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Chicago Bulletin (Newspaper) - August 11, 1966, Chicago, Illinois Fares of tomorrow s leaders while and it Laek in Gage Park. If the City county state or National government draws upon its leaders from among the masses How does it reconcile its selections from such a crop represented in the two Center photos these they say Are our leaders of the future gathered in Gage Park to Block heckle and even violate the Phy shifting scenes after the pot boils Over then what by Hurley Green editor and make no mistake about it the pot has boiled wer not Only in Chicago but All Over the country where a ghetto Zed living has been fostered for so Many ears on negroes and other minor to groups. And having boiled Over a All the Kings horses and All the rings men cannot Stop the Over Low of Long pent up frustrations. White sociological experts the White press the White politicians my now the White clergymen have Given various reasons Why the pot hould not boil Over. Seemingly hey have All overlooked the Hunan Factor. They have been so Lell Bent on preserving the inde Sical being of their fellow men. Then look at the two photos at each either end. Would t these be much the better Choice of leaders for the years ahead at extreme left or. Martin Luther King Al Raby and the Rev. Stray Freeman Lead the marchers in song at Friendship Baptist Church 844 71st St. Where the Start of their trek against real estate discrimination in Gage Park. The second photo Speaks for itself the car emblazoned with Quot White Power Quot Quot Kkt Quot Quot go Home scum Quot signs the nazi Swatuska Emblem and the German Cross. The occupants of the car exhibit the hate breathing signs proudly note California License plate As does the Quot we want Wallace Quot Banner sign bearer in the third photo. In Sharp contrast is the peaceful proud and orderly group of marchers in the photo at the extreme right. From which group would you rather draw a future Leader area priest beaten in Gage Park delivered per month 25c Chatham Inglewood Park Manor i Chicago a leading Community weekly father Clements describes mob attack police Rescue by Hurley Green c l e r g i c a ii the Rev. George h. Cle published at 639 e. 71st St., Stewart 3-1040 Price 10c per copy no. 39�?week of August la thru August 18,1966 sidewalk Sale at Englewood Green biggest sidewalk Sale Ever to be staged in the 63rd and s. Halstead St. Area opens thursday morning at 9 . And will continue through saturday to 6 . More than 75 stores and shops will join in this 4th an sensible position of Urgan segregation that they have Nual end of summer outdoor ailed to accurately gauge the temperature of the bargain festival according to 4 a a Norman Kerms of Norman water jewellers and Ben Elman of Al the water represents the vast sea of negroes that Are Man shoes co chairman for eing constantly poured into the already too full pot of the sponsoring Englewood Busi. Jj.,Ness men s association Hird class housing third class jobs and worse still participating will be stores Hird class educational facilities. All of these ingredients from 6ist to 67th its. On Lave come to a boil at one time. Waisted St. And stores and shops from Carpenter to har As negroes we have tried for the past ten years to Vard its. On 63rd St., Kernis Erh Alize our plight. Our need for adequate educational 3aid plants have been stated and re stated. It was Only after inlu�d"gspcciaf1 buys in in Nany mass marches and demonstrations that Chicago Linery shoes jewelry purses my the school Board made the Concession to seek a housewares furniture linens. School superintendent that might be More sensitive to Whitbe sort he use a d he needs of the negro Community. Hours Are from 9 . To 9 for generation after generation White merchants pm thursday and Friday and ave earned vast fortunes by the exploitation of be saturday trim 9 am t0 6 purees in negro communities. They sold inferior prod cts at outrageous prices and for Many years refused Jpn 71/7 i lj/i71 c 0 even hire negro help. 1 1 r the usual White answer to this statement is a Well a j of could have shopped elsewhere a this for a Long of i l1cltl& Ime was an impossibility also. First of All we did not ave the mobility to trave to White shopping centers Gre a my la he Huv a and secondly we could not buy in sufficient Quantity to their intention of participating Nake such a venture feasible. In the aug. 27 a Aback to school without researching for a lot of percentages and Fig be Vrr a gtd Wood Ctm ares i can very readily recall my own childhood in the Unity organization. 733 Ghetto. On my first part time Job. I worked 48 hours per 64th St., this years affair will Eek for a salary of $1.75 per week. Keep in mind that be the biggest in the past five years Only worked part time. The negro Butcher employed since announce mini of prep a a full time basis earned the grand salary of $10.00 rations by William l. Pitter week. I can also remember quite vividly How each Man 6530 Green coordinator j j 1 ri1 a a and John Parks chairman. 25 saturday night watching this White merchant filling up groups have signed up or the Brown paper bag with Rolls and Rolls of Greasy torn affair Ard earned negro dollars and taking them Back to oth Pittman had issued a Call r White businessmen to exploit and underpay More Negu is drum to workers. There was no break in the Circle. Now this amp Bugle corps bands Drill Idns to happen in the Gay nineties it was so recent that teams floats decorated con his same merchant is still filling up his Brown paper Blo do Church a in the ghetto sized Community of Woodlawn. True groups Community agencies his is Only one example but when you multiply the and businesses Urley greens by a million Chicago Whites ought to w.? ask do lnp0 j a i,.a b make this years theme Espe ave some idea As to Why the pot has boiled Over. Scially meaningful to the youth ask any banker or financial advisor and he will in the Community the theme Ell you that any family that pays More than 25% of its 5, ion11t pji1�?Ti"�s r u a a a a about no foiling get schooling. Come for housing is flirting with financial disaster. So car Pittman has received it the average income of ghetto livers is barely Over firm commitments from the 3,000 per year. On a sub Standard income like this a euro generally pays in excess of $100.00 per month for using. He lives in a building that has Long been aban one by Whites. He lives in a building that should have Eon torn Down years ago when the Whites moved but Wasny to. Instead negroes Are forced to pay almost twice he rent of the former White tenant. The garb of a roman Catholic ments. Priest provided no protect according to father Elevon from a hate filled ments a Egros currently assigned to St. Dorothy a Church 450 e. 78th St., he was dragged from a n automobile following his participation in last fridays Gage Park March beaten and pummelled about the face and White mob. For area priest King stoned in latest s. W. March Rev. Or. Martin Luther King jr., who was felled by a Rock body until his Rescue by two in Marquette Park As he led White police officers. 600 civil rights marchers Fri relating his experience to Day night vowed he will Lead a bulletin reporter father marches a again and again and Clements stated that along with again until alleged housing the other marchers after Dis segregation is ended in the Chi banding near Marquette Park Congo Lawn Gage Park area. A White Marcher offered to Kings declaration in the face drive him to his own car which of shouting and missile throw was parked further away ing by Many of the 4,000 White somewhere Between Rich objectors who battled the mood and Sacramento on mar marchers came As City officials Quette rd., a group of Young business leaders and clergy Whites stopped the car men pleaded for an end of riot smashed its windows tipped ing and bloodshed in the area. It Over and dragged both a King was knocked to his ther Clements and his while Knees shortly after he arrived Driver to the pavement where at Marquette Park about 4 50 the assault took place. P m. Witnesses said a Rock asked where the police pro thrown by a White youth hit Ted Ion was father Clements him on the Back of the head said that the police were sup he remained kneeling for a few posed to provide Protection for moments and then got up to cars left in Marquette Park. He Lead the demonstration in it a could not recall what happened prayer meeting in the Park to the person who had been rid police who surrounded him for ing with him Only a few motile rest of the March said King ments previously. Was not seriously injured. No though the thin 34-year-Rnark was left by the rocks old priest wore the traditional Impact. / Collar and cloth of the clergy. More than 1.000 police were he was severely beaten and on hand to protect the Mardi kicked before he was finally officials said it was the snatched from the mob by a Competition was keen in the Competition of the courts at the third annual Chatham Park Village fair saturday at 83rd place and Langley. The eight competing courts dreamed up some novel themes like gourmet inn outer space cafe International Hopper Korner country store variety store trading Post Kitchen Corner and Golden hat bar. Winning the first prize a 30-cup Coffee urn was court 13, Kopper Korner s represented by mrs. Val Thomas left717 e. 84th St. Making the presentation was mrs. Mary Anderson right719 Chicago Urban league commission on youth welfare Urban Progress Center Bethel lutheran Church 6200 Peoria. Englewood business mens association Kents and West Park Manor babe Ruth leagues. Others entering include the old town boys club. Fla in insure we Are sometimes forced to bring in relatives 66rtdiosasfaatbns it this is the Only Way we can continue to pay this sex won and wind. Ald. Charles Essie rent. Chew 17th and committee in the Way of housing Relief the City has built More May by Jasron Korey super mini More High Rise housing units thus compounding the pendent of District 20, has Elony. Anything to keep up the a Black curtain a promised that All the schools of the time has come to not Only pull aside the curtain the District will participate a to to Ai Iii timely in the Parade. The Amer it also to remove it. It is choking the very life out of ican trophy and award Compa he negro. This should have been recognized years and by 823 s. Wabash is donating ears ago. All of the trophies for the com streets have been widened to accommodate modern the do automotive traffic lakes have been deepened to provide ettes color guards Drill teams Pace for the Ocean liners and yet Chicago City planners Etc. Have failed to keep abreast of the need for expanded Quot unit using facilities for its negro population. From great lakes naval train our desperation is obvious when we Are even willing ing station. This team will spearhead the line of March. Continued on Page 4 continued on Page 4 How to play bulletin sweepstakes Hare Ere the rules each week the bulletin will offer $25 in Cash to one of its readers. Here s How it works every bulletin subscribers name will be put in a Hopper. Any other person living within the bulletin circulation area can mail us their name and address and we will also put their name in the same Hopper. Each week on Friday afternoon 4 ., one name will be drawn from the Hopper. A member of the bulletin circulation department will proceed to the Home of that person Between 5 00 and 6 00 . And if he or she has a current receipt from the bulletin newspaper they will receive the $25 in Cash. If the person is unable to produce a current receipt a $5.00 Cash Consolation prize willbe Given. Winner must be Home during Contact hour or you forfeit your Chance. There is not an obligation to get such a receipt. Residents of the circulation area can get a receipt by i paying their newsboy or 2 coming to either one of the bulletin offices and they will be Given a current receipt free of charge so they can qualify to be a Winner when the bulletin circulation staff member comes to their Home. This weeks sweepstakes Winner will receive $ 110 of Ftp Wietin employ and thir Familia a not Fig Ila to participate in the Sweepstake. Of it have no Winner the following weeks prize will be increased by $20. In this Issue . Sidewalk Sale ers. Largest police detail assigned to huge White Man who shoved any event outside of a presidential motorcade. Thousands of Whites Many armed with baseball bats. Him into a car where he was told to Lay Down on the floor. I was not until later that father Clements found out that his e. 84th St., while Herbert Fisher president Chatham Village Coop association looks on. Second prize a 22-cup Coffee urn was collected by mrs. Virginia Bishop 646 e. 83rd pl., gourmet inn for courts 2 and 3, again from mrs. Anderson. The judges gathered about and in the Quot planning committee Quot Booth were from left Herb Sapstein Sapstein s pharmacy 8258 cottage Grove mesdames Gwendolyn Melendez 8508 Prairie mrs. Alma Graham 8011 Evans Milton Lamb 8241 Vernon and a guile tin Booster editor Hurley Green. Rocks and stones harassed the rescuers were two detectives demonstrators of whom an is assigned to the Chicago Lawn timoted Quarter were White As police District. They were identify walked in the Middle of tidied As Bernard v. Rochford the Street to stage Demontra and his partner Thomas Mel tons against four real estate Lingott. Firm on 63rd St., who they father Clement had Only the charged with discrimination highest Praise for these offi against negroes. Cers. A these officers did their they opened up with a bar duty at great personal risk and rage of missiles on the March against extreme Odds a he ers during the opening prayer said. Meeting at Marquette Park and no beginner in civil for the remaining approximate rights father Clements was by four hours of the Demontra one of the first area priests to Tion kept up a steady attack journey to Alabama for the some of the missiles were a pm now historic Selma March. He 80�?Ts,�?� described As a sort of has returned to the South on firecracker with considerable other occasions As Well As Tak explosive Power. Eng Active part in the Chicago police arrested 41 persons civil rights fight including three women and describing the mob read Lour juveniles. Police estimated Tion to marchers in Gage Park that at least 30 persons include father Clements said a these ing or. King were injured in people seemed to have singled the incidents. Four policemen out members of the clergy for were Hurt. Special hate. I heard some the action started at 3 ., terms and threats made that i when White and negro pickets did no to believe possible a said marched in front of real estate the militant priest firms at 63rd St. All of the a one White woman screamed agencies were closed when the a Nigger priest at me until she pickets arrived. Fell to the ground wallowing in about 300 Whites standing her own vomit a he exclaimed across the streets from the de a a Many of those people monster actors jeered them but screamed that they would rip no violence occurred at this the veils from the nuns and time. At times a line of cars Many other vile things which i filled with White teenagers Rode will not repeat a he exclaimed. By the pickets shouting a White comparing the people of Power a and displaying conned Gage Park with Southern continued on Page 4 continued on Page 4 Best food buys this week each week the bulletin publishes the Best food buys at your local food store As advertised in your bulletin Georgia s finest frying chickens .25c la. Wonder food pig. To whole 2 bag limit . Choice pot roast .37c la. Vitos a f age 7 Wisconsin country fresh Grade a eggs. 3 dozen 75c country Stor a Page 4

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