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Chicago Bulletin (Newspaper) - December 13, 1962, Chicago, Illinois Tage 2 a in a police auction the Chicago police department will auction off some 200 unclaimed and abandoned Aulo Ino Biks ready for junking to Day at 10 . At tour Auto pounds located on the North and West ides of the City according us to director Joseph p. Hurley department custodian. Vhf Thrifty Famiie knows it s easy to save enough to insure Security Carolyn Smith Bill Henderson editor thursday december 13, 1962 in up Joyce Bow of it a save he amount of six months of your salary to tide you Over when you re Short of income. Save Herel 4 Ifni big personalized hair style Duke s Salon coif Feur specializing in tinting cutting styling 213 e. 71st St. St 3-8932 teens hear talk on integration integration and its effect on i an authority on human relations. People was the topic of Over 700 teen agers attending the Young merits Christian association of metropolitan Chicago youth conference sunday at Mccormick place. Beginning at 2 . When they sat Down in Small discussion groups the teens examined integration in their government Law Community life and vocation. Serving As a special resource for the afternoon discussions was or. Jack r. Gibb psychologist to business and Industry ask about our Home Loans bulletin want ads pay life insurance Young or old people age a i of 80 Yaari wry to a today giving Nam Agi add Ais and Telephone number. J. Be Gray insurance Moki 100 n. Losolla St., Chicago 2, Iii. During his talk he described four factors which blocked integration hostility ignorance apathy and dependency. Or. Gibb continued to say that hostility is an emotion that hinders persons when they get together in organizations. A we tend to see others As we feel a he said. A the characteristics which we attribute to others the stingy Scotchman or the Lazy negro Are really our own feelings projected on Quot apathy Gibbs said results from having to do things which other people have decided for you and dependency or rebel lion which a is a reaction to these he suggested a program of education might be adopted by neighbourhood groups to remove the collective ignorance which he a Aid exists. A honest talk is a remedy for such ignorance a he said. Or. Gibbs contented that the teen Ager must discuss their feelings on integration and perhaps even about How they might integrate a club or a dance. Formulate plans groups of teens were sent to individual rooms to formulate plans on How to reduce discrimination. They returned later for a banquet. Tim Rogers 17, of 9 Poplar la Grange and Mary Lynn Foster 17, of 6217 s. Calumet were co chairmen of the affair. A 6 . Dinner featured a variety show of teen age Myca members. Among acts in the a just for fun performance was a Folk Singer modern dance and a danish gymnastics exhibition. Editorial Ossis pizza head for the Hills some adult have again proven Thema Elvea to be a Wishy Washy unpredictable people. This time much to the disapproval of the Bulle teen editors. When it was confirmed that blues Singer Ray Charles was a drug addict we paid particular not to the comments made concerning him. The adult populace overwhelmingly condos such acts. In Charles Case it seemed because he a Blind allowances could be made. We hear these a strange utterances coming out of the Mouths of a people who repudiate similar actions by teen agers. The Bulle teens Are not seeking answers or reasons for such developments from our adults. None cart exist. We suggest however that a rope of decency be looped around the adults who Overlook actions of this sort before the face or morality is eroded for All times. It is our firm conviction that the moral standards must remain steadfast and that our society must and Here to these standards at All times. Or we will begin a slow deterioration into a stage of unwholesome Ness and decay. News amp views now paying 41% on All savings accounts Chesterfield he trial Sav i nos Barf loan Ascot Lavioe m300 Collogan Grova Arenzo Chicago 19, Illinois Phonon Triangle 49300 a Allou pizzas arc Madi mesh pc Wakco to order 2-3 41 4-7 sausage $2.00 $4.00 mushroom 2.00 3.00 4.00 a Reen Pepper 2.00 3.00 4.00 Anchovy 2.00 3.00 4.00 garlic a onion 2.00 3.00 4.00 a amp i 2.00 3.00 4.00 cheese 2.00 2.s0 3.s0 Eitra life Imti so 1.00 1.00 Pepperoni pi2za 2.s0 4.00 s.00 shrimp pizza 2.$0 4.00 s.00 Coney Island 3.00 s.00 4.00 delivered to Yea hot from 1023 e. 79th phone St 3-2711 open daily 4 . A a 2 . M. Amp sat. 4 . To 3 . Sunday 2 . T. 2 . Chicken boxes 20 Placaki la bax__4.75 10 pieces la iol�2.4s preach Prias ord.r_.25 a Coli Slaw oar own tasty recipe plat 10� Weert 90c car by baby Back ribs we fac cols slew Franck o 9c pries treed Ead i Attar. A a 9 i Frico Chicken with Cala Slaw Franck Frias Traad and shrimp a us i Firch Frias slow lrao4 amp latter Sim too Isaev oae 1.50 1.25 the Corn is the lowest form of humor but in five Short weeks country Corn has sent the Beverly Hillbillies to the top of old Smoky in ratings. Scheduled opposite supposedly invincible Perry Como it has shot him it seems the entire format of this program is dedicated to finding out How Many times the same joke can be repeated. Most of the humor of this show is executed by old steel rimmed glasses Granny who is something when it comes to cooking hang jowls fat Back Corn Pone Mustard greens salted Down Possum Crow gizzards and boiled Toad. The a Ivy ,0 a Boss it Aryl Pat Cornelius and treas then there is her grand Daugh dub gave a select Jam recently ter Elly May a Tomboy but at the Southerland hotel. Judg who somehow wears levies As filing from the name of the club Scot tissue Rolls Ciardi groups in Zufra a a oat your Spadari Christmas Cut rite Wax paper t Star kist tuna fish fins detergent super suds boxes delicious potted meat Large tins red Label ice Cream Viz Gal. 3� they were a Bikini. She is the Best hot Pepper eater in All California when she is not playing softball or football. She also can whistle through her Teeth loud enough to split the bark off a Pine and the attire Ivy casual it must have been a most Mello set. By staying with the Button Down collars the Brothers 10 plus 5 hey that a fifteen gave then there is weak minded dance last saturday night. No Jethro who almost supersedes his Uncle in acting a fool. All in All when Blower Down the family consists of a group of Hillbillies who when thrown into an upper class atmosphere refuse or Are unable to modulate to their new environment. And makes 35 million people laugh at it. The show is apparently supplying a demand for straightforward unsophisticated skilfully performed humor. But somehow we Wold rather be tuned into Channel 11 and listening to the Chicago symphony orchestra. Need fuel Oil phone to 4-2927 pox 24 or. Service Chatham fuel Oil co. Body seems to know who was there but some who made plans to attend include Regina Singleton Janet Davenport of course and Sandra Mooney. By a a Jingle Bell travelogues will be presented tomorrow night in the Parker auditorium. The a Capella choir concert band and senior drama class will participate in the affair which is build up As a a class by Troy Ratlif has just informed us that the january class officers of Parker were not announced in the Bulle teen. We done to see How we overlooked that we talk about everybody and everything else. But anyway Here it goes president Troy Katliff hey no wonder he was interested vice presi Dent Shirley Broadnax Secre pure Buck Pepper v Campbells soups strop Firth for flavor for so to a a 24 02. Flav0rade 351 Pir fact far Christeas Sticks is know your cuts of pork loin a Al Good Park should to Fig act Gray ship pfc in color line and Valv Afy in tax Ira and Well marbled with fax. Mrs. Grass noodles i outside fat should to White and firm and there should to 0 High percentage of lean meat to fat and Bona. Always Cook at Low heat until Wall Dono for the bait favor 7 Road to a to Center Cut chops rib end pork roast loin end roast la Golden Center Cut pork ich0ps miln0t can Center Cut chops to hobos roosts or chops coma from this Section. Moro tenderloin lass Bono. Lower your food budget with pork this Waak from Vito so ii Imp 10 astr inexpensive shoulder end for roots or chops i0in ind roast contains morn tenderloin than the shoulder end lass Bono loin end pork roast la fresh neck Bones pig tails pork Rains t Salerno oks Saltine a a a crackers la. Polish o sausage o armours Star sliced Bacon Turkey wings 3 Turkey tails la. 25 3 lbs $1 fancy eating apples 4 la. Bag armours Star chitterling j0 a. Pall �025 Swift l chitterling a a la. Pail �?~9 50 Agar a chitterling 10 la. Poil 2 50 Salt pork vhf a a Misti a Kuziw beef or pork sausage 1 la. Rolls so it.�., a a. 11th Sale lilt it 0� 15tk 1310 e. 63rd Street 159 i. 63rd Street $101. 79th stint _ _ 4735 Soitz Parkway my inuit my farm fresh legs or breast Park Manor radio amp . Service 440 last 71ft St. To acquaint you with a. To will Ropar your set at a Laving Over 30% its than regular pries. Call us last after you get Ether pries. All . Amp i i sets regardless of condition repaired in shop a labor charge Only 95 service Call $3.50 pick up amp delivery a eluded Piettro tubes As Low As si.00 per Inch. Our Surv let policy to Yoi i your a a Erie tree Osall Pinr Tibet 90 Day parts guar on too open 7 dats a week f 30 am. To 9 30 . All approved major Oil co. And other credit cards instant credit on shop repairs we do our own financing or Era Walter Slippy fingers Barnes. By Well Well. Linday Jenkins Why do you go to la Grange so often is it because of a certain . Jewell Collins just to anxiously Are you awaiting Christmas. It could involve quite a few problems you know. And has anybody seen Carol Parker a we know a Little Melody who a like to meet a certain Hir shite e hear his name is Jerome Posey. Any clues As to his whereabouts. By sights seen Wosie Mackmore sprouting a peach fuzz. Ethel Lewis making it Down 71 St. With a huge bag full of dirty soaks across her Haught look on Dunbar a basketball Eam As a new trophy was being placed in the trophy Case. A. Sherry Brewer with a rown on her face. Eric Whitfield when he Learned the a tormentors Quot see Lis hidden talents. #. George Johnes standing in the cold looking Down at his pants legs wondering Why he san Ivy vaguer. Lee Marks trying out his own Knock Knock joke. Richard bean when he discovered everybody was laughing at him not with him. Tempo players set production Lullaby a hilarious comedy will be presented by the Tempo players Friday and sunday dec. 14 and 16 at 8 and 3 in the Washington Park Field House 5531 s. Parkway. Funny things begin to happen in the play when a truck Driver tied to mammals apron strings i dares to Elope with a Brassy but Beautiful night club waitress. The cast includes Marion Gardner 3431 s. Prairie ave Jean Lenior 7147 s. Blackstone it ave. Gene Jones 5208 a Drexel ave. Vester Mccormick 2901 s. Federal ave. La Joyce Gardner 3431 s. Prairie ave. Sylvester Scott 4954 South Parkway Bernice Scarbrough 3612 is. Prairie ave. John Stevens 6320 s. Ingleside ave. Is director. Admission is 75 cents at the door. U. Of i. Grant the w. K. Kellogg foundation of Battle Creek Michigan has presented a $90,000 Grant for teacher education to the University of Illinois College of dentistry in Chicago. Or discount Chicken Ano Vou Cam Trust Yum to 6ive you the m06t for your Money. , mvd6ar. Doctor Pillot is perfectly honest you can Trust him simplicity a a a we it a me. Junior has swallowed a Quarter of you think doctor Pillot can be trusted to remove it 1we s my it two a us. 5 1 tuft of of room a i Hal hardware up i i Hovat a gets it Mai he 8-306� 1 Loois t a Glass Paini a 21b East 79 St

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