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Chicago Bulletin (Newspaper) - August 26, 1965, Chicago, Illinois Shifting saws a at a heart of darkness. De. Note editor Hurley Green it on vacation. In his absence members of the staff of the bulletin will sub for him. Area priest felled in Alabama by Leon r. Forrest de. Note editor Hurley Green is still on vacation. In his absence members of the bulletin staff will sub for him. This weeks column is by staff writer Leon r. Forrest. This fall the first chapter of his novel a a that a your Little red Wagon will be published Black Bird Magazine. That Loving celebrant and creator of the towering novel invisible Man negro Middle aged Ralph Ellison has said of the kind of novel he envisions a i believe that True novels even when most pessimistic and bitter arise out of an impulse to celebrate human life and therefore Are ritualistic and ceremonial at their Core. Thus they would preserve As they destroy affirm As they perhaps the results of bad Art mirroring infantile images of negro characters extending from much of our Frontier literature a and in nearly All the of forms of american cultural and social thinking and living has done More to Render the truth of the negro experience an opaque wilderness than the racist cant and propaganda a thereby severely blinding and damaging both the White and the negro. The flaming experiences of the last two weeks coupled with the still phlegmatic attitudes of Many Whites in the highest places of authority would tend it seems o me to underscore this blindness and ignorance. Audiences really do take their Art forms to be a a significant imitation of life although All too often it seems to me american writers have been heedless to Aristotle a timeless edict when confronted with the negro As character. Yet the blues a in the face of this bad Art a and certain a voices in jazz have had the marvelous audacity to transcend this most dehumanizing criminal negation of the negroes character rampant in our literature. Revealing and telling us of the whole of the underground negro experience yet never neglecting the parts of that experience the creators of the Subtle blues and jazz have found a kind of lyrical Beauty within the Nightmare and an absorb comedy within the tragedy of the plight. For the negro Folk artist it seems to me has traditionally brought the essential Quality of love to his music a a traditional Quality All but lost among our negro writers. And although much of the society it is True has negated the negroes humanness it seems to me it is pitiable when the artist himself the ritualistic High priest reaffirming and warning his particular culture lacks love of that culture and is subconsciously drained by hatred of it. Here for instance is Blind John Davis in 1929, the year of the depression and two years after the terrible Mississippi flood full of indictment but also Celebration humanity love and comedy a Well its the blues in my House from the roof to the ground and ifs the blues everywhere since my Good Man left town. Blues in my mail Box a cause i can to get no mail says blues in my bread Box a cause my bread got stale. Blues in my meal barrel and there a blues upon my shelf and there a blues in my bed a cause in a sleeping my compare the above with White poet Vachel Lindsay a negating the Leaden eyed speaking of the negro experience and Given a particular Blessing by the Mississippi born negro novelist Richard Wright in a manner rather be speaking much of Wrights Loveless fiction it seems to me in Wrights introductory essay for Black Metropolis a it is not that they starve but that they starve so dreamless it is not that they sow but that they Seldom reap it is not that they serve but they have no gods to serve it is not that they die but that they die like essayist of sometimes lightning like brilliance James Baldwin in 1948, dealt with the negation of the negroes humanity in american fiction in that now legendary essay a a everybody a protest in substance the gifted Baldwin decried the kind of protest novel from Uncle Toms Cabin to Wrights native son in which the negro characters depicted in novels were devoid of humanity and simply cardboard characters thusly falling Back into the same a bag of stereotypes they sought to explode but not unhappily explore and therefore giving indirect Aid and sustenance to the false image makers the racists. But a declarative statement is one thing and the trial of fiction ally activating pronouncements quite another a thesis that Baldwin often times among others it seems to me believes to be the function of fiction rendering the negro characters in their novels a collection of headless and soulless cardboard preach ments. Thusly forgetting the species of artistic suicide or was it genocide that drove the talented but love continued on Page 4 Saint Columbanus assistant pastor seriously injured by Leon r. Forrest the life of the Rev. Richard f. Morrisroe assistant pastor of St. Columbanus Church 331 e. 71st, still hangs in the balance As the results of massive Abdomen wounds inflicted upon him by an assailant August 20who has been described by his fellow Hayneville Alabama townsmen As a a pillar of the but in All truth Friday August 20, was a Day in which a member of the human family descended into the Savage wilderness of the primeval soul. Tough minded in his commitment and Hearty in his love for his fellow Man the gentle tempered boys Fly handsome for. Morrisroe is possessed of Many impressive gifts civil right activist writer thoughtful debtor Counselor. But firstly he is a roman Catholic priest determined to bring the minis Tery and laity into close communication As the Bright Light is revealed to him through his vision of god Church and Man. Like his slain companion in in the Christian dialogue episcopal seminarian Johnathan m. Daniels for. Morrisroe has sought to take the a a calling Back to the highest traditions of its founder a that of disciple and Follower of Christ a life and Loving pastor among his flock. And it has been for. Morrisroe a Sweet Joy since joining St. Columbanus to Manifest his a a vision of the priests calling a knowing and leading his flock a with All of that sparkling intelligence behind his fair Noble Temple. But in a different dimension knowing for. Morrisroe a True Christian spirit As we do a we can speculate that he has already forgiven his assailant a even in Semi consciousness in his most secret heart and prays for his a speedy spiritual recovery. A he is probably deeply troubled Over the Depths and nature of racial hatred itself that Tore the heart and humanity from his assailant and made him the Enactor of a vicious demented passion. And Richard Morrisroe is probably most concerned Over the collective apathy of All of the Good yet criminally uncaring people both White and Black North and South As his own life hangs in the balance in the Hospital at Montgomery Alabama. Richard Morrisroe is 26 years old. But his brow is wrinkled deeply by the cruel realities of americans collective a trouble in mind.�?�. And he has Laboured with the total energies of his body and soul along freedoms Road towards Freedom now in the Southland and in his beloved Chicago a so that no Man will be rendered an a a Island unto himself so that no Man need fear the Shadow of the dying Sun in any Hamlet or City dwelling of this Republic. This tender vigorous chicagoan who through his ennobling actions words and deeds has Given us All the spiritual sustenance and glorious responsibility a amid All of the havoc of recent Days a to believe that we can and shall and indeed must overcome. For. Morrisroe has re kindled the legacy of Many a Torch for Freedom now amid the desolate ruins and darkness of the soul. For we the friends of Dick Morrisroe emboldened by his a a vision and his total commitment do feel a deep within our hearts More than Ever that we shall overcome Rev. R. F. Morrisroe Englewood a fourth annual Back to school Parade set delivered per month 25c Chatham Englewood Park Manor Chicago a leading Community weekly a map participants to assemble at Beale school saturday seventh year no. 45 week of aug. 26 to sept. I 1965 published at 639 e. 71st St., Stewart 3-1040 Price 10c per copy the sound of swinging music Beautiful floats and pageantry will usher Englewood a youngsters Back to their classes August 28th. Dedicated to the principal that the a drop out problem is everybody so headache a Englewood Community organization Chatham festival sunday Parkway Council festival 4th . Festival to feature bands a Avenue of flags the incorporated Council of Parkway Garden Homes will celebrate its fourth United nations festival on saturday August 28th, 1965 on the grounds of the Parkway Garden Homes development located in the 6300-6500 blocks along South Park. The activities will begin with a display of More than one Hundred Falls of the various member nations along the a Avenue of flags bordering South Park. A Parade Complete with marching band costumed marchers and majorettes will follow. The marchers will proceed to a bandstand where a program will be presented by the youth of the Community. This year the program has been augmented through the services of the Woodlawn Urban Progress Center 1250 e. 63rd St., operating under the Federal anti poverty act and will include presentation of awards to participate of the Urban Progress Center program within Parkway. Items of handicraft and paintings created in the program will be on display. An added feature of the festival will be a foods of foreign in this phase of the program authentic dishes of several lands will be served. Albion Ward 6514 South Park is president of the Council. Robert Ingram 6428 Rhodes continued on Page 4 our proudest possessions 5 fit Ai Quot 4 t inh a h it. It a push up. If versatility is the Mark of the True artist a operation push up is richly endowed with budding geniuses. A push up is a project of the Chicago committee on Urban Opportunity designed to provide Grade school age children with a Chance to take part in group activities and visit places of cultural and educational interest. Push up stations sponsored by Englewood a Urban Progress Center 839 w. 64th St., facilities Are donated by the location at which the programs Are held. Like head Start push up seeks with All modern instruments and teaching devices to uplift the Community a youth our proudest possessions. The Englewood youngsters will display their skills in an open House sunday August 29th from to . To to . Pictured Here from left to right Are Theodore Mcewing 6422 Emerald musical director mrs. Emma Parks 1336 w. 61st, chairman open House tour guides Brian Dennis 1208 w. 64th, publicity mrs. Naomi Hughes 8158 Eberhart chairman of open House Community Homer Talbert 6512 Green program chairman mrs. Elouise Johnson 8143 Michigan refreshment chairman. Picture was taken at Englewood Urban Progress Center 64th and Green. Area couple attacked by youths cops turn away get a head Start on fall and Winter Home and school necessities by Selling All your Don t needs with a bulletin want and Don t delay this is the Day Call St 3-1040 the Long of bigotry reached out again in Chicago and felled an area negro woman her husband and her sister. But where was the Long of the Law this question was asked by Melvin Kennedy 6757 Ada who with his wife and sister in Laws went to grab a bit to eat at the Burger King restaurant 1539 w. Garfield blvd., last Friday and were attacked by a gang of White youths. Mrs. Kennedy is now in Michael Reese Hospital suffering from internal injuries. She gave this account of the incident a we went to the restaurant to buy some hamburgers. Included in the party were my husband Melvin a . Elevator operator my sister Ber Nadine Byrd of 42 w. Garfield two other Sisters and a Nephew nine months old. A i noticed to or 15 White boys hanging around but i did no to think anything of it. My sister Bernadine and i went in. A negro Man was seeking service. A when the negro Man left the White youths jumped him and smashed his glasses. He fell Back inside. A my husband yet unaware anything was wrong came to Tell me to change the order. I waved him to go Back but he came anyway. A then the White boys jumped him. I ran out along with my sister. A patrol car was parked in the Back but the White Driver drove away. A two White policemen from a Paddy Wagon which drove up grabbed my husband and pulled his C.A. Over his head while the White boys kicked him in the face. A the two policemen were hitting Melvin with their clubs while the White boys walked away. My sister was attempting to pull the policemen off Kennedy took up where his wife left off. A i done to know whether the police joined in on the attack but they failed to give us Protection by leaving the scene. I tried to get to my car. I noticed that my wife had been injured by an object possibly a Brick. As we drove off Whites ran alongside the car shouting a Nigger a meanwhile cmdr. William a. Mccann of the Englewood District said the police department is seeking to learn the reason Why the police officers William Hoogland and de Zya Czek let the White attackers get away. He said their actions a appeared to be a matter of bad or. Kennedy continued. A we finally got out of there and i drove my wife to Michael Reese where i called the police. Kennedy said he went to 1121 s. State St., to report the incident to police supt. O. W. Wilson but Wilson was out. He said he was then directed to go to the internal investigation division where he filed a report. The Case is still pending in the police department. Art exhibit show big Parade will give fun for All by r. Quot scoop Quot Jackson the biggest Day of the year in Chatham is almost upon us. The Day one that will be remembered by every citizen of the area is sunday when the Chatham festival will be held. The festivities will begin at 9 ., in the Chatham y.m.-c.a., 1012 e. 83rd St., with an Art exhibit that will continue throughout the Day. The executive vice president of the Chatham Avalon Park Community Council Milton Lamb 8241 Vernon said a a it la be a jubilant time. There la be More Quality prizes than any festival anyplace has been Able to boast. This festival is definitely geared for the whole among the prizes will be to sets transistor radios wigs barbeque grills steam and dry Irons antique automobile Banks toys hams ladies hats and other merchandise. Beni Casselle coordinator of the Art exhibit says there will be Over 150 works of artist on display at the other events of the Day will be a Parade variety show and a teen King and Queen dance. So if you re out driving sunday done to plan to drive in 87th Street Between the hours of noon and 4 . Because if you do you will wind up in the biggest Parade Ever held in Chatham. The Parade is set to Start at 12 20, after assembling in the rear of the shopping Center at 87th and cottage. A motorcade of hundreds of cars will begin travelling West on 87th Street at about 12 40 . Also there will be thousands of marchers. The Parade will move West to state Street then North to 79th Street. It will travel East to cottage and Back to 87th Street and on to the Chatham at 6 30 ., a variety show will be held in the gymnasium of the among the acts to be featured will be Kande Klain Martha Jean love and Linzola Reaux. The music will be under the direction of pianist band Leader Jojo Pernell. A ticket to the show will entitle holders to be eligible for door prizes to be awarded after the show. Nine of clock will be the hour when 12 teens will be holding their breath. At that hour two will be chosen As King and Queen of the festival for 1965. Following the crowning of the continued on Pae a in is sponsoring its 4th annual a Aback to school Parade and fun Day. Kick off time for the gala but serious parading and festivities is 11.00 ., saturday August 28th. Willie Pittman 6350 Green chairman of the event states that he is certain that this years Parade will outshine any other and that this will be by far the largest Parade Ever attempted by any Neil boyhood group in the City. Participants will assemble at 10 00 . At Beale school 60th and Racine. The Parade will proceed East on 60th St. To Halsted South on Hal sted to Marquette Road then swing out West on Marquette Road to Throop and into Ogden Park. Participants in the Parade include the Englewood business menus association various churches and civic groups better citizens Cadet corp., the Urban league Pepsi cola bottling company radio stations wind won and anus several drum and Bugle corps a number of bands and majorette groups color guards and Drill teams representing various Englewood Community institutions and the Joe Louis milk co. Riding a float sponsored by the . Will be Wie Boldt women employees wearing the latest in fall fashions which will include the new a total Riding the Pepsi cola float will be students from Englewood High school. Wieboldt a store 63rd and Halsted will be represented with a float of Beautiful Young ladies. Along with the Young ladies will be the store manager Morris Heiberg and youth promotion Counselor Sandi Craig. Many dignitaries Are expected to View the Parade. Among them Richard j. Daley mayor of Chicago Alderman Charles Chew or. Of the 17th Ward and w. Norbert Engles president of Chicago City Bank. The Parade will Climax in Ogden Park with prizes being offered for the Best drum and Bugle corps color guard and Drill team. Refreshments will be served to All participants holding a refreshment ticket. A crowd of approximately 50,000 people is anticipated. Berry will key talks on Freedom a the struggle for Freedom will be the subject of a breakfast talk to be Given by Edwin c. Berry executive Secretary of the Chicago Urban league. He will appear August 29 at 7 30 . At the quarterly breakfast Given by the United menus Council of Bethlehem covenant presbyterian Church 7300 s. Maryland in Fellowship Hall. This affair is open to the Public. You May make reservations by calling Douglas Johnson 224-6225 or Earlie Williams he 3-9221. Best food buys this week j each week the bulletin publishes the Best food buys at your local food store As advertised in your bulletin Georgia a finest i a $ frying chickens in la. Whole a 2 bag limit a wonder food Page 3 Domino pure Cane qq0 sugar. 5-lb. Baumm a Vitos Page 5

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