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Chicago Bulletin (Newspaper) - April 9, 1964, Chicago, Illinois Ato. Mill alb Kmax mbp0hts appeals to voters to use the ballot by Robirt h. Milk it sixth Ward this is our lest Chance before the primary election to urge residents of the sixth Ward to get out on april 14 and vote. So often we hear people complain ing about the Way things Are done in Chicago and Many will speak out loudly about How they would run things if they had a Chance. There is no greater advice than this if you done to vote you lose your right to complain. As we pointed out in our last column the Chicago Urban league report on voting has made it very Clear that negroes in Chicago Are not apathetic when it comes to involving themselves in the process of government. While negroes generally lag behind Whites in the registration process they have amassed a pretty Good record. However they fall far behind when it comes to actually getting out and voting. It is false thinking to decide that your one vote won t matter. It will. It is false thinking to conclude that you can to do anything to improve government and governmental services. You can. Under the american system every citizen is Given an Opportunity to contribute to his own government. The vote is his Opportunity to join others in making decisions which will affect his own future. But it is amazing How much Effort is needed to get some people to exercise their right and their duty to vote. These Are perilous times in Chicago and in the nation. The City and America Are faced with some of their most critical Days and Foremost among the problems is that of civil rights. Negroes especially must take advantage of the ballot Box during the next several years. And the time to Start is right now. By All Means vote on april 14. Another responsibility which deserves closer attention is that of keeping the Ward clean. Again this is a matter about which we have written and spoken on numerous occasions. However we can never stress it too much. Chicago prides itself on winning titles in the nation s cleanest City competitions. The sixth Ward has made its contribution to Chicago a cleanest City reputation. However residents of the Ward need to make even greater efforts to make our Ward rank at the top. There is a lot of feverish activity during clean up week. Everybody gets into the swing of things and there is a general clean up paint up fix up fever. However this is not enough. Just As brotherhood week cannot be effective if brotherhood is practice just seven Days out of the year neither can a clean up Campaign be successful if we limit our clean up activity to Only one out of 52 weeks. Keeping the Ward clean Calls for the serious cooperation of All residents. Residents businessmen and institutional neighbors must join hand in hand to do the Job. A clean sixth Ward should become a part of the Mission of All of us who live in this Section of Chicago. Much of the problem of litter is nothing More than carelessness. Parents teachers ministers Block club leaders and others can be most helpful if they would include in their general program an educational drive against litter. It is just As easy to drop litter in a trash can As it is to drop it in the Street. As i have said repeatedly Ward officials will lend every hand toward assisting residents to keep the Ward clean. Lets work together. And done to forget to vote april 14. Mall Fri 11 i radio winning numbers 008088 009155 000399 009242 000313 009740 Check your March receipt now if it bears one of the above numbers Call st 3-1040 circulation and win a radio free. There will be new numbers each month. Caution do not pay a Carrier unless he gives you a receipt fill Lilly i it i it ii Ali lilmllllllllillllii1iiiii to in ii in it Ujj a a a a a i a it i it jul Al lilt la a flip ill tape talk will White sox win place show question what do you think of the White sox s chances this year Quot comments recorded in Stevenson a Bowling Alley 79th and cottage Grove Lawrence Henry 8806 Joseph Van Andrews 360 cottage Grove i think the sox a 55th is i think their chances Lii finish in second division be-1 Are real Good. I m from Cleveland 1� and in a a Cleve of land fan but now i will follow the sox. There Are a lot of Good i players on the sox. They have p Good Power and pitching. I think Buford will fill foxes shoes easily if he plays regularly. Baseball is just like any tiling else you take your time you can make it. A cause they have no Power and i done to believe the pitching will hold up. Further-1more there is amp no depth. The Bench is weak. Rookie Buford is Good and he will probably make the team but i done to think he will make Rookie of the year As a touted. As for Minnie Minoso he will be of some help As a Pinch hitter. Merle Wilson Maywood. Ernest Calvin 6222 Wood-1 by have not had a Chance to Ana Lawn i think the sox will flush lyse the situation As yet but based in the first division. They Are on last year s better than they p performance the were last year a mfr sox should finish because they have better hitters and players. Buford will make a lot of difference. H e should be up for a Long time. Minoso certainly will make a Good Puich hitter. The Yankees Are still the team to beat in first division. The addition of Buford will Only give them a Sec of n d baseman. The club need a Long Ball hitter the sox had a Chance to get colavito and did no to personally i do not think Minoso will be of much help to the team As he will not play every Day. Vui Niimi a very Stltt Riray a in inf to �391. 71 st st. Start s<1044 Bruci s aft an Phil the by Savabi not of Cly Tiby i Smitti he i to t Fol Fri John Poindexter Eire oltion fit it. T Shirley Heiry it Rte a photographers Chari Kelly end Terenee Nelson a repro Entje Titei. Deadlines Newt note met Triy nor tit to to destined i . Wednesday opinions expressed by columnists or in by line article a Ere not necessarily those held by this newspaper. To maintain editorial standards this newspaper will not accept payment for publishing news items or photographs. Also when a news item or photograph is omitted from an Issue due to space limitations9 every Effort will be made to publish it in the next Issue unless its news value has substantially decreased. The editorial opinion of this newspaper is non sectarian and in dependent of any political group sixth year no. 25 week of april 9, 1964 to april 19, 2964 Page 4 cousins 0\ Chatham what makes Sammy run eyes Dawson opposition by William cousins jr., president Chatham Avalon Park Community Council whew if that storm does t Calm soon it a Luht letters to editor minister asks improvement of child a Reading ability dear editor there has been much talk about Quality education. It is said that the school Boycotts Here in Chicago have been staged because of the Lack of Quality education. We have demonstrated our dissatisfaction a that is we have offered our criticisms. It is Noi time to demonstrate Concrete suggestions and cooperation in other words we have heard a your children Are not getting. A a the Board of education is not doing and a whole line of negatives entered around integration. But. Integration is not the Axle around which Quality education revolves. To my mind Reading skills seem to be. The emphasis should be How to Benefit the individual child now that the Boycotts and the Hauser school panel have demonstrated de Facto segregation. It appears to my mind that the emphasis most needed is in our elementary schools a the foundational eight grades. Reading skills As Basic to All other kinds of skills should be the emphasis. The ability to read is a key Factor of Quality education. It determines classroom performance attitude and deportment. Lack of it leads to school drop outs school i Ili ill Ollil a Tell Ali. a flair in Tell limn we invite Yea to express year up Jiff it. Names and addresses must be Given before letters will be considered for publication names or addresses will be omit fed Only upon written request. The right to condense or clarity letters is reserved. In Lii. In Umi Lili violence and real frustrations. Would it be unfair to say that the problem of education for elementary children is the socialization of the child and that Basic to socialization in our Day is the ability to read the newspaper can make a further contribution to this whole movement toward Quality education. It can add to its Long list of efforts the findings regarding the varying skills emphases and standards used in our City a elementary schools. It May not be surprising to find that the standards Are Low the emphasis is minimal and that the skills Are neglected in More than one or two schools. An emphasis in Reading skills a Standard of 8.0, seems Basic to Quality education for elementary school children. The problem of the �?o9low child and the a uninformed parents should not mini a the Many and his record continued from Page 1 negro ministers lumped Dawson with the Dixie rats. They charged a it is silly for Cong. Dawson to Call sen. Eastland and All the Southern manifesto senators and congressmen they Are the same men who helped write the sickening civil rights platform that Dawson agreed to and the democrats adopted a among the 101 denouncing Dawson were or. J. L. Horace then president of the Baptist general state convention of Illinois or. T. Emerson Brown progressive Baptist Church or. A. Lincoln James greater Bethesda Baptist Church or. Stroy Freeman new Friendship missionary Baptist Church 814 w. 71st st., and Rev. A Lay Evans Fellowship Baptist Church 4513 Princeton. Dawson once a militant Republican switched to a Democrat 25 years ago. However according to published reports he shed his Militancy even earlier than that. Indeed the democratic Leader of the 80�?Ts, mayor Edward j. Kelly was not known for entrusting militant negroes with patronage Power. In earlier and unsuccessful bids for Congress As a Republican for instance Dawson campaigned on an anti Roosevelt anti new Deal program. Said the Chicago times then a Dawson Speaks the conservative gop yet he never shed newspaper charges of crime and corruption. As Early As 1929, scandal hovered about him. He was implicated in a bail Bond fraud Case according to the Chicago Tribune of july 8, 1929. After he turned Democrat jobs in the i. S. Post Tolice were funnelled through Dawson a operation. Thus his organization was nearly ripped apart at the seams when it was accused of receiving graft in Exchange for passing out postal jobs. An article in the Sun times of june 6, 1953, disclosed the charges and led to convictions. Reportedly in 1955, the congressman admitted to investigator Virgil Peterson that he accepted gambling funds for political purposes. When Peterson alleged the admission Dawson denied All. Also Dawson is attributed the leadership in a a dumping former mayor Martin j. Kennelly a Man Euver that brought Richard j. Daley into office that year. Kennelly was dropped after launching an investigation of racketeering. The ire of the press was aroused bringing about further investigation into Dawson s affairs. His poor attendance record was brought to Light. A Sun times headline March 30th, read a Dawson nearing All time record for congressional a rats still Rule Dawson slum a screamed a Chicago daily news headline on april 14th. The Story revealed his ownership of a rat infested Westside slum dwelling. Dozens of a a ghost voters were discovered registered from the address. A year earlier even Dawson a status As an attorney had been brought into question. The Chicago Tribune feb. 15, 1954, headlined Quot Northwestern University a records fail to show Dawson the congressman purportedly was a graduate of n. U. Law school. But the Tribune said a the Law school faculty did not consider him qualified to take the state bar examination and denied his request to be certified. A when asked it be a crime to destroy the political Power amassed by Dawson Over two decades the Rayner Camp retorts its a More certain crime to amass such Power and fail to Wield it in the interest of the negro Community from which it is extracted. Right or wrong the decision in this fight Between Dawson and the militants will be rendered by the voter tuesday. Mize this Basic Standard. The child should be measured up to this needed school Standard not measured Down according to parental pseudo expectations. This emphasis is minimal. An Effort in this direction need not be complicated by the other most needed explorations into teacher principal motivations attitudes relations curricula and equip ment and the effect of these on the growth and development of our future generation Here in Chicago. The accentuation of the positive is much needed particularly when so much has been done to heighten tension and emphasize conflicts. What will your newspaper do to help ptas neighbourhood organizations school personnel and parents to an awareness of the constructive elements of Quality education the emphasis of Reading skills and the Standard of 8.0 seem a Strong beginning. I shall be interested to know your thoughts. Sincerely yours Elmore Giles jr., associate minister the congregational Church of Park Manor United Church of Christ 7000 South Park a Good Friend of mine advised me a few Days ago that a i have been a democratic precinct Captain for 30 Vears and i have never seen Bill Dawson out campaigning in a primary As much As he is c a m p a i g n i n g so from my friends statement and from other observations i have made or. Dawson is fighting for his Willuam cousins political life. A. A. Sammy Rayner is making a the Many run. And the reason Why Sammy is a definite threat is that he is a vigorous Young Man with a Good background and has been a part of the movement to gain Equality of Opportunity for All now. His candidacy has the undivided support of those who seek an improvement now in both the Quantity and Quality of negro representation. There Are Many who believe that almost one million negroes in Chicago Haye not been Cut in for a fair share of the political pie and that a Large part of the unequal Deal rests with a the a the Many does not reflect the mood of the negro today. I done to think that he even purports to do so. We have Given More than we have received and done to have to beg for what ought justly be ours. Sammy Rayner knows this and this is what makes Sammy run so Strong. However if a the Many is renominated in grand fashion they will figure that All this to do about civil rights was just a lot of smoke. Englewood views Sammy is More than a candidate he is a Symbol of our struggle to overcome prejudice injustice and poverty now. In commenting on the Campaign for the nomination for democratic congressman in the first congressional District i to so because i consider it the most important Campaign affecting the negro in Chicago also the first congressional District includes the entire Chatham area. A based upon what in be seen and heard from Republican candidates in Illinois in this Campaign in be got a message for them which will be recorded in the areas of Chicago where negroes and their friends vote on april 14. We feel that the Republican party in Illinois has renounced its Birthright. And although Charles Percy recently has been talking More against than for matters which a dynamic governor of Illinois ought to support we feel that the Best thing that could be said of or. Percy was said by Hayes Robertson when he recently stated that the Republican party in Illinois will have to change its thinking if or. Percy is nominated. A change in the present thinking of the Republican party in Illinois will be a healthy development for the Republican party for the two party system and for the people of the state of Illinois. Finally on Friday night april 10 the Chatham Avalon Park Community Council will have All the candidates at our Council Headquarters for you to meet. Urges follow up action after Hauser a findings by Marion Henley tf7ell, the findings of the a Hauser committee have been published. I could not help thinking Marion Henley Back As i read and re read it. I wonder if it Means we now have segregated schools because the a White Folk have said so their report consisting of Many pages was like Reading past policy hearing statements by various civic and civil rights organizations made to the Board of education. Or. Willis says he could not comment until he studied it. His question to himself should be a can i serve in an integrated system a this report states what Many of us know that is there is no Middle ground. You Are either for or against integrated schools. In Reading this report Many things came to mind. Just a few years ago there were those of us who would have settled for a lot less than Quality schools. It never ceases to amaze and cause me great Joy when i remember How much wider my own world has become. There was a time when the thing that concerned me most was double shift and How to get a full Day for every child. As i worked it became clearer and clearer that after Thev m obtain a full Day in school what did they really have i looked Back Over past budget statements and policy hearing statements made by various ptas. As we have studied and participated in a larger Way in Community groups our understanding has increased. The report should Leel haughty spirits who put so much importance in what these five men would find. We have been told by a a leaders on both sides to wait until after these educators had made their report. Well we be now gotten a report what now has it really changed anyone a thinking time will measure the sincerity of those who have said they would accept the five Man panels report. If we Are to Progress there is Only one interpretation to be Given regarding the report and that is a positive program of integrated education. This is the salvation for the inner City educational system. I should like to quote from a statement made by the Parker elementary school Pat to the Board of education. The statement reads in part a we would like to see a City wide human relations program become a must for All school Board employees. We further feel the program would create warmer relationships Between faculty and parents bringing about a greater sense of Security in the child with whom both Are deeply concerned. We believe Parent teacher interviews should be held in every school on a periodic in another paragraph of this same statement referring to segregation we stated a we must be concerned with the total child. Since for living in a world full of people ethnic groups it be Wise for children to learn Early to accept and learn from each other Why not give them the privilege of being educated for living in a world full of people with various backgrounds a and so it goes. What we said Back in 1 %2, Many others were saying before then and Many have said since. What i am trying to say is lets not have the Board of education file the Hauser report As our reports have been filed through the years. Active vigilance is needed to see that it does not happen. We have just begun. $

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