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Chicago Bulletin (Newspaper) - August 27, 1964, Chicago, Illinois Albur Max s negroes must now collect on Check by Chorles Clew 17th Ward ,fj5<ttn< on the Check for More than 350 years we have been making deposits on full Freedom. Deposits like having to get up out of out seats on the buses to give to someone who has full Freedom. We have nursed their children served in their kitchens helped to build their schools paid our share of taxes and have had to buy their run Down Homes. We have been denied every conceivable luxury that America has afforded its citizens. We have even had to be counted second to foreigners who have come to our country the Only country we know anything about. We have helped to build the Chew roads and yet. We have been denied a decent seat on the Railroad cars. We have fanned their land we have had four months of schooling or no schooling. We have been driven to jail like cattle we have endured water hoses cattle prods and even police brutality. We have been victims of injustice. We have been sent to prison and yet we were innocent. We have be denied food when we were hungry and even denied the right to eat in a place of Comfort. We have fought in Ever it War that this country has had. We have gone to foreign continents and they even had us segregated there. We have been denied equal representation for Over taxation. We have Given our sweat our talents and our blood for this land of ours. We have had a hand in building everything that America can be proud of. We have carried the mortar to build Beautiful budding and yet. Denied the right to live in them. Inspire opt All these handicaps and injustices that have been ours to live with we have remained Loyal to America. We Are her citizens we know of no other country. We cannot go Back to Africa because we have never been there. We have remained Loyal to America because this is our Way of life. These Are the deposits that we Nave made with America. Now we want to a collect on the done to be amazed when you see us in the universities and colleges throughout the deep South. This i a partial payment on the Check. Done to lie amazed when we rent the top floor of a High Rise building. This is a collecting on the done to be surprised when you see All our children it dec a if you Don t do something soon i m a to editor blasts daily columnist a Kilt t lie Mil a Joni Puriity i Orr nil my Iii uni ii my _ j playing with your children this is a collecting on the 1.4 a i to q o f ii �1 f in i 0147ci Check done to be amazed when we Send our own rep x Al Vij ajl �5 v incl l j. A 1c a a o resent Tives to the Halls of con Arress. Men and women a it x resent Tives to the Halls of Congress men and women who have our interest at heart this is a collecting on the done to be amazed when you find us in every other walk of life sharing the luxuries that America has had. This is a collecting on the done to be amazed when we buy our Homes in Good communities. Done to be amazed when you can no longer run us Back this is a a collecting on the $ it a a my suggestion to you is done to move out move Over. It is no longer a let my people it is a let a people it is because we Are overdue for giving in because it is the True american Way of life and because it is gods Way of life. We Are no longer turning the other Cheek. All i am saying is it is time to a collect on the America America god shed his Grace on thee and Crown thy Good with brotherhood from sea to shining sea. America America lets not have brotherhood month in february let s make All the years brotherhood years America for americans. Some 01 Vor May know my actions in the last Council meeting pertaining to the school Board nominees. We must protest these evil things that Are thrust upon us by someone who is apparently out of touch with our desires. We must protest it in the streets in the Chambers of the City Council and in the state legislature. What i am saying is until someone who is holding this Power knows that we Are not going along with the status quo we must protest. Sometimes we feel that we Are fighting alone but we Are never alone because we arc fighting for what is right and right will win in the end. A the school Board needs color on it. And until we get some More color on the school Board i will have to oppose anything else. I was elected to represent the people and what or who can be any More worthier than our Little ones they Are the Corner stones of the America of tomorrow. Lets feed them Well so that they May grow tall and Strong. A writ . It on pre teen problems by Albert Cunningham Iii dear Al w hat do you do when your Mother says you be done something you Haven to done then when you say you did no to do it she says you re lying. 1 think this is most unfair. My Mother does this constantly. Vet. Because she a my Mother 1 can to say a word about it or in a talking Back. Someday ill rebel. A Plain made dear a a Plain Cravo you re so right. In fact i believe there Are other examples such As 1. Parents avoiding the truth by saying a i done to want to hear any. More about your pal Al 2. Parents blaming things younger sister or brother do on the older brother or sister simply be As they say a a our re older than he Tor she is so you ought to know there Are parents teachers and Many other people for the pre teen to Deal with each a different Way. In tact the Roll of the pre teen is really to of a for the next few weeks. Your pal air. Column will be devoted to problems such As those listed Al to a. Send some of yours in get it off your shoulders Send them to Albert Cunningham c o the Hull tin i39 a 71st St., Chicago 111, or Call St 3-10 la. Dear editor David Lawrence s column of Jan. J6 Chicago daily news was disturbing for severed reasons. First because Lawrence who is patently unsympathetic to demands for a Freedom now for the negro presumed to advise him on How to Best solve a a his problem when a i reasonably informed persons know that the problem is not the negro s but americans. Our nation faces the present perilous situation because for generations the majority of our people have harboured the convict Ion it spoken or otherwise that Black americans Are somehow not entitled to the opportunities privileges and benefits of a free society to the same extent As their fellow citizens. The Lawrence Effort was particularly unfortunate because he used for his Purpo get an Impromptu speech by Philadelphia a former m a v o Richardson Dilworth which Dilworth probably regretted when the stimulation of the occasion subsided. Lawrence quoted with evident relish dil Worth s charge that some negro leaders Are Damag ogs. It should not be necessary to Point out that unfortunately some of every group s leaders Are demagogy in fact considering the manlies invalidity of nut St of his tirade one could argue with some justification that Dilworth still smarting from rejection by the people of Pennsylvania was in this instance resorting to a Little demagoguery himself. Finally the Lawrence commentary left this negro with a profound sense of frustration and it it pair because it totally lacks any comprehension of the nature Kaiui depth of our deter unit on i. W i Hall not Ivr to i to which dive not in it pet of. D nil As men. To be sure it is exceedingly regrettable that we have been i Imit Elled to demonstrate for our rights and have thereby Given others an excuse to retaliate with Molix tur it i it also unfortunate that we have sometimes found it to make issues out of things Whit 11. T Envoi a Usu is guv different ought a con a lured a Lum Eque Tiol. What .1.� we really How let i an ask him it Elf Sliv a a a it us if he Wert in a negro riot his place there o difference. Would he halt his efforts because some advised him that he we invite you to tip Ross your opinion. Names and addresses must be Given before letters will be considered for publication names or addresses will be omit Tod Only upon written request. The right to condense or ctr Fly letter is it Trad. Just could not win because he was cause he had Faith in the ultimate outnumbered or would he con Triumph of truth0 Tine his struggle because his Arthur Hamilton 7724 s. Manhood demanded it and be Michigan. Of a a in hints re a bitty a Bachelor shows skill with decor by Betty j live alone and like it Bachelor Gus Moore 8140 s. Cottage Grove ave., shares his excellent decorating ideas with us this week. The Kitchen has pure beige Walls. The curtains Are in Light Cream trimmed with a dark Brown embroidery. This is an a a in shaped Kitchen with White porcelain cabinets and counters on one Wall. It is a Petite one half room with a folding door As room divider. Moore a dining room and Den has Rose beige coloured Walls and beige carpeting. These drapes Are unusually attractive highlighting Gold and White and shades of yellow. The three piece lining room set is in mahogany with desk to match. A Brilliant Gold covering accents the bar that has a Sheen like metallic. The bar topped with Black and White Marble with bar stools to match. The chandelier is unique. It is brass with 5-different pastel bulbs inside of Bubble like shades creating a warm and pleasant atmosphere which blends in perfectly with the Den Section. There is a converted bar bordering the Wall which is used for storage. The bathroom is done in baby Blue tile with yellow and Grey trimmings. The living room continues the beige color scheme on the Walls. This room might be considered the height of simplicity but not lacking in Quality or taste. Furnishings Are traditional a Basic Wood mahogany. The Couch and two chairs Are in Pale beige. Two extra chairs Are in Burnt Orange. Drapes Are antique Gold with completed covered Cornice. The bedroom has Rose beige Walls. The drapes Are in Neutral beige. Accessories have flares of a dark rid and shades of red and Pink around the room. Furnishings Are Early american in Honey combed w Alnut. The closet door and the main room Entrance have folding plastic doors. There is a Shadow Box on the Wall Over the headboard of the bed which was originally finished in dark mahogany. In order to make it blend in with the Walnut furnishings it was guided with Copper Spray dear plastic Spray and a Silver Spray Silver Spray is spot sprayed. Got a decorating idea Send it to Betty j. C o the bulletin we will be Happy to print it. Avci Man .9imm a is Sava a in a of a re nth saw Ftfe Poh a fat re a fret a Rio my so tfx to a amp Tim t. C�9t Arf Lwi a not Mart in photo. To it Fieri caul Frt pc a a a ii to fort t. A a non Tel Ferri it Fuff Ireby vow Rte my More of Al a of i. 71�� of it St Worf 3.1040 Iii it i Iii i my ii Iii Annii nitwit Iii Nikii a Mai Unis a we Wmk m�?4my attorn Tiht no a to my of cent Nhit . Win Mil in opinions a pre a Eli by columnists or in by line article a re not necessarily held by Thia newspaper to maintain editorial standards this newspaper will not accept priv tent Tot publishing news items or photographs. Also when a news item or photograph is omitted from an Issue due to space limitations every Effort will be made to publish it it the next Issue unless its news value has substantially decreased the editorial opinion of this newspaper is non sectarian and Independent of any political group r i Ltd i sixth year no. 15 we Alt of january 30, 1964 to feb tory 3, 1964 Pic a 4 f of Kiwi of Chatham it takes courage to fight political wars by William cousins or. President Park Community Council nominate Daniels and Raynor for Congress ent Johnson has declared a War on poverty and this is Good. Of course i m wondering what he and Many of our other officials have been doing to these Many years. In be noted that no new strategy has been announced for carrying out the new War on poverty. So wondering has been intensified. And following the presidents Cue All the negro democratic com William cousins Mitte Emen in Chicago Foit Ned an exclusive club of democratic committeemen under the name of a Assembly to end prejudice injustice and now i also want to know what our committeemen have been doing to end prejudice injustice and poverty a to these Many years. Now that they have formally announced that they Are going to work for these laudable purposes Are we justified in concluding that they Haven to been so preoccupied up to now perhaps we Are justified in concluding that our Ward leaders Havno to been overworking themselves to attain the ends they professed last week to be organizing to seek. Then too perhaps they Are concerned that somebody else might actually do something. Perhaps they Are attempting to develop a tighter Bond among themselves in order to have a More solid Phalanx to use in attacking others who Are attempting to prove the plight of our people. Eaglewood views there Are Many a perhaps Quot about their move. One thing is Crystal Clear however they intend to give us plenty of eyewash. Government is our most important business. And its tragic that men with a Public be damned attitude have either grabbed or been appointed to political positions of Power and have used their Power so As to further impoverish a substantial percentage of our people. They impoverish us by utilizing the Feudal system feeding us crumb3 and keeping us obedient by threatening to take away even the crumbs if we become at one time i sought personally to fight in the political wars. I was and remain attracted to much that Abraham Lincoln said and did. I thought and still think it important that Public officials work to do for the people what needs to be done and what the people can not do so Well As the government. But the old pros looked and still look upon me with suspicion. A in politics according to the honorable j. Horace Gardner the first Rule is that of self preservation. Anybody in politics who does no to believe in this As the first principle is for the pros politics is the business of taking care of yourself first last and always. The Young politicians stand around waiting for the old ones to die and the old ones try to keep standing to kill off the Young politicians. It takes a Man of considerable courage to fight for reforms or changes in this sort of system. Halsted Morgan 1963 by Henry p. Wilson president Halsted Morgan Community association r i Henry Wilson 2. The Halsted Morgan Community association with the cooperation of Block clubs and other organizations including the Ward committeeman and the Alderman has made much Progress in the year 1963, Many projects have been in a supporting role and quite Active. The following is a list of our accomplishments for the year 1963 and the projected program for 1964 1. Obtained negro butchers in two supermarkets in the Englewood area. Handled 26 building department complaints pertaining to buildings in our area. Nine pertaining to illegal conversions three cases still pending on zoning Board hearings. Presented statement supporting open occupancy ordinance. Held conferences with the department of Urban renewal regarding the r-47 63rd and Hal sted Street proposal. Presented statements to the department of Urban renewal on the May 1st Public hearing and repeated with an amended statement on june 5th. Conferences held pertaining to these. Held conference on police Protection because of burglaries robberies curfews and abandoned cars being removed from our area. Supplied Volunteer workers to participate in xray Mobile units at 63rd and Halsted Street 3. 4. S. 6. 7. 8. 9. Cooperated with . In the food drive for Relief recipients. Participated with the by racial a committee in the 57th and Morgan summer disturbance. 10. Cooperated with Guggenheim school protest and picketing. 11. Cooperated with Community organisations in the Chicago Public school Boycott. 12. Educational program was co sponsored by our organization and others in cooperation with Chicago youth commission having eight graduates from our area. 13. Contributed to the Day Camp program for children of welfare Aid. 14. Cooperated with the . In giving thanksgiving groceries to 200 families in Englewood. 15. Made Survey of All streets and alleys for repairs and followed through on requesting repairs resulted in Complete repairs throughout the area. 16. Completed Survey of All broken curbs finding 16. Necessary action to Correct these conditions have been taken. 17. Held 4th annual Tea and fashion show in the St. Stephens Parish Hall. 18. Surveyed for All Street drains in need of cleaning finding 23. To Date All have been cleaned. V our program for 1964 will by As follows 1. Mass meeting to be held in february with All candidates for the committeeman Post being the panel. The Community will participate in a question and answer period. 2. Englewood civic Ball to be the main event of the year. A suggested procedure to accomplish this is As follows a. Tickets to be sold on percentage basis to Block clubs b. King and Queen to be represented from each Block in the area c. Proceeds to be used in the programming of Halsted Morgan and possibility of aiding a College tuition for some outstanding student graduating this year d. Committee to Complete arrangements to be drawn from each Block in our area. So we have received word from Alderman Charles Chew that our ordinance pertaining to no peddling in our area was introduced by him in the last City Council meeting held thursday january 23, 1964

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