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Chicago Bulletin (Newspaper) - February 21, 1963, Chicago, Illinois Page 6the bulletin thursday february 21, 1963 we say Down with television commercials i enough is enough and we Are tick up to Here of the commercials that Are pushed on us via the idiot Box. We re sick and tired of being smoke out of our eyes. Just once we would like to see the Youthful learner Affer a lesson in some unimportant we like Gus Savage Bill Henderson editor thursday february 21, 1963 pin up Adreinne sport remark to the old Lead into people s bedrooms and a yes in a still Ming that Greasy Baths. And now the Mere sight kid stuff what business is it of of an undernourished lady yours a i you re doing and i Don t like wrapped up in a Towel sends just once we would like to see a a no it w0lljd seer that Mirror Cloud up before the spraying husband. And hear the wife exclaim Quot i know what teens find a a kick hard to kick editorial a i you better Stop putting those smoke. But who cares a got to above the crowd. Be known As shall we dance if you Don t know How you con Loam in a few minutes with the Mayfair method of modern ballroom instruction heaven. Just once would we like to hear Calvin remark Quot these cookies Are the worst i be had All or Bepher still. You re some kind of a nut or things in your Mouth re-1 have it marked a teacher at Dunbar. Costly you bet. Here is an he was talking to a group of idea of the Cost the hooked ones Feon age smokers. He continued pay annually. No master what i say it in t packs per week Cost yearly a Leader and just not another any Effort to terminate the flow of drop tit it is Follower. Be known for your deserving of stir applause. Gov. Kerner a proposed nil Good common sense. Admiration making it mandatory for teen agers to attend school until is the Only thing we can feel a seventeen is especially so. Going to make you 3$45 90 for the person who strays away the drop out problem Atul indeed it is a problem no indeed words alone will 4 .$61.20 from the crowd when it comes Lias been discussed by greater minds than ours. Many Unm ething. What makes you not hinder one from smoking. 5$76 50 to the Weed. Mich discussions have been fruitful. Some have not. Think Ajax can get out dirt you see a word from the Wise 6$91.80 whether or not this will hinder \ maybe this is one of such. Hut consider even bleach can to Jis not often sufficient. J $107.io anyone from smoking is again statistics show the average juvenile entering High and what about that sawed tobacco Fah to the i kind a 0 w so a neg h a a i a Quot onto him bjl5.001./&Quot"l in,t0 the i5�?T16 a be Gre pm Cali Quot a off fit it Man who repairs Bro it. _. A i but still in the face of All this dictating to him what he must t a just men t s to make. Ken washing machine. Wonder dry a Addi a in of a tsp 0r Itji a not going to cure the do. Well he is deserving of i a or High school do very Little to Lessen this chore. Better still cancerous guts. To App Ono important he Shorf Hifp he wu1 Uve. It it a in fact they make it More difficult. You will he Ever get up the nerve to Tell one of those Dopie House wives a you stupid Dame Why an awful High Price for nothing did you put so Many suds in i Ever thought about How Little those who use it Are paying thing courage courage to standi smoke Man a 4 con learn the Laft St ballroom dances Bossa Nova Cha Cha Mambo plus a Good Basic foundation for All Standard dances. Which will make you the Quot hit Quot of your crowd what do you need to be a Good dancer you just need to a alive and have 2 feet and enrol in the class designed especially for you at. Mayfair Academy of Fine arts 754 e. 76th i 6-8181 the washer.99 if that happens then maybe we will be Lucky enough to see you get from nicotine. After meals it May taste of. But it if you weren to accuse. News amp views that Quot grape growers fall off that get go. Plus Sheila Broadnax o s to Bulle teens Are so Nice. A a horse blasted of course. Speaking of 4,, we done to Trust that a Little old wine maker. Bet he is up to something Down in that cellar All to an entering freshman High school is a cruel unconcerned place. In Quot Short they Are at Best a Needle in the Haystack. At worst confused lonely people. Both conditions create an Ideal atmosphere to drop out of school thus ending a productive life at the age of sixteen. They would however be required to attend continuation school two or three Days a week until they reach nothing kills the taste of a Good a. 1 j meal More thoroughly than a c Are no s \ Flash we have just been in the Legal age of seventeen. But continuation school is cigarette. Our office. She charged that we i Forred that George Danny an affront to any educational system. And of boy that smell what allow Fanon Llsms 10 certain incl a bad taste it leaves in the alone in fact we Wager that a and on the Brea h visual. Jones has been elected vice an educational atmosphere is noticeably lacking. The a a lurks a president of the june graduate curriculum Hedges on Absurdity. To our knowledge very e were o course Concerne eng class. Danny is a Long time Learoy is a student placed Back on the Road toward higher Zaionc. In Iaci. We Wager Wai about this statement because to Friend and we Are Especial la h t t v he is High. That is up to it j. Up serve our Croose. We must us a education after attending these schools. Times of the night. While we re in the dreaming ple the Jie cigarette makers. Circle. Feeding and nourishing serve our purpose we must Happy for him and feel sure he a disease. Those Are smart serve All the Community. We Woji parsers outstanding mood one Day the helpful Moth or whose daughter would Quot rather do it herself is going to feed her a a fist Sandwich. And then Only then will the daughter of the hand showing Mother and daughter team declare Quot of course she s my Mother look at her hands and done to dare save a butt can see elements of truth in record of leadership and sex Sheila a statements. However Wellence. Once air gets inside of it that a we print the news that is Given j it. Your clothes will reek of and sen to us. Rigger and getting bigger in smoke from hence Forth. \ so if you have any news and a few Short months the Bulle cigarette smokers Are usually would like for it to appear on teens have captured the entire jaw Breakers. A got to have it a this Page just let us know and. South Side. And have surpassed is their motto. Even if its on like magic it will appear. Every our rival the younger set with 1 the bus. Even if the other body better write this Down j flying colors. For this we thank a self like of net lives pie can to breathe from the because it Isnit often that the you All. We agree some teens Are forced to quit school in order to work. But we consider the common Good for the common interest. In addition night schools Are available for those who fall in this group. The longer you keep a child in school the More time our teachers and professional Counselor have to reach them. The longer they have to guide inspire and understand them. And maybe Stop them from making the re special lumber values it 2x4-8 it. Economy studs 1x2 firring strips per foot Formica vanities n a close omit sold a limited 9�ontlti�i other models and sizes also at 11� savings Complete with steel lavatory Chrome Frame end Formica top. Loti trim $ $ s $ a Gil it s. 24&Quot vanity not shown a. 3r Verity As shown 48 vanity not shown a a a a a a a a a a a a i95 $5495 $6995 close coupled toilet unit a less seat now Tor a fic Fory guaranteed re a is. Irreg. Yonng town 42"x25&Quot sink amp Cabinet now Only 5 gallon roofing Cement $27s liquid or plastic no one can deny that the absence of these important factors is the main cause for the struggling number of drop outs. As we said gov. Kerner a plan Mav not solve the entire problem. But any step that will curtail 55 juvenile a Day in Chicago from leaving school is Well Worth taking. Dog does in again out again act Rock Wool 16�?� mfr All first Quality Economy insulation �v2&Quot thick or per so. It. Medium insulation 2&Quot thick with aluminium Skevi full i suld Tion 3#/thick per so. A. M Iki a a Vii a i i j of refinished a Groove insulation 7r u -4 panelling per Sheet w a a a or White ceiling a tile a Tongue la Groove now Only each a a a a a a first Quality 4x8 sheets your oho Ico Sierra Walnut. 1 per Lac Cascade Walnut / i Platinum Cherry a a a a a a j Birch 4x7, subs per Sheet. Visit our panelling showroom ?1 largest and to if complot 3-piece first of Liitt coloured bathroom set a first Quality a less trim. As above with 4 door and 2 drawers size 54�?ox25&Quot now Only �54� 5 foot cast Iron Bathtub 12"xl2&Quot recessed ceiling Light ready for installation now Only $595 Chrome or Siresi finish. A Ual it y sliding door closet set h now Only _. My Alary $119.91 \ $74,98 a 5-w. Pore Len enamelled tub. A 2-pc. Toil unit. A i9wir China lavatory. Colossi Green Pink Grey yellow a. ,11 rpm i we la a t no now Only 95 a first Quality fluorescent a Medicine Cabinet a a first Quality a Oss regardless of what the Bulle teens say everybody Isnit doing the dog. That a a dance you know. But when the editor said a we say its sweeping the City and we never lie so find accompanied by two Tom cats they would know bag of Bones and a briefing on How to recognize the animal we set out. The newest dance set to an up beat rhythm we were told was catching on like wild fire. But after a diligent search in Twenty dance Halls six society parties and two All night Ham had All the explosive Power of a wet stick of dynamite dropped in Lake Michigan. The dog is featured at Bud land but we suspect the instructors must be dancing with each other. In our travels we were unable to discover a single Bona fide dog doer. He just Hadnot found the Pooch. But Friend As he is he made one last vain Effort and announced that everybody was to do the dog on the next number. Deciding Fie was All there a few slowly creeper out of the confines of their chairs and bravely ventured out on the floor. It must have been the beat of the music or something by now we were also believing in Miracle because we saw our first Shadow of the dog. After a while a few others sheepishly went through the motions secure in the knowledge that they Burger joints we found the dog would be the first in their neigh boyhood to learn it. But after an of too Short length of time convinced of its Absurdity they slowly slipped Back to the Bird. We were led out in tears. But still the image of the dog lives on in print and on rec foot sore and weary tired Ofle is maybe the latest thing looking for the dog in the crowded teen hop a Glimmer of Hope shone through. Leaving 63rd and cottage Grove behind we headed toward the Loop. By this time our big bad tomcats had turned in their membership papers and were experts on the Bird. We stomped but where we can to help but wonder Why Hasni to it caught on like say the a Hula hoop a so far the Only people who have discovered the dog Are the promoters. And we hear Tell the Guys who made the record Are learning How now for a future regal appearance. Into the music Hall i Here teen agers have also ignored count Basie was wailing. And a such other dances As the cock As we got inside we knew How Roach or was it the Roach the Columbus must have Felt upon mashed potato the Snake a two 2-0x6-8 flush doors one set 4�ft. Sliding door hardware two recessed door pulls 1725 a a it a 111 �19 Tusi stroll Hitchhike Rabbit horse Caterpillar rat and so Forth. If some of those Don t ring a Bell that a alright we were just doing a Little Crystal Ball peeping. So it seems the dog has Only caught on with the dog that a inside information and then we hear Tell its on its Way out. Of own hot a a Yiirs w my a i so a my Chat Aroland since 1925 95th amp South Park 4 blocks East of Dan Ryan expressway showroom How it week Days 7 Toi . Thursdays 7 . To pm saturdays 8 . To 4 . Sundays 10 . To2 pm All phones 785-5125 a Vrh parking Tor for Soo cars x Curtesy lumber 950i f Courtesy plumbing Wjk a All prices p.o., our Wau mouse Cash it Cabry a ask about ask about Crizit sighting land. We were met by manager Murrey Schneiderman a gent who Over the years has developed an uncanny Knack of capitalizing on the latest trends in popular entertainment. Informing him that we were looking for the a dog his face dropped As if we had accused him of calling the dog Catcher or hiding it in the cellar. A tw7# meanwhile about forty couples i Piti a l pm were doing the Bird blissfully to unaware of the j this gave us an excellent of 1 f Liff por Tummy to size up the birders i cd 11 111� 11111 guess that a what you Call them. Anyway the crowd could be roughly divided into two groups. First there were the conformists you know the Type. Not a hair out of place. Not a mile within the beat. Not a Trace of perspiration. Neatly attired the boys wore Blue suite. The girls wore Semi formats. It looked As if Many were proving Early. Then there were the regulars. You All know this is the swinging group but we chose to Call them the wild ones. We were sure they of All people would be hip to the a a Puppy a sorry the dog. Just goes to show you we were ready to Settle for just about anything by then. But not a sign of it did we smell. However they went through their regular stage show. Guess they thought there was a Talent scout in the audience fortunately for them there was t. Then there were the a Lames. We were especially upset with them. You see not Only did no to they care about the dog but a it pretty Prezella Simmons 6326 s. Aberdeen won the Best of show title at the Englewood District talented teen search held at Dunbar High school monday night feb. 11. Miss Simmons a Singer is a senior at Englewood High school and is the 1962 talented teen District Winner. She appeared at Mccormick place during the International Trade fair in the Chica Goland contest sponsored by coca cola bottling company of Chicago. The year miss Simmons will be competing for 19 scholarships and a tour of Europe the Winner will Fly on . To London and then travel by special motor in Europe to visit famous capitals. The show was conducted by chairman William Gilmore of the metropolitan Myca program for detached workers and was emceed by Fletcher Weatherspoon. The teen Queen selected to appear at Mccormick place during the finals of the chicag Uland the Buxin had t even reached i talented tee i search was Nina them. So there they were Twat Jones 6536 s. Eberhart ave. Ing. Imagine that if you will. We spotted old Murrey making it Back looking As if he had lost his Best Friend. But instead any teen who would like to join the talented teen dub should Contact William Gilmore be 6-649

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