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Chicago Bulletin (Newspaper) - December 17, 1964, Chicago, Illinois 4 Section 2the bulletin thursday december 17, 1964 serving South Sid i 31 in for i Vearn where Quality amp service Excel Knox hats Manhattan shirts Leonardo Strassin knits faultless pyjamas is s r1 i i i i it 1 yes. We have credit available Jack menus Wear 7452 cottage Grove ave. I open evenings and sunday until Christmas i not connected with any other store t in i a a Sissy night away a if you Ark not 4in-il\ you arc 4oiit-of-It\�?� say exponents of the latest dance craze. Threatening to sur pass Llie popularity of the a twist a the �?otwine�?T1 is spun each monday Naglit at Sarah and Harrison s lounge 81 i a. 71st at. Sponsored by the recently formed lords of Regent social club the popular is fast becoming a favorite among those who Are the booming rollicking chords of the song entitled a twine time a often fill the air at the West 71st Street spa. In a recent a a twine contest staged at one of the weekly sessions first prize winners left to right Xavier Lilly Bridge 7018 Sangamon and mrs. Lorraine Horton 5746 Princeton received awards from lords of Regent president James Albritton 50 i. 71st St., As assistant business manager Melvin Buckley 722 w. 71 St St., looked on. Demonstrating the lilting Grace of the a twine a the prize winning team of Horton Lillybridge Trace the intricate Steps of the new dance for bulletin photographer Plank Martin. Variety of fillings for those Christmas snacks Aid. Miller casts ballot Willi electors of party Alt. Rorert if. Miller easting ballots for president la no monday joined 24 other 111 is Don b. Johnson and p democratic electors in officially Dent elect Hubert h. Humph v. This Markel the Seconi to me gives safety tips on Yule Trees lights that Miller Alderman and committeeman of the with Ward a a a had the distinction of ser Virti is a member of the electors1 i lose and voting for the winning candidates. Miil or cast fir to Elert m College vote in Limsi for or v s. Truman. At to Fiat time he a j t came the first negro in ame a a i fire hazards were not in ,0 serve As member 0 tirely prevented with the Elimina states elec Ora of lighted candles in Christ Mas Trees a said or. Samuel l. A second negro Mem her Andelman Chicago a commis of he rhinos electoral Collop sooner of health. Dry Trees William Sylvester White direr it a faulty wiring and careless smok of the department of rot ers can be quite dangerous and Tion and education and who i should be avoided. Elected a circuit court judge a the november elec on Van a make sure that the newly Pur h a tend the meeting in chased tree is not already dry. ,.1.1 a Needle is pulled out and apr no of eld Miller and fellow elector if a comes Awn without any resist. Ance look for anther tree. One Washington. Prior to he Wilh a stump that is Sticky with a Ura Tjotis. As guests of the resin is Likely to be freshly cd. A president. The will hold a rectal seats of Honor during the after buying the tree the ejection ceremonies and if Cis stump should he put in a bucket of prevails he guests at a Stag of water to prevent the free from parly o go Van by the presi drying out. The tree should be Dent. Put in the coolest part of the a pm intent Raj. Room and never near an open Morodan it is a graduate of lire place. \yorsij13m Collejo of Mort iry electric lights used it to decorate science Chicago and received the tree should not be placed business training at the North near radiators Iron pipes or Western University school of other conductors of Commerce. Avoid Short circuits by checking the wires for worn places. For he is president of the my an All Metal tree lights Especial Ier and major funeral Homes n by designed for it should be used.1 Chi ago and the Peoples burial fireproofing a tree is strongly lnsuran2e association recommended. The use of a non Miter also is executive Secre inflammable flock is a Good pro tary of the National funeral do rectors and morticians association and a member of the Kappa Medure. 1�?~these safeguards Are extremely important and will guarantee Many More christmases Quot said or. Andelman. Tie Holiday season from Early in december until after new years Day Means a Busy social Calendar for almost everyone. Coffee hours dinner parties and open houses seem to abound this Lime of year. Most Likely you will be entertaining on several occasions your have fashion to Boot smart boots. High boots.1 cuffed boots. Ankle boots. Belted boots. What a selection Kinney Emall. What style Basic Black. Bronze Wax All costly lined. Flings they Are a for Young in smart. Put your foot Down and ask to see the Best in boots. Self. And if you re planning an affair where the menu Calls for a party snack the Kitchen of Sara Lee offers a tantalizing simple idea. Just Purchase Frozen fresh from he oven completely baked Sara Lee Parker House Rolls dinner Rolls or Finger Rolls and serve them with a variety of fillings. The result will be it an array of Eye catching taste pleasing snacks for your guests. Prepare at least three or four kinds of fillings so guests can choose their favorite. Here Are several suggestions. Tuna salad supreme Combine an 7-ounce can of tuna drained with a cup grated cheese a cup Mayonnaise 1 Teaspoon Lemon juice plus a dash of Salt and paprika. Festive Cream cheese give a pretty Holiday color to Cream police warn Public of Holiday season crimes urge extra Alpha Psi fraternity. A Veteran of world War i. He is a member of the Dorie Post of the american . In smaller stores. One person should also watch out for persons 1 looks Over the merchandise while \ wearing Loose Bulky Coats which precautions in shopping citizens should exercise extra precautions to avoid becoming so be Alert for persons carrying victims of certain crimes which Large shopping bags knitting or invariably increase in All Large school bags oversized umbrellas cities around this time of the or Bulky packages which May year police supt. 0. W. Wilson have false Bottoms ail favorite the other pretends to faint or a Are used for concealing stolen starts an argument or fight with articles someone. While employees and other customers Are drawn to the scene the first person helps himself to the goods and promptly leaves the store. Employees of stores should Al a on t clean your carpets amp furniture tinting dyeing by Perry Winkle inc. Written guarantee phone 487-5252 said today. Purse snatching pocket picking shop lifting thefts of packages from parked automobiles and cartage thefts from delivery trucks docks and terminals All increase during the Holiday sea hiding places for loot. They Market fisheries House of 75 seafood items fresh and Frozen from Louisiana a Florida a new York and Chicago area 6 Silver Bass a Buffalo a Catfish a Whitefish t 7129 5. State St. A Pike a Lake Trout a Perch a Black Zzz Bass red snapper butterfish Florida Mullet Porgie Etc. He 3-3233 cheese by moistening the cheese s0n, Wilson explained. He added with Maraschino Cherry juice and a the dense crowds in stores adding chopped cherries. Spread on streets and around shopping inside dinner Rolls or Parker areas All create Ideal conditions House oils. Salmon spread mix a one Pound can of Salmon drained with 12 cup celery 14 cup May Annai get and 1 Tablespoon Lemon for thieves since they provide confusion and cover and make surveillance More tip purse snatch ers rely on juice. Add chopped Parsley or a Surprise attack to it Teal women a chives Lor an extra touch of handbags. Hold your purse securely in your hand and close to compare before you buy and you la choose America s favorite Winter tires. Tin Stone a a Green. I Cucu Niber Almond spread to Etc gtd a Dollt hold in Oasel Van 8-ounce package of Cream a under your Arm. Or but a the hand cheese add enough milk or Strai a or hnn2 in by the strap a a a wet. Cream to soften. Alx in chopped Cucumber and i.4 cup Over your Arm. If you have to carry a Large Cho Pixel almonds. Salt to taste.,sum n Pace a smal to 1 ,.,amount in your purse and secrete i1. D t a a a a the remainder on your person might be spread inside All three Ilea Mph f of the 101 is. Tiny smoked sausage. A a links Tut a nicely into the Parker u1 1 Eshouse Rolls. Miniature Hamburg-1 pick lockets operate in group a and w ill ply their Trade primarily in Large crowded areas ers May be prepared using the Sara Lee dinner Rolls. Oil also like Zesty Blieese Stoi is Busy sheets transport w spreads Swiss or died Dar cheese slices cold slices of cooked meat Tion vehicles and terminals. Beware of those around Vou and be tons Are delicious too. Snow White anti dwarfs Plav read la flings Are nationally advertised in Vogue Mademoiselle and a Lanious now at f Salami Bologna or summer Sau auspicious of any person who Sage. Meat and cheese Combina jostled you. It May be accidental but it is Best not to take any chances. Be especially Alert when juveniles Are close to you when shopping. Juvenile thieves Are becoming More numerous. Men should carry wallets in their inner or Side pockets when shopping or out in crowded areas rather than a their Back or overcoat pockets where they can Easi-1\ be lifted by a thief. The tem a players Wil present tiie ageless Fanti Isy never Lea k packages in a Snow and the seven parked cars. Lock All packages Dway is/1 in two ism Fonn ances at in the trunk of your car where in Wasli Inion Park Fud House they Are out of sight and Thero-5531 South Park Dee 18, at 7 30 Krele its Likely tempt a ., my Civ. 20, at 3 Operators of seasonal Busi the store of Beautiful Snow Ness of Sut a of Cristina Trees White is designed to amuse both and t0\s shoud not keep 1�e the Young and old. Sum. Of eight. Tim 0 practice also tempts burglars. As the play goes Snow go orc owner a n d employees should immediately rep it to lice an persons or cars to around bus 0. Ness , and obtain tween the seven dwarfs and tie numbers of these cars we eked Queen As each tries to eliminate the other. Bulletin area residents helping w i r Firestone a famous triple action traction these new is inter tires Are guaranteed to go 4 a a v a. A thru ice mud and Snow or we pay the Tow now better than they re made with sup a Lon an exclusive new tire Cord that provides maximum strength and safety yet gives you a smoother softer Quot thump free Quot ride sup r tue. Sup r Lon own sort first ont rubber for a sting Inettia buy now for Safe sure Winter driving fire ton / buy on Firestone a us charge ? no Money Pouti f the Mon Titi air a to adv k i vhf to Falls unto the hands of the evil Queen Ermengard whose out j Desty her. Few audiences can resist the ensuing St niggle be free ice amp Snow scraper no Cost or obligation 1 Winter treads retreads on sound tire bodies or on your own tires Whitewall or Blackwells any size listed for Only p we in in j 2 f a pm % t a 0 Lime i a o cd 5.20-13 5.60-13 5.9013 6.00-13 6.40-13 6.50-13 6.70-13 7.00-13 7.00-14 7.50-14 5.60-15 5.90-15 6.40-15 6.70-15 other sizes slight higher Chatham Plaza 8610 s. Cottage Grove St 3-8892 whenever . Professional shoplifters of to bring the fantasy to life include ten travel .11 Pau it. One person Brin 7249 Champlain engage the sales clerk in Deborah Johnson 0118 Langley conversation to Covert Atten and Tieresa cat ii 7417 Ebert on and thereby i e Mcconv Hart. Plice the Opportunity to steal Mer also. Beverly and Pricilla Der Chandise Between two Rick 1 128 Champlain. persons in a store May Ribert til 15 Lan be. Fao san one is a a a Lookout a for the other liter. 3045 Vernon and Brendan the a a faint or a fight trek is Fredde 6150 Quigley. I of Tea used by teams particularly All tires mounted free Firestone double guarantee our retreads identified by medallion and shop Mark Ara guaranteed by thousands and thousands of Fira Stona dealers and stores throughout tha u. S. And Canada 1. Aga Psi a a a ecu in Woik Ironsh a and 2. Aga not most Road hazards a count arts in Fiat dais do Quot a tha of t Ead everyday passenger car us or 12 months. Replacements prorated on tread ear and based on Firestone net current at Tirron of adjustment Firestone uni charge is available Only at stores displaying the Firestone sign Fruto at shown of Firestone St Ortts comp it tit Ivy Lyp iced or fifth Tony dealers and at Oil service stations displaying the Firestone ail s tire amp Supply co. 8104 cottage Grove he 38585 immediate credit easy terms Low monthly payments

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