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Chicago Bulletin (Newspaper) - February 14, 1963, Chicago, Illinois Page 6the bulletin thursday february 14, 1963 news amp views we re Here baby and this week we Are going to really Lay it on in full. The Beatrice Caffrey youth service let out with their 12th annual Lincoln Day conference. Richards Barb que 4453 cottage Ghovri 421 e. 41s St. No 7-4704 the Best in Barb que ribs chickens rib tips hot links amp polish sausage sea food Catfish shrimps by Buffalo open daily 12 noon to 4 . Orders to Tak i out sat. Amp Sun. Till 5 . Open sundays let holidays Reward for Safe driving. Save Money with the new us amp a Richard Jones insurance Agency 7905 s. Cottage Grove a 4-3739 photostat service a room 209 at the Hamilton hotel on abets birthday tuesday. The organization is dedicated to the youth of our Community and they Are doing a darn Good Job at it. Some of those a heavy area youths that participate d in the a a conf included Marline Scott of Dunbar William Reynold so Dunbar Larry Anderson Phillips Yvonne Harp disable James Jackson. Janice Hollins a Phillips Ronda Davis Roosevelt and our own editor Bill Henderson served As one of the shakers. By Good by Squire Lance or. Lance is giving up his Post As editor of the bulletin. We Are going to miss him a whole lot. I a a Square Squire has been both Jan inspiration and a dear Friend by Adrienne Washington editor of the younger set Page and member of the Tri his organization hey that girl must be somebody lashed out at the Bulle teens in defense of the Washington Park y. Her editorial spawned from Bill Bonners rather pointed Story about the group. She also was very critical of our editor. To quote dear Adrienne we had better a retract or Retreat a that a a bad girl you have there. But for the record we Are going to do neither nor Are we very impressed with her incoherent chit Chat. And further suggest that the Tri his become much More selective on who it allows to act As their representative. Or people will begin to think bad of them. Plus there Are All sorts of people running Loose. By Wescott is really on its Way. Looking Over its new crop of freshmen we see a lot of future scholars. One of those we have particularly noted is Polly Mackmore. Who we bet will be taking the place of Maxine Harvey As Captain of the cheerleaders and member of the Honor society when she leaves in june. Ive Lance Mas talmud f Bill Henderson editor thursday february 14, 1963 pin up Adrienne love in a teenage Jungle regularly to $22.98 regularly to $29.95 regularly to $39.95 sgss1 \ in s088 sjq88 casual dresses Dressy dresses cocktail dresses. Silks wools crepes laces chiffons # brocades others. Sheaths full skirts jacket dresses. Hundreds to choose from. Junior sizes 5 to 15. Missy sizes to to 20. Sale thursday Friday saturday Only a february 14, 15, 16 while quantities last final reductions untrimmed Winter Coats. Formerly sold for $49.95 to $89.95 Zib Elines fur blends chinchillas in Black White and colors. Also tweeds and pile lined zip out Coats. Petite and Missy sizes Hamburgs 6454 so. Halsted St. Hours thurs. La . 9 30 . Fri. Amp sat. 9 30 6 . By Bill Henderson unfortunate and regrettable As it is Englewood is raising a strange Breed of teen Ager. Not distinguishable from the average High schooler because he is the average skating on the common ground of self consciousness. A look into his inner personality will reveal a discontented rebellious juvenile. School is not a Happy place Tor them. They Are not accepted in Many of the activities for the snobs run them All. Their teachers readily give up All Hope on them. There seems to be an Ever present mental Block against education. Most of them accept the deadly premise that Thev can Excel in school when they want to. But this occasion will never come during their High school career. A few of them could actually accelerate in their grades but this would automatically ostracize them in the world of the unenlightened. Many of them will not finish school they know nothing of the real value of education. It has not been taught to them. Neither has Good study habits. Their vocabulary hinges on the Brink of idiocy. But they Don t realize this and he who dares to attempt to draw them out of this unproductive stage naturally thinks he is Superior and is promptly labelled a reformer or worst. Those who manage to slip All the Way through school will i know nothing of culture. Art appreciation or even life itself. I but they will be called educated. They will live in the same Small world they existed in during their teen years. And in turn retain the same Buncom Mittabel attitude their parents exist by. Society is gaining very Little. Their parents Are made out of a most unusual pattern. They love their children and do All for their welfare and happiness. They really want the Best for them. But it ends there As an unfulfilled dream. The value of education is repeated daily in their Homes the i ways to achieve this end is forgotten. Study periods Are virtually unheard of. Restrictions on television Are ridiculous. These parents done to know their children. But they Hope and Pray they will become useful human beings. They wont if the Job is left up to Hope. These future adults Are waging a desperate struggle to find themselves. Forever looking forever wanting and needing to belong. Sadly enough Many of them in these efforts believe drinking smoking and sex is the answer. It is hut Only for a life of immorality and decay. But Drifting Back to the Haven we visited last week we find the girls have made their daily appearance. We know them to be Nice girls from Good families. But they Are Young and passionate. Somewhere in the mass of boys they May have a Boyfriend. The other Fellows just grab anyone willing to do the things that will go on. Most of them Are willing. Slow Moody records will dominate the rest of the evening As it has before. The couples Are beginning to pair off. Each seeking a convenient Corner or chair. From Here on there will be heavy petting necking and grinning. The latter being a most unusual act. Both of the boys arms Are artfully placed around the girl. Held closely against him along with excessive movement of the lower part of the body they Are often led away by their emotions. For hours their passions will hold them like this until one or two no longer in control will move Over to a Couch. Here and else where in the room the same act is being carried out Only on a More dangerous base. The urge for illicit relationships has been skilfully nourished. Somewhere somehow that urge will develop into a horrible Nightmare. Sooner or later curfew will Roll around. This is the sign to Start dispersing. Ironically most of them adhere to this Law. Their parents Are firm about this. You see they done to want their innocent children to get into any trouble. The room is empty now the lights Are turned on the smoke is beginning to Weed its Way out of the opened windows. Cigarette Butts carpet the floor ashes decorate the tables. The kid1 who lives Here is Busy picking up and expertly hiding All incriminating evidences. In a few moments the room will be ready for another night and another threat to our Christian doctrine. It has not been my intentions in this series to portray these youths As Angels. They Are far far from that. Neither have i tried to show them As hardened juveniles. This too is erroneous. Instead they Are prob Lemed searching kids who need the help and understanding of our adults. Adults who walk around in a Daze of ignorance when it comes to knowing the habits of their children. They just can to imagine their kids would drink or get involved in prolonged petting. They taught them better. They know the Type of characters they can get involved with. But they never Stop to think that their own children May be that Type. There is indeed a Bleak future ahead for these youth unless society answers their loud cry for real understanding and guidance. For each and every time they become intoxicated get involved in immoral acts and each and every time their teachers can not explain to them Why they must learn algebra their names get closer to the top of the drop out list. It is our Hope that each and every adult each and every Parent search deep Down inside of themselves and see if they Are really doing Justice to our teen agers and training them in the Way they should go. The future of the negro people is hanging on that search. A accept t h v responsibility parents to thine own and be firm with it. Right As the a old testament i people Are heal funny for years Art Linkletter has been trying to prove people Are funny. We knew this All the time. You can Call a girl a Kitten but never a cat. You May Call a girl a mouse but definitely not a rat Washington Park Myca anyone. You can Call a girl As a term of i endearment a Duck but you Sim ply must avoid a Goose. You can Greet her in the morning with a cheery my dear you certainly Are a vision but please of please never say a my dear you certainly Are a but the boys Are just As Peculiar. They say the main difference Between Man and beast is Many a brains but there the difference ends because Man is lion hearted Chicken slivered Pigeon toed Busy As a Bee. Sly As a Fox. Blind As a Bat gentle As a Lamb drunk As a Hoot owl stubborn As a mule i Strong As an of vain As a Peacock Happy As a Lark or Crayas a Loon a All depending on your particular Point of View. Elected member Bernard j. Of Connor 76.51 s. Sangamon St., was elected As a member of the Chicago press veterans association now in its 25th year at a recent Board of directors meeting William a. Dasho Sec Escary treasurer announced recently. Editorial the Bulle teens Are usually sympathetic to those who obviously Lack mental stability. But we cannot Grant one Iota of compassion to those who would dare resort to threats and physical violence to subvert others. We Are forced to take this regrettable position by the insults that have been heaved on us and the attack in school on one of our most promising students. During the past months we have deemed it necessary to spotlight teen behaviour we Felt endangered the image of the average teen Ager. We usually try to be As tactful As possible about such matters. But in fulfilling this duty we have created some enemies both teen agers and adults. We always try to avoid passing the Buck but in these two matters the High schools must stand accountable. It is our belief that it is the duty of the schools to effectively teach students the principles on which this country was built. And we might add that Freedom of the press is one of the main tendons in the make up of that Structure. Also we believe it is the function of the school to Deal firmly and decisively with those who dare to inflict bodily harm on others. This is the Case that drains our immediate interest. We were a witness to this affront which occurred in one of our More fashionable vocational High schools. And we confirmed the attack As completely unprovoked and unjustified. But yet the assault went unpunished thanks to the whims of an assistant principal. It must be known by All that our civilization will recede into a stage of barbarism if we have to counteract violence with violence instead of through the proper procedures of the schools and Law. This school has indeed struck a deadly and grave blow to this Ideal. We have not and will not yield until this Case is seriously reconsidered. Even if it entails naming the school and the official. Even if it entails our suspension. And we have Good reason to believe that it might. But this is an extremely serious matter you May find and we readily accept our duty to fight situations of this sort with what Ever Force we have. Let it be known that the Bulle teens will not tolerate harassment nor will we accept threats lightly. And whoever it May he we Are prepared to stand fast in our position against their reprisals. Junior High club sister soul aretha Franklin Twenty years old charming i Blessing but sent her big Broth smiled candidly and said the it wonderful personality and a or along with her to watch Over Are great people the Way they darn Good voice Are just a very her. 1 Are going now and if they con few of the qualities the divine a the singing profession i it Tine which i am sure they will aretha Franklin possesses. Wide aretha said and the they will be of much credit o Wail opportunities Are unlimited for All Man ind. ,.k my a Eck a atre. I any person who is ambitious i now after six years in show and the hundreds of people that and sure that he wants to make business seven hit records and flocked there to hear this his life a Miles and Miles under her size in proved lust How much j the i what she wants to re they and All America Apreci As Iong As the Public wants her de acclaim placing aretha was currently Inge at the famed regal theatre. An in ates a True artist. When she let those famous about that we have Little doubt. The International jazz poll. Miss Golden notes out the audience eng her spent six months in went wild. Vocal school. And warns All in miss Franklin originates from Terestea persons to spend at Detroit where she Sang in j least that much time or longer her fathers Church for two in such a school. A it will help Franklin describes this As her aretha As we soon Start Call most rewarding experience. She placed with such greats years. You tremendously a she added. Her father approves of his daughters career and adds his of the modern generation she As Kila Fitzgerald and Judy Garland. But with All the Success that has come to this personable Young lady she stills remains a charming and Lovely when asked what she thought l Erson. She revealed the most satisfy grand ballroom february 14th citizens committee for re election of Alderman Robert i h. Miller cocktail party 6 . $ 15th Shisk babes i dance 10-2 i 16th latin social club a ing thing about her business is _ _ _ _ to know that people like and accept her. While in town aretha had very Little free time in Between her four daily shows. But she did manage to do a Little window shopping and was most impressed with the warmth and kindness of the people. As we left miss Franklin a dressing room she was drinking Honey a for her Throat she said. And we thought appropriately a sweets for the once outside another Mem Ber of the show commented to a Mcc Ila a ius a Zaretha Franklin is one of Dahl wac x the greatest artists i have Ever 5 had the pleasure to work we believe him. The Junior High club of Lebanon Baptist Church 7240 s. Wentworth ave., celebrated National youth week by having n banquet Friday feb. I at the Church. Guest speaker for the evening was Clementine Gilmore who spoke on the National youth theme a to fill the miss Gilmore is the South District president of the Chicago Baptist youth Fellowship Chicago Baptist association. She is a member of the Woodlawn Baptist Church and a Leader among the Young people. Miss Gilmore is a Delegate to the United Christian youth movement and also to the National Council Baptist youth Fellowship. She is a graduate of Hyde Park High school and is now a student at Chicago teachers College. In her speech miss Gilmore stated that Young people Are gradually becoming aware of an emptiness in their lives physically mentally and spiritually. A to fill this emptiness and live a full Complete life is the present Day Challenge of Young people a she said. The Young Peoples choir of Commonwealth Community Church directed by mrs. Ednarene Smith Sang several selections at the banquet. Lucius b. Bell jr., president of the Junior High club was the master of ceremonies Donald Crossley led the devotions Richard Dotson vice president introduced miss Gilmore and Laurelen Currington led in group singing. The Rev. J. We. Clinkscales or. Is pastor of the Church. Chatham cagers win cames Iii Competition 17th the exotic ladies cocktail party 5-9 22nd 6th Ward Young democrats organization dance 10-2 i 23rd Park Manor Cong. Church Bridge club Bridge party 1-6 23rd . Hall Bowling league dance 11-3 24th Huel Gwin school of music recital 7-11 Condon to talk in Clum h club James a. Congdon incumbent candidate for Alderman of the 7,8th Ward will speak in St. James $ lutheran Parish Hall 8000 s. March 3rd cosmopolitan ladies cocktail party 5-9 9th Chicago Idle Wilders dance 10-3 15th Kentucky state College alumni dance 10-2 16th Delta Phi Omega dance 11-3 17th Bray Temple . Church fashion show 5-9 x 23rd Ford boys dance 10-2 24th Woodlawn Union Baptist Church Tea 3-7 j Michigan ave., Friday Fob. 15 j at 8 . Residents of Hie area will have x an Opportunity to participate in % a question and answer period j according to mrs. Lillian Brooks Irving. 8117 s. Michigan % ave., president of the couples club. Which is sponsoring the % meeting. Tile Rev. Robbin w. Skyles is pastor of St. James lutheran % a Church. % % % % % the Chatham my can a Biddy basketball league played games Friday and saturday. Judging from the score basketball is not Only for men but for Young men As Well. The players Range in Ages from 8 to 13 years and an average height of about 5 3�?T\ these cagers proved that maybe someday they May become professional basketball stars. In the All Star Biddy basketball league the thunderbird out scored the globetrotters by a score of 15 to 13. Theophilus Griffen top scorer for the thunderbird out netted Ronald Borok top scorer for the globetrotters with 9 Points to 8 Points. In the game Between the eagles and the zephyrs the eagles topped the zephyrs 15 to 12. Top scorer for the eagles was Steve Palfi who hit 6 Points. The top scorer for the zephyrs was Melvin Barrow who racked up 7 Points for his team. In the pro Biddy basketball league the lakers beat the Chatham Trotters 28 to 17. Tile top scorers were David berger�?19 Points lakers and John sykes�?5 Points Chatham Trotters. In the last game the Falcons won Over the condors in a tight game�?20 to 18. The Falcons top scorer was Artie Marshall who dunked 9 Points through the hoop. Then there was Ellery Murphy who hit 6 Points for the condors. In the All Star league of Biddy basketball the eagles who did no twin a game in the first round took Over first place in the second round by defeating the zephyrs 15 to 12. This weeks Victory made it two straight for the eagles in the second round. In the pro league of Biddy basketball the Falcons came from behind to defeat the hard fighting condors 20 to 18 in the last two minutes of play. This gives the Falcons a 2 amp 0 record for the second round of play. 30th original Thrifty ladies 11-3 need Money ready Cash $50 to $800 Loans up to 24 mos. Investors commercial corp. Small Loans division under stat supervision 180 w. Randolph St. For fast courteous service Telephone an 3-7135 r. T. Long Earle Robinson Deneen a to to hold meeting the Deneen a to 7240 s. Har Vard ave. Will observe founders Day in a meeting to be held wednesday feb. 20 at 1 15 . In Hie school Assembly Hall. A program entitled. A your schools physical fitness will be presented by Edward of Brien a faculty member. The meeting will also include a report from the nominating committee. Refreshments will be served at the close. Mrs. John Hagan 7219 s. Vincennes ave. Is p to president. Thomas Burke is principal of Deneen school. Letter to the editor after Reading the editorial on the teen Page of your last Issue concerning the Washington Park Tri his on behalf of my club Beta Gamma rho Tri by i had cause to write this letter. Your misinformed staff evidently visited one club and Drew conclusions from that one visit. You stated you detected a a decay in the regulations but i would like to in a form you and your staff that the i Tri his girls Are trained annually the proper Way in which i to conduct a club meeting thus having an advantage Over All bother clubs outside of the throughout metro Pili Jan Chicago. Even the purpose of Tri his a to create maintain. And extend throughout the Home school and Community High standards of Christian character a shows an incentive on the part of the girls to better themselves and their Community. If they appear to be using the program for a social acceleration As you put it it is the purpose of Tri his to help strengthen their characters and make them the Fine Young women of tomorrow. Obviously you visited our a by a with a prejudiced mind. Should you and your staff be in the neighbourhood again you Are cordially Welcome to visit All of the clubs at Washington Park a especially Beta Gamma rho. After your visit we will feel certain that you Are qualified to give your readers a True picture of our organization. Sincerely Rita l. Hayes Secretary cd. Note we did visit All the clubs and we did visit More than once and we did give our readers a True picture As we saw it

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