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Chicago Bulletin (Newspaper) - February 22, 1962, Chicago, Illinois Page 4the bulletin thursday. February 22. 1962 the wonder additive that keep nozzles and screens clean and helps prevent tank rust. A a quo Quot a w -.vss.-&Quot. Boulevard 8-3qd0 a v. T established 1931 Kle Enite open hop Vitu v the Bulle teen negro history it Armill opening last Friday in the Nonman athletic flub 6922 s. W in in Orth ave., nit i guest speaker senator William e. King. Others on the program included rep. William la. Robinson Ami rep. J. Horace Gardner. Members of the Republican organization in Joving the program Art i cont con i rom loll mrs. Marc Wilkerson w Ard commit Leenoma Dudley s. Martin. Sr., w aril committeeman Dudley s. Marlin. Jr., son mrs. Gertrude Jones Ward organizer Lur women Ami David Alexander executive committee Memler. Others Are from left mrs. Mae Redmond mrs. Elsie Horton mrs. Benjamin Brooks mrs. Betty servant mrs. Shirley Howard mrs. Yvonne Lovelady Eddie Jones precinct Captain 57 and mrs. Lac steal Sheik. Negroes gain race Pride for by Judy Blye the past one Hundred critically speaking turmoil at Dunbar by Bill Henderson give from your heart on sunday sunday feb. 25 has been proclaimed As a heart sunday Quot when the annual drive for heart contributions will be climaxed. Spearheading the heart fund open sundays Corvette 12 noon a til 6 . Superior Chevrolet 6943 s. Hoisted a 4-7200 one Price eyeglasses a free Eye examination a urge Frame selection a Cash or credit a a a a it i bifocals extra or. J. Ogulnick . Arrow Jowo loft amp opticians 806 e. 63rd St. F a no 7-8006 Campaign in the Woodlawn area is mrs. Ruth Cummings 6530 s. Kimbark ave., chairman of the drive for the second year. Assisting As co chairman is mrs. Lampkins 6512 s. Woodlawn ave. Area chairmen Are c. Levinson. Manson drugs 6300 s. Stony Island ave. J. Mitchell Mitchells pharmacy 1233 e 63rd St. And state re up. Charleszo is. F. Armstrong of the 22nd District. I mrs. Cummings thanks All area chairmen captains and volunteers for their cooperation and Hopes that with such an industrious team a heart sunday Quot will be a huge Success. Years in the development of the negro. I am led to believe that Pride in our race has soared to a new High. The fighting for our natural rights has Given us a better View of what the negro really stands for. A person willing to love and give All his contributions to the name of America these contributions come from first class american patriotic citizens not the second class As some people wish to Label them. It would be a wonderful step indeed for the National government to pass a Bill that negro history should be taught in All state authorized schools. Maybe an Issue such As this can be handled by each of the fifty individual state governments or the state school boards. An Advance in education would Mark a 20th Century Advance and a cultural Advance for generations to come. Negro history should be taught in grammar schools secondly offered in High school As part of american history and thirdly in All colleges which would adopt such a course. If we Are to stay in step with the a space age a our Steps must be giant ones. The world should know More about such negroes As Marian Anderson first negro to sing a Lead role in the metropolitan opera Mary Mcleod Bethune one of fifty leading women of America founded Bethune Cookman College and the National Council of negro women. George Washington Carver who made use of the native products of the South to Start new industries never developed before. Or. Percy Julian organic chemist. Who performed extensive studies with the discovery of the drug these Are no second class Citi private French lessons children and adult classes for information Calli mrs. Aline Mercier Mosley 8441 s. Calumet he 3-4030 flip Side of record Well i the canopy lounge and i Barb a House i 605-07 East 87th St. Is now open for your convenience Barb a ribs Chicken in the bpm shrimp 0 Barb a sandwiches a Complete line of liquor wines Beer your Host Chuck Brooks Luster Woodson f doing by Anne Coggs this has really been one swinging week. There were parties galore and everyone had a Mello time. There were rally some Mello jams being played to liven up these parties. The most frequently played record at most of these jams was the flip Side of please or postman. So Long baby. Every once and a while the familiar tune of lady would find its Way among the record pile to into a swinging we deliver phone he 7-0353 a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a put everyone mood. The tokens Are Back with an even odder sounding record than be Tore called Waulina and they Are really laying in with it. Bruce Schadell has really got something in hey baby. Done to you agree another Tough record that is something else is what s so Good about Good Bye by the miracles they Are really out of sight. It seems that everyone has got o get in on the twist and the Darve lets Are no exceptions Villi their twist or. Postman. For something but Dif Erent the Dvells have brought Jack the mashed potatoes. It Las All of the Philly teens swing a. It s a lot of fun and easy to to. Hint hint so until next week As miss superfine would say on tuesday of last week a group of students became fed up with the cold food they were being served and the generally poor service they were receiving in the cafeteria at Dunbar voc. H. S. They went to the principal Joseph j. Dixon to Lodge their complaints. Or. Dixon agreed to a meeting with the lunchroom supervisor mrs. Abbott to Iron out the problem. The meeting was to take place on thurs Day. The student Felt there was def Intel something missing in the cafeteria at Dunbar and they were tired of being subjected to the rudeness of the waitresses. Also thanks to the thoroughness of one of the guidance Counselor they were not allowed to enter the cafeteria without buying some of the awful food they were being offered. Even though i did not participate in the Boycott i agreed with it. Student Council Neutral the student Council of which in a member did t give its support to this episode. I m inclined to think it was due to the influence of its sponsor. Ifs bad when the head of an organization can influence the members to denounce something that is for the Benefit of the Organiza Tion. Or. Dixon who agreed to i talk with the lunchroom supervisor on thursday of that week probably was unaware of the seriousness of the conditions in the cafeteria. But this is hardly an excuse for the conditions which existed there. The complaints should have been held until the Day of the meeting but they unfortunately weren t. The impatient student did t want to wait the one Day which was agreed on by or. Dixon. Instead they put their Brilliant Heads together and decided to Boycott the lunchroom on wednesday. Well they did and with the backing and support of the majority of the students. I received much criticism for going against the strike stated to those who questioned my actions that problems like this one must be Given time and thought this one was Given neither. T believe wholeheartedly in the principals they did have genuine complaints. But in a completely against their course of action and the Savage Way the students sought to solve their problem. There is definitely something lacking in the cafe Teria at Dunbar the food usually cold the service is extremely slow and the lunch room waitresses should learn a Little common Courtesy. And let s not forget the Counselor whose plan it was to keep out the Stu dents who were not buying lunch. In a sure his intentions were Good. And his plan Wras in tended to operate the lunchroom More smoothly but this plan obviously Wasny to intelligently thought about. What about the students who can to afford lunch every Day for one reason or another. Is he to be made spectacle of by thoughtlessness of a Man who has Money to eat every Day floundering principal Joseph j. Dixon is new As the principal of Dunbar he has made Many mistakes in his handling of this delicate problem one being allowing a plan such As this to be put into operation. He would be advised to Stop plans such As this one which does no to have the Best interest of the students body in mind this in t asking too much. After All this is his Job. I just Hope in the future he does it. Secondly the students were treated with scorn by or. Dixon and i heard him telling a student demonstrator to take a sign off that proclaimed the conditions of the lunchroom. This Little incident is bound to Label or. Dixon of an authoritarian. He also warned one of the editors of the Dunbar news paper and one of the leaders in the student movement that if her name appeared in any newspaper reporting the strike she would be suspended. Or. Joseph Dixon shows signs of being an intelligent individual Quot and in a sure he will be More discreet in his handling of problems As Touchy As this in the near future. Disgusting students i did no to like the Way the students carried themselves in this strike movement they looked and acted like a Bunch of uncouth boors. Half of them did no to know what they were demonstrating against most of them were just waiting for an to rebel against authority. I was startled and ashamed at the behaviour of some of them. Their behaviour was typical of uncivilized people w to never heard of acting like ladies and gentleman they ran around the school with signs dangling from their bodies with misspelled words on them. Improvements like it was originally planned on thursday or. Dixon the lunchroom supervisor the student demonstrators and the student Council met and Satis factory agreements w Ere made we we Ould receive better serv ice. Two new waitresses con firmed this. Students would be allowed in the cafeteria with out having to Purchase food. And w As pleasingly surprised to see the waitresses with made up Miles on their faces. These were the so called improvements that were agreed upon in the meeting. Most of the students probably wont notice them. More of the same the w Hole incident can be summed up As being avoidable and unfortunate. But i do recommend and support student movements. I for one am sick and tired of being treated like something that has to be Toler ated. The students at Dunbar Are kept in the cold weather until a special bus comes for them we Are not allowed to remain in the building after school. Are we some kind of monsters or something that were turned Loose to destroy the world i would like to see More actions like this one. In a sure the same problem exist in other schools and you the student body does no to have to stand for it Lodge your complaint with the principal of your school he will do something if he really has the interest of the students in mind and if he has any plans for advancement like being District superintendent. Principals Are picked for this Post Only when they have shown the ability to operate a school smoothly. Whatever course of action you choose to take by All Means do it the right Way then you won t have somebody like me Down your Back. Friday night was the scene of another a record Hope at the St. Michaels youth Center on 67th amp Halsted. These dances Are Given every Friday night at the Center from 7 toll . Some of those that attended last e e k were de Dominguez. Betty Samuels Willie Ivy and Joyce Lawrence. Admission is free. Taws n views the annual brotherhood Assembly was held at Parker High school last Friday. Janet Sledge senior served As m. C. A few members of the Public speaking department directed by mrs. Maureen Crownover gave recitations that pertained to brotherhood. They were de Lor is Parks. Danny Jones Viola Caldwell Tracy Fowler and Danny Mcloud. Peter Jones Barry Jackson love Ellis James Fitzpatrick and Lasalle Mathews As members of a selected chorus Sang a no Man i an the inspiring Ballad for americans was Sung by the a Cappella choir. The Les Petit Cheries and the Ivy leagues gave a Post Valentine party last Friday night at the Home of Clotilda Kyle. 9430 Prairie. Those that attended include Horace Jones. Janice Garfield Bruce Woods. Nancy Wallace Diana Holland and George Martin. Here and there Dunbar a a strike was held at the school in protest of the unsanitary lunchroom conditions. Parker what s with Willie Ivy once Mellow Ivy leaguer who just turned ouster offer girl scout course in Crerar a girl scout training program is being offered for persons interested in becoming Brownie and intermediate troop leaders it was announced recently. The 7-week course will begin monday feb. 26 and will Bel held on monday evenings from 7 to to . In the Crerar presbyterian Church 81st St. And s. Calumet ave. Mrs. Betty Harwell District advisor of District 16 will direct the free training program. Block club to meet the 71st Vincennes and Perry ave. Block club will hold a special meeting monday feb. 26 at 8 . In the Home of mrs. Wilma Brogden 7135 s. Perry ave., club president. All members Are urged to be present. Gas the amount of Gas chicagoan used in one month this year january was equivalent to one half the total used in the entire year 1947. Fast economical i Crump s cleaners 7855 cottage or. A 4 0872 Barb que i 6453 cottage Grove 421 e. 61 St St. No 7-9706 i the Best in Barb qua ribs chickens rib tips hot links amp polish sausage sea food cat fish shrimps amp Buffalo open daily 12 noon to 4 . Orders to Taki out i sat. A Sun. Till s . Open sundays a holidays live poultry dressed free to order Grade a farm fresh eggs 3 live stewing hens. Live fryers is 09 1 �29 �35 fresh fish we also carry c full line of ducks geese amp turkeys groceries fresh meats amp fresh vegetables hours Dally 8 30 until 7 . Open sunday until 3 . Closed All Day monday Sabels products wholesale amp retail 7223-29 Wentworth ave. A. 3-4161 for a better Deal its always for the Best in Hames automobiles its always those late late shows Yawn of Pardon or Yawn sorry. The trouble with waking up is that i can t. Television is too blame i Hist pass up the , late late late show. There in t a . Late late late show see what i mean about staying awake i must have been dreaming. Pass the Black Coffee i re fuse to say die. This column i must go on come rain Shine sleet Snow or real Good late. Late. Late. Late shows. This boing the safety slogan contest season lets Start off with a couple of nut Roll slogans of at first you Don t succeed. I do try again. You re bound to get a ticket i the second time. A drive safely. The life you save i May owe you Money. Done to make sudden stops. There must be a neater Way to get rid of that backseat Driver. I Well Yawn it looks like it s some tips on How to please her huddle Okay Fellows let s get together on this. In be received so Many complaints on common Courtesy from the Lair ladies of our Community that improve ments must be made to win their hearts. Here Are a few hints 1. When we see the Queen coming remember to hold the door open. With our arms holding the door open to let the princesses in. 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