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Chicago Bulletin (Newspaper) - April 18, 1963, Chicago, Illinois Ign gent a congratulations Aid. Charles Chew congratulations Are due newly elected 17th Ward Aid. Charles Chew or. And in devoted supporters. To defeat the democratic party organization in any predominantly negro Ward in Chicago is a sing it a achievement. Chew s Victory was the first time in 25 years that negro voters in Chicago elec Crl an negro candidate. It was not Only a Victory for Ingle Wool nor for negroes alone. It represents a Victory for Chicago. The political impoverishment of most predominantly negro wards was aptly characterized at least by one Independent candidate Defeated in the february 26 election. Timuel Black of the 4th Ward called it Quot Plantation not Only Are the special but just needs of negroes thwarted by a Plantation but this plight is an Albatross about the neck of Al Clin ago voters. Thus if Chew s Victory can be interpreted As a significant breakthrough in the struggle to free negro voters it must also be considered a break through for the cause of political Reform for All. However this interpretation of Chews election can stand Only a Long As the new la eth Ward Alderman stands for a new Independence Neil Itaipu y and courage on the part of elected negro Public officials. Without question candidate Chew a to id for this. He has promised that he will maintain that position As Alderman. To the extent that his word can be accepted his Victory a hould be hailed and he has every right to be considered a Man of his word unless and until his actions waive that right. Moreen or. He Hae Iden ced an awareness of the Many and formidable evil Fortes which shall dearly press him to dilute his position to betray Inglewood negroes and Chicago. These forces can be offset by the growth of his supporters and the righteousness of his stand combined with his loyalty to to Lxi a supporters and his dedication to that stand. To the extent that he weakens the possibility of Reform and the Freedom of negro voters will be doubly weakened. Through Victory. Aid. Chew has reached the threshold of greatness. The bulletin is eager to help him across for the Sake of Chicago a future if he Ever needs help. Indeed the bulletin is proud to stand with his supporters and shall remain Ever vigilant of the special responsibility and Opportunity of the Only negro Independent in the City Council As we Hope he shall. I Chatham Pak vhf me cd up re a if Cerf be Pabl Tod a very thur toy morning at 43t k. 71 to St. St wart 3-104# Fin pit y ill but love to walk in \ the Stretty v x Iee Marks by Lee Marks did a Ever Stop to think Between income taxes property taxes food and sundries taxes not to mention luxury taxes and cigarette taxes it takes a helluva lot just to eke out an existence. Fact of the matter you be gotta borrow to pay the taxes and then you gotta pay interest a form of taxes on the loan. So Chatta a get u. Mark the Art crowd the opaque Art workshop is hosting a raffle of some 14 works of Art Over the Art pub 7512 s. Cottage this sunday at 4 . Some Lucky ticket holders will end up owning paintings by John Outerbridge Rocky Miller Jon Jones a1 Tyler Jose Williams. John Pinckney Don main Melvin King Elliot Hunter Marcus Young. Oscar Griffin and other masters of the paint and Brush technique. Who knows but a future masterpiece May end up on somebody a Wall the loot from this affair will go to set up a workshop for talented local artists. Bobbie Kimble wants it known that he does More than Model. He s making plans for a vocal concert. Does both classical and jazz pop styles. The seven arts Guild has booked the South Moor hotel for a 7 30 ., sunday april 28, concert featuring Terrry fic Callier in a program of Folk songs. Appearing on the same Bill will be Barbara Fernandis you should hear her version of a a new love is like a new born wow and poet Kent Foreman. A a just wondering whatever happened to the big pre election announcement that the South Park bus line was Gonna be extended to the nineties did a forget so a Oono or will the announcement come on next election eve. How c n the police spend so much time sitting at the Corners of certain main streets looking for traffic violators instead of cruising through the neighbourhoods looking for the scum bums especially during the night hours Cammish. Whatever happened to the curfew Law As it relates to juveniles the roving juvenile gangs have already become a headache and the warm weather Hasni to even begun How pm the parents of these loud Mouths Aren t interested enough in their whereabouts to keep Mem in Check it s a Mell of a Hess Charlie. Did no to the Park District have the last word on the 85th amp South Park outhouse ? who cares what the people need. Did any tavern owners read our a tip to tavern keepers Quot in a recent edition a letter to the editor in the last Issue from Lee b. Harrison of the Chesterfield Community Council in Whu h he referred to us was much appreciated and honest Boss we were wondering if anybody reads our drivel eavesdropping in the Chat room Over at Triangle Barbershop the boys in the Hack room were telling us How some folks can get confused with directions. �?o1 know a Guy who filled his Bath tub with water undressed got in and took a teaspoonful of Quot How come a we How coined a the Label on the bottle said quite clearly a take a teaspoonful in water a Page one stuff did no to Milton avoid becoming a statistic last saturday Aye when the hoodlum element tossed an inflammable on his garage and set fire to it and then topped the nights fun by tossing a Home made bomb into his Back Yard. Lamb believes that this is a result of an eight month strike against a firm fur which be bold an executive position. Letters to editor the meaning of education dear editor or. Samuel Yaksic was elected to be the representative of the 21st Ward in the Chicago City Council. A negro by the name of Charles Chew jr., was elected Alderman of the 17th Ward. Or. Yaksic made it Clear that he was not interested in the negro. Or. Chew must be interested in us because he is a negro himself. We Are supposed to be better educated in the 21st Ward and the majority voted for or. Yaksic. They voted wrong. We invite you to express your opinion. Names and addresses must be Given before Fetters will be considered for publication. Names or addresses will be omit Ted Only upon written request the right to condense or clarify letters is reserved they voted right in the 17th Ward. Who is educated education Means More than studying in College. I say the voters in the Calumet Englewood Harlan Hirschy Parker Westcott Kennedy a youth Bill commended by Bill Henderson two Community youth workers commended president Kennedy a youth conservation Bill now pending in the House of representatives. The Bill establishes a corp for male youth to perform needed conservation work under the direct supervision of the Federal and state conservation agencies. Minimum enrolment would be for a period of six months with Opportunity for enrolment up to 2 years. $60.00 per month plus Board lodging clothing and other necessities Are proposed As compensation. Milton Lamb chairman of youth service committee of Chatham Avalon Park Community Council said a a in a strongly in favor of the proposed Federal Hill for i am vitally interested in wholesome activities to occupy the time of our Young people. This would also be a learning process with rewarding goals As also Rev. John Porter Christ methodist Church 6401 Sangamon strongly favors the Bill a because of the tremendous experience the boys would have with the boys would live near the Parks or forests they would be responsible for. There Are an estimated 18,000 unemployed Young people in Chicago one half of the states total unemployed youth. There Are 700,000 youth out of school and out of work in the nation. The firs let year the number of enrollees will not exceed 15,000. The Cost of the program will approximate $4,000.00 per enrollee per year including materials and equipment utilized in the work programs. Employment opportunities authorized by the program would include service in schools hospitals libraries welfare agencies children a Homes courts in Public programs relating to Park improvement playgrounds and in private Community activities such As a settlement House. Two thirds of the corps will news amp views perform work on the lands of the National Forest National Parks and other Federal conservation agencies. According to Rev. Porter this program is especially worthwhile for negro youths. Unemployment among negro youth is about double that of Whites. Our Bill 3 Bill ii Nderson 18, of 5929 s. Sangamon editor of the Bulle teen Lor the past year Ami half has been name cd president if the senior class at Dunbar High school. Henderson ran on a platform promising the Best prom Dunbar has Ever had. He plans to enter the in Imer sity of Illinois at Navy pier in september. Iii parents Are or. And mrs. Arthur in my. Hirsch a Gerald Carruthers was one of nine boys selected from the Chicago Public High schools to exhibit his space project at the museum of science and Industry durin the recent fair. Col. John Glenn autographed Gerald a space month award. By a Why flirt with dirt when its easier to court that was the original cleanup slogan submitted by Deborah Mccormick of Hirsch High. Deborah a 9a Honor student plans to attend the University of Illinois after the eventful Day in 6. By Parker judging from the favourable remarks it seems that the Sigmas had an Ultra Mellow party Friday night. Among those seen were Sherry Brewer you All remember Sherry done to you Richard gales Ralph Johnson Eddie Davis Sandra Jones and sex Parke rites Shirley Broadnax Betty Spencer and Barbara Mathis. The Iota Lii deltas also gave a swinging party Over the weekend. Jewel Irvin Thomas Greene Cassandra Bynum Joan Shropshire Robert Jordan and Many Many others were seen having a most Mellow time. By Harlan although the party Evie Watson 92nd Prairie gave for Ruth elder 92�?Tnd Prairie was a Surprise party the fact that the party would be As swinging As it was was no Surprise. Among those who helped make it so were Judy Hayes 97�?Tth Low Estanley Abernathy 93�?Trd Prairie and Kenny Thomas 87�?Tth Prairie. It Parker the easter Holiday found most swinging Parke rites taking advantage of every moment. The Kinsmen gave a most a Mellow party and As Cassandra Ravnum puts it. A everybody and his grandma was some of the people seen were Nancy Byrd Lawrence Hollins Carmen Cartman Robert Taylor Sullivan Watson jewel Irvin and others. By hospitable Cheryl Moss extended her hospitality in giving a party in the Honor of Annette Trammel an out of town visitor. In Between records and the punch bowl Annette met Daria Buggs Phillip Brown Janice worthy Malcolm Lobbins Hen Retta Frutrell a a Corky Ronda Henderson Etc. By Home base a this week we decided to do something jut a Little different in this column and that la Peep in our mailbag. Something that is so heavy and demands your immediate attention is a poem dug up by George Ruddy pie. It is entitled words and goes like this words Are implements of destruction you find this out everyday. People have been Hung shot and bothered on account of what the other fellow May say. So to your fellow Man if you can to say anything Good just keep on going by done to say a word and do exactly what you should. And you la find out you helped a Friend even if you did no to think you could a George Ruddy pie three area swim pools open soon three area High school swimming pools Are among the 30 approved by the Board of education to open monday june 24. Calumet 8131 s. May St. And Englewood 6201 s. Stewart ave., will be open from 12 noon to 4 . Parker 6800 s. Stewart ave., will be open from 11 . To 3 . Four classes will be scheduled every Day and american red Cross tests will be used As part of the instructional program to motivate children to become better swimmers. Girls will swim on monday and tuesday and boys on wednesday thursday and Friday muck Sagan Gus Savage Ulter a Chr net Smith fruit new a John poin Ltd to a circulation mar. Sofii rtt Aiu Mateti Citilia 1i�� info. Connis i but. Editor Hnry Martin photo a a Phi Fiche rat Kelly and a ofert p. Win Fem a . ii Iii Iii ii a ii ii ii Iii a a Man Iii we it i Iii did links heat Neon monday add a tvs Lotf noon to today ci�stifo4, 3 Litrell Vitti spirt a a it Quot if opinions expressed by columnists or in by line articles Are not necessarily those held by this newspaper. To maintain editorial standards this newspaper will not accept payment for publishing news items of photographs. Also when a news photograph is omitted from an Issue due to space limitations every Effort will be made to publish it in the next Issue unless its news value has substantially decreased. The editorial opinion of this newspaper is non sectarian and in dependent of any political group. Fifth year no. 26 a War of april la april 24, i96�z pm 4 Roi six a Jav Chatham Worth a million words by William cousins jr., pres., Cothom Avlon pork commit Miffy Council just As the acts of a person be better trained. We have shown it Are the Best indication of what the penchant for electing political leaders 17th Ward Are better educated. Elder j. Mitchell thank from Bray dear editor. On behalf of the pastor and members of the j. Claude Allen club we wish to thank you for the very Fine publicity Given us in connection with our annual fashion show held on March 17, the pictures turned out beautifully and we received Many favourable comments. Thank you again. Verv sincerely yours Gertrude Upsher president William cousins Ulirsch Roth to slam inspection Hirsch High school Roth cadets Are expected to attend the Federal inspection which will be held on May 6. According to Cadet Captain William Cooper Chicago Public High school Roth groups will assemble at grand crossing Park Lor this inspection. Medals will be presented to outstanding cadets of the past semester. The inspection will be sponsored by the department of the army and other groups. It will be directed by capt. Arthur Olson. Person is thinking so the appearance of a Community is the Best indication of what the Community is doing. A look is Worth a million words. In our cite one v sees communities w h i c h Are very poor in the sense that the h o in e s and s t r e e t s Are poorly maintained the children Are footloose and fancy free and the taverns appear to be the Only businesses which Are prospering. The residents who live in stitch communities May be and usually Are financially poor. What is More important their goals and their standards Are definitely poor. These residents usually look to their religious or their political leaders for guidance. In turn these leaders often look to exploit their followers. So the poor become even poorer and their leaders usually become comparatively Rich or apparently so. A one Aiso sees in our cite com Muni ties where the streets and the Homes Are very Well kept the children Well disciplined and apparently Well trained and a variety of businesses appear to be prospering. The residents in these communities Are sometimes financially Rich and sometimes not so. However regardless of the financial welfare of the people in the latter Type of Community their Community is Well endowed because the residents Are obviously investing their time Talent and treasure in caring for their Homes. They support the people who and the institutions that support their comm Unity. It is my opinion that we in our area have a Community which is Well endowed for the most part. However it is also my opinion that there is very much room for improvement in our Community. Our children should who done to even Promise to represent us. For instance Samuel Yaksic was elected Alderman of the 21st Ward on a platform suitable for Eastland of Mississippi. We Don t support our businesses As we should. Even big stores like red owl have had to sell out. Little store owners Are sometimes thrown out. And Only a Small percentage of our Community actually Volunteer for civic work. Still i have Confidence that the residents of Chatham will maintain and improve our Community in the future. We have the Talent and re sources with which to do so. It is of the utmost importance that my estimation of what will be done is truly prophetic because if i am wrong in this notion the consequence will be truly pathetic. As a footnote i wish to say that while i relate the remarks in this article specifically to Chatham i am mindful that the circumstances in Chatham Are a reflection of similar circumstances which exist in a number of other communities. In answer to a letter written by mrs. Gloria wills printed in the april 11 Issue of the bulletin i am pleased to inform her and other interested persons that the coordinating Council of Community organizations is comprised of the following groups Chatham Avalon Park Community Council Chicago Urban league Cook county physicians association Core Englewood committee for Community action a act the Woodlawn organization and the Dearborn real estate Board. These organizations Are among the strongest Community civic and civil rights organizations in the City and the members of the coordinating Council expect to attain substantial gains in civil rights Aims by coordinating our efforts. The office of the coordinating Council is 431 South Dearborn and Telephone number is 030-5365. In my from Golf to Mississippi Gus Savage gee thanks for your inquiries concerning this column. Uhruh getting comfortable in the Saddle at the bulletin while keeping an Eye on the bucking Booster has kept me too Busy to Muse lately. But Writh Inez Guienze rapidly winning her spurs in Woodlawn and with Connie seals happily agreeing to help me with the bulletin i did find time this week to dream and to let my mind ramble in face of a naked typewriter and my fingers just could t resist touching the keys. So to bring you up to Date on my musings. As you probably know by now the Park District Golf season opened tuesday. Yes the wife and i were am Fang the first to Wade through the Dew at Jackson Park. Since i Hadnot played in two years i Wasny to ashamed of my 81�?but in a not proud that i was too tired to play More than 10 holes. Wre were getting close to that second water Hole anyway and i Only had about nine or ten balls left not enough to risk it with any Assurance of being Able to tee up for the next Hole. It took me a few holes Touloose my wrists that a where the Powers at you know just ask Ernie Banks. Feels Good to hear that Crisp Click off the teen must of been the fourth or fifth Hole. That baby really took off at least 250 Yards a about 50 Yards straight Down the Middle of an East bound Fairway and at least 200 More across 07th Street and Over the Fence. Of course i know there is no Fence around the Jackson Park course but there i one around a House about a half Block to the South. Well that a not so easy after All even the White sox newly acquired knuckle Ball specialist or. Wilhelm has never been Able to make one break that sharply. To Tell the truth i did no to actually play tuesday i merely dreamed by Gus Savage about playing the night before. But it Wasny to the above dream that kept me from teeing off yesterday rather it was that tuesday is the Day i have to make up the Woodlawn Booster. Really that a the Only thing that kept me from tearing up Jackson Park a Divot by Divot. Enough about Golf. That dream is probably the last time ill play this year anyway. Indeed there has been a rash of serious news to ramble through of late. For instance what about Dick facing up to the Goliath of segregation in Mississippi and the perceptive a1 Hibler in the a magic City?�?T1 and the revs. King and Shuttlesworth coming on stronger than Ever could be that a a Bull Connors is frantic because they Are getting close to the ballot Box. Did no to Nkrumah once say something like Quot give me the kingdom of politics and the Meek will inherit the world.0 but it seems to me that Dick Gregory really did no to have to visit Mississippi to prove his dedication to integration. I believe the problem of school segregation in Chicago is Tough enough for any recruit to Cut h 13 Teeth on. Apparently this local problem is so Tough that Many veterans appear to have lost their molars trying to crack it and now go about gumming Only Mushy issues. In fact some observers charge that the a act most local negro leaders and Many so called White liberals have been toothless for years. Before i strike �?o3g,�?� i May As Well w raise the Wiwie who has 110 group or individual effectively demanded Willis must go a mind you i said w w you know without the support he received in predominantly negro wards mayor Daley would not have been re elected a couple weeks ago. I guess that sen Ough rambling fur now done to you Well anyway if i done to strike �?o30�?� soon my son May be expelled from school and i May be expelled from Home and i bet Tho Enite spots i mentioned even let me sleep in a Booth. A i i i 4

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