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Chicago Bulletin (Newspaper) - April 8, 1964, Chicago, Illinois Mode. Uhf Ruh journalists pay continued from Page i testimony is Given by the following Story that this View of journalism is in the Public interest. A Friend related this experience acquired when he edited a weekly in another state. A relative of his got involved in a scandalous occurrence of substantial news value. The publisher granted my Friend leave to ignore the Story. But my Friend As a Good journalist simply gritted his Teeth and reported the news. A few months later the publisher himself was caught in an uncomplimentary affair. He visited the news room eyed the editor sternly but found himself muted by his knowledge of my friends professional integrity. Can you not imagine democracy beaming at the outcome of such a confrontation democracy thrives on an informed citizenry you know. Gee am i imagining that i hear Sinatra a recording of the Quot wee wee hours a sides closing theme or is it a the real Mccoy a gee Whiz radio can be As entrancing As the a a boobs tube. Good night Amandia s Pound cake l2 Pound butter it Pound Margarine i Pound powdered sugar i la. Swans Down cake flour a dozen eggs i tsp. Vanilla Quot these humans always making such a fuss about Spring. A to editor reports formation of group to raise scholarship funds dear editor the City of Chicago and the nation As a whole had the unpleasant experience of being confronted with the direct results of a society which has Many necessities to be desired in the area of civil rights and equal opportunities. Those results which were so obvious during the summer of 1963, have been classified by Many As the Apex of the turning Point for the underdog in America. Regardless of the classification of the social revolution which occurred the past year and is currently going on we the members of the metropolitan scholarship foundation feel that we must focus our attention on the possibility of enabling More negroes to obtain an advanced education. Many people who Are concerned about the plight of the negro and others who suffer from the inequities of our society were unable to participate directly in the demand for Equality. All of the members Are Ordinary laymen consequently we Are victims of tape talk various pressures. We must do something now which will enable us to contribute directly to the underprivileged was necessary. The metropolitan scholarship foundation of Chicago has presented this outlet. It is possible with the efforts of the foundation for you the Public to join in the direct fight and have the Opportunity to observe direct results. There is no doubt concerning the need of an organization of this nature. The facts speak for themselves. Too Many times have we heard the statement that Quot they Are not this organization was created for the sole purpose of helping the Many High school students who desire and qualify for advanced education but do not have the required funds. This organization will assist the Many qualified but underprivileged negro youths in the Chicago area. Much emphasis will be placed upon the Fields connected with science and technology. It is in these areas that stagnation among negroes is noticeable. Our civilization concerns itself melt and Combine butter and Margarine. Add eggs until creamy. Add flour powder sugar and Vanilla. Mix Well using a mixer if possible. Pour into a baking pan. Bake for one hour at 325 degrees. Test with a toothpick. Serve with or without frosting however our guest Cook this week suggests serving without frosting due to its Richness. If you have a favorite recipe that you would like to share with others Send recipe with your name and address to the bulletin 639 e. 71st St. Vovk a Sqq health polio is caused by three viruses Samuel l. Andelman m. D., . Commissioner of health a or the first time Sabin polio vaccine Type ii is being made available to All chicagoan a men women and children. Ranking High among Hie disabling diseases polio can result in paralysis of the body and leave the victim crippled for life. Taking the Sabin Oral vaccine will protect you and your loved ones against polio for rears to come. Polio is caused by at least three different types it viruses which Are infectious agents that Are too Small to be seen with an Ordinary Microscope. These viruses have been found in the nose and Throat and also in the intestines. Older persons Are less Likely to contract polio in its paralysing phases than younger persons. This is because they have developed an immunity to the disease. Hence most victims of polio Are children or Young adults. Some of the earliest symptoms of polio Are a High fever a sore Throat and Loose bowels. Drowsiness irritability and listlessness Are other symptoms. Still other symptoms Are general weakness and paralysis with stiffness of the Back and resistance to movement of the neck. These symptoms can Progress until one or More parts of the body Are paralysed. To protect yourself and the members of your family against polio is easy. The time to act promptly is now. Get in touch with your doctor or go to your neighbourhood Public or parochial school. The Public schools for purposes of immunization will be ready to serve you on March 12 and 18 the parochial schools on april 7 and to. The Lump of sugar containing the Sabin vaccine against polio will be the most important one you Ever swallowed. Englewood mall question do you feel that a shopping mall at 63rd and Halsted will bring More shoppers to the area comments recorded in Walgreen a drug store at 63rd and Halsted. James Brown Glenwood maybe More shoppers i would come into the area but there would be an inconvenience to Drivers. This is a Good idea if houses Are not Tom Down. Overall i think this is a Good idea. Virginia Cobbs. 1131 e. If 79th= yes i think More shop pers would come into the area even if some houses Are torn Down its still a Good idea. Under these circumstances Drivers i should not mind going around the area. Mrs. Ann bolter 5910 la Salle this is very Good for the Community More shoppers would come into the area. There is not enough parking facilities now and people should not have to pay while they shop. Overall its a very Good idea and Drivers should not mind since they would be shopping too. Mrs. Margaret Mcdonald 7520 Stewart i done to think it is a Good idea As it is now people can get right off the bus and go right into the stores without a lot of walking. I can to see where that idea would be convenient even for people conning to shop. I shop Here daily but i would not shop Here if i could get off the bus right in front of the store. Bill Smith. 6233 Green if there is inadequate parking i done to think much of the idea. Of course this is just my opinion. Everything seems alright like it is now. Bruce Sagan publisher Gus Savage editor Clarine Smith Butine John poin Nfn circulation mat-5 Shirlay Anderson classified mar. Henry Martin photographer Charlet Kelly end Clerence Nelson advertising representative. Published every thursday morning at 639 i. 71st St. Stewart 3-1040 deadlines news noon monday advertising noon tuesday classified 3 . Wednesday opinions expressed by columnists or in by line articles Are not necessarily those held by this newspaper. To maintain editorial standards this newspaper will not accept payment for publishing news items or photographs. Also when a news item or photograph is omitted from an Issue due to space limitations every Effort will be made to publish it in the next Issue unless its news value has substantially decreased. The editorial opinion of this newspaper is non sectarian and Independent of any political group. Sixth year no. 24 week of april 2, 1964 to april 8, 1964 Paga 4 Cousens on Chatham. Hauser school report mandate to desegregate by William cousins jr., president Chatham Avalon Park Community Council with continuous Progress. This Progress is made possible by the achievements of education. Without advanced education it. Is impossible for one to compete with the established elite who reap the fruits of our society. We will secure funds from Many sources establish educational screening committees and recruit qualified High school and College students to receive Aid from the foundation. This foundation will provide the poor and average students an Opportunity to do something constructive with their lives. The problem is great and As such demands immediate attention. There is no reason to delay nor lag. The problem is forever growing and every minute lost makes our task even harder. Thomas a. Gist president 613 w. 62nd St. Your pal Al girls Are problems by Albert Cunningham or. Ii years old dear Al if you have four girls that like you what should you do if you like All of them j. W. Dear j. A what a to do dear Al Ever time i go someplace my Little sister bothers something of mine and sometimes Breaks things. I Tell my parents and they say you know How Little Sisters Are and she a Only seven. Since they done to do anything she keeps it up. What shall i do l. P. Dear l. A put things where Sis can to get them. Perhaps you could put a lock on your door. I did. Dear Al in my room we Are divided into sections. The first two rows Are group a the next two group a and the last two group c. Each group elected a chairman for our science period. The girl my group elected chairman Isnit the Type. We All wanted her to be our chairman and we Are afraid we will Hurt her feelings. She Hasni to another Job in our room. R. C. Dear r. C. Fire her. Phe Hauser panels report on Chicago school problems confirms the views of civil rights groups. The findings of the panel of five experts have seemed so Clear to those who have been striving to improve the Quality of education in our Public schools that is has seemed almost unbelievable that no need for immediate ameliorative action was deemed necessary previously by either our superintendent of schools a or by our school Board. Except for the boards adoption of a weak policy favouring integration of our Public schools in february neither Willis nor the Board has done much to parallel the recommend William cousins nations which appear in the Hauser report. Those who have advocated and pressed for action have been accused of being too Radical. Actually the Hauser report indicates that those who have urged immediate action ought to have pressed even harder. For while others who strive to maintain a segregated school system As a part of a segregated society have fiddled away our time the Levels of achievement of our school children have been falling Down. We now have a very great Deal to do and time is running against us. To fulfil the needs of our schools we must have a less apathetic City administration superintendent of schools and school Board. We must have a City where our leaders at every level Are committed to attain the legitimate end of improving the calibre of education which our children receive so that they will be better citizens today and tomorrow. This the members of the coordinating Council for Community organization have known from its inception. Furthermore it is now time to remove those who hold our neighbourhood school policy sacrosanct and who do not believe that it takes positive Steps to provide us with better education. People with these View will hinder rather than help implement the proposals of the Hauser report. For several months now the Board has answered demands for action with the response that it had to Quot wait for the Hauser now that the report has been made Public Thomas j. Murray a very influential member of the Board has questioned the feasibility of the panels recommendations. This response from Murray was expected. He has generally deemed efforts to desegregate the Public schools As unfeasible. However the panels report is a Clear mandate for immediate action. And if there Are any sitting members of the Board who Are Wishy Washy about acting they should resign forthwith so that Able persons can implement the panels recommendations. I cannot Over emphasize the necessity for immediate action because of the Clear and present need. Also the utter failure of some states to act on the supreme court decision of 1954, in the school de segregation cases indicates that a recommendation from an impartial panel can be put in Moth balls if the people charged with acting fail to discharge their responsibility. We cannot now afford the costly luxury of further delay in implementing a positive program for the integration of our Public schools. For As the Houser report Points out the Quality of education is improved when teaching and learning Are conducted in racially integrated schools. Englewood views tells of Penny pitching by children at school by Marion Henley Marion Henley which Way to Middletown Nursery school t am writing to parents and teachers especially this week. Let us search our hearts and come to grips with a problem in our area that we can do something about now. The problem is pitching pennies. This is not a new game by any Means for i certainly remember it and i am sure you do too. The thing that disturbs me is the fact that it is being done inside the school. Maybe i am wrong or have been mis informed. For those of you who May not know what the game is All about let me explain to you that it is a form of gambling. However it can be stopped. How can it be stopped when i went to elementary school not 50 years ago either anything a child did in the classroom that the teacher Felt needed parental attention the teacher sent for the parents. This sometimes caused the parents to have to miss work but they knew if they were sent for that it was important. I May be wrong but i believe that parents today Are just As interested in the welfare of their children As they were then. Perhaps it will Cost us something in time lost or Money to take a look at the place where our children spend so much of their time but As stewards Over them nothing is More important. Are you giving them lunch Money Are they using it for lunch no child becomes a responsible adult without growing pains. We who Are guiding them either at Home or in school should be very concerned. How does such a thing As gambling become widespread in a school lets really think about it. We have a responsibility As parents to talk with our children and if talk does not work do whatever is necessary to drive Home to them our wishes in their Best interest. As teachers you must make parents aware when it is necessary in order to help these children through these difficult years. As my pastor has said so often having children does not make us parents real parents always have and always will be interested in where their children spend their time what they do with their time and in helping them to become contributing adults. Somewhere along the line both parents and teachers have not made their purpose Crystal Clear. It is not too late to Call a halt to anything that will impede our children a character development. I discussed gambling in school with some of my teacher friends and they feel this is not a problem in most schools. Let me hear from you. If it is True Only at this particular upper Grade Center then the parents and teachers of this school need to take action to see that it stops there immediately. Q ooh Oft Hie Dunk. Quot in be never Given this recipe a name but i do know it goes Well around my so Speaks mrs. Amandia Bynum 7001 South Park As she describes her cake creation. W. W. Freeman. 3763 Wabash although i do not live in this area i shop quite often and i do not think it is a Good idea. If people Are coming out Here just to shop they might go else where. There might be some value but i Don t see it

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