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Chicago Bulletin (Newspaper) - February 23, 1961, Chicago, Illinois A a Quot a a or it a a Fri $ i. A it w 9 a Abl or 200 at brotherhood meet 1 �8 More than two Hundred Chatham residents attended the Chatham Avalon Park Community Council brotherhood kick off program last sunday after noon at St. Marks Church 3441 s. St. Lawrence ave. Presented in co operation with the National conference of christians and jews the program included talks by or. Robert or. Morris chief of staff at provident Hospital w. T. Cobb Deputy director of the Chicago Urban league and Aid. Leon Despres Foj Juth. Or. Morris one of ten will known physicians seeking to gain widespread staff appoint ments for negro doctors in Chicago hospitals pointed out that the non White population of Chicago has one half bed per thou Sand patients. He revealed that fifty six local hospitals had turned Down 206 negro doctors 45 of whom had passed their specially Board exams in conclusion he stated that the negro population is steadily in creasing yet the number of hos pit i Beds for negroes Arp decreasing. And the younger negro is not readily drawn to the Field of Medicine. Ted Cobb staged a verbal attack on unfair employment practices throughout the nation he,1 charged that ten percent of unemployed individuals in chicago1 were negroes while seven per cent of the nation s unemployed is non White also. Further depicting the severe Ness of the a growing dilemma he explained that already 52 percent of negroes unemployed in Chicago have exhausted their unemployment compensation. He revealed that the Urban league now is conducting an intensive study on unemployment of negroes during the current crisis which will be available within a Short period. Aid. Leon Despres supporter of open occupancy emphasized the necessity of de segried hous ing legislation. He stated that the term realtor in Chicago As applied to Block Basting and other unethical practices describes a White real estate Man who has the real state Board and financial institutions behind him a negro real estate Man is not a realtor in this sense since he is denied these facilities Despres emphasized. Despres expressed the belief that the Public is just now emerging from an Era of a Jmc car theism and is willing to sign the a a petition without fear of reprisal he cited Hyde Park Kenwood a Effort to support open occupancy with 13.500 Sig natures or Welton i. Taylor acc president and recent recipient of brotherhood award asked the gathering about an Assembly to explore ways in which Chatham could respond to the Challenge of Freedom of resident opposition on the South Side. His suggestion was met with overwhelm in psf response. Tentative plans already Are underway for an for meeting. The acc brotherhood Congress As headed by mrs. Alma Graham 8011 s. Evans ave or. Julia Parker 8036 s. St Lawrence ave., was to charge of the program and mrs. Bernice Robinson 916 k 84th was guest soloist. Rev. Damon p. Young is minister of St Marks Church. in or cent Avalon Clia Lliam brotherhood meeting were from left Welton Taylor Alderman Leon Despres mrs. Julia Parker. Wesley cob. Mrs. Alina a Raham and or. Robert Morris. $900,000 school for 67-Normal superintendent of schools Willis announced tuesday that be has recommended to the Board of education the acquisition of land and the construction of a major elementary school on w. Marquette re. At 6. Normal blvd. He said the proposal will be submitted to the Board at its meeting Friday. Need of the school is urgent he said due to increased population in the Englewood area Over the past several years. The new school has tentatively been placed on the Agenda for Start of construction As soon As the site is acquired and plans prepared. It will in All probability be a two Story Structure of �?~15 to 20 classrooms with an a auditorium gymnasium and a Large play ground. It will provide accommodations for from 450 to 550 pupils. The Cost of land and building is expected to be in excess of $900,000. Willis also recommended that the Board of education at its meeting Friday award contracts to the Low bidder for Raz ing old buildings and grading the Kershaw elementary school addition on the Northwest Corner of w. 65th St. And s. Lowe ave. The Low bid of $7.300 and Salvage was submitted by the National wrecking co., 9106 s. Collar ave. The two buildings to be razed Are a one and two a torn Brick factory building at 628 w. 65th St. And a one and a half Story Brick factory building with a connecting garage and loading platform at 640 w. 65th St. The two Story Kershaw addition will be of steel Concrete and Brick construction. The land and the building will represent an investment of $1,000,000. Plans Call for the closing of the old Kershaw school with the opening of the new one. The old school was built in the Early 1890s. The land to be acquired for the new school at w. Marquette blvd. And s. Normal blvd. Has a frontage of 296 33 feet on the North Side of Marquette and 250 feet on the West Side of Normal and 311 feet on the South Side of w. 66th i. On the land Are two three store Brick buildings 12 two Story Frame dwellings a two Story Brick House and a store and a half Frame House. The buildings Are 60 to 70 years old. Hire 3laltalia sword Mahalia Jackson 8358 s. Indiana ave., receives sword of Hope Symbol of american cancer Tumi in inti society from Walter Okrongley left chairman of far South Branch of crusade and Charles Khe sold Illinois state chairman for this crusade. Ceremony was in recognition of her expressed desire to support fund drive being conducted through april. Valentines fore i it a . Bid for status Juvante robber in 3 True Bills the South East commission rejected recognition of Wood Lawn s self determination claim last monday night at its regular monthly Board meeting. The Board refused to approve three motions on self determination and equal negotiations Between the two communities put Forward by three temporary Wood Lawn organization representatives att. Theodore Crawley 6510 s. Ingleside ave., father Martin Farrell pastor of holy Cross Church and Rev. Or. Charles Leber co pastor of first presbyterian Church. The resolutions called for recognition of Woodlawn pfc equal status and a open and Public negotiations to Settle differences. Julian Levi South East commission executive director and mrs. Jackson accepts 52ud wedding anniversary gift from husband Thomas in Home recently. Give results of cerebral palsy March final tabulations of the 53 minute March on cerebral palsy held Jan. 15. Was announced by the Community chairmen. The following donations according to Community have been received by United cerebral palsy area 40. Mrs. Frank Wells 6003 s. Calumet ave., $b55. Area 41. Mrs. Edmund Szudy. 5345 s. Blackstone ave., s1.926 area 44, mrs. Walter seals 8613 s. Michigan $3.573. John Sevcik association president said that 25% of the donations will be used for National research into causes and Means of preventing the number one child crippler Sevcik added that the other 75% of the funds received will be retained in this area. These funds will be used for service to cerebral palsied children and adults according to their needs. President Sevcik praised the 40 000 Chicago area volunteers who helped make this year a 53-Mtnuta March a Success. It has been 52 years since or. And mrs. Thomas Jackson 7112 s. Rhodes ave., took marriage vows on St. Valentine s Day in new Orleans. Childhood sweethearts the Jacksons were students together at Talladega College Alabama. Jackson three years older than his wife said he went to new Orleans to seek employment and his Fiancee followed him. They were married in 1909. He is 75 years old while Lacey his wife is 72. They arrived in Chicago More than 40 years ago and have been members of the Pilgrim Baptist Church Ever since coming to this City. Principal spokesman argued a they cannot assert their self determination we will not recognize such a principle he further contended a these resolutions would t do anybody any Good and they Are foreign ,. To our thinking and impossible three grand jury Tiue Jackson is an ardent Church Unczer our f0rm of government worker and has been president _ of the Church choir for inter a tw0�?~ renders countered a paper bag Bandit Paul Green Point out victims during Teltow up in Englewood police station. A hold up Man believed responsible for 20 or More Englewood cleaning store and Delicatessen armed robberies was Bills monday. Paul Green 40, of 6437 s. To Green St., is being held on $40, erupted periods Over a 20 year via a in in thing Eise was too Bond pending the serving of Span. I foreign to the amen can form of subpoenas in the True Bills charging armed robbery. He was captured last week by Englewood detectives who Laid in wait for Green almost at government. They persisted that or. And. Mrs. Jackson have negotiations Cou a on a take. ,. Be Ean place Between equals and that grandchildren and four great-1 f. M ,. Amp otherwise agreements c o u Gran c l Ren. Never be reached. Week it his arrest brought ready r la Tii Levi snapped Back by saying admission of four hold ups. For More than nine years. Jack it Law we make arguments t Ivett president of Bod and need Oul the 7100 Block club. He retired it six years ago from the Pullman that planni"8 for a Quot a Diawn company alter having worked was ent rely government 30 years for that concern. Matter. 4 a under further questioning asked How they spend their l. Conceded that it we m Rei ment years Jackson a i employed by the government in of we just enjoy each other be development of the Hyde and the comforts of Home. 1 to examine teen arsonist family court has ordered psychiatric examination of a 14-year-old admitted arsonist who police charge started 20 Small fire and turned in some 1100 fake fire alarms Here in the past year. A 13 year old accomplice is also being held. Both Are accused of arson and sounding false alarms. Police withheld their names because of the age of the defendants. Police arrested the older youth i a saturday after he was seen neighbors laughing at the scene of a minor garage fire at 7515 s. Dorchester ave. Youth Bureau detective Robert Hayes said the boy implicated the 13 Park Kenwood Urban renewal plan. The Woodlawn delegation replied that the precedent had been set and that Woodlawn had the equal right to plan for itself. St. Lawrence elementary 7140 the commission announced s. Dorchester ave. St. Paul the formation of a Woodlawn lutheran 7621 s. Dorchester Liaison committee to gather ave., and a greek Church at e. Acts wet no pm wer to act j c a t i j or recommend. 74th St. And s. Stony Island eve Arthur m. Brazier of ave., according to authorities a Cial temporary Woodlawn or who tracked the youths since Gamza Tion spokesman immedi the alarms became intense lately branded the new group Hayes said the 14 year old Quot the a yid and cd Tuer. It a m. Mittee and said that the would often Start fire to a refuse can and wait to direct firemen to the Blaze. Continued on Page 2 year old who was seized monday. Hayes said the older boy would Start fires in garbage disposal cans and sound a Street fire Box alarm or do both. Many of the alarms were pulled outside of schools in the grand crossing area. The older teenager a former Pupil at Madison elementary school 7433 s. Dorchester vein of communion women Drivers thirty eight per cent of the a. Uca Nied Drivers in the u s Are Oft a i0undd the alarm women. Martha Johnson of tha school. Have a Aid so Fety Eoa sultans say. I other a Choli Alec Ltd include Earl King of St. Edmunds Church 6105 s. Michigan ave. Has been named chairman of the 29th annual Washington birthday corporate communion services sponsored by the episcopal churches of Chicago. Slated for feb. 25, the service will be held in the Cathedral of St. James Wabash and Huron streets. The Rev Canon Theodore o. Wedel. Retired Warden of the College of preacher and Canon of the Washington do Cathedral. Will speak at a breakfast to be held in the furniture j club after the service. J Bishop Gerald Francies Bur Rill will officiate at the holy communion carriers collecting this week this week your Carrier boy will make his final Call to collect the 25c subscription fee for the month of february. Please pay your Carrier when he Calls to collect and ask him for your subscription receipt. The february subscription receipt is Worth 25c when applied toward the Cost of a want and to place your want and dial St 3-1040 and ask for an and taker. Green was captured in a tavern by detectives William Benecki James Mcgovern and Richard Attreau who Learned he was known to frequent the place. The detectives said Green robbing cleaning and Small food stores since january had a definite pattern of operation which eventually led to his arrest. One of these traits caused his nickname a the paper bag Green always produced a paper sack into which he told victims to shove the loot. Green also victimized cleaning stores situated on Corners within a four Square Block area in Englewood. Detectives used maps to pinpoint where he would most Likely strike next then assigned men to hide in these shops awaiting his possible arrival. Meanwhile Benecki Attreau and Mcgovern questioned hundreds of area residents if they had seen a Man of that description. They were directed to the tavern. When captured Green was placed in a show up attended by store victims from throughout the Englewood Gresham and Chicago Lawn police districts. There he was a identified by 20 victims and pointed out others he recalled. Detectives Benecki Attreau and Mcgovern show map lifted in Green s 2nd from right capture. Southtown Myca hits fund goal dinner will Aid Little league Park Manor Little league auxiliary is Selling dinners this coming saturday at 11 a m. At the Home of or. And mrs. Simon Burrell 7520 s. Evans ave. Funds from the dinner will Aid the leagues new youth program. Mrs c. L. Ivy m20 s Calumet Aveis president. Dinner chairman u Fri 8 Burrell Southtown department of the Myca 6545 s. Union ave., achieved its goal of $19,000 feb. 13, climaxing a 10-Day Campaign to subsidize its youth program. More than 100 Volunteer Campaign workers attended a Victory dinner held in the y private dining rooms. Leak of 1006 w. 59th St., led All divisions with 127 per cent of his quota. James w. Fry 9101 s. West Ern ave another division Leader reported 113 per cent. Tonyka per 10152 s. Artesian ave., was High individual with $920. Ills division reported 107 per cent of its quota Walter a. Mcpherson �o545 s Union ave., reported 106 per cent Quola Lor his division and Lee Bonnstetter 5010 s. Lawn Dale ave., had 104 per cent quota for the women a division mrs. Robbie Goolsby 6420 s Parnell ave., working in the leak division was High individual woman worker with $720 Robert Halter 6637 s. Hal a sted St., had the largest number of contributions 40. William Doyle 6003 s. May St., was second with 39� the Southtown y will hold its 35th annual meeting next wednesday at 6 30 . E. Ezra Ellis vice president of the Southern California a school of theology will be the speaker. This week s but food buys of advertised in today s bulletin wonder foods pack m6i 1200 i 41�t St. A 1 in. Swifts Premium been Only if with $3.09 Purchase or Mere. Sabers farm products paid 7 7223-21 want Wert at. �o99�3 do. Vito s pm Uhi Over 40 trim Sadhus $1.00 boy Valutis Perth bust food buys read the food ads of taday s bulletin . To hold blight meetings the sub committee on cleanup week of the Englewood com Mittee for Community action will meet sunday from 4 to 5 30 . In the Emerald Avenue presbyterian Church w. Marquette re and s. Emerald ave the sub committee la sponsored by the planning and conservation commission it of the Ecca. It will form rules for a cleanup contest outline a general clean up program including City cooperation and plan for a float representing Englewood in the cleanup Parade scheduled april f2. The Ecca welfare commission will meet monday at a . In the Church. A report will be made on meetings with the Board of health and welfare Council advisory committee furthering a request for an Englewood health Center. An analysis will be made of Englewood police District problems recommendations will be made to the executive Board for a policy statement or to present legislation on open occupancy and fair employment practices. The membership commission of Ecca will meet next tuesday from 8 to 9 . In the Ecca office 725 w. 64th St. Final plans will be made on staff instructions on How to proceed with the membership drive which will have its lock off at the general membership 1 meeting april 4 in St. Stephen $ Parish Hall. The goal is to double torsk Vear results of 1,040 individuals and 112 organization member a top _

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