempted for one reason or an Oliance a fair employment practices act which would reduce the number of persons covered in the act from 50 As it is now to to and an increased budget to allow More than 4 professional persons and 6 clerical to be hired in a commission servicing to million people real estate tax ceiling for Chicago to enable property owner to get some Relief from the constantly escalating tax paid by those who have not fled to the suburbs Home Rule for Chicago so that the City would have the Power to raise the necessary funds for growth and expansion through levying taxes on such items As cigarettes and liquor. A personal income tax which h would cover All workers in the City whether they live in the City or suburbs would go a Long Way toward relieving the excessive burdens on the Only people the City is now in a position to tax the Home owners. Home Rule would also give the City the Power to License such enterprises As those operated by building contractors and used car dealers. These arc the particular areas of my concern As i begin my recreational facilities in pm. And Ada to which children improved recreational facilities for Gresham and Murray Park were asked by Bernie lotions i was More concerned hereby resolve to launch a it would appear that these con with these positive goals. To yearlong Campaign to educate editions arc beyond your control and enlighten you As to your which is possibly True to some rights and responsibilities As extent. But you must ask your citizens. Self what did you do to help. Although i have no desire to your child is not beyond become embroiled in a Contin your control. Where does he Nous controversy such As go who does he know what a which came first the Chicken time docs he come in at night or the i do intend to what Are some of his Active entire democratic ticket in the work on the idea of a a pulling ties do you know or do you by your boots care Are you Active in the pick Bland in eighth continued from Page j the appeals came from the Sheppard 832y�a�?�ngamon and scorning elections. He also yourself up by your boots care Are you Active in Maple Park Home owners As Miles Gillett vice president pledged to a a work with All of the traps. Many will say that you Community do you try to help Socia Tion and the Gresham Murray Park civic association be people of the eighth Ward can to pull on Bootstraps when those organizations and Matitu Murray Park communities. A Gresham to maintain an integrated com you have no shoes. So it May tons which Are working toward speaking for be ures Nam he a i Ltd co Nav he hut inn in a and representing the Maple Park a a t two Tali Unity the High Standard of be but you do have sandals Community Tut Community Council Sheppard education and stride toward therefore let us begin at this youth Opportunity do you sup port the self help institutions or improvement of a Annail Nhun Narrol,___a1_,_ was James Thigpen exe Pieu Lur one reason Urc. 116 fixer non inn loaded for a3rcu w1c Umaru la Wjt a a a Laoc full Ema Loument for All our Neo Point. Port the Selt Neil institutions or other thus the Burden of dying Fadmir the bounded the 8400 0&Quot pie regardless of race Creed or the rights and privileges of a do you deride their efforts Are folic h,.avilv Nunn Tho Noor. N e Morgan for use As a children s color a democratic society also carries you trying to get out of your Ruff play area. Questioned about a Specif responsibilities. Or Are you waiting for someone he said that children present in or Ceram. Bland told a All too often we de to come wild carry you Falls heavily upon the poor working Many a son who is trying to make it by the sweat by 115th, 120th, Ashland and Halsted its. He told the Board a a we have of his brow any of la Quot nothing. This is an emergency us the playground at Foster bulletin reporter that his manic the rights and privileges if such is the Case then you Why they cant Send the Park 83rd and Loomis which platform hinged on three vital an j give explanations for our Are part of my Resolution. I gangs intact to do their fighting noting that 2.000 new Homes poses a danger in that a they issues. R c j to i in pfc Mal a Usu us a twin a a a failure to fulfil our obligations want to awaken and educate in the Siree. In n an have been recently constructed a have to walk through a Cauca i year round representation criticisms and complaints Vir you to your responsibilities As a Rai. No 0 t in the area and three fourths of Sian Community to reach the for All residents of the eighth tally fish the air when we Are functioning citizen. Duties in Springfield Ain your representative and As such i am which is made up largely of the residents Are children under Park Ward through the establishment called in action but Little or let us anxious to know the areas of your concern. Please keep in touch teen agers also. The residents Are children under 12, he pressed for additional a with me. Send your letters or comments to senator Charles Chew by the time you read this ditties a a Morgan 117th sodding of the Murray play or. Co Hie bulletin. I Hank von and god bless you old. Charles Chew jr., will and Morgan sts., and Partick ground Park 1743 w. 73rd St., editors note Rose of us who have worked for have been sworn in As sen. Early for a Fieldhose. And replacement of the existing and supported Charles Chew in his Campaign and Charles Chew jr., and picked the nearest fieldhouse for the fieldhouse and defective Redrea election to Phe state Senate Are confident up his full 2 years pay Check for children is at Ada Park 113th tonal facilities. That senator Chew will bring Only additional a a prestige to the new office which he now holds. The senator has expressed his intention to maintain his weekly report to the people of the 29th senatorial District by Way of tue bulletin newspaper. Our want ads get results it pays to advertise patronize our advertisers begin work on new i school a Start toward the new District 14 High school was made last week when the architectural firm of Schmidt Garden and Erikson presented pre l is for motorists on cold Winter mornings pen House sunday january 8, 1967 3 00 til 11 00 . South Shore ballroom 1706-08 East 79th Street introducing Joseph c. Bridges of Bridges amp Bridges real estate for Alderman of the eighth Ward entertainment refreshments stated that he planned to maintain regular office hours and would Institute an a open door policy for everyone. 2 Community planning service in which he would not wait for undesirable situations to arise but he planned to seek out those services which might be needed prior to the controversial Point. 3 an advisory committee which would consist of persons How Many times do you jump a water and electrolyte from All segments of the Ward into your car and hit the Igni should cover Battery plates at this committee would aet in an Tion with hardly a thought As to All times. Your Battery must advisory capacity As Well As luminary plans to the Board of the exact procedure for starting be charged to avoid freezing in seek out issues which might of education for approval. According to the plans the school will accommodate 2,000 pupils in four building units connected by enclosed passageways. Estimates arc that the total Cost would be $5,730,000. Proposed Are a two Story auditorium and arts building a three Story academic building a two Story lunchroom and service building and a two Story physical education building. In addition there will be a swimming Pool by level Library auditorium Little theatre and student lunchroom seating 700. Ward through the establishment called to action but Little or let us move Forward to the Murray group wanted re of a permanent Ward office. He nothing is done. Is this a defend Gether in the sixth Ward to the Sive Man Euver people Are full realization of All that is prone to talk yet rarely does it available to us As citizens in Ai Dawn upon them that this is democracy. Let there be no their Community. Everything dead weight to hinder our Prog-1 cannot be done by one Man or Ress in sixty seven. I am will a dedicated few. Still this Atti ing to work and i am available tude prevails. At any time. Have a Happy the past year saw our prosperous and fruitful new Community plagued by destruct year. Charles Chew Speaks for Montgomery in 21st your car if you Are the average person says the Chicago motor club aaa you never really think about starting your car you just do it. And this is one of the major causes on Zero mornings for not getting started. Two things Are recommended by the motor dub to reduce your no Start mornings proper starting technique and a Little extra Battery care. To Start your car on cold mornings push the Gas pedal All the Way to the floor and release it half Way. Done to grind the starter More than 30 Sec blueprint the cards you hold in the game of life mean Little its the Way you play them that really counts. Cold weather a have your Battery hydrometer tested every 1,000 Miles or every month. A hydrometer will measure the strength of the Battery acid an indicator of the Battery a condition. A corrosion around Battery terminals is a common cause of resistance to the flow of electricity. Use sandpaper to clean Battery terminal posts at least three times a year. A Check the voltage regulator. An overcharged Battery will buckle its cover and the sides will bulge. Your Battery probably is overcharging if you two the of diversity of Chicago 1966 oratorio festival 1967 Rockefeller memorial Chapel 59th Street and Woodlawn Avenue sunday afternoon 3 30 january 29 Verdi a requiem mass Richard Vikstrom director of Chapel music tue Rockefeller Chapel choir with 58 members of the Chicago symphony orchestra Neva Pilgrim Soprano Walter Carringer Tenor tickets soloists Charlotte Brent Mezzo Soprano Henri Noel baritone reserved $4.50, general admission $3.50 us Lac staff $3.00, students $2.50 on Sale at University of Chicago Bookstore Chapel House 5810 Woodlawn Cooley a candles 5210 Harper court Woodworth s Bookstore 1311 e. 57th Street mail orders to oratorio festival 5810 s. Woodlawn Chicago Illinois 60637 please make checks payable to the University of Chicago amp enclose a stamped self addressed envelope. Ones. Make repeated attempts allowing 30 to 45 seconds be have to add More than tween tries. Ounces of water a month. It the engine floods shut a when you take your car for the ignition push the Peda 0 lubrication have the service the floor seam and hold it there Man Dean he Batt Case a minute. Then with the pedal d ,. Still on the floor turn the starter. This procedure allows any excess gasoline to Drain through the manifold. Enough fuel usually remains to give you a proper Start. Corrosion feet the welfare of the Ward. Bland repeated an earlier announcement to donate his first years Aldermani salary to charitable civic and religious organizations. In his second announcement Bland pointed out that he has operated a successful building and realty firm bearing his name at 415 e. 79th St., for the past fifteen years. A native chicagoan Bland attended Wilson or. College Northwestern and Central y. He lists a diversified list of organizational affiliations including a chairman of the Board greater Chatham business and professional assoc., member a act a member Chicago Urban league a a Mason arabic Temple #44 a member Board of directors around the joint negro appeal1member, continued from Page i the forthcoming february 28th election and the fact that Montgomery faces four other candidates in addition to the incumbent in his bid for the 21st Ward seat. Atty. Howard Savage Long time supporter of both Chew and Montgomery stimulated the Assembly with his charge that the 21st Ward needed neither a Uncle Toms nor rabble he also lauded Montgomery As a Man of integrity who earned his living in a highly lucrative Law practice and therefore was free to prac Montgomery backers were particularly enthusiastic about Chews statements in that Chew who was sworn in january 4, in Springfield As senator of the 29th District credited their candidate with playing a vital role in his successful Campaign for the state office. Chew Defeated atty. Russell r. De Bow administrative assistant to mayor Daley in the june primary election. Other Montgomery supporters also made ringing state ments of support. Fred Coles a Long time 21st Ward democratic a pro in the 21st Ward lauded dim Cream a Chew hug forthright state Hee the Independence that he ment in Montgomery a and As his contribution to the Battery hamper its efficiency. Make sure breather holes in Battery cell Caps Are kept Clear. Espouses. A a Man a 9avage charged a that lives a hand to Mouth existence is surely for Sale to the highest Montgomery in his Brief but awesome address spelled out the role of an Independent democratic Alderman. He Chatham Avalon Park Community Council and member Chatham Myca. Bland and his wife Erna live promised his followers that he at 8005 Calumet ave. With their would be a bought a but Only by a slow City driving can weak seven year old daughter Cheryl is constituents who would in a Battery. When stopped in Lynn. The Blands have two oth then a a own him. He further Campaign pledged to carry the entire 21st Ward for Montgomery. Said Coles a the organization is the other political figures who spoke during the course of the evening included senator Richard Newhouse 24th who urged the people in the 21st Ward to support Montgomery because he was the kind of Man needed to represent the people warm your engine at an Idle traffic put the car in Neutral or children both married pledged that he would not be never race a cold engine be and Speed up the engine to keep they Are Leslie n. Blandjr. Controlled by forces outside of i a e i .1-. J i a _ of re i. . "ll.-. Att a. I unit cause rapid action of internal the Battery from discharging parts before lubricants Are this is particularly important flowing freely will Wear parts in cold months because much of loverly. A motorists driving is done for maximum Battery Effi with lights Windshield wipers Cliency. The motor club suggests defroster radio and Heater a Check list working. And mrs. Rosayln Curry both of Chicago. The Community which he described As a residential Island. Englewood service Center now open mon., thur., Friday 9 30-9 00 tues., wed. 9 30-8 00 sat. 9 30-5 30 considered for principal Post candidate for the assistant principalship of Stagg Elemen Ary school 74th and Morgan Street is Dorothy Kelly a atty. Leo Holt Independent democratic candidate for Al Chew in summing up his Derman in the 6th Ward and a pledge of support reminded the former Law partner of Mont group that a no matter what Gomery echoed Newhouse As you head about me or read in he urged support for candidates the daily papers my Only offi who could be responsive to the Cial words Are those to be communities which elected published each week in the them. A a bulletin newspaper. Hostesses for the open House a a see the senator Speaks Page were mesdames Ruth Alexis 4. A he also praised Montgom Saundra Bishop Emma Jean Sears a h Ani. O automotive special front end alignment 795 teacher at the school. Her appointment to the Post was taken Ery As a totally qualified and Edwards mrs. Emily Newsom under consideration at wed nos capable Man who could and mrs. Van Jones Katherine lad Days meeting of the Board of give voice to the needs of All of Ner Maggie Coles mrs. Pau education. The 21st Ward residents. Line Porter also mrs. Shirley Doty mrs. Georgia Bennett mrs. Letha Robinson mrs. Lucille Howery mrs. Theresa Johnson Edith Eaton mrs. Elsie Smith mrs. Ruth Savage mrs. Olga Johnson mrs. Fren Chie Jones mrs. Elizabeth Cochran and Many others. Sear Low Low Price most can have your car seam serviced Frk Yon shop a charge or toe in and to oni id in in my Parle it needed extra coff to 3-4600 for on appointment free whee alignment Check to Money Down in revolving charge a re of Sears Englewood 718 w. 64th St. To 3-4600 perfection in fit. Fines in fashion. Be sure you re properly attired for the occasion get the Best for less american Tuxedo rental co. 6544 South Halsted St. Phone 874-4181 monday thru saturday to a m.-8 . Lester Scales manager a la Rue Davenport an t manager win Cash pay your bulletin news boy get your sweepstakes receipt. No obligation see Page i for details

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