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Chicago Bulletin (Newspaper) - April 26, 1962, Chicago, Illinois The bulletin. Thursday january 11, 1962 -. A a a Pigi 7 Ogden Park re elects officers Odessa Cook 1346 w. 64th St., Secretary. Also Maceo Dunson 6331 s Ada St., treasurer new officer and Rev. Clavborn Fields 6326 s. Ada St., chaplain. Reinstatement of officers a to be held in the Jan. 10 meeting in the Home of mrs. Mary Conway. 1246 w. 64th St. Mrs. Anna b. Walker 1302 w. 64th St. Is reporter of the group the regular monthly meeting of the Ogden Park neighbourhood improvement organization was held recently in the Home of or. And mrs. Richard Bowie 1340 w. 64th St. Election of officers was held with the following being elected to a second term of office mrs. Sylvester Stanley 6336 s. Ada St., president mrs. Richard Bowie vice president mrs. a s is your child a poor Reader the Advance Reading clinic can and will raise Reading and arithmetic Grade Levels grades 19 and Early High school accepted saturday school classes at 809 e. 42nd plact Beard of education teach arse Tut ton very Low time payments Small Claison 1-10 pupils per teacher Preveat Lew Craft to and failures Coll today tar Infra Matlow a 3-7794 after 5 . Free Reading arithmetic tests Leroy l. Johnson pledge for polio mrs. Agnes Thornton 7312 s. Vernon ave., president of the Chicago Northern District association of club women is greeted by Clyde e. Shorey jr., Cook county chapter chairman of the March of dimes National foundation during recent affair held in the wedge Wood room of Marshall Field amp co. The occasion marked the annual March of dimes women s division Tea where representatives of major Chicago women a clubs pledged 4,000 volunteers during the january March of dimes Campaign for funds. $ 5>� it a a a �?~ja/.1 a a a. A v ski a a Ltd a it by Afine Tyson mrs. John Fitzgerald Kennedy has been elected the world. Best dressed woman. Second Only to mrs. Kennedy is mexi can born mrs. Loel guinness o Paris an International socialite new York Courturier groups an Nual poll adds two of mrs. Ken Nedys Circle to the list of the Best dressed 12. They Are he sister Princess Stanislas Razl will of London and a close Friend mrs Charles b. Wrightsman o new York and Palm Beach. The Best dressed Hall of Fame is a permanent non competitive it status to which Only women Whf have been listed annually of More than three consecutive years in recognition for a inspiring elegance and Good taste in dress Are eligible. The internationally known Anc wealthy socialite mrs. Johnetti Walker Kelso was married to los Angeles businessman Emmet oreans Hozay. Or. And mrs. A. Maceo Walker brother and sister in Law of the Bride were the attendants. The new mrs. Rozsay is the widow of the ate or. Julian w. Kelso and daughter of the late or. Ant mrs. J. E. Walker founder of the Universal life insurance Gox Fottis i a a a a 7 a to i just a few of the fabulous c10se-0ut buys Birdseye diapers Quality Diomara with linked ia95 Adgor. Dozen to pm. Menus jackets assorted Colon sizes styles. Abb values to �10.93. A boys jackets values to #8.95. Choice of sizes it colors end styles. A men s sport shirts now drastically reduced a for this special event. Assorted colors sizes amp styles. $ 4 87 values to #3.93 i girls dresses bettor Quality girls dresses a. A Val was to s3.49 Wara discount priced at s2.i7. Now $1.88. $5.4? Val was Wara s4.87, now Only s2.88. Compare ibs Campara Obi at $3.49 1 at $5.4? 4 men s Wool Slacks compare of #8.95. Were Dis count priced at #4.83, now. Sweatshirts were discount priced at #1.03. Slight irregulars. 100 assorted paints values to #7.95. Discount priced at 2 for #5.95. Now. Train cases compare at #3.99. Now specially Sale priced at Only. Assorted tools value to 95c each. Were die count priced at 68c, now Only children s shoes better Quality More comfortable shoes for growing feet. All prices drastically slashed for this special Sale. Compare $441 at #5.00 q women s shoes your Choice of Flats or casuals a. Shoes for Leisure or sport Wear a comfortable better Quality shoes. Compare at $5.00 Campara 441 at $5.00 Man s dross to work shots values to #10.00. Reduced to #5.00 end also. A car Wash brushes Long Handlos for greater reach. Sqq were discount priced at #1.47. Men s Cotton sucks values to #3.95. Assorted colors sizes styles. Hooded sweatshirts values to #2.98 in this group. Now sloshed to Only a promo does array. Stop Early Tor Fratas selection. Plastic raincoats #2.95 values slashed to #1.00. #1.47 values Cut to. Ga9erdine sucks compare and Sava. Wara Dis $400 count priced at #3.87, now. A men s work socks packed 3, 4 or 5 pair to a a a package. Your Choice Only girls Spring suits now at an All time pre Tooson Low Prico. So shod far below our regular Dupount prices you can now choose from a Gigantic assortment of colors sizes and styles. Specially reduced pm. Co. And of the Tri state Bank. The first week in March Bor wit Teller for the first time in history will open a Beauty Salon Michel Kazan will head up the Beauty quarters and will make f personal appearance to Intro Luce a collection of his latest Lair styles. Back Home from an extended action Are the Charles sullivans owners of the Englewood realty co. Angelle a card say he holidays were swell on her listers ranch in Texas. Jan. 17, 6 30 . In the Washngton Park . Building at 5000 s. Indiana ave. The pubic relations committee will hold heir annual meeting. A give youth a running Start is the heme. The purpose of the an Nual meeting is to report to the members associates and friends on the activities and Progress of the . James purge on is chairman of the commit tee. Dick Gregory will give the main address. 300 guests Are expected to attend. The Rev. He try Van Dusen. President of Union theological Seminary in new York City will be the guest speaker at the 11th annual dinner and 55th general Assembly of the Church federa Tion on thursday feb. 8 at 6 . In the banquet room of Mccormick place. His subject will be a let the Church speak a or. Charles m. Crowe became chairman of the presidium of the Church federation at the meeting of its general Board on june 9. He continues the distinguished leadership of or. William a. Johnson As president and chairman. The Art Institute women so it Ard gave a dinner party in the arts club which gave the guests an Opportunity to View he new show. Richard Hunt tha Only Chicago artist to win an award is an artist in Resi Decca at the University of Illi Willis is defended by Caples William g. Caples in remarks before 1,000 persons at South Shore Temple 7215 s. Jeffery blvd., Friday night went to the defense of school supt. Benjamin c. Willis target of charges by South Shore groups that Chicago schools Are racially segregated. Caples is president of the i Board of education. He pictured the embattled Willis As a an extremely Able Man who because of his position Only administers Board policy yet must Bear tha abuse from criticism of Willis critics accuse him of preventing integration by adhering to the Long standing and rigid school District Boundary system. They say the system precluded negroes from entering schools with White students. Defending the superintendent Caples said the Board keeps no record of race color or Creed of students and teachers. Quot we Deal with people As people and educate children As children a said Caples. A there is altogether too much emotion being demonstrated toward the problem of segregation is. Integration a he said. The address on request of rabbi Ahron opher Temple spiritual Leader lasted about 10 minutes and took the place of the Sermon at Sabbath the services. In the political wind. A a by Albert d. Johnson both parties Are feverishly engaged in the gruelling task of lat making. At least it appears of be a Quot gruelling John 3. Citizen has often accused Joth parties of political show Nan and mockery in choosing candidates for various elective offices. He makes such accusations primarily from prejudge ments gained not from a fac Ual appraisal but from erroneous information and opinions based on emotional reactions to repulsive candidates and issues. Congressman William l. Daw on and Aid. Kenneth Campbell were among the 47 democratic slate makers appointed by mayor Daley to draw up the party it late for local and state offices. A Parade of candidates will come before the slate makers to explain their qualifications and purposes for seeking Public office. Jan. 15 is the first Day a to file primary nominating petitions for state county and municipal court offices. Petitions for state congressional. Senatorial and representative offices and state Central committeemen Are filed with the Secretary of state in Springfield 111. Jan 22 is the last Day for filing such petitions. Aside from qualifications party slate makers consider the representation of various ethnic groups and powerful organizations. This is evidenced by the committees refusal to allow a predominance of any particular group or organization on its slate of candidates. It is no secret among top political brass that a Good Cross Section of the Community must be represented among candidates chosen to run for Public office lest one or both parties lose votes because of failure to include equitable representation of particular civic and or ethnic groups. The electorate will make its Choice in the april 10 primary. Many dissatisfied voters will remain away from the polls and Register their disgruntled Ness in verbal condemnations. It would be Wise on the part of every prospective voter to study the backgrounds of All chosen candidates. By april 10, those voters who will vote in the primary will have their decisions primarily from factual information rather than from Mero opinion. Recently several political Wise acres have been making somber cries that the state of Illinois is broke. Gov. Kerner has denied these statements but has admit Ted the general Revenue fund if very Low. The state has plenty of Money but Over half of it is tied up is a earmarked operational divisions of the state receive fixed appropriations on which to operate for a certain period of time. If one or More of these divisions depletes its financial outlay another division cannot be tapped for funds without legislative action. Each division therefore has earmarked funds which Are to be spent exclusively for the purpose for which they were appropriated. Many divisions have accumulated surplus funds because their operational expenditures were not extensive enough to use up allotted funds. Meanwhile some divisions use up their appropriations before the end of the period for which they were to last. State representative Paul f. Al Ward a Chicago told me that he will again introduce legislation to eliminate earmarked funds where necessary without seriously handicapping agencies tied in with Bond issues. Rep. Elward said about 29 such funds can be legally abolished. Last year Elwardt a Bills received 36 votes in the House. Eighty nine votes Are required for passage. He Hopes to do much better in the next session of the legislature. Rep. Elward said that Thi state had to borrow $56.1 million from earmarked funds a order to pay our Bills. Zmyj Englewood District 20 los divided reorganization of the Northern Section of Englewood a school District 20 into a new District to be known As District 21 is on the Agenda of the meeting of the a Board of education today. District 20 is the largest school District in the City. Supt. Benjamin Willis will rec commend that the schools in District 20 be distributed Between District 20 and District 21 and that Tilden technical High school formerly in District 12, be assigned to District 21. The distribution of the schools As suggested by Willis follows District 20 Parker High i Bass Brownell Deneen Harvard Low Parker. Bond went Worth Yale and Kershaw j District 21 Tilden High til Den continuation Englewood High Beale primary Beal ugh Cartel Dewey Holmes Lewis Champlin Mccosh primary Mccosh ugh Ross Sexton Sherman and Sherwood. Or. Virginia Lewis is superintendent of District 30, Hunter can bring Home diseases dept. Warns Samuel l. Andelman m.d., i Quot should. A taught to avoid m.p.h., comm of health Contact with any wild life in eluding the common squirrels during the Hunting season the and pigeons wandering about unwary sportsman May bring dec Home some dangerous diseases uarem8 is another serious u/a11 his Dis Casc contracted from Ani ,.,7 of a Mals. In the Midwest most wild animals Are afflicted with i cases have been traced to rate a variety of diseases which can bits but other mammals Birds be transmitted to people who icly and blood sucking insects Hanht a Ink .nim.i. I hav been found infected. The handle sick animals or Are bit is usually transmitted ten by them. To Man by Contact of the Bare if a dead Rabbit woodchuck hands with the flesh or blood or Squirrel is found it should of infected animals or by eat not be handled. While it May ing Rabbit meat which has not have been shot by a Hunter who been thoroughly cooked was unable to find it it is safer carcasses of game will be to assume that the animal died handled by Hunters butchers of a disease which could be Cooks and housewife. Always transmitted to Man. Wear rubber or plastic gloves a sick or dead Bird May have in handling or dressing tha Ornith Osis a virus disease which game. Discard any animal that produces a severe pneumonia has whitish spots inside or with like disease in Man enlarged glands in the neck. If if a Fox Skunk or any other the hands become soiled Wash animal which normally avoids them immediately and use a people should fearlessly approach disinfectant on them. Thorough a Hunter apparently tame the cooking of All wild game is in Hunter should have quickly operative. Primarily avoid shoot the animal May have rabies and ing slow moving or seemingly will bite if it gets close enough sick animals. Discovering a Den of skunks with a Little care and knowl has caused Many a Hunter to Edge the Hunter will avoid bring tuck one of the cute Little things ing Home in his game bag More into his pocket to take Home than he bargained for a bag for a pet. Done to do it. The great of trouble Reservoir of rabies in wild 1 1 animals is in skunks and any Mamais is in skunks Ana a f f p baby Skunk might develop Vitt of pc location rabies. Other animals can carry Juc yes Coutsos toxoplasmosis which can pro w Duce a disease of the Central a to at nervous system and of the eyes w 11 w i i w i v especially in children. Always a special certification course play it Safe and resist the lure for Cook county election judges of baby wildlife. In fact. Chil win be conducted for the first time on television in two special one hour programs on a Tow Channel 11 on Friday Jan. 12 and 19, it was announced recently. Each instructional program will be presented on both Days at 3 30 and 7 . So that All those wishing to qualify will have a double Opportunity to receive instruction. County judge Thaddeus Adesko who directs the election machinery of Cook county will introduce the 2-hour Long programs which Are being designed to clarify the intricacies of voting procedures. Topics to be covered include preparation of a voter canvass filling out registration cards use of precinct binders and operation of voting machines. Instructions will be conducted by James Murphy a member of the Board of election commissioners and there will be demonstrations of procedures by other members of the Board and its staff. Those who Are certified As a result of this special television instruction will be eligible to serve As judges in the april 1962 primaries according to the election Board. Southside group sets meeting and installation the annual meeting of the Southside Community commit tee 6156 s. Cottage Grove ave., will be held sunday Jan. 21 in the 6th United presbyterian Church 62nd St. And s. Wood Lawn ave. At 4 . Guest speaker will be the Rev. Morris b. Tynes pastor of monumental Baptist Church. Installation of officers will also be held with Anthony Sorren tino Cook county supervisor of the Illinois youth commission in charge. The program will include a summary of the Agency a endeavours for the year 1961 by mrs. Almita s. Robinson executive director of the Agency. Or. A. L. Reynolds pastor of the Host Church will offer the invocation. Other participants include Theodore w. Mcneal president of the Board of directors and chairmen of various committees through which the Agency functions

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