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Chicago Bulletin (Newspaper) - December 3, 1964, Chicago, Illinois reports More blessed to give than receive Robert h. Miller sixth Ward rhe Hustle and Bustle of the yuletide season is already upon us. Let us not become so engrossed i the commercial aspects of the favorite Holiday of Ouner and old alike that we Overlook the True spirit f Christmas. For example How Many of us still really believe that Quot it is More blessed to give than to receive a with All the hunger and want about us we who Are fortunate to be blessed with what we can truthfully Call Quot the Good life Quot should be grateful to god for our blessings. I think the Holiday season will mean much More to All of us who deny ourselves something we desire very much in order to make someone else Happy. In the midst of plenty we must not the noblest virtue ii Milit. Ald. Miller now is also the Ideal time to put new emphasis i family life. Good citizenship begins with close knit Holesome family life. Our families have been Drifting a Art rather than growing closer together. Our children i e roaming the streets aimlessly when they should it gathered about the family table or enjoying whole it me supervised recreation. As we Progress and move toward the mainstream a american life negro family ties must grow stronger it us dedicate ourselves during this coming yuletide a Ason to the rebuilding of negro family life. It is Good to remember Quot the family that prays it go Thor stays Snow Means fun to most kids and Many Cults. However homeowners and merchants in the h Ward should look upon the Snow and ice of Winter i enemies. Remember to keep your Steps and the Dewalk in front of your Home or business free of e and Snow. A Little Effort on your part can save a t of broken limbs and possible costly Legal action. You la find it pays to help keep Chicago cleanly season of the year. Lets All pull together and help maintain the High standards of the 6th Ward. Mom Rii in n m again. List we forget letters to editor tribute paid to two Wilson donation without or. College faculty members Jinner dancing by Gus Savage continued from Page 1 re most contributors stagger or should i say swag a Home from the a a exclusive after party not to mention the pre cocktail Affail a where the nights most eminent guest exposes the hem of his garment and Plain to their wives about How hard they worked a at night for civil rights or some other Noble cause cide tally How often Are the underlings who Are Ven All the credit invited to the swinging after sets l a Rah 1 wonder How Large a dinner or dance or in High priced must be the tickets for negroes to n equal rights and however Large or High priced us Dnn to it be made one grand occasion rather than Ery other weekend ? otherwise we might All become pool1 and overfed we wont be Able to enjoy Freedom Len it finally comes or to join the interim picket lines. Incidentally i fear that the Good White folks who e duty bound to attend such affairs might be Dis urged by the apparent affluence which usually a irks the attire of the subjects who manage to attend. I did no to know better. Id conclude that negroes in Tendance at such affairs were in a better position to in Quot our White allies than vice versa. Bit on the other hand no doubt its All More rth while than Quot Chipping in on weekend fifths of Johnnie red a until enough is mixed with once popular wordings to provoke some rumpus room guest to the a viable scream a Showtime a certainly the dinner and dances for a cause and 0 the House parties. Are More worthy than the i tween sets High priced dinners and dances without cause. Furthermore i�?uh-ruh�?1 was just joking not you dare scratch my name off your mailing list at could cause me to fall a rank or two in my alumni it Ocia Tion and if 1 fell any lower i would be ashamed attend the next Homecoming. So ill catch you at 1 next one old buddy. Of we invite you to express your opinion. Name s and addresses must to Given Bosforo letters will be considered for publication names or addresses will be omitted Only upon written request the right to condense or clarity letters is reserved Cial science department recently Sicko to the women club in Whitefish Bay wis., in connection with their mental health a re expressway Pecima skin it Ohi of a series prepared for this newspaper by the Halo Mem news put traffic Saf amp a Council amp re Chicago motor club dear editor noting that your letters to the editor column appears to be open to the Public i would like to use its facilities to pay tribute to two of our faculty members Here at Wilson. These two members have been Active in making guest appearances in several areas. They have Given of their time to engage in special Community and educational programs. Or. Daniel Jordan of the so your health health authority reviews baldness by Samuel l. Andelman . Commissioner of health baldness is a common condition found More often in men than in women. Whether baldness can be prevented and whether the hair can be restored when it is lost depends almost entirely on the cause of the baldness. It is precisely for this reason that baldness has to be considered from the standpoint of what causes it. Premature baldness occurs most common in men. Although it generally begins after the Twenty fifth year Prema sure baldness also May take place earlier. Some skin specialists maintain that failure to establish adequate hygienic care of the Scalp will sometimes play an important part in bringing on premature baldness. Another school of medical thought believes that an imbalance of the sex hormones May be partially responsible. Baldness occasionally appears As a symptom of infections or other conditions. Fortunately in Many instances there is a natural return of the hair when the health has become Normal again. A sudden loss of hair can follow typhoid fever or Scarlet fever and this also is True of pneumonia and other serious and extensive infections of the respiratory tract. When there Are one or More Bald patches on the Scalp or other parts of the body the condition is known As a area baldness or Alopecia Areata. The cause of this condition is unknown. The Bald patches May remain for a Long time but there is usually a return of the hair even without treatment. As can readily be surmised from the foregoing not All cases of baldness Are hopeless. Whatever the cause of the baldness a dermatologist or medical skin specialist should be consulted for an accurate appraisal of the condition. Program. Or. Jordan explained the use of non verbal arts in the psycho therapy the area of his most recent research. From there he went to Waukesha wis., to speak on a the sociology and psychology of race relations a for that City a conference on race and religion. Or. Bert p. Schloss who teaches municipal government at Wilson has been making television appearances on Channel 11, in connection with the political science class for to students. He has been a member of a panel which evaluated the recent election results on the National and local level. Or. Schloss takes his class in municipal government to the City Hall each term and this past week was greeted personally by the mayor during one of the regular sessions of the City Council. Student activities Wilson College Frank Hayashida director Praise for Uhruh dear editor your columns on congressman William a Dawson Are very informative. Here a hoping these columns Are read throughout Chica Goland. Please done to let them get cold from election to election. Maybe our Southside communities will soon realize that we need representation Ben duster was our finest candidate to replace or. Dawson because of his knowledge interest and background of Public schools. Public school is the source of our next generation of leaders Good Luck and congratulations on your the bulletins six years. May you have 600 More. Mrs. Julin Williams 9333 Wabash iruc8 Sagan Fik Ilski Ous sava6i a a Ltd t a a a a a a m a a i. A to floor published every thursday morn inf �1 �39 a 71st St. Stewart 3-104c ha0links twi Hook mint Fly him Taftt tray Clit Lotf 3 . W�4ms4�v it opinions expressed by columnists or in by lint articles Are not necessarily those held by this newspaper. To maintain editorial standards this newspaper will not accept payment for publishing news items or photographs. Also when a news item or photograph is omitted from an Issue due to space limitations every Effort will be made to publish it in the next Issue unless its news value has substantially decreased. The editorial opinion of this newspaper is non sectarian and in dependent of any political group Clarene Smith Huun a hard Huni Cirrus Tina Shirl Andary on Ruc Sibih or. He nov Martin. William i aws and Curancy a lion a . Ant. Editor Hurley Grant. Seventh yer no. 7 Wek of december 3 to december 9� 1964 gift id you know that 942,000 cars and trucks travel be Chicago area expressways each Day averaging million Miles a Day on the expressway system expressway driving is different her amp Are some a Tal Safe to tips signal when Vou want to change lamps to pass never straddle Sra in v0ur Ian and follow traffic flow. A a a if you drive at the minimum Speed stay in the extreme right Lane. A a a know in Advance where your exit is and avoid last second hazardous Iane switching. A m a a e if thu Wah Tadrick of water ask Tor it in the ri3ht was dear editor although i have Only recently become a Reader of the bulletin i it hould like to take time to compliment you on the paper and its contend. I am particularly interested in the series of articles concerning the Harris quads information Given to Home buyers and information regarding performance of the police in the various districts. Some of the news might not be of interest to the general populace but to persons of the Community Are certainly fortunate to have a Champion like the bulletin. I am wondering in it would be possible to have a a ascription mailed to me ii Arlos Nesby 1108 Elmwood Evanston Iii dear editor tie disable High school alumni Council is conducting a drive to obtain the names and addresses of Desabla graduates. This data will be added to the mailing lit for the disable alumni newsletter publication will begin in november and subsequent alumni material. All names and addresses should be mailed to disable alumni Council co r. L. Rus 6611 Peoria Chicago 111. 60621. Ruth l. Ross. Membership chairman a fames Wagor fret Dent cot six on Chatham expects new area High school within a year by William cousins president Chatham Avalon pork Community Council our statements will he mutually support in of the Board of education docs not follow the Lead of the residents of so Cral communities in the Southeast area of our cite and build at least one High school within a general enrolment d i s t r i c t which also should include if i r s c it it Owen and South _ Shore High schools the Board will he failing to do what need to or done. It also will he failing William cousins to do what the people in this area wish to have done. At present it appears that the Unity developing among the various Community groups in our area will give the proposal for such a new school sufficient push to get it under construction probably within a year. Members of the schools committee of our Council have been busily dismissing proposals with representatives of other organizations. Tonight thursday i am attending a meeting of some residents of the Bowen and South Shore communities who have formed a committee for additional High school facilities in order that we Mav further co ordinate our efforts. Representatives of the Park Manor Community Pat organizations and other Community groups in areas adjacent to Chatham have Given their backing to the Effort to obtain the proposed new High school or Facil to. Quot representatives of the South Shore Community slice. And the temporary schools committee of South Kach Chicago have been informed of the contents of the proposal which our Council will present at the school budget hearings on december 15th. Advance information indicates that Eaglewood views George Reed who has Long been a fighter for improved education for our area represented our Council on a panel with or. Robert Lavig Hurst at the Chicago vocational High school on tuesday night. This further contributed to a coordinated Effort by All organizations in the Southeast area to obtain the much needed new school now. The need for such a facility is dear and present. However we can leave no stones unturned if we Are to be successful in obtaining it now. The clustering of Hir Sefc Bowen and South Shore together with a new facility will improve the calibre of education throughout the area substantially. This will also promote integration and stabilize our communities. Kach of you can help at this to me by writing to the school Board and advising that you feel the Board should act now. And adopt a plan for clustering As i have already mentioned. If you wish you May Send me a copy of your letter to the Chatham Avalon Park Community Council office 7923 South Park. Such letters will let members of our schools committee know that Vou care. Perhaps very few of you will get off your hands at this time in order to make any contribution whats Ever toward this current Effort. However if you done to show an interest by doing something at this time you should look at yourself in the Mirror and say a a i ainu to ready if you have to Tell yourself this you should be mindful that this Effort will proceed to a successful conclusion. Havighurst is working for it. The communities affected Are working for it. And it begins to look like Ben Willis will support it too. A train up a child in the Way he should go by Marion Henley Marion Henley to was almost deadline time and i still did no to have a column ready. Suddenly i looked up and in walked my Story for the week. If you be been Reading past columns you know How much i like teenagers. They can be exasperating at times but they can be lots of fun also. If you want some straight Forward answers to any questions ask a teen Ager. The Young Man that came into the office is the son of a Friend. His Mother and 1 worked together for years in Pat and then took part in demonstrations seeking to gain Quality education for All children. He walked in looking quite handsome As a . Marine and 22 pounds heavier. Talking with him just made my Day. He had tried so hard to stay in High school but succeeded seemingly to stay at Odds with the faculty. He finally gave up and joined the marines. He is a classic example of the kind of struggle that so Many of our children have. His . Was average so it Wasny to that he could not do the work. If you could have Hoard him Tell me of his stay in the marines you would be encouraged for every other boy who has not yet found himself. 1 urged him to visit with some of his friends who Are goofing off in school now. He told me that if he had known then what he knows flow he would still be in school. For him the marines has been a saving Power. It has changed his life from one of aimlessness to one with a purpose. The glow in his eyes As he told me How he has found himself will remain with me for a Long Long time. He is stationed on the West coast and when he returns there he expects to go overseas. The thing that will stay with me longest i believe Are the questions he keeps asking himself How did it happen and when did i grow up ? he said one thing was certain when he has a son he is going to really stay on him. He is taking electronics while in the marines and really enjoying it. Ironically enough the discipline life is what he enjoys most. To you who Are parents pay particular attention to what this very Young Man was saying. He was saying As so Many other teen agers Are saying they need to be disciplined. We need to remember that love is the greatest source for Good there is. It is not to be identified with the kind of Nimby Pamby relationships that Are found today. Our lord hastens those whom he loves and he is our example. Our children need the kind of love that will insist on their learning to discipline themselves. This teen Ager did no to realize with How much Wisdom he spoke. A train up a child in the Way he should go and when he is old he will not depart from proverbs 22 6

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